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KVD-102 Ultra Flat Keyboard Drawer

Germering, January 12, 2011. GeBE
Computer & Peripherie GmbH
introduces the new drawer KVD-102
made of stainless steel. Equipped with
a stainless steel, long stroke keyboard
this drawer is ultra flat with a height of
only 4,4cm. The 19 inch keyboard
features 102 keys and an integrated 38mm track ball. This robust team is nimble
in design: fully extracted it only requires 20cm frontal space – the width is that of
a standard keyboard. Additional features are the 8° ergonomic downward tilt
option, quiet movement due to ball bearings as well as a magnetic catch that
keeps the drawer closed. The drawer is sealed all around and requires only
minimal mounting space. It is ideally suited for situations of mechanical
contamination such as machining operations (cutting, grinding, and milling) or in
high traffic public applications.

Space Economy
Due to its profile bar construction and its ball bearings, the KVD-102 keyboard
drawer offers a high degree of stability and user comfort. Not only is the drawer
keyboard combination pleasing to the eye, it is also very robust and holds up in
demanding applications. Clever technical details such as protection class IP65,
abrasion-resistant laser engraving and magnetic catch, guarantee high reliability
even in demanding environments.

Price and Availability
The cost for the KVD-102 drawer including keyboard is about 490€ plus VAT.
About GeBE
GeBE Computer & Peripherie GmbH was founded in January of 1998. The
company develops and manufactures customer specific keyboards, such as foil
and short stroke keyboards, as well as protective silicone key linings. GeBE
manufactures keyboards but also distributes quality name brand keyboards.
Areas of operations are industrial, standard input systems and OEM-Solutions.

GeBE Computer & Peripherie GmbH
Untere Bahnhofstraße 38 A, 82110 Germering
Tel.: (089) 894399-0, Fax: (089) 894399-11

Press contact
Tel.: (089) 894399-14
Fax: (089) 894399-11

Customer Contact
Paul Pabst
Tel.: (089) 894399-0
Fax: (089) 894399-11

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