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									    County Emergency
Management Base Grant
        Scopes of Work
  What Makes Sense for

    FEPA Mid Year Work Session 2012
2012 EMPA Base Grants
Emergency Management, Preparedness
and Assistance (EMPA) Agreement – State
Program Conditions – Attachment C = “Scope of Work”
Prescriptive Items
  ◦ Coordination Meetings
  ◦ County Contact Information
  ◦ EOC Concept of Operations Meeting (prior to June 1)
  ◦ Recovery Strategy Meeting (prior to June 1)
  ◦ Statewide Hurricane Exercise Participation
  ◦ Emergency Services/Critical Facility Information
  ◦ Logistics Strategy – PODs, LSAs, Base Camps, Fuel
  ◦ Shelter Survey/Retrofit Information and Strategy
    including PSN demand – June 1, 2013
2012 EMPA Base Grant

Section 7 includes County Emergency
Management Statutory Responsibilities
 ◦ Recognition of Workload from Legal Requirements

Additional Reporting Forms/Data
Data Download/Upload Through DEM Portal
2012 EMPG Base Grants
Emergency Management Performance Grant
(EMPG) Agreement – Federal Funds
Attachment B- Scope of Work – includes
descriptions of eligible activities from federal
grant guidance (Funding Opportunity
Announcement FOA)
Equipment – Lists Eligible AELs
Attachment C – Program Conditions – lists
traditional “scope of work” items – very limited
“prescriptive” tasks outside federal grant
2012 EMPG Base Grants
EMPG – Program Conditions

Item 2 – Training and Exercise
   Federal Requirements for EMPG Funded Positions
  ◦ 3 Exercises in a 12 month period
  ◦ Submit AAR for Each Exercise
  ◦ Complete the Professional Development Series
    and ICS 100, 200, 700, 800

Item 3 – Data Download/Upload – DEM Portal
2013 Scopes of Work
 ◦ Continue with uniform scopes of work for
   all 67 counties
 ◦ County input on uniform items
 ◦ Combination of uniform items and county
   specific projects
 ◦ Strategic Business Plan
2013 Scopes of Work
Basis for County Items/Projects
 ◦ Exercise AARs/Incident Reviews
 ◦ County Capability Assessments
 ◦ EMAP Standards
 ◦ NFPA 1600 Standards
 ◦ Best Practices/Lessons Learned
 ◦ County Initiatives/Priorities
 ◦ Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk
   Assessment (THIRA)
 ◦ County “Typing” Project Results
2013 Scopes of Work
 ◦ Statutory Requirements
 ◦ State Grant Management Requirements –
   Measurable Work Products
 ◦ Federal EMPG Guidance – will change
 ◦ Federal Initiatives/Directives (NIMS, ADA
 ◦ Statewide Initiatives
 ◦ Other Influences
2013 Base Grant Scopes of Work

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