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Where to Apply for a New Passport in Abilene, Texas
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                         ABILENE PASSPORT OFFICES
Passport Offices in Abilene, Texas serve as application acceptance
facilities for American citizens who need to apply for a new passport.
Form DS-11 and all supporting documents can be submitted at the
locations below. Facilities in neighboring cities are included below.
       Facility                  Address                City                State  ZIP    Phone
ABILENE MAIN POST              341 PINE            ABILENE                  TX    79601 3257382102
OFFICE                         STREET
CALLAHAN COUNTY                100 W 4TH           BAIRD                    TX        79504 3258545825
DISTRICT CLERK                 ST
NOLAN COUNTY                   100 E 3RD           SWEETWATER               TX        79556 3252352111
DISTRICT CLERK                 ST
BALLINGER MAIN                 116 S 8TH           BALLINGER                TX        76821 3253652719
POST OFFICE                    ST
BRECKENRIDGE                   123 W.              BRECKENRIDGE             TX        76424 2545592877
POST OFFICE                    WILLIAM ST
STEPHENS COUNTY                200 W               BRECKENRIDGE             TX        76424 2545593151
EASTLAND COUNTY                100 W. MAIN         EASTLAND                 TX        76448 2546292664
DISTRICT CLERK                 ST
COLORADO CITY                  116 W 3RD           COLORADO                 TX        79512 3257283612
MAIN POST OFFICE               ST                  CITY
BROWNWOOD MAIN                 600                 BROWNWOOD                TX        76801 3256460656
POST OFFICE                    CENTER
SCURRY COUNTY                  1806 25TH           SNYDER                   TX        79549 3255735641
DISTRICT CLERK                 ST.

Required Documents for Applicant Age 16 or Older
Below is a list of documents that are required in order to apply for a new
United States passport.

     Completed, unsigned Form DS-11
     Evidence of U.S. citizenship
     Proof of identity
     Photocopy of identification document
     1 Passport photo 2 x 2 inches (51 x 51 mm) in size

                       US Passport Service Guide
   U.S. Passport Service Guide is not affiliated with the U.S. Dept. of State Passport Services in any way.
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Additional Requirements for Minor Age 15 or Younger
Parents or legal guardians must appear with a minor. If one parent or
guardian appears, either notarized consent from non-appearing parent
or guardian or evidence of sole legal custody must be presented. Other
required documents include:

    Evidence of Relationship Between Child and Parent(s)/Guardian(s)
    Identification of Parent(s)/Guardian(s)
    Photocopy of Each Parent/Guardian ID Document

Passport Fees
            Facility                               Application Fee          Execution Fee            Total
 ADULT PASSPORT BOOK & CARD                                   $140                     $25             $165
 ADULT PASSPORT BOOK                                          $110                     $25             $135
 ADULT PASSPORT CARD                                            $30                    $25              $55
 MINOR PASSPORT BOOK & CARD                                     $95                    $25             $120
 MINOR PASSPORT BOOK                                            $80                    $25             $105
 MINOR PASSPORT CARD                                            $15                    $25              $40
*Expedited Service fee is $60

Processing Time
At the time of writing, routine processing of passport applications is
estimated to take 4-6 weeks. Expedited service takes up to 3 weeks.

How to Get a Passport in a Hurry
The regional passport agencies in Texas are located in Dallas, Houston
and El Paso. They attend U.S. citizens with urgent travel needs.
Passports can be processed the same day if necessary. Applicants first
need to schedule an appointment by calling 1-877-487-2778 toll-free.

Applicants who need to get passports in less than 2 weeks but who are
unable to visit a regional agency can employ the services of a registered
passport expediting courier service.

                        US Passport Service Guide
    U.S. Passport Service Guide is not affiliated with the U.S. Dept. of State Passport Services in any way.

Description: A list of passport offices in Abilene, Texas. Locations where U.S. citizens who reside in Abilene can submit applications for a new United Texass passport. Locate the nearest passport application acceptance facility. Includes information about any passport agency in Texas and expediting services for getting a passport fast.