accident or Incident flow chart by TPenney


									                                                Severity determines level of Response Action (ERP)

                                                  Incident is reported immediately to Manager
Incident occurs

                                             Reported to General Manager and Safety Representative

                                                        Assess the incidents' severity.
                                                        Is the incident notifiable to Regulatory and /or Legislative Body (WCB, OH&S, ERCB, etc):
                                                        - OH&S and/or WCB are to be notified within 72 of a reportable incident by Human Resources ,
                                                        - Medical treatment beyond first aid, Medical Aid, employee admitted to a care facility, Lost Time Incident,
                                                        - Fire, explosion, crane failure, building collapse or flood,
                                                        -Multiple injuries with a high risk potential,
                                                        - Spill and/or un-controlled release of a reportable substance,

                                                               No                                            Yes

                                                                                                                                Preserve Incident scene

                                                                                                    Immediately report incident to Human Resources and/or Regulatory /Safety

                                                                                                             H R or R S notifies Regulatory and /or Legislative Body

                                                                             Confirmation from Regulatory and /or Legislative Body that site can be disturbed?

                                                                                                     Yes                                                  No

                                                                                                                                                   Preserve incident scene until
                           Restore incident site to safe condition                                                                                 clearance given by Regulatory
                                                                                                                                                      and /or Legislative Body

                                                                                   Manager to complete Prelimbinary Accident/ Incident Investigation Form

                                                                                                      Assess severity and risk of re-occurrence

                                                                                         Low risk                                     Medium/high/very high risk

                                                  Conduct onsite Investigation if required
                                                                                                                    Incident reported toVP Operations/ Senior Management

                                                                                                                                HSC investigation team notified

                                                                                                                         Team to conduct a detailed onsite investigation

      Legend                                                                                                       Completed i nvestigation report reviewed/approved by Senior

      Employee                                                                               Report sent to facility with required recommendations and timelines

      Human Resources/ Regulatory Advisor                                        Investigation report presented to HSC members for distribution throughout company

      Safety Coordinator
      Area Manager                                                                           HSC to assess company for risk of re-occurrence and compliance

      HSC Investigation Team
                                                                                                              Report to be retained for 3 years

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