Inner Voice Fitness, LLC Helps Clients Stay in Shape While Traveling This Summer

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					Inner Voice Fitness, LLC Helps Clients Stay in Shape While Traveling This

Their Service is More Important Than Ever Since Hotels and Resorts Are Cutting Amenities

Arlington, VA, July 10, 2013 --( We live in a global economy where travel for business and
pleasure is more common than ever. Frequent Business Traveler magazine recently polled 1,349 business
travelers and found that one-third expected to travel more in 2013 than they did in 2012. In addition, 50%
said they would be traveling more compared to two years ago. Moreover, those surveyed said that staying
healthy on the road was an important consideration.

While many hotels feature gyms, their cramped space and inferior equipment are inadequate for most
workouts. To make matters worse, hotels and resorts are feeling the pinch of this tight economy and the
industry recently announced it is cutting back on amenities. Popular brands are eliminating room service,
newspaper delivery and valets. Will gyms be on the chopping block next?

Eliminating obstacles that prevent travelers from maintaining their exercise routines and healthy eating
habits when they away from home is one of the unique services provided by Inner Voice Fitness
(, a new exercise and nutrition coaching company launched by veteran
exercise and nutrition coach Josh Henkin, PhD, CSCS. Inner Voice Fitness creates customized reports
detailing running routes from a client's hotel and the locations of gyms, pools, and yoga studios complete
with schedule, costs and directions from their meeting location or hotel. Inner Voice Fitness will also find
restaurants near a travel's destination, download menus and suggest healthy eating options tailored to each
client's particular needs.

“This service is innovative and extremely helpful. The reports with information about where I can run and
workout when I travel save me precious time and allow me to keep up with my training schedule,” claims
David Kagan - Managing Partner at Century Box and an avid triathlete. Kagan has been working with
Inner Voice Fitness for several months and is pleased with his experience. “I no longer have an excuse to
miss a workout or eat poorly when I am away from home.”

Finding ways to stay healthy as our lives become busier has never been more important. The Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention recently reported that in 2010, 32% of adults who saw a physician or
other health professional were advised to begin or continue an exercise program. Yet in another study,
71% of business travelers claim they drink too much and 43% said they neglected their regular exercise
regime when traveling.

“We take a 'concierge-like' approach to exercise and nutrition coaching which is unmatched by anyone in
this industry,” says Henkin, Founder and Lead Coach at Inner Voice Fitness. “People are understandably
busy with their job, family commitments and travel schedules which makes finding time and motivation
to exercise and eat healthy a daily struggle. We provide clients with highly customized workouts that can
be viewed on their smartphones and performed at a time that fits their schedules, whether they have a
15-minute break while dinner is in the oven or if they are traveling to an unfamiliar city and are training

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to beat their personal record for an upcoming 10K race. We also provide motivation and accountability
through direct communication with our clients, which is something they really seem to appreciate.”

All Inner Voice Fitness coaches have advanced degrees in a related field and work one-on-one with
clients anywhere in the country. When a client signs up with Inner Voice Fitness, a face-to-face meeting
is scheduled at a location of the client's choosing to establish a personal relationship, assess metabolic and
fitness levels and collaboratively set goals.

Utilizing the latest technology, Inner Voice Fitness clients receive custom exercise programs with video
demonstrations and personalized notes/tips delivered to their smartphones or computers. This convenient
service allows travelers to take their workouts with them wherever they go. And their coach is available
nearly 24-7 via phone, email, text, or video chat to help answer questions and provide motivation. For
example, if a client's flight is delayed and they have 30 minutes to spare, perhaps in an airport, Inner
Voice Fitness can modify an exercise routine instantaneously and update it on the client's phone within

About Josh Henkin, PhD, CSCS

Josh Henkin is the founder and lead coach at Inner Voice Fitness. His lifestyle embodies health and
wellness, and he has a passion for exercise, health and nutrition that is unmatched by most. Josh played
rugby for 20 years at the collegiate, national and international levels. During this time, Josh was working
full time and earning advanced degrees in Sports Nutrition and Cell and Molecular Biology. This made
him realize the importance of balancing competing life goals while maintaining the fitness of an elite

After graduating with his PhD, Josh set off into the corporate world and has applied his scientific
background to the biotechnology industry as a manager and leader of people. Josh has continued to make
exercise and healthy eating a priority - even while working in consulting positions that required extensive

One more thing about Josh: He has been a personal trainer since 2002 - when he became a Certified
Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association
- and has been helping clients achieve their fitness goals for more than a decade with tremendous success.

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