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Beaches in Dubai

Are you planning for holiday vacation and then the Dubai is the best tourist spot
where you can enjoy lot with more excitement. Nowadays Dubai has become
top tourist spot in this global world. In Dubai the best tourist spot is beach
where you can enjoy lot and have more fun. It is one of the best and famous
tourist spot in Dubai where every will visit this place. If you see the pictures of
Dubai, you might see the exotic buildings mounting over the shoreline and
beaches with greenish blue water. Here you can know the details about famous
beaches in Dubai.

The first largest Dubai beach is Jumeirah beach; it is a more relaxing beauty and
truly its one of the amazing beaches in this planet. This beach is very big and it
has various hotel and clubs. It have separate place for kids to play. I’m sure you
all will enjoy this beach and can have more fun.

The second famous and amazing beach is AL Mamzar beach and playground.
One must visit this while coming for Dubai as a tourist spot. It is situated in the
Deidra side and also it has four spaces in beach and many green spaces. The
beach in the park is truly wonderful and offers all services for all the visitors. If
you imagine making your holiday as a pleasant and amazing experience then
this will be the best place to enjoy lot and to have fun. Beside the beach it also
has separate places for kids to have fun.

Both Mamzar Park and Jumeirah beach are the famous and wonderful place to
enjoy the sun, the sand and the water. It is amazing spot where you should not
miss this place during visit to Dubai.

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