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									           School of Education
       Education Services Center 
Communicative Sciences and Disorders – 
 Preliminary Speech, Language, Pathology 
           Services Credential

         Finishing Information
              Spring 2012
          University Hall, Room 221
               (760) 750-4277

                 Office Hours:
                Monday – Friday
            8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
*Drop Box also located outside of our office area

         Friday, April 13th, 2012

Please return credential application packet to:

       Education Services Center
          School of Education
         Cal State San Marcos
       University Hall, Room 221
      San Marcos, CA  92096-0001


• Credential Evaluation Application

• Credential Recommendation Fee of $25.00 – Follow separate
fee submission guidelines on-line

     PRIORITY DEADLINE: Friday, April 13th, 2012
        PACKET (continued)
       Packets received by the Priority Date of
April 13th, 2012, will be granted an email evaluation
             no later than May 7th, 2012.
 This update will advise you of any requirements
needed before recommendation of your credential.

 Packets may also be submitted after April 13th,
however, an email evaluation response will not be
             guaranteed by May 7th.

      PRIORITY DEADLINE: April 13th, 2012
      Mandatory electronic submission is
    required by the California Commission
       on Teacher Credentialing (CTC)

  Electronic recommendations will begin when
       grades are posted – mid-June, 2012

                                  Step 1
Ø   Complete and submit the credential application and
    recommendation fee by the priority deadline date.

                                 Step 2
Ø   Your file is reviewed to make sure all requirements have been met.
Ø   After final grades are posted in mid-June, and we verify that you
    have successfully completed all requirements and course work,
    CSUSM recommends you for a credential via CTC website.
Ø   We anticipate the recommendation process will complete by the
    end of July for those students who have met all requirements and
    submitted applications by the priority deadline date.
Ø   All other applications will be processed on a date-order basis.
              (continued 2)
                               Step 3

Ø   CTC will email you a notification of recommendation for
    your credential. This email will provide a link that instructs
    you to complete your credential application process.
Ø   You will also pay fees. Payment by MasterCard, VISA,
    debit/credit card, or a one-time credit card (available at
    most grocery stores) is the only option for payment of the on
    -line recommendation.
Ø   The fee is $57.00 or $29.50 with credit for a Certificate of
    Clearance. Credential fees are subject to change without
             (continued 3)

                   Step 3 - continued

Ø   CTC notifies the student and CSUSM via email that
    all fees have been paid and student will be issued a

Ø   CTC issues notification of credential issuance via
    email. This email serves as the Verification (C-19)
        (continued final)
                           Step 4

 Ø   Credential is issued by CTC on-line ONLY; a paper
     document is not issued.

     *You may verify issuance of your credential at:
     or and click on “Search for a Teacher’s Application
     Status and Credentials Held” located in a gray box on
     the left side of the screen.

     NOTE: A new CTC on-line recommendation system
     is currently under development. The link and
     instructions provided above may change once the
     new system is implemented.
           Ø It is important to
notify CSUSM Enrollment Services, School
 of Education-Education Student Services,
    and CTC, if you change your mailing
       address or your email address.
                                      Please Pay Me!
When you receive document verification, don’t forget to register your
             credential in the county of employment!
Ø   San Diego County:                    Ø   Riverside County:
Ø   Credentials Division                 Ø   Credentials & Certification Services
Ø   San Diego County Office of Educ      Ø   Riverside County Office of Educ
Ø   6401 Linda Vista Road, #404A         Ø   P. O. Box 868
Ø   San Diego, CA 92111                  Ø   Riverside, CA 92502-0868
Ø   (858) 292-3581                       Ø   (951) 788-6669

Ø   San Diego Unified School District:   Ø   Orange County:
Ø   Personnel Administration             Ø   Credentials Division
Ø   San Diego Unified School District    Ø   Orange County Department of Educ
Ø   4100 Normal Street                   Ø   200 Kalmus Drive
Ø   San Diego, CA 92103                  Ø   Costa Mesa, CA 92628-9050
Ø   (619) 293-8150                       Ø   (714) 966-4236
   These dates will be helpful when
completing resumes and job applications:

       Credential Effective Date:
           May 24th, 2012

      Credential Expiration Date:
           June 1st, 2014

Ø   VALID Certificate of Clearance

Ø   TB Clearance

Ø   DEGREE CONFERRAL – official transcripts from all colleges or
    universities attended including official transcript with bachelor’s degree
    posted. CSUSM transcripts are already on file.

Credential Path
Preliminary Credential to Clear Credential
Preliminary Credential          Clear Credential
                                Ø   Praxis II: Passing score of 600
Ø   Preliminary Credential is       on speech language pathology
    valid for 2 years               test code 0330; offered by the
Ø   Credential holder must          Educational Testing Service
    complete a Commission
                                Ø   Scores sent to CTC, ASHA,
    approved program                CSUSM
                                Ø   Clinical Fellowship Year (CFY)
                                    equivalent to 36 weeks (9
                                    months) clinical experience
                                Ø   Visit the ASHA web page for
                                    the verification form
                                Ø   Apply directly to CTC for the
                                    clear credential
       Commencement Ceremony

Ø   School of Education Spring 2012 Commencement
    Ceremony, May 19th, 2012. RSVP requested.
Ø   The deadline to apply to graduate was March 15th , 2012.
    If you have not applied, please contact Cougar Central.
    You are responsible for checking the website for
    graduation information:
Spring Semester 2012

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