A step by step guideline to mend a leaking shingle roof

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					              A step by step guideline to mend a leaking shingle roof
A leaking roof is the root cause of many problems. They cause molds to appear not just on the
entire rooftop, but also seep into other parts of your home. This in turn, gives rise to a number
of health problems in the long run. This is why it becomes a necessity to do a thorough
inspection of your roof from time to time.

If you have shingles, then the leaks start appearing when they wear out owing to harsh
weather conditions. Additionally, cracks may appear around the chimney area or gutters and
gradually deepen, causing major leaks.

The solution to this problem is to seek professional help from companies that provide melbourne
roofing repair services. However, these services can sometimes cost a fortune depending upon
the type of leak. This is why, a number of people are opting to repair roofs o n their own. If you
are a rookie to this whole thing, fret not as here is a step by step guide, which you can use to
repair your shingle rooftop. Let us take a look at them to get more idea:

   1.   Check for leaks: There are several places on
        your roof, which can be the source of the
        leak. Work smart and check the sealing
        around your chimney, pipes, gaskets,
        flashing, corners of the shingles, cracked or
        damaged shingles, gutters and downspouts
        and ridge caps. Additionally, you should run
        water on your roof with a pipe and ask
        someone to see where exactly does the
        leakage occur.

   2.   Prepare the surface: Once you have detected
        the leak, the next step is to prepare the
        surface. Use a hard bristled brush to clear all
        sorts of dirt, dust, leaves and other debris
        from the rooftop. After roof cleaning,
        smoothing the surface, which can be easily done with your regular electric hair dryer.
        However, remember not to apply too much heat as it may damage the shingle. Also,
        reattach curled back shingles using cement.

   3.   Replace damaged shingles: After preparing the surface, the next step would be to
        replace your damaged roof materials (which in this case is shingles). Check for any loose
        shingle that you roof might have. Even if it is slightly loose or crumbles easily, you
        should replace them at the earliest. To do this, remove the nails with a pry bar carefully.
        Once you are done removing the worn out or damaged shingles, slide a new shingle in its
        place by slightly rounding their back corners with a sharp utility knife.

   4.   Fill in the gaps: When you have replaced the shingles, fill the faulty joints of the area
        around your chimney with roof cement. Take care to apply the cement evenly and using
        a putty knife. Also, if you find any sharp edges here and there, use the same cement to
        smoothen them.

To Conclude
So, these are the four basic steps, which even a newbie can learn to repair leaks on a shingle
roof without much fuss. However, you must take adequate precautions like – not stepping on
the roof on a stormy or rainy day and wearing protective gear. Keep watching this space for
repairing other sorts of roofing like zinc or roofing iron and make your rooftops look awesome
throughout the year.

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Description: Repairing roof leaks is an expensive affair and this is the reason why a number of people are opting for doing this task on their own. If you are newbie on this front and want to learn how mend leaks in a shingle rooftop, take a look at the four step guideline.