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					Association of Circuit Court Clerks
Southern District Meeting, September 11, McCormick State Park
Northern District Meeting, September 13, Monticello
Contact Information
 Indiana Election Division

  Brad King, Co-Director
  (317) 233-0929 (direct)
Military and Overseas Voters
n   Deadline for county to receive registration
    application from military or overseas voter is
    extended to October 29, 2012.
n   Application received during extended period
    subject to same requirements as application
    received by 29th Day before election.
    (IC 3-7-36-10)
               Military and
              Overseas Voters
       Absentee Application Forms
Military/overseas voter may designate their
status as a military/overseas voter by using
either of these two forms:

Ø   FPCA (Standard Form 76A) combined
    registration and absentee ballot application
Ø   ABS 15 -state absentee ballot application for
    military and overseas (special oath mandated
    by federal law)
              Military and
             Overseas Voters
      Box 1 of the FPCA allows a person to
    designate the type of military/overseas voter

            Military and
           Overseas Voters
Box 1 of the ABS-15 also allows a person to
  indicate the type military/overseas voter

X   å
Talk to your printer about ballot delivery!
Make sure printer understands that federal law requires
that you “transmit” absentee ballots by Saturday,
September 22, 2012.
U.S. Dept of Justice
Absentee Report
n   DOJ has asked each state to
    provide specific information about
    each county’s compliance with the
    45 day absentee ballot transmittal
n   Basic information about number
    and status of military/overseas
    applications as of September 22.

                     State of Indiana                                                                                

         Summary Report of UOCAVA Ballot Transmission
           Date of Report:  September 24, 2012                                                                       

                               2012 Federal General Election                                                         

List   Transmitting Jurisdiction   Total Valid Ballot   Total Ballots Sent By   Total Ballots Not Sent By
Number                             Requests Received    09/22/12 For Valid      09/22/12 For Valid
                                   By 09/22/12          Requests Received By    Requests Received By That
                                                        That Date               Date (If any, please also
                                                                                enter details in "Late Ballot
                                                                                Transmission Data" TAB)

    1             Adams                                                                        

    2              Allen                                                                       

    3          Bartholomew                                                                     

    4             Benton                                                                       
DOJ Survey Data
   Collected using SVRS absentee
   Telephone follow ups as
   Must submit Monday, Sep 24,
   then provide updates to DOJ
   Your timely response critical!
Mistakes to avoid
n   DOJ anticipates several types of
    mistakes may occur:
    u Printer did not have ballots ready
      on time.
    u Clerk believed Saturday, Sep 22
      deadline rolled over to Monday.
    u Clerk did not realize that Sep 22
      deadline applied to emailed
Even one late
n   Triggers detailed reporting to DOJ:
    u Date of late transmission
    u Numbers by category of
      military/overseas voter
    u Number of ballots emailed,
      express mailed, regular mailing.
    u Reason why ballots sent late.

    u Method requested by voter?

    u Phone, fax, or email contact info?
          Absentee Voting:
        Military and Overseas
         Absentee Ballot Applications
Ø May transmit blank VR applications and
  absentee ballot applications to military/overseas
  voters by mail, Email or Fax on request
  ü If request doesn’t include usable Email
  address or Fax #, mail to voter if mailing
  address provided
  üMOVE Information Sheet regarding use of
  Email, Fax, and internet must be sent with
  blank VR and absentee ballot applications
  Absentee Voting:
Military and Overseas

   MOVE information sheet
                  Absentee Voting:
                Military and Overseas

                 Absentee Ballot Applications

Ø Military/Overseas voters may submit absentee ballot
  application by mail, Email (scanned copy of completed
  application attached), or fax
  ü If sent by email, then clerk must send an email
      acknowledging receipt of the emailed application

Ø If absentee ballot application denied, clerk must send
  written notice of reason for denial within 48 hours (ABS
  -14; IC 3-11-4-17.5)
             Absentee Voting: Military
                 and Overseas
           Voting Absentee by Email or Fax
Ø   Special Applications (ABS-15 or FPCA) allow
    military/overseas voters to request ballot by mail,
    email, or fax
Ø   Special deadline: Military/overseas voter requesting
    to vote by Email or fax may apply up to noon the
    day before the election
    (IC 3-11-4-6(h); IC 3-11-4-3(2))
           Box 3 of the ABS-15 or Box 4 c. on FPCA
             Absentee Voting:
           Military and Overseas
               Voting by Email or Fax
Ø   If application to vote by Email or fax approved,
    clerk faxes a ballot (or emails scanned copy of
    ballot), cover sheet/affidavit (ABS-9), and
    “MOVE” instructions to voter)
Ø   Voter returns completed ballot and completed
    ABS-9 by fax (or by email with scanned copies
    of completed ballot and ABS-9)
Ø   Clerk (or designee) seals returned ballot in
    special absentee ballot envelope (ABS-10) and
    marks: “Absentee Ballot Received by Fax or
            Absentee Voting:
          Military and Overseas
              Voting by Email or FAX
Ø   The voter’s returned ABS-9 and voter’s
    absentee ballot application (copy of the FPCA
    or ABS-15) attached to special absentee ballot
    envelope (ABS-10)
Ø   The absentee ballot processed like other
    absentee ballots in county whether central
    count or precinct-count
Ø   Email/Fax confirmation back to voter indicating
    ballot received by the next business day
    following receipt. Update SVRS so voter can
    check (IC 3-11-4-6(i))
        Absentee Voting: Military and
             Voting by Email or Fax
Ø   A ballot returned by Email or Fax may be
    “remade” by a “bipartisan remake team”
    ü   Duplicate ballot made (marked duplicate)
        that reflects the vote on ballot so that it can
        be read by optical scanner (IC 3-12-3-5)
    ü   “Duplicate” ballot must bear a unique
        number also recorded on printout of original
        emailed or faxed ballot so they can be
        linked if necessary in a recount or contest
       Absentee Voting: Military
           and Overseas

                    Voting by Mail
ØMilitary/overseas voters may still vote by mail
ØIf military/overseas voter submits ABS-15, but
does not request to vote by Email or Fax, then
clerk sends voter absentee ballot by U.S. Mail
           Absentee Voting: Military
               and Overseas

Bad Address on Absentee Ballot Applications
Ø   Application approved for May 2012 primary is good
    for November 2012 general election unless…
    ü   Absentee ballot is returned as undeliverable
           Absentee Voting:
         Military and Overseas
 Overseas Voter Indefinitely Overseas
Ø If overseas voter indicates on FPCA or

  ABS-15 that they reside outside U.S.
  indefinitely (they lived in Indiana as their
  last residence before leaving the U.S.)

  ü   This overseas voter considered a resident of
      precinct of county voter registration office;
  ü   This overseas voter entitled to federal only
      ballot : Pres and VP; US Senator, US Rep.
        Absentee Voting:
      Military and Overseas
              Federal Write-in Ballot
ØThe Federal Write-in absentee ballot (FWAB) is
“back-up” method for military/overseas voters to
reduce risk of receiving and returning ballots too late
to have vote count
   üAvailable from Voting Assistance Officers, U.S.
   Embassy, or U.S. Consulate
   üMay be downloaded from
        Absentee Voting:
      Military and Overseas
          Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot
Ø Military/overseas voter must be registered to vote
  to have FWAB count

Ø Military/overseas voter must submit a timely
  absentee ballot application for FWAB to count
  üNote: FWAB may come before VR application or
    an absentee ballot application

Ø If military/overseas voter returns regular absentee
  ballot and FWAB, FWAB not be counted. Regular
  absentee ballot will be counted (IC 3-12-2-7.5)
              Absentee Voting:
            Military and Overseas
Late Receipt of Mailed Ballots from Overseas
Ø   Absentee ballot from overseas voter, whether
    civilian living temporarily or indefinitely
    overseas or in military stationed overseas
    (outside of the U.S.) may be counted if:
    ü   Received by noon 10 days following the
    ü   Postmarked by the date of the election
         (IC 3-12-1-17)
              Absentee Voting:
            Military and Overseas
    Absentee Ballot Special Mailing Envelopes
Ø   All absentee ballots are mailed “postage
    prepaid” with enclosed stamped envelope for
    return to the county election board “by at least
    first class mail” (IC 3-11-4-18; IC 3-11-4-20)
    ü   County Election Board may use special postage free
        envelopes for military/overseas voters for U.S. Mail
        (IC 3-11-4-6; 38 U.S.C 3406)
    ü   Template (and other information) to assist in
        preparing and printing these envelopes can be found
        at under link
        named “Postage Paid Envelope”
            Absentee Voting:
          Military and Overseas
Special Mailing Envelopes for Absentee Ballots
Certification of
Election Results
n   3 p.m. Friday, November 16:
    deadline for county election board
    to make decision about counting
    provisional ballots.
n   Noon, Monday, November 19:
    deadline for CEB to certify final,
    official results to Election Division.
n   Don’t use certified mail. Instead,
    use overnight express delivery!
Forms to complete
n   CEB-10: Governor & Lt. Governor
n   CEB-11: Clerk and Local Offices
n   CEB-12: Judicial Retention
n   CEB-13: Federal, State,
    Legislative, and Judicial Offices
n   CEB-25: School Board and Local
    Public Questions
Please use SVRS!
CEB-9 Post Election
n   Some parts of CEB-9 can be
    completed using SVRS.
n   Other parts (precinct level election
    returns) must be completed using
n   Tuesday, November 20, 2012
    deadline for transmittal, mailing, or
    hand delivery of CEB-9.
Who issues what?
n   Election Division prepares
    commission for judges, circuit
    court clerk, county auditor, county
    recorder, county treasurer, county
    coroner, county surveyor.
n   Clerk prepares certificate of
    election for other local offices,
    such as county commissioner,
    county council, town offices.

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