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Alaska Neurology Center is widely known as the premier medical facility dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of the conditions affecting the nervous system. The skilled professionals offer the solution of migraine headaches, epilepsy, and sleep disorders in very effective way.

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                ABOUT US
 ALASKA NEUROLOGY CENTER is the only Neurology &
  Neuroscience treatment center in the state of Alaska, and was
  founded in 2008.

 We offer a full range of medical and diagnostic services for
  patients of any age.  

 We also specialize in such fields as general neurology, stroke
  care, sleep medicine, multiple sclerosis, and more.

 Our physicians work together as a collaborative team, which
  allows us to maximize our multi-specialized experience to
  better treat patients.

              Our Services
We are specialized in offering the solution of the
 following diseases
   Abnormal MRI
   Brain Injury
   Epilepsy
   Headaches
   Infusion Therapy
   Movement Disorders
   Neuropathy

           New Patients
 Before first appointment come with the following

 your medical insurance card or information

 physician referral forms, if you have any

 a list of Rx and over-the-counter medications that you
  are currently taking

 your medical history

 recent x-rays or medical records that are relevant to
  your neurological condition

          Video Seminars
 We provide several vides that can be a better guide
  for you.

 These videos can help you in overcoming from
  many diseases.

           Contact Us

Alaska Neurology Center
3841 Piper Street Suite T345
Anchorage AK 99508
907.565.6000 Phone
1.877.800.1969 Toll Free Fax



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