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									        Clubs & Societies
Financial Assistance for Clubs and
  Societies Committee (FACCS)

   Presented By: Michael De Luca (CUSA Vice President Finance)
     Amendments to C&S Bylaw
• Over the summer, a number of amendments
  were put forward by the CUSA VPI & VPF that
  were adopted by CUSA Council.
• Among other things, these amendments were
  intended to make the funding process better
  for C&S and to increase the amount of money
  you are eligible to receive.
• A number of enhanced accountability
  measures were also established.
FACCS Composition for 2012/2013
FACCS shall consist of the following:
1) A C&S Commissioner as Chairperson.
2) The CUSA VPI.
4) Three (3) Societies (Carleton Law Society,
    Political Science Society and the Institute of
    Electrical and Electronics Engineers Society).
5) Three (3) Clubs (UNICEF Carleton, Model UN and
    Iraqi Students in Solidarity Carleton).
           Important Dates
October 15th-19th – FACCS Presentations in
UC513 (Sign-up sheets will be posted on the
C&S Office doors on October 8th. Spots may
be reserved on a first come first serve basis).

Please submit your budgets via Electronic
Submission on the CUSA website under ‘Clubs’
tab prior to your FACCS presentation.
How much money can you receive from FACCS
              this year?

A maximum of $2200 ($1100 per semester).
             Bylaw X s. 2.3
  How much funding is available in the CUSA
     budget for FACCS funding this year?


This is a $24,000 (26%) increase from last year!
What you need in order to be eligible
        for FACCS funding
To be eligible for FACCS funding, your Club or
Society must be certified through CUSA. As a
part of certification, you are required to
submit an updated version of your
Constitution, a formal budget with all
projected revenues and expenditures for the
year, a list of ten members and an Executive
contact list.
              Bylaw IX s. 4.1(a)-(d)
Decertification of a Club or Society results in
all grants and use of resources through CUSA
being suspended.
                Bylaw IX s. 5.1
      Grounds for Decertification
1) A Club or Society fails to fulfill recertification
2) Actions by a Club or Society run contrary to
    CUSA’s governance documents or the
    governance documents of that Club or Society.
3) A Club or Society knowingly misrepresents facts
    when submitting or requesting information,
    resources or funding.
4) A Club or Society is in debt to CUSA and has not
    made arrangements for repayment.
      Grounds for Decertification
5) A Club or Society fails to attend a workshop in
    section 7.0 (Intro Meeting or FACCS Workshop).
6) A Club or Society fails to submit all receipts from
    each term in electronic form.
7) A Club or Society does not meet requirements
    during and Annual Review (discussed later).
8) A Club or Society may be decertified by a 2/3rds
    vote of CUSA Council.
             Bylaw IX ss. 5.2(a)-(g) & 5.3
          Membership Fees
All Clubs and Societies are required to charge
their members a minimum $5 fee unless
documentation is provided to show that the
Club or Society is affiliated with a provincial,
federal, international and/or incorporated
body whose bylaws prohibit collection of fees
and/or are prohibited by legislation.
                Bylaw IX s. 6.1
     Membership Fees Cont’d
The purpose of this provision is to ensure that
Clubs and Societies who apply for CUSA
funding are actively attempting to raise funds
and generate their own revenue. CUSA fills
the holes but cannot be responsible for
funding groups outright.
New Membership Requirement
All Clubs and Societies must record in an excel
worksheet the name, email and student
number of each of their paid members. This
list shall be provided to the Clubs and
Societies Office in electronic form at year-end
to verify budgeted membership enrolment
                 Bylaw IX s. 6.4
         Bank Requirement
All Clubs and Societies are required to open
and maintain an active on-campus Scotia Bank
               Bylaw IX s. 6.5
         C&S Annual Review
All Clubs and Societies must submit a ledger
and membership list to the C&S Office in
electronic from by April 30th. Failure to do so
will result in decertification.

C&S may be randomly selected for an Annual
Review by the C&S Office (this will now be
happening more frequently).
            Bylaw IX ss. 8.1-8.5
            FACCS Budget
Your FACCS budget must be submitted to the
C&S Office by way of the electronic form on
the CUSA website before the deadline! Failure
to submit your budget on time will result in
zero funding.
               Bylaw X s. 2.2
           FACCS Feedback
During your FACCS presentation, the FACCS
Board will record minutes of how it reached
its decision on the funding you receive. You
have the right under the CUSA Bylaws to
request these minutes!
                 Bylaw X s. 5.1
                   Asset Registry
• All Clubs and Societies that purchase permanent assets (as
  deemed so by FACCS) exceeding $100 must register them
  with the Clubs and Societies office by way of electronic
• These assets must be passed from outgoing executive to
  incoming executive. In the event that the Club or Society
  ceases to exist, then the Club or Society must relinquish all
  registered assets to the Clubs and Societies Office.
• The Club or Society must include at least two quotes for
  the assets that they wish to purchase in electronic form at
  the time of their presentation to the FACCS Board.
                      Bylaw X ss. 6.1-6.3
           Funding Policies
The funding policies are arguably the most
important aspect of the FACCS Bylaws and
funding process. This section lets you know
what is eligible to be funded by FACCS. Please
pay careful attention to this section so that
you qualify for the funding you need!

CUSA will be publishing a user friendly version
of these sections within the next week.
    Purpose of the Funding Policies
• FACCS will prioritize events that are open to all members of the
  Association and that are focused on engaging the Carleton
  community as a whole.
• FACCS may examine all applications on a case-by-case basis, but the
  goal is to allocate funding fairly among all Clubs and Societies.
• Funding will be allocated on a per annum basis except where a Club
  or Society has become certified in the Winter Term.
• It is not the jurisdiction of FACCS to determine funding based on
  the nature of the event with regards to CUSA’s discrimination
  policy or safe space requirements.
• FACCS shall only fund Clubs and Societies whose operating budgets
  will run a deficit without a FACCS grant. The amount of funding
  granted shall not exceed 75% of the Club or Society’s total revenue.
                            Bylaw s. 7.1 (a)-(e)
  The 75% of Revenue Question
FACCS shall only fund Clubs and Societies whose operating
budgets will run a deficit without a FACCS grant. The
amount of funding granted shall not exceed 75% of the
Club or Society’s total revenue.

Historically, C&S have struggled with this point.

What this means is that FACCS grant you funds for budget
items that are FACCS eligible only if you are projecting a
deficit. If you are projecting a surplus, FACCS will not fund
you. If you are running a deficit, FACCS will only fund the
amount that is equivalent to 75% of your revenue.
 The 75% of Revenue Question Cont’d
Projected Revenue: $1000
Projected Expenses: $3000
Year-End Deficit: $2000
Of this $2000 the Board determines $1200 is FACCS
  eligible (based on funding policies).
FACCS will only fund 75% of revenue ($750)
Therefore, you will only qualify for $750 of FACCS
  funding despite $1200 being eligible.
The 75% of Revenue Question Cont’d
What is the point of this calculation???

This rule ensures that C&S are actively
fundraising and recruiting members so that
their revenues are higher. This demonstrates
to CUSA that you are making an effort and not
solely relying on CUSA funding in addition to
being active on campus!
         Funding Policies Cont’d
• FACCS will not cover refreshments for Clubs or
  Societies general meetings.
• FACCS may cover refreshments for a Club and
  Society to a maximum of $100.
• There may be exceptions for clubs whose
  purpose and mandate surround the serving of
  food, or for cultural/religious events to a
  maximum of $500. These decisions will be made
  on a case-by-case basis.
• FACCS will not fund the purchase of alcohol.
                Bylaw X s. 7.2 (a)-(d)
       Funding Policies Cont’d
FACCS will not fund clothing apparel for
executives or members of a Club or Society
unless the items are registered assets that are
to remain in possession of the Club or Society
or the Clubs and Societies Office.
              Bylaw X s. 7.3(a)
          Funding Policies Cont’d
• FACCS may fund office supplies up to a
  maximum of $100 per annum.
• FACCS may partially fund the purchase of
  large assets for Clubs and Societies so long as
  they abide by the asset registration guidelines
  laid out in s. 6.0 above.
                Bylaw X s. 7.4(a)-(b)
           Funding Policies Cont’d
         Room & Equipment Rentals
• All Clubs and Societies are encouraged to use the free room
  bookings available on campus as well as the equipment
  available through CUSA.
• In the event that bookings must be made off campus,
  FACCS may cover up to half the cost of the booking to a
  maximum of $500 per annum.
• In the event that CUSA equipment is not appropriate for a
  Club or Society event, FACCS may fund the costs of using
  AV equipment to a maximum of $300 per annum.
• FACCS will not fund the rental of any office or storage space.

                     Bylaw X s. 7.5(a)-(d)
          Funding Policies Cont’d
            Alternative Funding
• FACCS will not fund any Club or Society that
  receives a levy from the entire Carleton
  student body.
• FACCS will not fund any club or society that is
  a subsidiary of a for-profit private sector

              Bylaw X s. 7.6(a)-(b)
        Funding Policies Cont’d
FACCS may provide funding for a Club or
Society’s website up to a maximum of $300 per
annum so long as the administrator login and
password are provided to the Clubs and Societies
Office in electronic form for their records so that
this information may be retained by future
executives of those Clubs or Societies through
the Clubs and Societies Office.
                 Bylaw X s. 7.7(a)
         Funding Policies Cont’d
• CUSA provides a $30 photocopying account
  for each Club and Society that may be
  accessed at the CUSA Front Office upon
  appointment with the Clubs and Societies
• FACCS may fund advertising costs up to a
  maximum of $100 per annum.

             Bylaw X s. 7.8(a)-(b)
       Funding Policies Cont’d
          Guest Speakers
FACCS may fund guest speakers or
honourariums for guest speakers for Clubs
and Societies up to a maximum of $200 per
              Bylaw X s. 7.9(a)
         Funding Policies Cont’d
            Travel Expenses
• FACCS may fund travel expenses at the rate of
  $5.00 per Club or Society member travelling.
• FACCS will fund travel expenses up to a
  maximum of $500 per annum.
              Bylaw X s. 7.10(a)-(b)
If you have any questions or would like to make
   an appointment to review your budget before
     the deadline contact one of the following:
   CUSA VPI Maher Jebara:
 CUSA VPF Michael De Luca:
        C&S Office:

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