GEOLOGY AND HUMAN HEALTH afacct by ilicaifengba



        Nancy Thorpe, PhD
   Hagerstown Community College
          Hagerstown, MD
           AFACCT 1/14/05
• Introduce the cutting edge concept of the
  interrelationship between geoscience and
  environmental health
• Discuss some current human health issues
  related to geology
• Explore ways of integrating human health
  issues into Intro to Physical Geology
My Experience

• M.S. degree Geoenvironmental Studies
  – Water Hardness and Cardiovascular Disease
  – 1993 - 1996
• PhD – Marine, Estuarine Environmental
 Science – UMD – College Park 2002
  – Herbicides and Nitrates in Groundwater of
    Maryland and Childhood Cancer: A GIS
Workshops attended
• Geology and Human Health
    May 12-15, 2004
    Chico Hot Springs Resort, Pray, MT. On the Cutting Edge
• Maryland EPHT 2004 Summer Workshop,
    Baltimore, MD Data Collection and Data Sharing.
    Environmental Public Health Tracking Program.
• ESRI International Health GIS Conference
    Oct. 17-20, 2004, Washington, DC.
    Multitude of Health Issues Associated
    with a Multitude of Geology-related
• Minerals/Elements – Bad: Asbestos, arsenides, metals
    – Good: calcium, sodium, iron, magnesium, iodine
•   Natural disasters – earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes,
•   Water pollution – pesticides, industrial wastes,
    hydrocarbons, solvents
•   Air pollution – radon, industrial, burning of fossil fuels
•   Other environmental problems – acid rain,
                  global warming, acid-mine drainage
 Suggestions for integration
• Choice of textbook and lab manual
(the hardest but most important part!!!!)
• I use the following:
  – Physical Geology: Exploring the Earth 5th ed.
    Monroe and Wicander, Thomson-Brooks/Cole
  – Laboratory Manual in Physical Geology 6th ed
    Busch & Tasa, AGI & NAGT, Prentice-Hall
  – GIS Investigations for the Earth Sciences, Hall-
    Wallace, Thomson-Brooks/Cole
Suggestions for integration cont.
• Other resources – books, journals, internet
• Informative handouts
• Additional Info: My Research on Groundwater
    Quality and Health
•   Berkeley Pit, Butte, MT
Suggestions for integration cont.
• Activities
• Lecture:
  – Hazard City 2e: Assignments in Applied
    Geology – Hobart King, CD, Prentice-Hall
  – Written Paper Assignment
  – GIS Mapping Assignment
• Lab
  – GIS Activities
Suggestions for integration cont.

• Other ideas ?????
• What information or activities do you have
  to share?
• Field Trips??
Thanks for coming!

• Have a happy and environmentally healthy
 New Year!

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