Dehydration Chart (based on urine color) by z7jsd0

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									   Dehydration Chart
        (based on urine color)

Body has       Clear
plenty of

Body has       Light
adequate       yellow

Body is low    Dark
on water.      yellow
Insect Bites and Stings

   Cover as much skin as possible
    with clothing.

   Use DEET/permethrin repellants
    to protect from being bitten.

   Check yourself frequently for ticks.

   Use tweezers to remove a tick.
     Weight Management

   Energy balance is the bottom line in
    maintaining, gaining, or losing weight
    or body fat.
   More calories eaten than used =
    weight gain.
   Fewer calories eaten than used =
    weight loss.
   Key to weight gain or loss is slow and
    steady – about one pound a week.
         Women’s Health
           in the Field
   A gynecological or “gyn” exam is a
    good way to take control of your
    –   Learn birth control options and
        protection from sexually transmitted
        diseases (STDs).
   Personal hygiene in the field.
    –   During menstrual periods, if showers
        are not available, do a sponge bath.
   Wear cotton underwear and a
    sports bra designed for support.
   Panty liners/sanitary pads should
    be packed, even if you don’t
    expect your period.
         Who, What, Why

   What is self-care?
    –   taking care of your own health.

    –   using the military health care system
        when you need to.

   Self-care is designed to help you do
    what you need to do for your health.

   Remember, you are responsible for
    your own health.
      Self-care Program

   Self-care is only      It provides tools
    for minor health        and information
    problems.               to help you stay
                            healthy or get
                            well quickly.
How Does the Self-care
   Program Work?
 Attend a formal class.
 Use the Soldier Health
  Maintenance Manual.
 Identify symptoms.
 Choose a type of care based on
  your symptoms.
 Use over-the-counter (OTC)**,
  non-prescription medications with
  a “green sheet.”
     **OTC medications cannot be shared
            with your buddies.
      Note: You cannot use the same
    complaint for two consecutive visits.
    What is a Symptom?
   It is a negative change in your health
    that affects the things that you do.
   It is an indication of an illness or
   Examples of symptoms:
    –   Pain
    –   Headache
    –   Running nose
    –   Upset stomach
    –   Loose stools
  How to Use the
   Soldier Health
Maintenance Manual

–   Good Health Basics
–   Protecting Yourself
–   Wellness for Soldiers
      How to Use the
      Soldier Health
    Maintenance Manual

–   Head and Chest       –   Skin
–   Back and Stomach     –   General Symptoms
–   Muscles and Joints   –   Women’s Health
    Questions about the
       Soldier Health
    Maintenance Manual

   If you have questions about the
    symptoms or self-care measures
    described in this manual, ask a
    health care provider.

   If you have questions about over-
    the counter medications described
    in the Self-care Program, ask the
How to Use the Symptom
   Evaluation Charts

   The symptom evaluation charts
    are part of the Self-care Program.
   Use these charts when you have a
    negative change in your health.
   Each chart describes a symptom
    and has questions to help you
    decide whether you should:
    –   Get medical help right away,
    –   Go to Sick Call, or
    –   Use a self-care measure.
      How to use the
    Symptom Evaluation
   Read the symptom evaluation
   Answer questions using the Symptom
    Evaluation Chart.
   Follow the YES or NO arrows to
    determine the type of care.
    –   If you answer YES to one or more
        • Get medical help right away, or
        • Go to sick call.
    –   If you answer NO to all questions,
        self-care may be appropriate.
    Symptom Evaluation
   Head and Chest
    –   Nose or Sinus Problems
   Back and Stomach
    –   Back Pain
   Muscles and Joints
    –   Muscle pain
   Skin
    –   Scrapes
   Women’s Health
    –   Menstrual Symptoms

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