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             make leap to

        Two pros from
      TV’s hottest reality
       show to shine in
       “Forever Tango”
                        PAgE 3

                                                                                             Charles sykes/assoCiated press arChives

            INSIde                       feel good                             celeb extra

Nellie All growN uP: “Little        the right look: Should you               deFeNdiNg ‘MAids’: Eva
House on the Prairie” star Alison   wear that? Style advice for women 50     Longoria is making a name for herself
Arngrim is now a gay icon.          and over. Page 6                         as an advocate for Latino issues.
Page 3                                                                       Page 4
                                    Full-body workout: Tree
the heAt is oN: Director Paul       climbing is emerging as a recreational   A ModerN twist: Armie
Feig understands women. Page 3      sport. Page 6                            Hammer brings the Lone Ranger into
                                                                             the 21st century. Page 4

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