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					 On the Move
              Prith            provider for teams and
              Banerjee,        organizations named Brad
              Accenture        Freitag vice president of
              The global       Americas sales. Previous-
              manage-          ly, he was vice president of
              ment             sales at Roambi.
technology services and                       Kerry
outsourcing firm, which                       Langstaff,
has an office in San Jose,                    Xignite
appointed Prith Baner-                       The San Ma-
jee managing director                        teo provider
of global technology                         of market
research and develop-                        data cloud
ment within the technol-                     services
ogy growth platform.           named Kerry Langstaff
Recently, he was chief         vice president of market-
technology officer and         ing. He held executive-
executive vice president       level positions at Return
at ABB Group.                  Path.

              Mark                            Kym Nelson,
              Barrish ,                       Twitch
              Kilpatrick                   The San
              Townsend &                   Fran-
              Stockton                     cisco video
               The law firm                platform
               named Mark                  provider, in
Barrish managing partner                   addition to
of the firm’s Silicon Valley a community for gamers,
office. He co-leads the      named Kym Nelson senior
firm’s medical and surgical vice president of sales.
devices industry area.       Previously, she served
                             as vice president of West
               Susheel       Coast sales at IGN Enter-
               Bhasin,       tainment.
              Trade                           Jung
                                              Yeon Son,
              The San
              provider                        Mullin,
              of protec-                      Richter &
tion services for mobile                      Hampton
devices, laptops and                          The global
tablets named Susheel                         law firm
Bhasin vice president of       named Jung Yeon Son
operations. Previously, he     as a partner in the Palo
served at Amazon.com.          Alto office. She is former
                               associate general counsel
              Chris Deri,      at Technology Crossover
              W20 Group        Ventures.
              The San
              Francisco                      Andy
              independent                    Swanson,
              network of                     Twitch
              marketing,                   The San
              communica-                   Fran-
tions, research and devel-                 cisco video
opment firms appointed                     platform
Chris Deri president of                    provider, in
WCG, the group’s largest       addition to a community
company. Previously, he        for gamers, named Andy
was chief executive and        Swanson vice president
market leader at Burson-       of sales. He is a 15-year
Marsteller.                    veteran of the video
                               game advertising sales
              Jeff Doyle,      industry.
              The Sunny-                     Ted Trimble,
              vale consul-                   AccelOps
              tancy firm                   The Santa
              named Jeff                   Clara
              Doyle vice                   provider of
president of engineering.                  integrated
Previously, he ran his own                 security infor-
consulting firm, Jeff Doyle                mation and
and Associates.                event management soft-
                               ware for on-premise and
              Brad             cloud-based data centers
              Freitag,         named Ted Trimble as
              FileMaker        vice president of engi-
              The Santa        neering. He is a former
              Clara            senior director at Cisco
              database         Systems.

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