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									People who have misaligned teeth can suffer from various practical and aesthetic problems. First of all, having misaligned
teeth can result in different dental problems. Besides, misaligned teeth also affects on person’s smile. Although there are so
many visible orthodontics treatments available people are tending to get
modern invisible braces treatment for maintaining the dental aesthetics.

Incognito braces are the name for the latest orthodontic lingual treatment
process. This is a technology that uses modern generation invisible aligners
and are literally invisible to other individuals. One of the special aspects of
these braces is that they are designed to straighten patient’s teeth without
allowing anyone that the patient is actually wearing any type of braces.

Incognito braces are quite different to the traditional visible orthodontics
treatment. They are placed behind the teeth in order to ensure that they
are not seen by anyone. Latest technology implemented in these invisible
braces helps any patient to mold the teeth into the right position. They are
easy to carry as they are lighter than their traditional counterparts. They
are finer than the metal aligners and are easily available around the world.

While applying on the patient’s teeth, these inside braces tend to force the
teeth so that they can move into the right position. All the wires and aligners included in these braces are attached to the
back of the tooth's surface. These types of braces are ideal for those people who are willing to correct their teeth alignment
but are not willing to show heavy metal aligners to others.

Traditional metal braces were also uncomfortable to use as they were heavy and metallic. Many people don’t like the metal
brackets as they tend to lose their aesthetic beauty. However, incognito braces repair the teeth alignment painlessly and
effectively without hampering the aesthetic beauty of a person.

They also suit individuals of all ages including kids, teens, and adults. This is the reason why the modern orthodontists suggest
patients for using these incognito braces for a greater range of orthodontic issues, from simple misalignment to complex

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