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									                            Visitors information
                       Volkswagen Open Japan-Yokohama 2005
1. Venue: Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium (Main hall 10 tables).
    Address: 2-7, Furocho, Naka-ku, Yokohama Japan.
    Tel: 81-45-641-5741   Fax: 81-45-641-5744
    Practice hall is located just 2 minutes walk from the venue.
2. Main contacts useful to know (Transportation, accommodation, etc.)
    It takes 110 minutes by airport shuttle bus from Narita airport to Yokohama city
    air bus terminal
3. Accommodation and Tourism;_ylt=AoGs
4. Title sponsor of the event: Volkswagen
5. Host broadcaster: J Sport Broadcasting
    -   Production company: Express Co. Ltd.
        Mr. MATSUMURA, Tatsuya: phone: +81-3-5775-1875 / fax: +81-3-5570-0270
    -   TV network: J Sport Broadcasting
        Ms. KAGAZUME, Miho, phone: +81-3-5500-5353 / fax: +81-3-5500-3475
    -   TV schedule (tape delay: sending time): TBC
6. Full time table of the event : TBC
7. Prospectus             : attached file
8. Entries by countries : entry deadline is 15 August, 2005
9. Visa information       :
List of Countries and Regions That Have Visa Exemption

Arrangements with Japan (61 countries and regions as of March 2005)

Countries and Regions Term of residence   Countries and Regions Term of residence

Asia                                      Europe

 Singapore             3 months or less    Austria               6 months or less

 Brunei                14 days or less     Germany               6 months or less

 Hong Kong (BNO,       90 days or less     Ireland               6 months or less

SAR passport)

 Korea                 90 days or less     Liechtenstein         6 months or less

 Taiwan                90 days or less     Switzerland           6 months or less

 Macau                 90 days or less     United Kingdom        6 months or less

                                           Belgium               3 months or less

North America                              Croatia               3 months or less

 Canada                3 months or less    Cyprus                3 months or less

 U.S.A                 90 days or less     Denmark               3 months or less

                                           Finland               3 months or less

Latin America and Caribbean                France                3 months or less

 Mexico                6 months or less    Greece                3 months or less

 Argentina             3 months or less    Iceland               3 months or less

 Bahamas               3 months or less    Italy                 3 months or less

 Chile                 3 months or less    Luxembourg            3 months or less

 Costa Rica            3 months or less    Macedonia             3 months or less

 Dominican Rep.        3 months or less    Malta                 3 months or less

 El Salvador           3 months or less    Netherlands           3 months or less

 Guatemala             3 months or less    Norway                3 months or less

 Honduras              3 months or less    Portugal              3 months or less

 Suriname              3 months or less    San Marino            3 months or less

 Uruguay               3 months or less    Slovenia              3 months or less

 Barbados              90 days or less     Spain                 3 months or less

                                           Sweden                3 months or less

Middle East                                Andorra               90 days or less
 Israel             3 months or less       Czech Rep.         90 days or less

 Turkey             3 months or less       Estonia            90 days or less

                                           Hungary            90 days or less

Oceania                                    Latvia             90 days or less

 Australia*         90 days or less        Lithuania          90 days or less

 New Zealand        90 days or less        Monaco             90 days or less

                                           Poland             90 days or less

Africa                                     Slovakia           90 days or less

 Lesotho            3 months or less

 Mauritius          3 months or less

 Tunisia            3 months or less

In the case of Australia, Japan adopts a unilateral measure, not a bilateral

waiver of visa requirements.

In the case of Bangladesh, Pakistan and Iran, the waiver of visa requirements is

temporarily suspended.

In the case of Malaysia, Peru and Colombia, it is recommended to obtain visa.

In the case of China, visas are not required only for school excursion staying in

Japan less than 30 days.

In the case of Korea, visas are not required from March 1 to September 30, 2005.

In the case of Taiwan, visas are not required from March 11 to September 25,

10. Equipment brand and color (table, nets, ball, surrounds and floor mat): attached file
11. Tickets Price
       Special Seat         : 2,500 yen (advance ticket: 1,500~2,000)
       Adults               : 2,000 yen (advance ticket: 1,200~1,600)
       Under 18             : 600~1,000 yen (advance ticket: 500~800yen).
       Contact to: Japan Table Tennis Association from oversea
visitors only and Domestic visitors see .
12. Currency and rate vs the Euro: 1 Euro = 140 Japanese yen
13. The event director: Sachiko Yokota
Tel.       81-3-3481-2371   mobil: 81-90-2761-4687
Fax.      81-3-3481-2373

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