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    Indiana Election Division
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Voter Registration Crunch Time
       Voter Registration Crunch Time
n How Voter Registration deadlines work in
  October 9, 2012 is the registration deadline
   because the regular deadline (October 8) is a
   state holiday (Columbus Day)

    üIn Contrast, county offices open on
     Columbus Day begin in-person absentee
     voting October 8 because it is the first day
     for an activity and is not a deadline so it
     does not transfer to October 9
          Voter Registration Crunch Time
n Applying Postmark Rules to VR deadline:
  A registration received by county or IED that is
   postmarked by October 9 is timely (IC 3-7-33-4)
  If postmark is missing then registration is timely if it’s
   received by county or by IED by Monday October 15
     Registrations submitted at full-service registration
      agencies (FSSA or BMV, for example) by October
      9 but mailed to you after October 9 are timely- they
      are not subject to postmark rule
     Postmark rule does not apply to absentee ballot
      applications to vote by mail which must be received
       by 11:59 p.m. October 29
        Voter Registration Crunch Time
n Other Registration Deadlines:
  Online voter registration by midnight (11:59 p.m.)
   on October 9, 2012 (IC 3-7-33-3.5(b))

  Registration deadline for Military and Overseas
   voters have a “received date.” So long as you
   receive it by October 29, 2012 it is timely even if
   postmarked after October 9 (IC 3-7-36-10)
Voter Registration Crunch Time
                n Why didn’t
                  someone tell me
                  the deadline to
                  register is Tuesday
                  October 9!!!!!!!
        Voter Registration Crunch Time
n Last minute options:
  Hand-deliver by Oct. 9 to your office or IED
  Get application postmarked by Oct. 9
  If have a full-service transaction at voter
   registration agency Oct. 9 or before (BMV renew
   license or apply for benefits at FSSA, for example)
     üIf no full-service transaction at agency person
       is given a mail-in form (VRG-7)
  Online voter registration by midnight October 9
     üAvoids delay of mail
     üAvoids county data entry
       Voter Registration Crunch Time
n Acceptable routine forms: VRG-7, VRG-11, VRG
  -6, FPCA
  VRG-6 are timely if voter registered by the
   registration deadline and agency has 5 days to
   mail. Postmark rule does not apply if registration
   was made at an agency on or before deadline

n Acceptable unusual form: We see many more
  “federal” forms in presidential year

n Not acceptable: State of Michigan registration
       Voter Registration Crunch Time
n The 7-day pending period is not suspended by
  crunch time (SOP VRG 13.1)
  VR applicant is not legally registered to vote
   until expiration of pending period
  If acknowledgement notice mailed is presented
   in person at county VR person can be active
   before 7-day pending period expires (override)
  Overlap of in-person absentee voting:
   Absentee voters who are not active may vote
   absentee and ballot “shall be treated as a
   provisional ballot” (IC 3-11-4-17.5(a))
      Voter Registration Crunch Time
n What’s an SOP?
  SVRS Standard Operating Procedures
   (Calendar and Links from main page)

  Guidance from IED on application of the law to
   voter registration transactions and how to
   implement them in the SVRS
        Voter Registration Crunch Time
   Lockdown of Auto Activate & Pending Period
n After October 9:
  County can continue to process individual
     registrations & activate them after October 9
  You will get a notice in SVRS that
   registration is closed but you simply go past
   that for timely registrations
  However “Auto Activate” of pending voters
   will be locked in SVRS after registration
Voter Registration Crunch Time
      Voter Registration Crunch Time
            Lockdown of Auto Activate
n Even though Auto Activate locked after Oct. 9
  it can be unlocked if county unable to process
  registrations in time to print on poll book
  County must submit request for approval to
   core team per SOP GEN 7.2 (updated request
   on county portal or from Marsha)
  If approved county may auto-activate pending
   voters for poll book purposes only
  County must update SVRS record and poll
   book using “Pending Voter List Report”
Voter Registration Crunch Time
 SVRS Navigation to Auto Activate
       Voter Registration Crunch Time
n Voter List Maintenance Program Deadline
  (also sometimes referred to as “lockdown”)
  A voter list maintenance program must be completed
   no later than 90 days before the election (August 8)
   (IC 3-7-38.2)
  This refers to a “general” program like a county-wide
   mailing or NCOA mailing
     A county may still cancel registrations based
       1) Request of the voter, including transfers;
       2) Death of voter (DOH hopper)
       3) Imprisonment following conviction of crime
        Voter Registration Crunch Time
n Duplicate Registration: This year more than any
  other people submit duplicate registrations
  More $$$$ spent on voter registration drives
  People concerned they have been cancelled
   solely because they haven’t voted in a while
n “County voter registration office shall send a
  notice (acknowledgement notice) to each
  person from whom the county…receives a voter
  registration application” (IC 3-7-33-5(b))
   No exception for “similar” or “substantially
     similar” applications
         Voter Registration Crunch Time
n Incomplete Registrations (SOP VRG 1.3)
   Registrations are not “incomplete” because first
     time voter registering by mail did not include
     documentation (See SOP VRG 50.1)
   Required to contact voter once by mail once by
     phone to complete registration
       “Age” and “citizenship” questions requires
        “written statement” by registration deadline
       Other information may be provided in writing or
        over the phone (must “document” information
        provided over the phone)
       Certify incomplete to CEB if not completed by
        10 day deadline for poll book
             New Legislation
n Indiana General Assembly website:
   under “Bills and

n Election Division 2012 Legislative Summary:
   and select
   “Election Administrator’s Portal” and then
   select “legislative summaries”

n New 2012 Election Code Book Supplement
  Available August 2012
              New Legislation
                 Petition Candidates

n County election board may not include petition
  candidate (minor party or independent) on
  ballot unless both CAN-19 and CAN-20 are
  timely filed. (New IC 3-8-6-12.5)

  No candidate challenge is necessary for board to
   keep candidate who fails to file timely CAN-19 or
   CAN-20 off the ballot
               New Legislation
                 All Petition Candidates
n County Voter Registration Office must certify
  whether the signatures on a petition are registered
  voters of the election district
n Clerk must still certify whether or not candidate
  submitted sufficient number of certified petition
  signatures (IC 3-8-6-12)
   2% of the total votes cast for the office of
     Secretary of State in 2010
   Sample certification, and denial of certification,
     available from IED in word format
             The END

When your stressed out remember the best
 thing about the 2012 Presidential Election
 is….you know that 2013 is a non-election

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