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International Journal of Sciences Basic and Applied Research (IJSBAR) (ISSN 2307-4531) Volume 5 No 1 2011


International Journal of Sciences Basic and Applied Research (IJSBAR) (ISSN 2307-4531) volumes 2009-2012

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									                     International Journal of Sciences: Basic and
                              Applied Research (IJSBAR)

                                      ISSN 2307-4531


                     Volume 5 , No 1, 2011

Table of Contents
A Cross-cultural Investigation of Arabic and Turkish                                  PDF
Research Article Abstracts in Educational Sciences
   Karam Šimčikaitė, Ahmad emran
Analytical Resarch on Online Banking and Users’                                       PDF
Privacy in Portugal
   Vinita Hansen
Development of Agent Communication Language                                           PDF
   Siva Kumari
Economic valuation of the potential health benefits                                   PDF
from foods enriched with plant sterols in Sweden
   Dries Jensen, Martin Hansen
Artificial intelligence System to choose a Public School                              PDF
for high-Income Families
   Miroslaw McIlraith
Issues and challenges in digital preservation                                         PDF
   Kok Cheng, Ram Shalinie
Framework for analyzing open source systems                                           PDF
   Ram Shalinie, Kok Cheng
Impression Mining Technique to Answer Web                                             PDF
   Ryu Tadahiko, Yeop Chusho, Aman deepo
An Algorithm for the Mix Fleet Vehicle Routing                                        PDF
   Harry Robinson, Thomas Wilson, Matthew Wilson
Neural Networks for Eye Detection                                                     PDF
   Ron Ye, Jing Ma, Yu-Jen Chen
Decision-making in Multi-agent Systems for GIS                                        PDF
         International Journal of Sciences: Basic and Applied Research (IJSBAR) (2013) Volume 00, No 00, pp 00-00

   Popescu Marius, Koladiya Vaghela, Miri Maeda
Breast Cancer Diagnosis using SVM                                                                                   PDF
   James Butler, Matthew Simmons, Kyle Foster
Neural Network implementation in Image Processing                                                                   PDF
   Agarwal Beaven
A Novel Approach for Online Handwriting Recognition                                                                 PDF
of French Characters
   Édouard Sanchez
Relationship Between Waste Disposal and Public                                                                      PDF
Satisfaction in Jamaica
   Chang Chen
Chemicals Products Waste Treatment methods                                                                          PDF
   Zheng Zverev
Topological solitons in DNA: a survey                                                                               PDF
   Liang Cheng
The Comparison Between Two Sintered Aluminum                                                                        PDF
   Werner Robinson
Food Consumption Behavior Among Elementary                                                                          PDF
Students Of London
   yong Ching Chan
The Retail Food Sector In India                                                                                     PDF
   Erik Feldens
Emerging Threats in Cyberspace                                                                                      PDF
   Daphne Duin
New Method For Classification of EEG data                                                                           PDF
   yong Cheng

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