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									              Types of courier packages offered by logistic companies
Sending courier from country to another can now be more simple and easy. There are many
International Courier Service companies that can help you in this regard. They offer variable
packages catering to the distinct needs of the customers. Some of the packages are mentioned
here below. They are:

      Courier for Food Products:

People looking for sending food products to their near and dear ones those residing in any far
distant company can make use of this courier for food products package to do their needful.
This package ships almost everything from grocery, condiments, and food products to all the
eatables. People can send anything like sweets, Snacks, Homemade Eatables, rice and much
more through this package. However, depending on the restrictions set by certain countries on
international courier there may be some items which will not be able to deliver into that
particular country through the courier for food products package.

      Courier for Documents/Parcels:

People looking to send their valuables and documents abroad can take advantage of this
package. Courier for Documents package provides delivery of legal documents, business papers
and other confidential files from one country to another. All the shipments will be delivered on
the desired destination on time. With this Courier for Parcels people can send anything like
gifts, home appliances, cards, flowers and much more.

      Courier for Medicine:
People living outside India cannot get access to a particular medicine overseas which they
might be taking from late. This Courier for Medicine is specially designed to cater the needs of
such people. Irrespective of the area where you live, you can get the needed drug/medicine
available for you on your door step. However, there are certain restrictions imparted on the
drug/ medicine courier in many countries, so depending on the specification items can be

      Relocations Packers & Movers:

Today moving from country to another is a very common thing. People just not move but they
want to carry their entire home or office with them to the new place and this is exactly where
the Relocations Packers & Movers come in use. Through this package people can send any kind
and size of item from one country to the other far distant country. This package will cover
everything from package to delivery for the customers. Safety, security and timely delivery can
be availed by this package.

      Courier for Import/Export:

Imports and exports can involve lots of paper work and clearance which can become a trouble
for people. But with this Courier for Import/Export the task can be much simplified. This
package covers everything from custom clearance to handling and will import any type of items
from one country to another. Exports for business purposes can also be carried out with the
help of this package.

      Excess / Unaccompanied Baggage:

The luggage that exceeds the limits for weight, size, or number of items allowed by a particular
air network has to be shipped separately as cargo for extra payment through an Excess /
Unaccompanied Baggage. Through this customers can easily carry all their belongings abroad.

      Courier for University Application:

Today applying for universities abroad for the higher education is very common. People cannot
afford to walk in directly to that particular country and apply for the admission rather they
apply online or go for sending the application through courier to the university or college. With
a specialized Courier for University Application, all the student fraternity can easily apply for
and send their particulars abroad to any distant university.

All the International Courier Service companies offer these packages for catering the needs of
their customers. You can now easily differentiate and choose the best suitable package for
sending your International Courier abroad without any trouble.

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