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									3 People that Need Help Around You
Have you ever seen those heartbreaking documentaries that show
you how hard life is in Africa? The reels take you through
communities where children live without shoes or shirts, families go
days without food, and people suffering from debilitating diseases
they can’t afford to treat.

Have you ever stopped to consider that there are thousands of
people suffering right next door. You see them in the streets and you
call them your neighbors.

They seem to exist comfortably in their station in life and give to the
needy where they can. The only problem is that many of these people
are suffering too; they just hide it extremely well.

In addition to helping out the causes to clothe the naked and heal the sick in foreign countries, there are
a number of problems here at home that you might be able to do something about as well, if you were
made aware of them. Consider the following three “people” that are silently suffering around you and
ask yourself if there’s anything you can do to help them.

Cancer Patients and Survivors

First, finding and getting health insurance after a cancer diagnosis is not easy. Many insurance
companies will talk your ear off about how much you need their health insurance for the possibility of a
terrible diagnosis like cancer, but few will discuss the issue once you receive the bad news.

It is hard for people to get health insurance after cancer. The road is difficult because the insurance
                                      companies see the person as a liability as opposed to an asset.

                                    They are far more likely to lose money on this customer than they
                                    are to earn anything; hence they shy away from these potential
                                    accounts. Despite the question of fairness for the argument, these
                                    people are suffering.

                                    They can’t seem to get health insurance after cancer. Is there
                                    anything that you can do to help raise funds?

                                    Obamacare will put an end to this in the coming year. What about
                                    those people that need help between now and then though?

Second, many Americans don’t show up on the employment or unemployment statistics. They simply
fall off the face of the earth because they give up.
After months to years of searching, nothing seems to have worked out for them. Either they can’t find a
job or they just can’t put work into perspective the way they used to.

For one reason or another though, everything changes and they just stop trying. Although it is by no
means the public’s responsibility to reach out and help these people, how much better off would your
neighbors be if you did just that?

These men and women are living well below their abilities. They’ve simply lost that bright ray of hope
that leads them to try harder.

What can you do to reignite that hope? Who else can help you organize them?

Look to Your Communities

Third, the community is suffering because of a disinterest in its members. The community used to
protect itself from intruders.

Neighborhoods would know each child by name and watch
out for them. Crime would be squashed before it could start.

People were safe and legislation was given that people
wanted because the people were involved. The problem
today is that many have become disinterested in what’s going
on around them, thinking only on the changes at the national

Public meetings and counsels are sparsely attended allowing
the minority opinion to rule out. Had a representative group
of the community’s interest attended on a regular basis,
changes would be geared towards those people.

You can help the community show interest again by
becoming interested yourself and trying to rally support amongst family and friends. Ask yourself how
you can get more involved in your circumstances.

These are just three of the people that are silently suffering next door. Although you cannot drive a
permanent change amongst thousands of people, perhaps you can be the influence for just one.

That one can change everything with your help. You have to ask yourself, is that one person worth it?

Photo Credit: Steve Evans, Jose Luis Mieza, D. Sharon Pruitt

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