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                  Cumann Geinealais na hÉireann

Ireland’s Genealogical Gazette
                                          (incorporating “The Genie Gazette”)
Vol. 8 No. 7                                                                                           July : Iúil 2013

                                       Right of Access to our Genealogical Heritage
                                   Back in 1997, our Members for-         Office. The legislation should be         tion that states that the legislation
                                   mulated and formally endorsed the      specific in regarding these records as    endorses and fully supports the
                                   ‘Principle of Public Ownership &       'public information held on individ-      ‘Principle of Public Ownership
                                   Right of Access’ to our genealogi-     ual citizens by the State' as this        and Right of Access to our Ge-
                                   cal heritage. This fundamental         should ensure public access and           nealogical heritage' - this will
                                   ‘principle’ is the cornerstone of      allow genealogical research. ►The         allow Statutory Instruments and
                                   the Society’s many legislative and     Joint Committee is concerned that,        Departmental Guidelines to take
                                   public policy campaigns and in-        without this, genealogical records        cognisance of this Principle when
                                   deed, it has been endorsed by the      could or would be classified as           assessing public accessibility to
                                   more progressive custodians of         'personal information on individual       records with a genealogical poten-
    GENEALOGY                      records of genealogical potential.     citizens held by the State' and, there-   tial. ►The Joint Committee note
                                   Recently, in a report launched on      fore, there could result the unin-        that such a principle may have no
      HERALDRY                     Wednesday 26th June 2013 an            tended consequence of narrowing,          implications for copyright as the
                                   Oireachtas (Parliamentary) Com-        rather than broadening, access for        Joint Committee‘s understanding
                                   mittee has recommended that the        genealogical research. Access in          is that copyright, as such, does not
  VEXILLOLOGY                      Freedom of Information legisla-        those circumstances could require         exist in respect of Parish Registers.
                                   tion should be extended to all new     any requestor for information to          (end text). In the meantime, the
SOCIAL HISTORY                     bodies. In the following extract       establish a personal familial link        Society was contacted by the Ge-
                                   under ‘Observations’ (pages            with the individual recorded in order     nealogical Society of Finland
  Heritage Matters                 11/12) the issue of Genealogy -        to have access to the information. ►      raising its concerns over proposed
                                   'Personal information on individ-      The Joint Committee does not wish         revised Data Protection Legisla-
    Book Reviews                   ual citizens held by the State' OR     to be prescriptive in regard to the       tion being considered by the Euro-
                                   'Public information held on indi-      inclusion of genealogical research        pean Union. The Finns, Swedes,
   Open Meetings                   vidual citizens by the State’ was      under the Act as the Joint Commit-        Estonians and others see the diffi-
                                   very carefully considered. This        tee notes that this would require a       culties that may arise for access to
  News & Queries                   issue runs to the heart of the         definition of 'genealogy'; for exam-      records of births or marriage, for
                                   debate regarding the records held      ple, would 'genealogy' be the study       example, of living persons as these
                                   by the General Regier Office in        of any family or individual whether       records would be considered as
                                   Dublin. The following paragraphs       related to the researcher or not; or      ’information on a subject defined
                                   should be of considerable interest     could 'genealogy' be interpreted as       as an identified natural person’.
                                   to all genealogists, biographers,      'one researching ones own ancestry'       The interpretation of such an EU
                                   historians and other researchers.      - the latter would have a very nega-      Directive could have enormous                ► The Joint Committee, given           tive impact on public accessibility to    consequences for the public access
                                   the ‘Gathering‘ and the growing        such records. ► Therefore, given          to the records of the GRO and
                                   desire among those wishing to          the above concerns the Joint Com-         therefore, the various national
                                   research their Irish heritage, notes   mittee consider it appropriate to seek    genealogical societies including
        CONTENTS                   that access to genealogical records    the inclusion, in the legislation, of     this Society have lobbied to have
                                   is an important issue. The Joint       the following as a guiding principle      genealogy excluded from the EU
The Royal Manors of            2   Committee considers that the           by which record holders (State and        Data Protection Legislation and
Medieval Co. Dublin                Freedom of Information legisla-        State Agencies) would give public         that the ‘Principle of Public Own-
                                   tion should be expanded to include     access to records with a genealogical     ership & Right of Access’ be
                                   the records of the General Register    potential by the inclusion of a Sec-      upheld by the European Union.
An Daonchartlann               2

Précis of June Lecture         2
                                       Volunteers for Outreach Programme
                                   The Society’s Outreach Pro-            history research sessions at events       BELFAST (PRONI) - August 2nd
Genealogy Courses                  gramme has proven to be one of         organised for The Gathering Ireland       and 3rd. ARMAGH - August 8th.
James Scannell Reports ..      3   the most successful activities         and this is set to continue during the    DUBLIN (Back to Our Past, RDS)
                                   organised by the Society over the      remainder of the year. To meet the        - October 18th to 20th. NEWRY -
Photos Don’t Speak...              past few years. The programme          increasing demand for the provision       October 26th and during HERI-
                                   has seen the Society participate in    of a GSI Stand at events around the       TAGE WEEK at An Daonchart-
Irish DNA Atlas Project        3   events all over the island of Ire-     country, the Director of the Society's    lann, the Society's Archives &
                                   land. The Board considers the GSI      Outreach Programme, Eddie                 Research Centre at the Carlisle
Diary Dates                    4   Outreach Programme to be one of        Gahan, MGSI, is seeking a number          Pier, DÚN LAOGHAIRE - Au-
Vexillology Ireland—VIBE       4   the core functions of the Society      of volunteers to assist him with the      gust 17th to 25th. The Outreach
                                   promoting an awareness, appre-         provision of the Society's stands on      Programme needs your help to
Sarajevo Appeal                    ciation and knowledge of our           the following dates: DUBLIN               continue its delivery of services
                                   genealogical heritage throughout       (Dublin City Library and Archive,         and information. Please contact
GSI Lecture Programme          4   Ireland. Recently the Outreach         Pearse Street) - July 26th, August        Eddie Gahan, MGSI, by e-mail on
Members at the Áras                Programme has facilitated family       9th and 16th and September 20th.

                            Monthly Newsletter of the Genealogical Society of Ireland
                                                                                                                                                              ISSN 1649-7937

PAGE 2                              I R E LA ND ’ S G E NE A LO G I C A L G A Z E T T E ( I NC O R P O R A T I NG “ T HE G E NI E G A ZE T T E ” )                  V O L. 8 NO . 7

                         The Royal Manors of Medieval Co. Dublin
‘The Royal Manors of Medieval Co. Dublin: Crown                manors, it was the central hub for a collection of sub-         capture in microcosm the complexity of England’s
and Community’ by Áine Foley is published by Four              manors (possibly single farmsteads) many still re-              troubled relationship with its colony and it is remark-
Courts Press. (ISBN: 978-1-84682-388-6 : 240pp:                flected in placenames or townlands, Calgan, Loghton,            able that they have not hitherto been the subject of
Catalogue Price: €55.00—Special Web Price: €49.50).            Milltown, Kilmactalway, Fyddanston, Jordanstown,                intensive investigation’. Foley seeks to remedy that
When one thinks of royal manors, few think of them in          Colmanstown, Athgoe and Marshallrath. In contrast to            defect and contribute to our understanding of the
the Irish context as they convey a sense of stability,         Newcastle Lyons, the manor of Saggart which was                 dynamics of Anglo-Irish society in the later Middle
wealth and. above all, a unique connectivity between           situated 14kms south-west of Dublin consisted of a              Ages and goes along way to meeting that objective.
the locality and the crown. Although the Anglo-                single settlement possibly due to its relative remote-          Hopefully, the gauntlet thrown down by Foley will be
Norman invasion brought significant changes to the             ness. It did extend in the mid fourteenth-century to            plucked up enthusiastically by others. Áine Foley
land ownership in the areas adjoining Dublin to the            include Ballinteer and Bothircolyn. Crumlin, like               teaches in the Dept. of History, TCD.              MM
south west with the dispossession of the Meic Gilla            Saggart, had a centralised settlement structure as it was
Mo-Cholmóc—the lineal descendants of the Uí                    only 3kms outside the city walls and it was associated
Dhúnchada, the ordinary pre-invasion inhabitants still         with the Russell family. The royal manor at Esker was            AN DAONCHARTLANN UPGRADE
made up a sizeable segment of the local society. Inte-         of a similar structure to that at Newcastle and was
gration through cultural adaptation was the hallmark of        situated 11kms west of the city and was composed of             The Board of the Society at its July 4th meeting
this corner of medieval Ireland as the remnants of a           the sub-manors of Ballydowd, Finnstown, Kissoge and             decided to invest circa €4,000 in up-grading and
heavily Gaelicised Norse-Irish population became               Ballyowen. The Owens family gave their name to                  modernising the computer equipment at the GSI
tenants of new Anglo-Norman overlords. This book is            Ballyowen and Kissoge was either named after the                Archives & Research Centre. This will be the first
the first full-length study of the royal manors of Crum-       Kissok family, or it provided this family with its name.        time in nearly ten years that the Society invested in
lin, Esker, Saggart and Newcastle Lyons (all in south          The research presented is of exceptional value to the           computer equipment as it has depended on the gener-
Co. Dublin) in the period 1170 to 1400. This area              local historian and indeed, as each aspect of the con-          osity of its Members and friends donating such equip-
formed a boundary land for the new Anglo-Norman                struction and administration of these manors is ex-             ment. Whilst these donations were very gratefully
city and county of Dublin, indeed, the area was always         plored, Foley provides a wonderful resource for the             appreciated, clearly time had come to modernise the
a frontier land between the Leinstermen to the south           understanding of medieval society. The use of the               delivery of computer services at An Daonchartlann.
and the Southern Uí Néill. According to Foley, follow-         archival sources to chart land transfers, marriage              The investment will better enable our volunteers at
ing the Anglo-Norman partial conquest of Ireland in            settlements and the ebbing and flowing of the family            the facility to access on-line resources and to comput-
the late twelfth century, these manors represented the         fortunes of a number of prominent families has pro-             erise and digitise our own collections for uploading to
largest direct stake that the king of England maintained       vided much of considerable benefit to the genealogist           the Society’s website. The Director of Archival
in his oft-neglected lordship of Ireland and they re-          researching these families, especially the Marshals,            Services, Ciarán Hurley, MGSI and An Daonchart-
mained in the personal gift of the crown for the rest of       Douces, Callans, Owens, Tyrels and their connections.           lann Manager, Gerry Hayden, MGSI, both stressed
the medieval period. Each of the royal manors exam-            However, the book would have greatly benefited from             the absolute need for new equipment in order to meet
ined here cover areas rich in archaeology of the period        a series of maps, illustrations and, where appropriate,         the needs of researchers at An Daonchartlann and the
and tell us a great deal about the early medieval settle-      genealogical charts. Nevertheless, Foley very clearly           various projects currently undertaken by Members. It
ment patterns in this part of County Dublin. Newcastle         outlines the sources available for researching this             is envisaged that the up-grading will not cause to
Lyons is situated 16kms south-west of Dublin city              period both archaeological and archival and notes that          much inconvenience and that no research days will be
close to the Co. Kildare border and, like some other           ‘more than any other part of Ireland, the royal manors          lost as a result of these necessary works.

                                                   Précis of the June Lecture
On Tuesday 11th June 2013 members were treated to a           Ireland was a world leader in surveying and mapmak-              Mr. Hynes, repeatedly refined the process in a manner
wonder illustrated lecture on the topic ‘The Ordnance         ing. The Office was located in Mountjoy House in the             that, according to some in the audience, would possi-
Survey Office as a Genealogical Resource’ by Leo-             Phoenix Park, Dublin, which was originally built in              bly be defined as ‘Fordism’ of the early twentieth
nard Hynes. The fascinating story of the Ordnance             1728. It later housed the mounted escort of the Lord             century. Mr. Hynes, said the drive to improve techni-
Survey Office begins in pre-Famine Ireland in 1824            Lieutenant who resided in the Vice-Regal Lodge (now              cal capability has continued and this is clearly shown
and as the Office was initially part of the British Army      Áras an Uachtaráin). This rather elegant stately resi-           in the range of products now available both in print
all staff employed by the Office were military person-        dence of Mountjoy House and its surrounding buildings            and on-line. A very interesting and lively Q&A
nel even after independent in 1922 and right up until         still serve as the headquarters of the modern Ordnance           session clearly pointed to the possibility of the Soci-
the 1970s when the first civilian employees were              Survey Ireland. Whilst going through the methodolo-              ety revisiting the issue of maps and mapmakers again
recruited. Like with all endeavours involving the             gies employed to undertake the field work, Mr. Hynes             at sometime in the future. Next time, it may be possi-
military clear and precise rules and procedures were          explained the various notes, reports and documents               ble to concentrate on the field books and map reading
laid down as the Office was created to carry out a            produced from this information, many of which, have              for the genealogist.
survey of the entire island of Ireland to update land         fascinating information for the genealogist and local
valuations for land taxation purposes. The original           historian. As mentioned above, Mr. Hynes pointed to                              GSI WEBSITE
survey at a scale of 6 inches to 1 mile was completed         the fact that in the course of surveying the country, the
in 1846 under the direction of Major General Colby.           staff of the Office was responsible for a number of              The Board of the Society apologies for any inconven-
Ireland thus became the first country in the world to be      advances in surveying practice. These ranged from                ience caused by the disruption to the Society’s web-
entirely mapped at such a detailed scale. Leonard             Drummond’s limelight to the bimetallic parallel bars             site between May 22nd and June 19th due to a hack-
Hynes began by showing how maps and mapmaking                 used to measure distance to a previously unattainable            ing incident. Measures are now in place to prevent a
developed in the preceding centuries and although,            level of accuracy. The innovative use of the production          recurrence and the Director of Internet Service, Tony
great strides were made on accuracy of the measure-           line method of manufacture for the production of map             O’Hara, MGSI, is currently preparing for a total
ments and the drawings, the Ordnance Survey of                plates and printing was impressive. Colby, according to          redesign and expansion of our website.

                           GENEALOGY COURSES                                                                                   IRISH LIVES REMEMBERED
Weekend Genealogy Courses are provided in                     other records. Practical advice will be shared                  The July 2013 issue (No. 14) of the excellently
conjunction with John Hamrock of Ancestor                     with participants as they embark on the quest to                                 produced and very popular e-
Network Ltd. These very successful and popu-                  trace their ancestors. Courses are held at the GSI                               magazine ‘Irish Lives Remem-
lar courses are specially designed to help begin-             Archives and Research Centre, An Daonchart-                                      bered’ is now available to read
ners unlock the mysteries of their ancestry.                  lann, where the major on-line genealogy re-                                      or to download to your PC,
Classes are small providing better tuition. An-               sources will be covered in a ‘hands-on’ way for                                  mobile device or tablet abso-
cestor Network Ltd. is the provider of the Gene-              best results. For further information please con-                                lutely free of charge on
alogy Advisory Services for the National Li-                  tact John Hamrock by phone on 087 050 5296 or                          
brary of Ireland and the National Archives of                 by e-mail on                                            Why not checkout previous
Ireland. The includes guided tours at the Na-                                                                                 issues of this wonderful Genealogy E-magazine
tional Library, Dublin City Library and other                  IRELAND’S GENEALOGICAL GAZETTE                                 on the website above?. The various articles on
centres of research. Learn how to be your own                                                                                 the resources for researching your ancestors in
researcher. Topics to be covered include the                  All the past issues of this newsletter and its                  particular counties provide an exceptionally
principles of genealogy, computers and the                    predecessor are available in pdf format to read or              useful guide for those wishing to further their
internet, place names and surnames, location                  to download or to read free of charge on the                    knowledge of the genealogical, archival and
and use of census, vital, valuation, church and               Society’s website                          local history resources of these counties.

                                 Monthly Newsletter of the Genealogical Society of Ireland
                                                                                                                                                             ISSN 1649-7937

           V O L. 8 NO . 7         I R E LA ND ’ S G E NE A LO G I C A L G A Z E T T E ( I NC O R P O R A T I NG “ T HE G E NI E G A ZE T T E ” )                            PAGE 3

                                          James Scannell Reports...
RICHARD HAYWARD BIOGRAPHY                                    it became a much more high profile when the                           READERS—END OF AN ERA
                                                             Irish rebels were interned there. Most of them
Paul Clements, 53, Ravenhill Park, Belfast BT6               were interned without any trial or chance to                    Last month Readers Bookshop on Lower
0DG, E-mail: is                    defend themselves and many who had not been                     George’s Street, Dún Laoghaire, operated by
currently researching a biography of Richard                 initially supportive of the rebel cause were                    Jonathan Goodbody, for over 25 years closed its
Hayward, a popular writer and well known                     converted during their internment. Among its                    doors. The decision to close was made reluc-
actor, singer, broadcaster and folklorist, who               notable alumni were Michael Collins and Rich-                   tantly by Jonathan Goodbody, who had seen a
travelled around Ireland in the mid 20th century.            ard Mulcahy but by December 1916 all the                        decline in the business volumes over the past
He appeared in early Irish films in the 1930’s               Irish prisoners had been repatriated and the                    number of years due to competition from book
and drove around the country for a series of                 camp was closed down. This contemporary                         seller web-sites and eBooks. Always an excel-
acclaimed regional topographical books. He                   account of the Irish experience in the camp was                 lent shop for new and second books, former
would welcome information from anyone who                    an important part of the propaganda to win                      customers will be pleased to learn that Jona-
has copies of Hayward’s letters or postcards or              support for the nationalist cause in the lead up                than Goodbody will continue to sell books on
knows of their whereabouts, or who can recall                to the War of Independence. The author W.J.                     line at
hearing him sing on radio or are familiar.                   Brennan Whitmore was a Wexford journalist
                                                             and British Army veteran who joined Sinn Féin                             LECTURES AT THE NLI
  WITH THE IRISH IN FRONGOCH                                 in 1910. Because of his military knowledge he
                                                             was appointed to the Volunteers general staff in                The following genealogical lectures will be held
Mercier Press has republished ‘With the Irish                the lead up to the Easter Rising. He com-                       at the National Library of Ireland, Kildare
in Frongoch’, a classic account, written by                  manded a position in Dublin’s North Earls                       Street, Dublin. Thursday July 18th: “The Irish
Walter J. Brennan, one of the inmates, of the                Street during the Rising, and was interned with                 Roots of Jackie Kennedy“ – Jim O’Callaghan,
Welsh internment camp where the 1916 rebels                  nearly two thousand other Irish rebels in Fron-                 Genealogist.     Tuesday July 23rd: “Crowd-
were held that was first published in 1917. For              goch. He later worked for Michael Collins                       sourcing your family tree: how social media
eight months after the Easter Rising over 1,800              during the War of Independence and supported                    can help with tracing ancestry“ – Claire Brad-
Irish rebels were imprisoned in the Frongoch                 the Treaty. He retired from the Irish Army in                   ley, Genealogist. The above lectures take place
Camp, a former whiskey distillery in North                   1926. He was an active member of Clann na                       at 13.00hrs. in the Seminar Room and last for
Wales which soon became a University of                      Poblachta. He died in 1977 at the age of 91.                    approximately 30 minutes. Admission is free
Revolution as the links and friendships formed               ‘With the Irish in Frongoch’ is published by                    and no booking required.
there were used to good effect during the                    Mercier Press in paperback at €14.99 and is
1919–1921 War of Independence. Frongoch                      also available in eBook format from all the                     Editor: For further information on the lectures
had initially held German prisoners-of-war but               major outlets.                                                  and exhibitions at the NLI see

                              PHOTOS DON’T SPEAK                                                                             IRISH DNA ATLAS PROJECT
       Capturing the life stories of ordinary people in their own words                                                      The Irish DNA Atlas is a collaborative academic
                                                                                                                             research project undertaken by Dr. Gianpiero
Alec Taylor who dropped by the GSI Archives                  questions. Draws out the stories that make up                   Cavalleri of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
& Research Centre, An Daonchartlann, at the                  the chapters of a life. Searches for the explana-               (RCSI), the University of Leicester in the UK and the
                                                                                                                             Society. The main objectives of the project are (1) to
Carlisle Pier in Dún Laoghaire some weeks ago                tions and the motives behind the extraordinary                  further our knowledge of the population history of
outlines his latest venture which should be of               lives of ordinary people. For every person has a                Ireland and (2) to help us understand how genes influ-
special interest to genealogists. Do you have a              story worth telling – for family and friends, for               ence health in Ireland. Participants continue to be
collection of photos of your parents and their               posterity. What’s more, some of those old pho-                  sought from across the island of Ireland and, indeed,
generation? Of your grandparents and theirs?                 tos are inserted to illustrate the key moments, as              from overseas who can trace each of their eight great-
In an album on a shelf, in the attic, on your                the life stories unfold. MEMOIRS ON CAM-                        grandparents to the same general area of Ireland.
                                                                                                                             Participants are requested to present a Birth Brief
phone, on Facebook? Probably you do. Like                    ERA offers help with preparing for the hour-
                                                                                                                             (Pedigree Chart) and to provide a DNA sample (kit
most of us. What you may not have is a descrip-              long chat on-camera that summarises a person’s                  provided) for analysis. Participants are sought, male or
tion (on audio tape, on film or video) of the                life so far. The Personal Video Memoir is an                    female, with ancestry from any part of Ireland meeting
scenes in those photos. The older generation                 ideal gift for ‘milestone events’ at any age:                   the criteria regarding the eight great grandparents.
telling - in their words - what happened to                  graduations, big birthdays, anniversaries, retire-              Members are asked to assist the project by inviting
them, and how they felt. Their life stories. A               ments. Whatever the story, MEMOIRS ON                           friends and colleagues to participate. If you are inter-
new company called MEMOIRS ON CAM-                           CAMERA believe they can capture it. Checkout                    ested in participating or have a query about participat-
                                                                                                                             ing, please don’t hesitate to contact Séamus O’Reilly
ERA specialises in recording these missing life              the website or
                                                                                                                             by e-mail on Also, check-
stories. An experienced interviewer asks the                 contact me by E-mail:                       out the project newsletter on the GSI website.

  GSI MEMBERSHIP                                             jects; Members’ internet forum (under construction);
                                                             genealogical, heraldic and vexillological advice; and
                                                                                                                                 WILL YOUR RECORDS WELL
                                                             the facility to publish your research in the GSI Journal.      In the course of our research over many years we natu-
The Annual Review of the Membership Package was              Special Membership concessions on products and                 rally amass a huge amount of paper and computer
undertaken by the Board of Directors at its meeting on       services obtained, from time to time, by the Society.          records. We love these records, we’ve worked hard to
Thursday November 1st, 2012. It was agreed under             The Board also agreed to provide a number of conces-           collect the information—it is of great value. Books,
Res: 12/11/952 to keep the cost of the Annual Sub-           sionary rates at €20.00 for persons under 25 years of          photographs, charts, interview notes, copy certificates,
scription for 2013 for Irish and Overseas Members at         age and persons attending recognised genealogy                 parish register and census transcripts—all lovingly
€40.00. The Membership Package for 2013 includes             courses etc. This Membership Package shall be applied          collected over many years. But have you made provi-
the following: Member voting rights; optional second         as and from January 1st 2013 and be subject to annual          sion for the preservation of your records, files and notes
household adult member (18 years or over) with               review, however, existing Membership Packages shall            after we die? Don’t let your hard work end up as landfill
voting rights; Membership Certificate [Res:                  be honored until their annual renewal date.                    or all of your books be sold off after you’ve gone.
11/09/859]; right to use GSI post-nominal; copy of the
                                                                                                                            Please make provision in your Will to donate them to
Annual Journal; monthly newsletter by e-mail; use of         NOTE: In accordance with Res: 10/09/785 all Mem-               the Society’s Archives for future generations.
the Society’s Archive; monthly meetings/lectures;            bership Packages fall due for renewal on the anniver-
special prices of up to 50% off selected Society publi-      sary of joining—please check your Membership
cations; right to register your own assumed Arms or                                                                                MEDAL SOCIETY OF IRELAND
                                                             Certificate. Apply on-line at or
emblems with the Society free of charge; right to have       if you prefer, download the form and send it to Mr.            Ancestors or relatives who served in the Irish, British,
your Club, School or Institutions assumed Arms or            Billy Saunderson, MGSI, Director of Finance,                   Commonwealth, American or other armed forces or in
emblems registered with the Society free of charge to a      ‘Suzkar’, Killiney Avenue, Killiney, Co. Dublin,               the mercantile marine of these countries? Checkout the
maximum of ten registrations; occasional group pro-          Ireland. New Members always welcome!                           Medal Society of Ireland on

                                Monthly Newsletter of the Genealogical Society of Ireland
                                                                                                                                               ISSN 1649-7937

                      is published by the
            Genealogical Society of Ireland Limited
                                                                           VEXILLOLOGY IRELAND
     11, Desmond Avenue, Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, Ireland            The GSI Board at its meeting on July 4th approved the deign for the flag of ‘Vexillology
                E-mail:                     Ireland’ created by Stanislav Zamyatin, MGSI. The flag will be flown during the
                                                                       Society’s attendance at the FIAV International Congress in Rotterdam next month. The
                   Charity Reference: CHY10672
                                                                       Society will be represented by our Director of Sales, Marketing & Membership, Tom
      The Society is a Nominating Body for Seanad Éireann              Conlon, MSc MGSI, and Stanislav Zamyatin, MGSI, CEO, Vexillology Ireland, a
                                                                       branch of the Society dealing specifically with the promotion of the study of the history,
             Board of Directors 2013-2014
Pádraic Ingoldsby (Cathaoirleach : Chairperson); Gerry Hayden
                                                                                                                    The flag has the international symbol for
(Leas-Chathaoirleach : Building Mgr.); Michael Merrigan (General                                                    vexillology in white (Argent) at the hoist
Secretary : Company Secretary, Publications); Billy Saunderson                                                      with the gold (Or) Harp symbolising Ire-
(Finance); Tom Conlon (Sales, Marketing & Membership); Ciarán                                                       land on a field of St. Patrick’s blue (azur).
Hurley (Archive); Barry O’Connor (Cemetery Projects); Séamus                                                        The symbolism combines Ireland’s ancient
Moriarty (Lecture Programme), John Hamrock (Education & Social                                                      vexillological and heraldic traditions. The
Inclusion) ; Eddie Gahan (Outreach Programme).: Maura Flood                                                         flag is being made by O’Regan’s of Dublin.
(Digital Archive); and Tony O’Hara (Internet Services).

                                                                       symbolism and use of flags and emblems. The Society has applied for membership of
                 JOIN ON-LINE                                          FIAV the International Federation of Vexillological Associations and the application
                                         will go before the General Assembly of FIAV at Rotterdam for its consideration. In-
                                                                       deed, the Society would be very interested in bringing the FIAV International Congress
                                                                       to Dublin some time in the future. In the meantime, Stan Zamyatin is creating a specific
                                                                       web presence for Vexillology Ireland and it is hoped that the website
   @GenSocIreland                                                      will be launched shortly. It is envisaged that the website will host Ireland’s first public
                                                                       Register of Flags & Emblems enabling clubs, schools, colleges, businesses, clan asso-
                  DIARY DATES                                          ciations and others to have their flags and emblems registered. The register will also
                                                                       have information on the design, meaning and history of each flag and emblem. Some
           Tuesday July 9th & August 13th 2013                         maybe a bit surprised that a genealogical organisation is involved with vexillology,
                 Evening Open Meeting                                  however, as vexillology (defined as the scientific study of the history, symbolism and
        Dún Laoghaire College of Further Education                     usage of flags) is closely related to heraldry and it to genealogy—it’s a very natural fit
            Cumberland Street, Dún Laoghaire                           indeed. But as genealogists and social historians we are primarily concerned with the
                  20.00hrs—22.00hrs                                    narratives attached to the history and use of flags and emblems and, especially, the lives
         Wednesday July 24th & August 28th 2013                        and times of the people concerned. Stan Zamyatin, CEO of VIBE—Vexillology Ire-
                 Morning Open Meeting                                  land : Brateolaíocht Éireann can be contacted by e-mail on
      Hardy’s Bar, Royal Marine Hotel, Dún Laoghaire
                     10.30hrs—12.30hrs                                             FOUR COURTS PRESS
 Contribution €3.00 p.p. Evening & €4.00 p.p. Morning                         Irish History, Genealogy, Local History and much more
       (Coffee/Tea included at Morning Meetings)                                  

      SARAJEVO APPEAL                                         LECTURE PROGRAMME                                  MEMBERS AT THE ÁRAS
The Society is calling on all bibliophiles, aca-        Tues. July 9th – ‘The Shamrock Fund in World            “Didn’t we have a lovely day…” so the song
demics and authors to donate books. Over twenty         War 1’ by Brian White; Tues. August 13th –              says. Four members of the GSI Board and their
years ago over two million volumes, including           ‘Irish and British Maritime Records’ by David           partners had their lovely day when they were
priceless manuscripts, were destroyed in the fire       Snook; Tues. September 10th – ‘Medical Re-              invited to the President’s garden party at Áras
that engulfed the National & University Library         cords of the Royal College of Physicians’ by            an Uachtaráin on 2nd July. There was lovely
in Sarajevo on August 26th 1992 during the              Harriet Wheelock; Tues. October 8th – ‘Rental           food, a lovely concert, lovely house and gar-
Bosnian civil war. This Society is proactively          Records as a Genealogical Source’ by James              dens, and a very affable and erudite President
supporting a group of Bosnian academics seek-           Ryan; Tues. November 12th – ‘Children in Care           Michael D. Higgins with his lovely wife, Sa-
ing donations of contemporary academic works            – Records of Pre-1952 Adoptions’ by Fiona               bina. Even the weather was kind to us – the
in any discipline to restock their university’s         Fitzsimons; Tues. December 10th – ‘The re-              showers mainly happened when we were in-
library which was totally destroyed in August           sources of as a support for the            doors. In the Áras itself, the bronze busts of the
1992. Have you any books that you could do-             Genealogist’ by Eric Booth. VENUE: Dún                  former Presidents are arranged in two lines, one
nate? Please forward donated volumes to: Mrs            Laoghaire College of Further Education, Cum-            line on each side of a doorway. Those on the
Fuada Muslic, Senior Officer for Publishing,            berland St., Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin. Direc-          right are male and deceased; those on the left
University of Sarajevo, Obala Kulina Bana 7/2,          tions on As the only ge-           are female and living. They are in fact in
71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.                 nealogical organisation providing monthly lec-          chronological order, and perhaps the separation
Tel: 00 387 3322 1946 : or by E-mail: izda-             tures throughout the year, the programme is var-        arises only because of the shape of the available       NOTA BENE:               ied to meet the needs of all levels of research         space. As he spoke on the value of community
Please e-mail Ms. Muslic when items are put in          experience. Séamus Moriarty, FGSI Dir, GSI              groups, the President comfortably switched
the mail to her and include details of sender and       Lecture Programme:-            between Irish and English, often in mid-
contents. An example of what is required by the                                                                 sentence, and the audience expressed their
Bosnian authorities on the Society’s website. It's       FREE RESEARCH ADVICE                                   enthusiasm. Truly a lovely day. Tom Conlon,
a simple declaration of the contents etc. Please                                                                MGSI
share this appeal with your colleagues in univer-       An Daonchartlann, the Society’s Archives and
sities at home and overseas.                            Research Centre, at the Carlisle Pier in Dún            Editor: Attendees were: Tom and Gay Conlon;
                                                        Laoghaire, is open each Weds from 10.30hrs to           GSI President Rory and Roz Stanley; Eddie and
TRACING YOUR IRISH ANCESTORS                            16.30hrs (except 4th Weds. open at 13.00hrs) and        Marguerite Gahan and GSI Cathaoirleach
 by John Grenham, MA, MAPGI, FIGRS, FGSI                each Sat. from 14.00hrs to 17.30hrs. Members are        Pádraic and Kathleen Ingoldsby.
                                                        on hand to provide free family history research
The Society strongly recommends to anyone               advice to visitors. The use of the resources is             STUDENT MEMBERSHIP
embarking on their family history quest that one        reserved for GSI members. Day research member-
essential piece of kit must be, without doubt, a        ship is available for €5.00 and payable on-line at      To encourage students and young people to take up
copy of the latest edition of ‘Tracing Your Irish       the GSI website. Travelling to the facility is best     family history research, the Society offers a 50%
Ancestors’ by John Grenham. Please checkout             by public transport as Dublin Bus and the DART.         reduction for persons under 25 years of age. Also,
                                                        Pay-n-display parking is available in the Dún           persons who take up adult education courses in geneal-
the website Price                                                                         ogy can avail of a similar 50% reduction on the stan-
€22.99 [RRP].        YOU NEED THIS BOOK                 Laoghaire area. See:               dard membership rate—that’s right, for just €20.00.

                               Monthly Newsletter of the Genealogical Society of Ireland

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