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					    Irwin Academic Center
  Talent Development Program

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                                  teaching experience with CMS
Talent Development Department
                Our Mission

    To provide gifted students the
    opportunity to …
-   maximize their potential
-   demonstrate their motivation
-   realize their contributions
    to self and the global community.
                                Our Goal

     To support the development
     of a content-rich educational
     experience for students from all
     cultural and socioeconomic
     backgrounds throughout CMS.

Talent Development Department
       Irwin’s TD program:
        Desired Outcomes
n Curriculumstudied in greater
 depth through more challenging
 lessons and differentiated activities
n Curriculum   accelerated to include
 above-grade level material (when
n Advanced pace of learning

n Integrated     21st century learning
                       Irwin’s TD program:
                        Desired Outcomes
    n Attain   levels of academic
        achievement consistent
        with their abilities
    n Engage   in abstract, creative,
        and affective reasoning
    n Apply               insightful questioning
    n Develop    a capacity to see
        interconnections among
Talent Development Department
           Irwin’s TD program:
            Desired Outcomes
         self-directed learning and
n Practice
 independent problem solving
n Strive      for self actualization
 (the motive to realize one's full potential)

n Maximize          leadership potential
n Become active participants in
 the global community
                                 What we know
                                  for sure …

               “Gifted Learners are
                gifted all the time.”
                                ~ Mary S. Landrum, Ph.D.

Talent Development Department
       Irwin’s TD program:
        What it is NOT …

n   NOT an add on
n   NOT separate
n   NOT more of the same
n   NOT boring

              Talent Development Department   9
        Irwin’s TD program:
       What does it look like?
n    Focus on quality not quantity.
    Quality of thinking, not more
    of the same.
n   High expectations all day,
    every day
n    Complex, challenging &
    real world
               What is the Curriculum?

                     The North Carolina Standard
                        Course of Study and the
                       Common Core Standards…

Talent Development Department
              Who are the
n Classroom   Teacher
n Lead   TD Teacher
n Administrators

n Other members of the school’s teaching
 staff who contribute to the academic
 progress of gifted learners
n Parents   & Community
                         When Do
                   Teachers Collaborate?

   n     Weekly planning blocks
   n     Vertical planning (twice a month)
   n     Email
   n     Individual meetings

Talent Development Department
      How does the Lead TD
    teacher support students?

n   Indirect Services

n   Direct Services
                         Lead TD Teacher’s
                          Indirect Services
  • Prepare and support the design of
    lessons and activities in collaboration
    with the Classroom Teacher

  • Gifted identification is also part of
    Indirect Services provided by the
    TD Catalyst Teacher.

Talent Development Department
                        Lead TD Teacher’s
                          Direct Services
   n “TD Time” includes
   analytical/creative/higher order thinking
   lessons (Twice a month or more during
   FLEX support)
   n Demonstration Lessons
   n Small group instruction
   n Supplemental activities related to
   classroom instruction
Talent Development Department
                 Irwin Academic Center’s
                  Learning Environment…

     n Within-class                  grouping
     n Grouping                  on grade level
     n Flexible                 grouping on grade level
     n Cross-grade                  grouping
     n Cluster                  grouping

Talent Development Department
          Irwin Academic Center’s
            Special Programs & Resources…
 n    Junior Great Books       n   Duke TIP

 n    Math Superstars          n   Science & Math Fairs

 n    William and Mary         n   Geography Bee

 n    Paideia Seminars         n   Bi-monthly Interest
                                   Based Clubs (ex.)
 n    Word Masters Challenge
                                     n Odyssey of the Mind
 n    Wordly Wise                    n Robotics
                                     n Science
 n    Jacob’s Ladder
                                       & Math
18n   Hands on Equations               Olympiad
                 Irwin Academic Center’s
                  Content Modifications…
    n   Academic Enrichment       n   Bloom’s Taxonomy
    n   Differentiated units      n   Multiple Intelligences
    n   Curriculum compacting     n   Problem Solving
    n   Learning centers/choice
                                  n   Fulltime academically
    n   Interest groups               gifted magnet
    n   Projects (teacher &           program
        student designed)
    n   Technology enhancement
Talent Development Department
         Expectations for students:
           Performance Reviews

Talent Development Department 2008   20
                         Talent Development
                         Performance Review
    Content Evaluation                    Process Evaluation
        n    Thoughtfully
             interrelates complex          n   Asks provocative
             knowledge from                    questions which probe
             all subject areas                 and analyze problems
                                           n   Gives diverse, thought-
        n    Exceptional insight to
             themes and                        provoking responses
             generalizations                   which lead to innovative
        n    Demonstrates                  n   Insightfully
             sophistication in learning
             and applying new                  evaluates
             information to tasks              information
21                                             and ideas
Talent Development Department
                         Talent Development
                         Performance Review
  Product Evaluation                   Affective Evaluation
      n   Products synthesize           n   Always completes HW
          from a variety of                 and CW on time
          challenging sources           n   Initiates and goes
      n   Products reflect                  beyond required
          insights gained from              assignments
          exploring “big ideas”         n   Is motivated and takes
      n   Products demonstrate              responsibility for
          significant effort in             learning
          multiple intelligences and    n   Student shows
          exceptional growth                exceptional ability
                                            to work with others
Talent Development Department
                     What Questions
                   Do You Have For Me?

Talent Development Department 2008   23
                                How to Contact Me:
           980-343-5480 ▪


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