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General Catalogue Laarmann


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                                                  Innovators in Solids

General Catalogue

•	   Sieving	solutions	
•	   Jaw	crusher	for	sample	preparation
•	   Mills	for	sample	preparation
•	   Sample	divider	for	industry	and	laboratory
•	   Primary	and	secondary	sampler
•	   Material	/	Metallurgical	testing	equipment
•	   Automation

Dear all,
                                                                              LAARMANN	Exhibitions
We proudly present to you the latest general catalogue of LAARMANN
products. As Laarmann we had a fantastic start with lots of new projects
and interesting developments, for this we like to thank you a lot.

Last 20-30 years we see an establishment of standard sample preparation
equipment. The time has come to introduce new ideas and other approa-
ches when it comes to sampling and sampling projects. It’s interesting
to know that 90% of the analytical result of the sample is depending on
how a sample is taken. Only 10% is determined by sample preparation
The interest in sampling specialism is increasing, simply because more
and more industrial sectors are aware of the importance of it.

Laarmann has developed the last 4 years several tailor made installations
for different markets like the mineral, food, chemicals, pharmaceutical and
mining industry.
                                                                                            Presentation	of	the	micro	ball	mill	
In this general catalogue you will find a short overview of our products we                 plus	mortar	grinder	and	sieving		
have developed in order to serve our customers needs.                                       machines
We would be happy to build an individual solution for your special needs
too. Please contact us!

                           Reliable equipment. Global teamwork

                    Innovators in Solids

                           LAARMANN	Group	BV		
                           Op	het	Schoor	6	
                           6041	AV	Roermond		
                           THE	NETHERLANDS
                           t:	 +31	475	470	217	
                           f:	 +31	472	470	242	
                           e:		 gla@LAARMANN.eu

                           LAARMANN	Deutschland	GmbH		
                           Obenitterstr.	21		
                           42719	Solingen	
                           t:	 +49	212	2357793
                           f:	 +49	212	2338235	
                           e:	 hne@LAARMANN.eu
                                                                              LAARMANN	Training
                           LAARMANN	France	SARL		
                           47250	Samazan	
                           t:	 +33	6	03412150	
                           e:		 mvi@LAARMANN.eu

                           LAARMANN	Benelux	bvba		
                           Zandstraat	71		
                           3582	Beringen-Koersel	
                           t:	 +32	11	75	70	05	
                           f:	 +32	11	72	09	44	
                           e:		 rco@LAARMANN.eu

                           LAARMANN	Poland
                           Ul.	Kolberga	4
                           25-620	Kielce
                           t:	 +48	41	36	84	327
                           f:	 +48	41	34	57	324
                           e:		 kula@atest.pl

                                                                          LAARMANN	Competence	Centre		

On	a	regular	basis	we	conduct	workshops	and	presenta-
tions	on	site	at	our	customers.	Please	contact	us	as	and	
whend	required.

                                                                    We	are	happy	to	follow	your	testing	procedures	and	make	tests		
                                                                    at	our	lab	in	Roermond	for	you.	This	is	a	good	chance	to	convince	
                                                                    you	with	results,	even	if	the	use	of	heavy	machines	is	neccessary.

                                     Request your free test-grinding

                               Will	our	equipment	suit	your	requirements?	Send	us	a	test	
                               sample	for	evalutation.	
                               Our	application	laboratory	is	pleased	to	conduct	pre-purchase	
                               trials	on	customer	supplied	samples.
                               If	you	require	a	free	test-grinding	please	go	to


                                                            Industrial	waste	after		grinding
     LAARMANN		Sample	Preparation
     Jaw	Crushers	and	Mills

  Jaw	Crushers                                                 Roll	Crushers

                                                              Rolls	crusher	LMRC		
Jaw	Crusher	LMC	100-D          Jaw	Crusher	LMC	200-D          For	hard,	brittle	materials	
For	hard,	brittle	materials	   For	hard,	brittle	materials	   Feed	size	30/40mm	
Feed	size	115	x	90	mm	         Feed	size	215	x	90	mm	         End-fineness	<1mm
End-fineness	<2	mm             End-fineness	<4	mm

                                                               Disc	Mill

Jaw	Crusher	LMC-400	           Jaw	Crusher	LMFC	250           Disc	Grinder	LMDG	200
For	hard,	brittle	materials	   For	hard,	brittle	materials	   For	hard,	brittle	materials	
Feed	size	350	x	170	mm	        Feed	size	<	110	mm	            Feed	size	<	12mm	
End-fineness	<6	mm             End-fineness	<1,6	mm           End-fineness	<75µm

                                                               Lump	breaker

Jaw	Crusher	LMC	600
For	hard,	brittle	materials	
Feed	size	400	mm	                                             Lump	breaker
End-fineness	<12	mm                                           For	hard,	brittle	materials	
                                                              Feed	size	600mm	x	350mm	
                                                              End-fineness	<12mm

Modular	Mill

Modular	Mill	LM-Quadro	100
Module	Cutting	mill	     		         	      									Module		Hammer	mill	       Module	Pin	mill													Modul	Rotor	mill	
					500-3000	Upm	       	          	      	          	       	      	         available		Q3	2012								available		Q3	2012

Cutting	Mills

Cutting	mill	CM	500                                Cutting	mill	CM	1000                      Cutting	mill	CM	3000
For	rapid	reduction	of	large	particles	            For	rapid	reduction	of	large	particles	   For	rapid	reduction	of	large	particles	
Feed	size		130x200	mm	                             Feed	size		130x250mm	                     Feed	size		300x250mm	
Throughput	ca.	30Kg/h	                             Throughput	ca.	60	Kg/h	                   Throughput	ca.	150	Kg/h	
End-fineness	<0,5mm                                End-fineness	<0,5mm                       End-fineness	<0,5mm

                                          Industrial	waste	before		grinding

                                                     Industrial	waste	after		grinding
LAARMANN		Sample	Preparation
Sieving	Solutions

Sieving	Machines                                                              Test	sieves	and	accessories

                                              LMSM	75/200		                   Test	sieves	with	45/75/100/	
                                              Digital	sieving	machine		       150/200/203/250/315/390/400/450	mm		
                                              LMSM	75/200	for	test	sieves	    sieve	diameter	according	to			ISO	/	ASTM	/BS,	
                                              with	75-203mm	diameter          Sieve	mesh	made	from	stainless	steel,		20	µm	
                                                                              up	to	150	mm	aperture	sizes,	Perforated	round	
                                                                              hole	sieves,	500	µm	up	to	125	mm	aperture	
                                                                              sizes,	perforated	square	hole	sieve,	4	mm	up	to		
                                                                              125	mm	aperture	sizes

                                             LMSM	300/450                     Plastic	test	sieves	with	aperture	sizes	up	to	25mm
                                             Digital	sieving	machine		
                                             LMSM	300/450	for	test	sieves	
                                             with	300-450mm	diameter

LMAJ-200                                Heavy	Duty	Sieving	machine	
                                                                                     By	using	accessories	LAARMANN	
Digital	airjet	sieving	machine	with		   This	sieving	machine	accepts	up	to	
                                                                                     vibratory	sieving	machines	could	be	
aspirator	for	sieves	with	200mm		       30		litres	(ca.	60-70	Kg)	of	samp-
                                                                                     used	for	wet	sievieng	as	well
diameter                                le.	Up	to	6	sieve	trays	(á	457mm	
                                        x660mmx75mm)	possible.
                                                                                           Innovators in Solids

      Micro	Ball	Mill                                             Grinding	and	Mixing	examples	of		
                                                                  Labwizz	LMLW-320		
                                                                  Before	/	After

                                                                                     50ml	steel	jar		
                                                                                     20	mm	steel	Ball	after	
                                                                                     cryogenic	grinding

                                                                                     Micro	vial	adapter	plate		
      Labwizz	LMLW-320	
                                                                                     Micro	vials		
      Micro	Ball	Mill	for	soft,	hard	and	brittle	materials	of		                      3mm	tungsten	carbide	
      2	or	more	samples	with	a	volume	of	the	jar	each	                               bead	per	vial.		
      between	0,2	and	160	ml                                                         Completely	homogenized
      Manual	Press

                                                                                     Soil	sample:		
                                                                                     100ml	steel	jar			
                                                                                     25	mm	steel	ball		
                                                                                     40	µm	after		
                                                                                     45	seconds

                                                                                     100ml	jar		
                                                                                     25mm	steel	ball	
                                                                                     200μm	after		
                                                                                     90	seconds
      Manual	press		
      TP1	(up	to		15	tons		pressure)	
      TP2	(up	to	25	tons	pressure)

                                                                                     Honey	/	Water:		
                                                                                     160ml	steel	jar		
                                                                                     Static	Mixer	
                                                                                     Homogeneneous	Mixture
         Mortar	Grinder	

                                                                                     50ml	steel	jar			
                                                                                     25mm	stell	ball		
                                                                                     100µm	after	45	seconds

Power	Mortar	Grinder	MG100		
variable	speed	setting,	digital	speed	and	time	setting	
Grinding	media	available	from	agate,		
hardened	steel,	tungsten	carbide,	sintered		
     General	Catalogue

     Ring	Mills                                                             Rotary	Sample	Divider	for	the	

                                                                                                           Vibratory	feeder	with	
                                                                                                           push	fit	chute	for	
                                                                                                           easy	cleaning

LM	2000                           LM	5000
Ring	Mill	LM	2000	for	hard	and	   Ring	Mill	LM	5000	for	hard	and	
brittle	materials	                brittle	materials	
Feed	size	<20mm	                  Feed	size	<20mm	
Volume	of	bowls	up	to	2000ml	     Volume	of	bowls	up	to	5000ml	                              Control	box
End-fineness	<40µm                End-fineness	<40µm


                                                                    easy	handling	according	to	
                                                                    handles	at	the	buckets	and	

                                  LM	Continuous
                                  Continuous	Ring	Mill	LM	for	
                                  hard	and	brittle	materials	
                                  Feed	size	<20mm	
                                  Volume	of	bowls	up	to	                                               The	rotary table	can	be	
                                  5000ml	                                                            rotated	manually	in	order	
                                  End-fineness	<40µm                                                 to	move	each	bucket	to	
                                                                                                     the	desired	position
                                                                    Module 1

     Ball	Mills                                                     System	for	continuous	

                                                                       To	select	the	most	appropiate	unit	for	your	application	
                                                                       we	need	to	know:

                                                                           •	   Sample	Volume
                                                                           •	   Number	of	individual	samples
                                                                           •	   Percentage/s	to	be	captured
                                                                           •	   Total	amount	to	be	divided
                                                                           •	   Maximum	feed	size
                                                                           •	   Physical	characteristics
LMRM		                            LMBM		                             			If	you	require	more	information	please	go	to:
Rod	Mill	for	milling	of	large	    Ball	Mill	for	milling	of	large	
volumes	up	to	21,7	litres         volumes	up	to	21,7	litres                           www.laarmann.info/contact

		accurate	division	of	bulk	laboratory	samples	

      The	new	Laarmann Rotary Sample Divider combines 3 modules	in	one	machine	
      Module 1:		   Continuous	module	using	a	vibratory	feeder	and	a	sample	cutter	with	an	outlet	to	take	one	or	
      		      	     more	representative	samples	and	to	collect	the	reject		
      Module 2:		   Bucket	module	using	a	vibratory	feeder	and	a	set	of	sample	buckets	to	divide	the	total	granular	
      		      	     sample	amount	into	4,6,8,10	or	more	individual	samples

      Module 3:		       Bottle	module	using	a	vibratory	feeder	and	a	set	of	sample	bottles	to	divide	the	total	powder		
      	        	        sample	amount	into	4,6,8,10	or	more	individual	samples	

   Working Principle
   The	feed	sample	is	fed	at	a	
   controlled	rate	as	a	falling	
                                    Typ	RSD-R
                                                                                           60	Litres	hopper	with	
   stream	that	is	divided	either	
   into	one	part	or	into	equal	
   segments	by	the	action	of	a	
   “circle”	of	segmental	buckets	
   being	rotated	beneath	the	
   The	unit	operates	in	ac-                                                                                         co
   cordance	with	internationally	

                                                                                                3 in 1
   recognised	sampling	proto-
                                                                                            Control	box,	electro-    ttl
                                                                                            magnetic	adjustable	
                                                                                            vibratory	feeder


                                                         mobile	,	hydraulic	scissor	lift

                                    Outlet	for	continuous	operation

                                    position	                                         lift	up                                                   easy	
                                      low	                                                                                                    handling

                         The	hydraulic	scissor	lift	ensures	ergonomic	handling	in	variable	working	heights
 General	Catalogue

  Laboratory	Flotation	Bench                           	Pressure	Filters

Laboratory	Flotation	Bench	                                Pressure	Filter	Type	LMPF	FM	           Pressure	Filter	Type	LMPF	TM	
Flotation	cells	with	0,50/1,75/3,50/7,00	litres,	          Floor	mounted	with	4,	13,	24	oder	      Table	mounted	with	4	or13	
Speed	200-1200	U/min.                                      41litres	drum	in	various	steel	         litres	drum	in	various	steel	gra-
                                                           grades,	framematerial	is	painted	       des,	framematerial	is	painted	
                                                           standard	steel                          standard	steel

 Material	testing

                                                    Test:	At	least	10	
                                                    specimens	preferably	
                                                    20	specimens	to	be	
Bond	Index	Impact	Tester                            Each	broken	stone	
                                                    has	to	pass	a	3	inch	
                                                    square	mesh	and	be	
                                                    retained	on	a	2	inch	
                                                    square	mesh
                                                                                                Bond	Index	Abrasion	Tester

         Bond	Index	Ball	Mill                 Bond	Index	Rod	Mill                               Abrasion	Tester	Los	Angeles
LAARMANN	Engineering

                                                                                                          storage	container
                                        vibratory	feeder


                                             jaw	crusher

                                             sample	divider

 Combined	Vibratory	Feeder	/	Jaw	Crusher	/	Multi	             Combined	Sample	storage	container	/		
 Purpose	Divider                                              Pre	Crusher	/	Jaw	Crusher	/	Multi	Purpose	Divider

                                                           Modular	Big	Bag	Sampling	Solutions

                                                                                                      Rotary	Sample	Divider	
                                                                                                      LMS-MP	1200L	for	the	
                                                                                                      batchwise	process	or	for	
                                                                                                      individual	single	samples

                         Innovators in Solids


Authorised	Partner          LAARMANN	Group	B.V.

                             Op	het	Schoor	6
                             6041	AV	Roermond
                             THE	NETHERLANDS

                             t:	    +31	475	470	217	
                             f:	    +31	475	470	242	
                             e:		   info@laarmann.eu

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