Cogent SSC Organisation Chart - PowerPoint - PowerPoint by z7jsd0


									     Cogent SSC Organisation Chart
                                                         Joanna Woolf - Chief Executive

    Jaine                John Holton          Mervin Dadd             Laura Baker               Karl Gorge          James Murdock      Brian Murphy
Chisholm Caunt              Strategy         External Affairs &        Business            Finance & Bus. Supp.      Education &      Research Director
 Stakeholder &            Development        Communications           Development              Director and          Qualifications
 Policy Director            Director             Director               Director            Company Secretary          Director

                        Walter Williamson                                                                            Dawn Hillier
                                               Judith Cowan        Christine Sakhardande       Fiona Dellar                             Lauren Sadler
     Bill Erskine           Petroleum                                                                                Education and
                                              Communications        Products & Services      Finance Manager                            Julie Plumbley
 West/East Midlands       Tony Pringle                                                                               Qualifications
                                                 Manager               Project Manager                                                 Research Advisors
    Liz Johnson             Polymers                                                                                   Manager
   East of England         Clive Smith                                                         Melanie Welch
    Mike Lynham              Nuclear                                                          External Funding
                           Kieran Quill        Kate Hutchins                                                          Ian Moores      Caroline Sudworth
  South West/Wales                                                     Julia Bennett         Project Co-ordinator
                        Chems/Pharma SE      Information Officer                                                     Education and     HE Development
    Anne Harper                                                       Project Manager         Reina Nicholson
                               TBA                                                                                   Qualifications        Manager
  Southern England                                                                            Finance Assistant
                        Chemicals / Pharma                                                                          Project Manager
    Barry Neilson                                                                            Rachael Stubbings
 Scotland & N.Ireland                         Steve Roberts                TBA                     Admin.                                   TBA
  Gordon Jackson                               IT Manager             Sector Compact                                  Ian Lockhart      Market Analyst
   North of England                                                      Manager                                     Apprenticeship
                                                                                              Tracy Marsden                           Helen Murray
                                                                                              PA to CEO and                           NOS Manager
  Martin McManus                                                                             Business Support       Mark Chapman
 Stakeholder & Policy                                                                          Administrator         Development
                                                                                             Susan Fairhurst          Consultant
                                                                                             Business Support                         Maureen Nield
                                                                                               Administrator                           Development
                                                                                                                    Matthew Hardy        Officer

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