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									CMS Elementary Talent
Development Program

        Talent Development Department   1
  2006-2007 CMS Talent Development
 Second Grade Standardized Assessment
            Referral Matrix
     Possible        NNAT       Reading Achievement 3rd                 Academic
Referral/Placement   Stanine    Quarter/Math Achievement 4th            Behavior
     Options                    Quarter                                 Checklist
                                First Grade
Automatic               9       100% in Reading and Math                   NA
Placement                       Assessment
                       7-9      90% + correct 4th Quarter               16+ pts*
                                Assessment in Math and 3rd Quarter
                                Assessment Reading
   PSA Referral        7-9       80% - 90% Average in Reading and       16+ pts*
                                         Math Assessment
 Does Not Qualify      1-6      Any Score                               Any Score

 Students New to     Aptitude and Achievement scores from former district or
      CMS            administer NNAT along with the local PSA math and reading
                     achievement assessment.Department
                               Talent Development                                  2

* Evidence must be documented
To provide appropriate
intellectual opportunities that
help gifted students realize their
potential and connect them with
their complex world.
             Talent Development Department   3
To support the development of a
content-rich educational process
throughout CMS which provides
opportunities and resources for learners

                Talent Development Department   4
n   Attain levels of academic achievement
    consistent with their abilities
n   Engage in abstract, creative, and affective
n   Apply insightful questioning
n   Develop a capacity to see interconnections
    among disciplines
n   Practice self-directed learning and
    independent problem solving
n   Strive for self actualization

                    Talent Development Department   5
The Catalyst Model

Collaboration and Consultation
in Gifted Education

                         Mary S. Landrum, Ph.D
                         University of Virginia

            Talent Development Department         6
Gifted education
is not an add
on for ninety
minutes a week.

             Talent Development Department   7
Purpose of the Catalyst Model

n   Allow the Classroom Teacher and the
    Talent Development Teacher to share
    responsibility for the education of the
    gifted learner.

n   Provide appropriate learning activities for
    gifted learners in heterogeneous
                   Talent Development Department   8
n   Classroom Teacher
n   Talent Development Teacher
n   Administrators
n   Other members of the school’s
    teaching staff who contribute to the
    academic progress of gifted learners.

                 Talent Development Department   9
What Is The Curriculum?

n   The North Carolina Standard Course of
    Study and more….

                 Talent Development Department   10
Desired Outcomes
n   Curriculum studied in greater depth
    through more challenging lessons and
    differentiated activities.
n   Curriculum accelerated to include
    above-grade level material when
n   Advanced pace of learning.

                Talent Development Department   11
What Does the Catalyst
Model Look Like?

    n IndirectServices
    n Direct Services

          Talent Development Department   12
Indirect Services
Lessons and activities prepared by the
Talent Development Teacher in
collaboration with the Classroom
Teacher. The lessons and activities
are used by the classroom teacher in
the regular classroom.
              Talent Development Department   13
What Can Indirect Services
Look Like?
n   Team Teaching
n   Projects
n   Contracts
n   Modified homework
n   Modified assignments
n   Curriculum compacting contracts

                Talent Development Department   14
Direct Services
Lessons for gifted learners that are
the sole responsibility of the Talent
Development Teacher. They are
developed and taught to gifted
learners by the Talent Development
               Talent Development Department   15
What Can Direct Services
Look Like?
n Demonstration    Lessons
n Small group instruction

n Pull out for set period of time

n Activities related to classroom

              Talent Development Department   16
How Much Time for Direct
and Indirect Services?

60-70% Indirect Services

30-40% Direct Services

           Talent Development Department   17
What does the TD Program
look like at Hawk Ridge?
n   Flexible grouping for IWT and Math
    based on teacher created pre-tests
    and standardized test scores
n   Weekly Collaborative Planning
n   Direct Services 2x a week in Math and

                 Talent Development Department   18
The focus of the Catalyst Model
is to differentiate instruction for
the gifted and high performing

Differentiated activities are
integrated into the regular
classroom to complement and
supplement the standard
                Talent Development Department   19
Without differentiation
n Moves  at the same pace
n Completes the same
n Is evaluated the same way

           Talent Development Department   20
       Everyone works collaboratively to
       meet the needs of the gifted
                                  “These kids [gifted
                                                                 learners] are both our
                                                                 responsibility. It
“This [Catalyst
                                                                 makes sense that we
Model] is like having
                                                                 are working together.”
many hands all
working toward the      TD Teacher                  Classroom Teacher
same goals.”

   “Now we can do
   even more for
   gifted kids, and
   that’s how it should          District Support
                Principal        Talent Development Department                  21

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