Campaign Finance_ Pros and Cons by hcj


									  Campaign Finance:
    Pros and Cons
Why might people argue against the
How might limiting expenditures and
contributions be positive? Negative?
       Loopholes/Issues of BCRA
Purpose: outlaw use of soft money (fed. elections)
• 527 committee—unregulated
  interest groups focusing on a
  specific cause
• Continuous re-writing of FEC
• Unlimited state-to-state
  transfers of money
• Honor system vs. realistic
• Constitutional violations
• Internet
• 501c committee—tax-
  exempt, non-profit/business
 Why is there campaign reform,
Most contributors give to support parties or candidates
  with whom they are already in agreement.
• However, public perception= donors expect illegal
  gov’t favors in return (such as specific legislation
  being enacted or defeated)— “buying” influence

Some believe campaign finance is political
• Many want the government, rather than private
  individuals/organizations, to provide funding for
   – democratic countries have differing regulations on types of
     donations to parties and campaigns
           Proposed reforms:
    Eliminate soft money completely
             FAVOR                          OPPOSE
     Define what would this         Define what NOT having
           reform mean?              this reform would mean?
•   Tries to avoid limits on    •   First amendment!
    hard money                  •   Contrary to Buckley
•   Decreases overall cost of       ruling!
    campaigning                 •   Weakens political parties
•   Less concern about          •   Money is only one step
    “buying” influence              removed from contributor
•   More disclosure of fund         to decision-maker
            Proposed reforms:
     Limit independent expenditures
             FAVOR                         OPPOSE
•   Could be used to avoid       • First amendment!
    limits on hard money         • Contrary to Buckley!
•   “Levels the playing field”   • Might lessen grassroots
•   Could reduce negative          participation in
    issue ads                      campaigns/support
•   Candidates want to
    control their own
           Proposed reforms:
       Raise limits on contributions
              FAVOR                        OPPOSE
•   Limits don’t account for    •   Allows the rich to have
    inflation                       more influence
•   Candidates can spend        •   Already too much money
    less time fundraising           in the process already!
•   Decreases PAC influence     •   Drives up cost of
•   Decreases restrictions on       campaigns
    First Amend. rights
   Let’s see what happens when
       donations are made…

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