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									                                                              ZF Passau GmbH
                                                              Service Department -- Training Center
                                                              D-94030 Passau
                                                              Telefon +49 851 494-0
                                                              Telefax +49 851 494-90-2847

ZF product training in theory and practice
    -- also on the customer’s premises.

    Maintenance, diagnosis and repair are essential for                                                                                                                                          ZF Training Center
    fleet availability, and indirectly determining a com-
    pany’s operability. High performance driveline com-
    ponents, such as transmissions, axles and brakes,
    need a thorough check on a regular basis and, if
    necessary, have to be repaired immediately. We have
    considerably reduced the amount of maintenance
    and repair required for ZF driveline systems by
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Maintenance, diagnosis
    means of extended maintenance intervals, module
    concepts and improved accessibility. However, opera-                                                                                                                                         and repair -- helping you
    ting materials and lubricants, as well as wearing parts
    still require regular service.                                                                                                                                                               to help yourself
    More and more manufacturers and users of off-road
    machinery take advantage of the possibility of trai-

                                                                                                      AS / TRAINING 04 / E, Design: Graswald & Heiligtag, Druck: Ostler Druck, Passau, Germany
    ning their own employees in the use and mainte-
    nance of ZF systems. Participants in these training
    courses include service and workshop employees for
    maintenance, repair and reconditioning, as well as
    training instructors. Of course, employees of the ZF
    service organisation are also kept up to date in our
    training courses.

    ZF Passau’s training center is equipped with state-
    of-the-art presentation and conference technology
    and thus designed for training courses focusing on
    the drive systems of off-road and agricultural machi-
    nery and commercial vehicle axle systems. On-site
    training courses are held for larger customers, in
    cooperation with our company’s After-Sales Service
    Centers located throughout the world. The scope and
    program of the training courses are planned to meet
    individual customer requirements. Our qualified ZF
    instructors, having gained decades of experience
    as training experts, guarantee the highest quality
    regarding contents and presentation.
                                                              Driveline and Chassis Technology
Informative:                                           Practical:                                          Forward-looking:

Find out all there                                     Become an                                           Learn how to
is to know about                                       expert on                                           recognize mal-
ZF products!                                           ZF units!                                           functions at an
                                                                                                           early stage!

Informational Training                                 Repair Training                                     Diagnostic Training

This is the “elementary level” of ZF-training,         As a supplement to theoretical fundamentals,        Diagnostic systems optimise maintenance of
designed for drivers, workshop employees or trai-      this training is based on a practical repair, and   electronically-controlled ZF transmissions.
ners involved in the use or maintenance of off-road    is especially designed for workshop employees       Maintenance requirements and potential faults
machinery. The informational training is geared        and trainers. The goal of this training course      can be detected from the outside, without the
towards providing detailed knowledge on the ZF         includes professional analysis and repair of        need to disassemble or open the unit.
product:                                               complete ZF units.                                  This course is targeted at customer service and
                                                       The ZF unit is completely disassembled, and         workshop employees, as well as at the training
                                                       the individual components are inspected for         staff. The objective of the training course is to
                                                       signs of wear and tear or damage. Then, the         learn, how to handle diagnostic systems, inter-
  functions and method of operation                    unit is re-assembled, with the participants being   pret diagnostic data and implement necessary
  mechanics                                            trained in the use of special tools and testing     measures. The training course comprises theo-
  hydraulics                                           devices. Subsequently, the unit is checked on       retical knowledge of mechanics, hydraulics,
                                                       the test bench, where a complete functional test    electronics and software. It furthermore provi-
  electrical and electronic systems
                                                       is performed.                                       des a direct training on handling high-techno-
  maintenance                                                                                              logy test systems. Early detection helps to work
                                                                                                           out diagnoses, statistics and concepts, and to
                                                                                                           plan pre-emptive maintenance work in order to
Most modern audio-visual training material is
                                                                                                           prevent more serious malfunctions.
available for theoretical instruction. Corresponding
documentation, such as parts lists, sectional and
assembly drawings, operating instructions etc.,
supply additional sources of information.

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