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									       Grand Army Of The Republic                 to promote a better understanding of American        Official Records of the War of the Rebellion, as
                                                  history.                                             well as many magazines, regimental and unit
                    (G.A.R.)                      THE MUSEUM                                           histories, and other related historical
      Civil War Museum and Library                Unique and historic Civil War artifacts, battle      volumes and accounts. The library is
                                                  relics, personal memorabilia, paintings,             especially useful for those engaging in
        4278 Griscom Street                       documents, and photographs fill various rooms        genealogical research.
          Philadelphia, Pa. 19124-3954            of the Ruan House. The extensive collection of       The Mission of the Grand Army of the
        "Where the Civil War Comes Alive"         artifacts and personal memorabilia was initially     Republic Civil War Museum and Library is to
                                                  assembled by the veterans who formed Post 2          preserve the heritage and history of the Civil
                                                  of the Grand Army of the Republic. The               War through the presentation of historical
                                                  Museum's holdings are recognized for their           programs, forums, and exhibitions designed
                                                  historical significance and are noted for their      to promote a better understanding of American
                                                  singular importance in documenting the history       history.
                                                  of the Civil War and Grand Army veterans.            THE RUAN HOUSE
                                                  Among the artifacts on display are tree stumps       The Georgian Mansion built by Dr. John Ruan
                                                  from the Chickamauga Battlefield, each               in 1796 is the home of the G.A.R. Museum
           G.A.R. Membership Badge                embedded with a cannonball; one of the few           and Library. The Ruan House, with its
The G.A.R. Museum is a non-profit,                remaining original sections of the stockade          wonderful Victorian mantels and cantilevered
historical and patriotic organization             from the notorious Andersonville Prison; many        circular stairway invites you to rekindle the
that actively s e ek s t o pr e se rv e t h e     of the personal possessions of General George        spirit of the 1860's. The building is recognized
Am er ic a n heritage and memorialize             G. Meade; the handcuffs owned by John Wilkes         for its architectural significance and is listed in
the history of the Civil War.                     Booth and intended for the kidnapping of             the local, state, and national registers of historic
Located in the historic Ruan House, the           Abraham Lincoln; a strip of the bloodstained         places. With the Ruan House as its centerpiece,
museum hosts scheduled roundtables,               pillowcase from the Peterson House on which          the Museum seeks to transport visitors back
programs and tours of its extensive               lay the head of the dying President Lincoln; and     into the Philadelphia of the Civil War
collection of artifacts and invites                                                                    period where the memories of those who so
                                                  dozens of other relics, each telling its own story
students and researchers to utilize its                                                                gallantly served will always be perpetuated.
                                                  of heroism and gallantry.
documents, photos and 4,000-volume
                                                  THE LIBRARY                                            Lincoln Memorial – Philadelphia (1872)
                                                  The 4,000 volume archive possesses a
                                                  wealth of literary resources, many original
 The Mission of the Grand Army of the
                                                  to the Civil War period. Approved
 Republic Civil War Museum and Library is to
                                                  researchers may examine the original
 preserve the heritage and history of the Civil
                                                  Harper's Weekly, Philadelphia Inquirer,
 War through the presentation of historical
                                                  Philadelphia Weekly Transcript and other
 programs, forums, and exhibitions designed
                                                  newspapers for the entire period of the war, the
                                                                                                         Website - WWW.GARMUSLIB.ORG
‘ L i v i n g - H i s t o r y ’ o r g a n i z a t i o n s such as   There are five membership categories:   Outreach PROGRAMS
                                                                                                               The Museum hosts an admission-free OPEN
the        28th         and
                                 98th         Pennsylvania            Individual Membership-$20.00          HOUSE from noon to 5:00 p.m. on first
Volunteer Regiments and other re-                                                                           S u n d a y s . Visitors entering the Museum are
e n a c t m e n t u n i t s m e e t a t t h e m u s e u m.
                                                                      Family Membership (includes 2         transported back to the Philadelphia of the
The men, women, and families in these groups                                    adults)-$30.00              1860's.
are historians who rekindle the spirit of the Civil                 The Colonel's Honor Guard-$40.00           Presentations at 1:30pm feature a unique view
War period through the presentation of                                                                      designed to provide the visitor with a first-
                                                                      General Meade’s Staff.-$50.00         person perspective on aspects of the Civil W a r
historical programs. The units also participate
in local and national battle reenactments,                          Commander-in-Chief of the Grand         a n d l if e in V ic to r ia n - A g e A me r ic a . Visitors
                                                                                                            may come face to face with General Meade, discover
parades and ceremonials. Any legitimate History                             Army Award - $100               the complexities of medicine, enjoy a program of
group is invited to use the museum for meetings                                                             Civil War period music, or learn about the rigors
and/or ceremonies.                                                                                          of a soldier's life.
                                                                                                               The Museum is also open from 12:00 noon to
     We invite you to join the Friends of the                                                               4:00PM on Tuesdays (call to confirm) and on other
                        G.A.R. Museum                                                                       days by appointment for groups, or individuals. As a
The Gr and Ar my of t h e Repub li c wa s a                                                                 part of its education outreach a c t iv i t ie s , th e
fraternal organization founded after the Civil                                                              M u s e u m p r e s e n t s o f f - s i t e historical and
                                                                                                            living history programs for scouts, community
War to provide all veterans of the Union Armed                                                              groups, and associations.
Forces with a forum for social and political                                                                     In conjunction with the regular meeting of
activities and as a venue for debate and                                                                    the Anna M. Ross, Camp #1, SUVCW, a series of
reminiscence of their service in the Civil War.                     G.A.R. Civil War Museum & Library       lectures and discussions on topics of Civil War
The G.A.R. Museum and Library was                                                                           history are held on the third Monday of each
                                                                             4278 Griscom St                month (unless otherwise announced). Speakers
incorporated to provide a similar forum for
generations to open a dialogue and exchange                               Philadelphia, PA 19124            address a diverse range of issues that are of interest
                                                                                                            to all students of the war. These programs are open to
ideas, to initiate new programs, and promote a                                                              the community without charge.
better understanding of the period of the Civil                        “Preserving the memory of the             The Anna M. Ross, Auxiliary #1,
War and the Grand Army of the Republic. It is                         Union veterans of the Civil War”      Auxiliary to the Sons of Union Veterans
only through the support of its membership that                                                             meets on the th ird Mond ay of th e mo n th
the Museum can continue to realize these                            For more information concerning         (unless otherwise announced).
                                                                                                                                Location and Directions
goals.                                                              membership, programs, tours, and        The G.A.R. Museum and Library is located in the
As a registered non-profit corporation all                                                                  Frankford section of Philadelphia. 4278 Griscom Street one
donations are fully tax deductible.
                                                                    schedules you can reach us by           block west of Frankford Avenue between Church and
The Museum also supports membership in the                               Phone: (215) 289-6484              Ruan Streets, only one block from the Church Street
Anna M. Ross, Camp No. 1, Sons of Union                               web site:           stop of the Frankford elevated train (Frankford El).
                                                                                                            From 1-95 north or south bound, use Aramingo Ave.
Veterans of the Civil War and Auxiliary #1 and                       E-mail:          exit, left at light on Aramingo to next light Church St., left
other historical associations and organizations.                                                            at light to Griscom St, turn left to museum on right side.
                                                                                                            From U.S. 1 (Roosevelt Blvd.) North or South proceed to
                                                                                                            Oxford Circle; follow Oxford Ave. (to Griscom Street,
   For a membership application, go to the
                                                                                                            turn right to museum.
            museum website:                                                                                 Parking: there is a small lot behind the museum or on
                                                                                 street parking.
                                                                                                              Website - WWW.GARMUSLIB.ORG

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