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Benefits of utilizing Edwards EST3 system for Emergency Paging by hcj


									 Benefits of utilizing
Edwards EST3 system
 Emergency Paging
   application at
Advantage – Existing Equipment
• Compatible with existing EST3 Fire Alarm
  equipment, digital audio amps “plug” in.
• Flexible audio configurations– multipriority
  remote page inputs, zones outputs (suit com,
• Simple Interface to existing FireWorks for
  MCR/ERT/Control Maintenance.
• Optional automated daily test tones at pre-
  set times – pre-recorded messages
Advantage – Operating Experience
• EST3 systems AFS at all operating units in
• OPGN CATid’s already exist for most
  equipment – just need to add amps, etc.
• Design/Projects group EST3 trained.
• Control Maintenance EST3 trained. Spares
  parts for EST3 in stock.
• EST3 Software procedures exist now.
• EST3 Maintenance procedures exist now.
    Advantage - Qualification
• Meets fully the requirements of NBC 1995
  and CSA/N293-95
• Audio is ULC Listed for Emergency use
• EST3 system is OPGN qualified, been
  through HFE before.
• Software is currently CAT3 categorized
• EDWARDS and EST3 product meet
  QL3/QL4 requirements
    Advantage – Cost Effective
• Non-nuclear grade. Commercially available
• Can be interfaced to existing J-Boxes,
  minimum re-wiring
• Minimal project length - Pre-qualified and
  categorized, ready to purchase.
• EDWARDS Direct pricing available to
Advantage – Faster Compliance
• Cost Effective – easier to budget over 1 year
  instead of 3 or 4
• Equipment Already Qualified – jump to
  design/implementation stage
• Previous OPGN Operating Experience –
  accelerated implementation
• Flexible Installation to reduce field work
• Access to Edwards direct.

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