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					Antiques and Collectables
        Saturday 24 April 2010 10:00

              Davey & Davey
               The Poole Salerooms
                 13 St. Peters Road
                         BH14 0NZ
             Davey & Davey (Antiques and Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 1                                                               Lot: 12
In The Estate of Mr G.Buddington, Deceased:- Peugeot 106,            Three Numatic industrial vac's and a Edic Supernova 700 ditto
Reg No S277LJT, driven here for sale, No documents but
Taxed until 31/08/10 , Keys in office.
                                                                     Lot: 13
                                                                     Five industrial floor buffers/cleaners
Lot: 2
In The Estate of Mr Gee, Deceased, Fiat Doblo Cargo, fully
equipped motor caravan, Reg No Y194 MNA (2001), in white,            Lot: 14
1910 cc diesel engine MOT,d until Nov 8th 2010                       Five industrial floor buffers/cleaners

Lot: 3                                                               Lot: 15
By Order of HMRC:- Mercedes E280 Avantgarde Auto, in black           Five industrial floor buffers/cleaners
reg No K006 LGZ (2006), MOT'd until July 2nd 2010, Taxed -
Keys and documents in office. Driven here for sale 48,000
recorded miles - keys in office VAT APPLIES
                                                                     Lot: 16
                                                                     Five industrial floor buffers/cleaners

Lot: 4
By Order of HMRC:- Ford Mondeo ST220 4 door saloon car in
black, Reg No HJ52BYC (2002), 2967 cc petrol, Taxed until
                                                                     Lot: 17
                                                                     Five industrial floor buffers/cleaners
31/07/10 service history etc in office VAT APPLIES

Lot: 5                                                               Lot: 18
                                                                     Six industrial floor buffers/cleaners
By Order of HMRC:- Scania bus/coach Reg No G922TCU
(1989), in white 52 seater, PSV test certified until October 29th,
2010 - key and file of documents in office - driven here for sale
                                                                     Lot: 19
                                                                     Large quantity of assorted buffer accessories etc as lotted
Lot: 6
By Order of HMRC:- Scania, Bus/coach, Reg No D314VVV
(1987) in silver 54 seater coach, diesel, PSV certified until        Lot: 20
November 16th 2010, driven here for sale - file of related           Tidmarsh. Harvey and Co. floor standing safe (key in office)
paperwork and key in office

                                                                     Lot: 21
Lot: 7                                                               Mid 19th Century ? French figured walnut chest fitted three long
By Order of HMRC:- Shoprider red/silver four wheel battery           drawers with carved floral appliqus, chased brass drop handles,
electric motor scooter, complete with key and charging unit -        89cms
appears in good working order and virtually un-used condition
Reg No HX56CNJ ??? no paperwork available
                                                                     Lot: 22
                                                                     Burmese carved hardwood circular plant stand on carved
Lot: 8                                                               animal design legs
By Order of HMRC:- Landlex Gazelle S420 four wheel scooter
in black with key but no charging unit, also has a storage box.
                                                                     Lot: 23
                                                                     1930's oak and glazed cased hanging wall clock
Lot: 9
By Order of The Executors:- Rare BSA "L" model BFA 3.5 HP
motorcycle circa 1924/5, engine number L5834 un-finished             Lot: 30
restoration project dry stored for thirty years - no paperwork       Stained pine chest 2/3 drawers, knob handles

                                                                     Lot: 31
Lot: 10                                                              Victorian dark stained oak and carved buffet fitted 2 panelled
By Order of The Executors:- MZ model TS125 motorbike, - sold         drawers in base 122cm
as seen no paperwork available

                                                                     Lot: 32
Lot: 11                                                              Stag minstrel mahogany dressing table, stool and 2 bedside
By Order of HMRC lots 11 - 19 inclusive Aztec "Liquidator" 520       cabinets
and a Aztec "Guzzler" 620

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             Davey & Davey (Antiques and Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 33                                                                 carved with "Time Flies" motto
Oak and carved corner display cabinet with leaded glazed door
and panelled door under
                                                                        Lot: 46
                                                                        Early Victorian mahogany chest fitted 4 graduated drawers with
Lot: 34                                                                 brass ring drop handles, Stem feet 122cm
Modern elm dwarf open bookcase with cupboard base and a
mahogany two tier tea trolley
                                                                        Lot: 47
                                                                        Repro walnut and cross banded chest fitted 4 drawers, 72cm
Lot: 35                                                                 (examine)
Ercol dark elm draw leaf table, 4 stick back chairs and matching
                                                                        Lot: 48
                                                                        1930's oak Lebus roll top students desk, fitted 4 drawers to 11
Lot: 36                                                                 side 72cm (examine)
1930's oak bow fronted dwarf bureau bookcase with glazed end
cupboard doors
                                                                        Lot: 49
                                                                        Edwardian oak bureau bookcase with leaded glazed doors
Lot: 37                                                                 above, oak open bookcase, circular coffee table and a modern
Oak oblong occasional table with 2 drop leaves and a fitted             revolving bookcase
walnut coffee table with glass top

                                                                        Lot: 50
Lot: 38                                                                 Edwardian solid oak sideboard, fitted 2 centre drawers and
Oak hall table fitted 2 frieze drawers, nest of 3 oblong coffee         inlaid panelled cupboard doors 152cm (hall), Also a beech
tables, beech standard lamp and a circular wavy edge                    chest fitted 2/2 drawers (3)
occasional table

                                                                        Lot: 51
Lot: 39                                                                 Repro mahogany bow front sideboard, 2 Victorian occasional
Edwardian satin walnut dressing chest and a pine seaman's               chairs, brass mounted coal scuttle, oak plant table etc as lotted
storage box                                                             room 4

Lot: 40                                                                 Lot: 52
Repro oak "D" ended gateleg dining table, 4 matching chairs,            Repro mahogany corner display cabinet with glazed upper door
Court cupboard and odd standard lamp base                               (4)

Lot: 41                                                                 Lot: 53
Pair of oak hall tables with canted tops, freeze drawers and            Repro mahogany drop leaf dining table fitted a freeze drawer (4)
under tier

                                                                        Lot: 54
Lot: 42                                                                 Repro mahogany leaf dining table, 3 similar carver chairs, D
Nest of 3 coffee tables, oblong ditto, wine table, 3 teir whatnot       shaped hall table and a mahogany tv cabinet also a quantity of
and an Alabaster plant column                                           prints, mirrors rugs and a brass column standard lamp (4)

Lot: 43                                                                 Lot: 55
Repro oak corner display cabinet fitted 2 leaded glass and 2            Large Edwardian oblong bevelled pier glass in cream and gold
panelled doors                                                          painted frame, complete with D shaped 2 tier consol table fitted
                                                                        a freze drawer (top landing)

Lot: 44
Victorian mahogany and cross banded 3 tier buffet on turned             Lot: 60
column supports and brass casters 127cm x 54cm                          "Duet Club Special" 1970's four reel fruit machine (examine)

Lot: 45                                                                 Lot: 61
Mid 19th Century oak and fully carved longcase clock, brass             Large scratch built wooden model of a passenger steamer fitted
square dial with date aperture and seconds dial by George               with a steam engine overall 192cm long incomplete and for
Turton, Killamarsh, 8 day hour strike movement, the hood                display purposes only

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             Davey & Davey (Antiques and Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 62                                                                Lot: 77
Full size Reproduction iron street lamp with lantern top (room 3)      Pair of cranberry tinted glass wine jugs with stoppers, quantity
                                                                       of cutlery, china and glass (part shelf)

Lot: 63
Phillips HD flat screen tv on stand remote in office                   Lot: 78
                                                                       Quantity of Doulton "Real Old Willow" dinner and tea ware (part
Lot: 64
Large quantity of books, records cd's and videos all on shelves
room 2a                                                                Lot: 79
                                                                       Quantity of assorted pewter, brass and ornamental items (2
                                                                       shelves of wooden unit)
Lot: 65
Large quantity of bric a brac and assorted furniture, prints,
costume jewellery etc as lotted room 2a                                Lot: 80
                                                                       Quantity of assorted plated wares, brass horse door stop and
                                                                       assorted china ware (2 shelves of wooden unit)
Lot: 66
Hotline electric sheep fence (appears un-used) and a cross
weave linen bin (2a)                                                   Lot: 81
                                                                       Large quantity of ornamental china ware (3 shelves of wooden
Lot: 67
Tanaka "Pro Force" petrol leaf blower and a Shibura ditto (2a)
                                                                       Lot: 82
                                                                       Large quantity of various CD's (1 shelf of wooden unit)
Lot: 68
Komatsu commercial sized leaf blower (2a)
                                                                       Lot: 83
                                                                       Similar lot
Lot: 69
Tanaka and a Shanks petrol driven hedge cutters (2a)
                                                                       Lot: 84
                                                                       Two large cartons of assorted bric-a-brac, pictures etc as lotted
Lot: 70                                                                Rm 8
Hotpoint Iced Diamond upright fridge

                                                                       Lot: 85
Lot: 71                                                                Two large cartons of assorted car spares, Volvo alloy wheel etc
Zanussi Aqua Cycle 1300 flatlet size washing machine

                                                                       Lot: 86
Lot: 72                                                                Powerdevil cordless hammer drill in poly case and a Bosch drill
Zanussi upright fridge freezer                                         with lead in case

Lot: 73                                                                Lot: 87
Quantity of furnishing pictures and gilt framed wall mirrors, as       Two large cartons containing an extensive collection of
lotted                                                                 Macdonald's toy collectibles, 270 in original packets and some
                                                                       loose examples

Lot: 74
Carton of Breweryana: ash trays, beer mats, trays etc                  Lot: 88
                                                                       "British Birds In Their Haunts" by Rev. Johns, green boards (5th
Lot: 75
Quantity of Poole dinner ware and assorted china and glass
                                                                       Lot: 89
                                                                       Two Braun electric razors and a Philips ditto. All boxed as new
Lot: 76
Royal Albert "Old Country Roses" dinner, tea and breakfast
ware                                                                   Lot: 90
                                                                       New Dyson Cyclone cylinder vacuum cleaner, boxed
                                                                       Lot: 91

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             Davey & Davey (Antiques and Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Carton of assorted new clothing, electric irons etc as lotted       Lot: 107
                                                                    Lacie 320GB Computer storage disk boxed and 4 new storage
Lot: 92
Green poly case containing a Bosch cordless hand drill set and
a Bosch cordless drill                                              Lot: 108
                                                                    Four digital pocket cameras

Lot: 93
Workpro cordless drill/jigsaw, electric staple gun and an           Lot: 109
electric sander                                                     Six men's after shaves all boxed

Lot: 94                                                             Lot: 110
Two cartons of Cunard and other souvenirs                           Kodak 7 mega pixel digital pocket camera

Lot: 95                                                             Lot: 111
Three trays of "K" 8.4% strong cider                                Tray containing clothing, cased set of gambling chips, few cd's
                                                                    and dvd's, fashion watch and costume jewellery

Lot: 96
Three trays of "K" 8.4% strong cider                                Lot: 112
                                                                    Curver poly tool box containing assorted tools and fishing gear

Lot: 97
12 bottles of "Dacastello" Merlot                                   Lot: 113
                                                                    Tray of assorted personal hygiene items, soaps, razors etc

Lot: 98
12 bottles of "Dacastello" Merlot                                   Lot: 114
                                                                    Tray containing odd hand tools, bike accessories etc

Lot: 99
12 bottles of "Dacastello" Merlot                                   Lot: 115
                                                                    Diana model 27 air rifle and a "original" model 15 ditto (Over 18
Lot: 100
Five 70cl bottles of Jack Daniels
                                                                    Lot: 116
                                                                    Three modern aluminum model ships and a quantity of
Lot: 101                                                            unfinished model aircrafts etc
Seven 50cl bottles of Jack Daniels

                                                                    Lot: 117
Lot: 102                                                            Poole pottery cosy holder, 2 preserve pots, beaker and a small
Four 35cl bottles of Jack Daniels                                   imari fruit bowl

Lot: 103                                                            Lot: 118
Tray containing new jars of coffee and hot chocolate                Carton of mixed plated tea ware, cutlery, brass hand bell etc

Lot: 104                                                            Lot: 119
Tray of assorted CD's and DVD's                                     Acer Aspire 5315 laptop computer in boxed (no operating

Lot: 105
Carry case of assorted fishing rods, stands etc                     Lot: 120
                                                                    Carton of assorted electrical accessories

Lot: 106
Nintendo DS console boxed, as new                                   Lot: 121
                                                                    Lladro large porcelain group of a seated girl with a goat and 2
                                                                    pale blue china elephant groups, 1 stamped "Lemanceau"

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             Davey & Davey (Antiques and Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 122                                                            Lot: 137
Beswick China figure of a pig playing a flute "David" boxed         Quantity of modern Poole pottery floral decorated china wares,
                                                                    Beswick Babycham ashtray and a Goss model of "look out
Lot: 123
Ten Robertson's jam advertising football players
                                                                    Lot: 138
                                                                    Large Poole pottery shape 85 orange cylinder vase 40cm
Lot: 124
"Battery operated talking robot" complete and in original box by
Clifford toys                                                       Lot: 139
                                                                    Poole pottery "Harry Paye" ship decorated plate by Janice
                                                                    Dowding 1979 32cm
Lot: 125
Four Murano glass clown ornaments
                                                                    Lot: 140
                                                                    Another "H.M Sloop Viper" by Karen Hickisson
Lot: 126
Nav Man S30 sat nav system boxed
                                                                    Lot: 141
                                                                    Large molded glass oval fruit basket and a urn shaped cut
Lot: 127                                                            glass vase
12 Volt cordless power drill in poly case

                                                                    Lot: 142
Lot: 128                                                            Small carton of modern poole pottery
Large quantity of assorted prints and pictures as lotted

                                                                    Lot: 143
Lot: 129                                                            Tray of assorted miniature cups saucers and vases by
Large carton containing music cd's, cannon camera outfit, bag       Worcester, Wedgwood etc
of assorted coins, books etc

                                                                    Lot: 144
Lot: 130                                                            Two cartons of assorted poole pottery, Crown devon etc
Edwardian "Austin Reed" Gentlemen's trouser press in good
condition for age
                                                                    Lot: 145
                                                                    Poole shape 58 red ground shallow bowl 34cm and 2 poole
Lot: 131                                                            leaping dolphin ornaments
Tray containing Royal Worcester part coffee set complete for
eight, part pink landscape decorated dinner set and a Shelley
gold lustre butterfly decorated cylinder vase 13cm                  Lot: 146
                                                                    Victorian Gladstone dressing case by Jenner and Knewstub, to
                                                                    the Queen fitted with a range of silver topped glass bottles etc
Lot: 132
Tray of assorted china dolls, pin cushion dolls and other curios
                                                                    Lot: 147
                                                                    Edwardian brass 365 day clock under glass domed
Lot: 133                                                            (suspension damaged)
Tray of cribbage boards, domino's etc

                                                                    Lot: 148
Lot: 134                                                            "School boy" stamp album containing world stamps
Tray of assorted toy cars mostly boxed

                                                                    Lot: 149
Lot: 135                                                            Edwardian brass postal scales complete with weights
Part of a wooden propeller blade housing a smiths battery
electric clock
                                                                    Lot: 150
                                                                    Quantity of Royal Doulton decorative wall plates as lotted
Lot: 136
Two wooden pipe racks and a large collection of assorted pipes
                                                                    Lot: 151

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             Davey & Davey (Antiques and Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Quantity of assorted wooden boxes                                  Another "The last Waltz", "Antoinette" and another "Autumn

Lot: 152
Five Guinness calendars, 2 glass half pint tankards and a          Lot: 166
beaker in original box                                             Modern "Dresden" courting couple figure group and a German
                                                                   porcelain group of a woman playing a guitar (examine)

Lot: 153
"Family Devotional Bible" in 2 vol's etc                           Lot: 167
                                                                   Doulton Lambeth blue/brown glazed jug 18cm and a Beswick
                                                                   model of a Terrier
Lot: 154
Victorian chiming mantle clock in black marble case with
applied gilt metal mounts by Dent, London and a 365 day clock      Lot: 168
under glass dome                                                   Shelley pale blue lavender and green banded fruit bowl 26cm

Lot: 155                                                           Lot: 169
Large Arita baluster vase decorated with numerous figures          Wedgwood cup and saucer by Eric Ravilious
47cm high

                                                                   Lot: 170
Lot: 156                                                           Small collection of glass dump paper weights etc
Aneroid barometer in serpentine frame

                                                                   Lot: 171
Lot: 157                                                           Two Edwardian post card albums on general views
Port Meirion brown ware hen on nest and a "Bunny" green ware
novelty tea pot and lid
                                                                   Lot: 172
                                                                   Small carton of loose cigarette and tea cards
Lot: 158
Pale blue "bunny" novelty tea pot, handle cracked, 3 small
Doulton items and a green ware vase examine                        Lot: 173
                                                                   Four circular brass and embossed alms dishes, brass ships bell
                                                                   and a brass "Stella Artois" beer pump
Lot: 159
Four Royal Commerative glass paper weights and a quantity of
novelty miniature wall plates and 3 Worcester mini cups and        Lot: 174
saucers                                                            Edwardian lacquered brass and mahogany cased 3 drawer
                                                                   pocket telescope

Lot: 160
Small Royal Worcester floral decorated specimen vase               Lot: 175
                                                                   Anatomie De L' Homme, Paris fold out views of the human
                                                                   body, circa 1900
Lot: 161
Coalport figure of lady Diana and several decorative china
items as lotted                                                    Lot: 176
                                                                   Two Violins in fitted cases poor condition (examine) also 3
                                                                   nickel plated and MOP mounted violin bows, 1 stamped
Lot: 162                                                           "Theodor Kreutzer" (examine)
Unusual life size plaster boy and girls head mask ornaments,
each approx 20cms high
                                                                   Lot: 177
                                                                   Pair of plated Adams style scrolling 3 branch candelabra on
Lot: 163                                                           oval bases
Victorian album of drawings and poems in green rexine and
another with Mauchlin landscape decorated covers
                                                                   Lot: 178
                                                                   Large bag of assorted costume jewellery
Lot: 164
Doulton figure "Rhapsody" and another "Giselle"
Lot: 165                                                           Lot: 179

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             Davey & Davey (Antiques and Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Bag of assorted fashion watches and some costume jewellery          Pair of novelty bronze ashtrays with coin inset centers by
                                                                    Matthew Boulton each 11.5cm

Lot: 180
Heavy sterling silver necklace and a small 9ct gold coin ring       Lot: 194
                                                                    Large tray of assorted plated items as lotted

Lot: 181
Six assorted fashion watches, 2 boxed                               Lot: 195
                                                                    Carton of assorted plated items as lotted

Lot: 182
Three fashion watches, 2 gold rings each set a small diamond        Lot: 196
and 1 other                                                         Carton of assorted mix coins and bank notes

Lot: 183                                                            Lot: 197
RAF sweet hearts brooch, silver watch chain and assorted            Carton of assorted mix coins and bank notes
sports medals

                                                                    Lot: 198
Lot: 184                                                            1979 Gold proof sovereign in royal mint case
Mapin and Webb cased set of cut throat razors and several
others boxed
                                                                    Lot: 199
                                                                    1909 Gold half sovereign in pendant mount with chain
Lot: 185
Small bag of assorted silver items including a silver mounted
scent bottle also a cased pair of plated berry spoons and a         Lot: 200
leather and silver mounted box containing a small pipe              1974 Gold full sovereign

Lot: 186                                                            Lot: 201
Bag of assorted fountain pens                                       1974 Gold full sovereign

Lot: 187                                                            Lot: 202
Carton containing plated oval 3 piece tea set, Jersey cream jug,    1914 half sovereign
sugar scuttle, nut dish and a vesta case shaped as a violin

                                                                    Lot: 203
Lot: 188                                                            1883 half sovereign
Silver:- oblong cigarette box, 3 napkin rings, cigar cutter and a
                                                                    Lot: 204
                                                                    1909 Full sovereign in pendant mount
Lot: 189
Silver cased battery electric mantle clock, specimen vase, vesta
case etc
                                                                    Lot: 205
                                                                    1978 Full sovereign in pendant mount with chain attached

Lot: 190
Three silver mounted walking canes and 2 others
                                                                    Lot: 206
                                                                    Gents silver cased Rolex hunter cased pocket watch with curb
                                                                    link watch guard chain attached
Lot: 191
39/45 and Italy stars, defence and service medals and GSM
with bar Palestine to 3854 234 private G Deary loyal s
                                                                    Lot: 207
                                                                    1997 silver proof Britannia four coin set in original box

Lot: 192
Bronze death plaque to Sidney John Adams
                                                                    Lot: 208
                                                                    Black rexine coin album containing assorted silver crowns etc

Lot: 193

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             Davey & Davey (Antiques and Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 209                                                             1981 Charles and Diana proof crown
English white five pound note dated 1952 Serial No.
X20045881 in very good condition
                                                                     Lot: 225
                                                                     Royal mint proof 5 pound piece
Lot: 210
Green fifty pound note in un-circulated condition circa 1980's
                                                                     Lot: 226
                                                                     1997 royal mint golden wedding 5 pound piece
Lot: 211
Fourteen old green 1 pound notes, 3 smaller later issue 1
pound notes, ten shilling note and a isle of man 1 pound note        Lot: 227
all in very good condition                                           Two royal mint 1982 proof 20 pence pieces (cased)

Lot: 212                                                             Lot: 228
Bag of assorted costume jewellery items, chains etc as lotted        1980 Gibraltar proof crown

Lot: 213                                                             Lot: 229
Three assorted gem set gold rings                                    Royal mint 1885/1985 silver 25 pound proof coin

Lot: 214                                                             Lot: 230
Three assorted gem set gold rings                                    1901 American silver dollar in circulated condition

Lot: 215                                                             Lot: 231
9ct gold curb link gold necklace                                     Carton of assorted world coinage

Lot: 216                                                             Lot: 232
Royal mint silver proof 1 pound coin                                 Six assorted MOP handled fruit knives with silver blades

Lot: 217                                                             Lot: 233
Royal mint silver proof 2 pound coin                                 Six assorted MOP handled fruit knives with silver blades

Lot: 218                                                             Lot: 234
Royal mint silver proof 1998 50 pence coin                           Five assorted MOP handled fruit knives with silver blades and a
                                                                     MOP handled button hook

Lot: 219
Silver proof 1 pound coin                                            Lot: 235
                                                                     Four novelty silver book marks

Lot: 220
Two 1977 royal mint jubilee crowns                                   Lot: 236
                                                                     ?Indian white metal and chased visiting card case

Lot: 221
1985 Falkland island 50 pence proof coin                             Lot: 237
                                                                     Oblong, Square and circular silver and engraved vesta cases

Lot: 222
1983 Falklands island 150th anniversary proof coin                   Lot: 238
                                                                     Two oblong and engraved silver vesta cases and a plain silver
                                                                     square patch box
Lot: 223
Two 1980 Queen Elizabeth proof crowns
                                                                     Lot: 239
                                                                     Silver:- 2 needle cases, 2 thimbles, whistle and a ?pipe tamper
Lot: 224

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             Davey & Davey (Antiques and Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 240                                                               Lot: 255
Novelty silver pig pin cushion                                         Silver and pierced hair comb, 3 silver tooth picks, articulated
                                                                       fish pendant, ornamental spoon and a napkin ring

Lot: 241
Novelty silver and chased ladies shoe pin cushion (liner               Lot: 256
missing)                                                               Five silver mounted glass scent bottles and 3 other silver lidded

Lot: 242
Plain silver full and half sovereign case                              Lot: 257
                                                                       Silver capstan ink stand and a large silver book mark/clip

Lot: 243
Circular silver and engraved sovereign case                            Lot: 258
                                                                       Three silver mustard pots, trencher salt, cream jug and a 2
                                                                       handled trophy cup
Lot: 244
Silver and bird and foliate engraved double ended scent
flask/powder pot                                                       Lot: 259
                                                                       Circular panelled and floral chased silver tea pot with scroll
                                                                       handle dated London 1809
Lot: 245
Plain silver oval jewel box with tortoise shell and piquet work
inlaid lid                                                             Lot: 260
                                                                       Modern 9ct gold oval locket pendant with gold chain attached

Lot: 246
Victorian silver oblong and engraved pill box, Birmingham 1851         Lot: 261
                                                                       14ct white gold sapphire and diamond line bracelet, boxed

Lot: 247
Victorian silver engine turned and floral chased vinaigrette by        Lot: 262
Nathaniel mills                                                        14ct white gold Emerald and diamond set half hoop
                                                                       engagement ring

Lot: 248
Victorian oblong silver and engraved vinaigrette, Birmingham           Lot: 263
1888                                                                   Quantity of assorted costume jewellery, plated tray etc as lotted

Lot: 249                                                               Lot: 264
Ten assorted silver mustard or preserve spoons                         Pair of Modern plain silver coffee and hot water pots with resin
                                                                       handles, the domed lids with turned finials

Lot: 250
Victorian sliver vinaigrette with leafage engraved lid                 Lot: 265
                                                                       Cased five piece circular silver and panelled cruet set complete
                                                                       with three spoons
Lot: 251
Six small silver spoons, butter knife, sugar scoop, pair of tongs,
2 manicure items etc                                                   Lot: 266
                                                                       Plain silver three piece cruet set with two spoons

Lot: 252
Two silver and engine turned cigarette cases                           Lot: 267
                                                                       Silver:- Three napkin rings; pepperette; two cigarette cases and
                                                                       two odd spoons
Lot: 253
two silver caddy spoons, pair of kings pattern sugar tongs and a
small cherub decorated nut dish                                        Lot: 268
                                                                       Silver Christening knife and fork, engraved "Claude" in
                                                                       Shoolbred, London fitted case
Lot: 254
Four small novelty silver pepperettes and 2 circular table salts

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             Davey & Davey (Antiques and Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 269                                                               Lot: 282
Modern plain silver circular salver, 19 cms diameter, inscribed        Carton of new ear-rings on display cards
and dated 1943

                                                                       Lot: 283
Lot: 270                                                               Two trays of mostly boxed model cars
Another, larger with piecrust border, on three scroll feet, 26 cms
diameter, inscribed and dated as last
                                                                       Lot: 284
                                                                       Basket of assorted car cleaning products
Lot: 271
Carton of mixed plated flatware; pair of scrolling three branch
candelabra; trays, entree dish and lid etc - as lotted                 Lot: 285
                                                                       Large plain silver circular fruit bowl with shaped rim

Lot: 272
Early 20th Century plated four piece circular teaset all fully         Lot: 286
chased with foliate bands and signs of the Zodiac, bases               Oblong silver and engine turned cigarette box; 3 napkin rings
stamped 5775                                                           and a white metal sugar basin

Lot: 273                                                               Lot: 287
Long 9ct gold rope necklace, approx 76 cms                             Edwardian walnut cased part canteen of plated and mother of
                                                                       pearl handled dessert knives and forks; and a cased set of
                                                                       plated and engraved fish eaters
Lot: 274
Small ruby and diamond set dress ring and a 9ct gold floral
spray brooch                                                           Lot: 288
                                                                       Plated desk pen and inkstand; hot water pot; oval meat plate;
                                                                       six cut and engraved port glasses and some odd chinaware etc
Lot: 275
Pair of Early 20th Century Imari porcelain baluster vases, 25
cms high                                                               Lot: 289
                                                                       Gents Omega Seamaster 30 wristwatch in stainless steel case
                                                                       with black leather strap appears in working order
Lot: 276
Late 19th Century Imari fluted baluster vase, traditionally
decorated with flowers, 26 cms                                         Lot: 290
                                                                       Gents Omega Speedmaster Automatic stainless steel cased
                                                                       wriswatch with matching strap in working order
Lot: 277
Doulton, Lambeth garniture comprising a baluster vase with
cobalt blue base and rim with central beige flower reserve and         Lot: 291
the pair of matching ewer vases                                        Gents Omega, Seamaster Automatic gold plated cased
                                                                       wristwatch with mesh strap, in good working order

Lot: 278
Royal Doulton Flambe shape 1605 squat vase, 10 cms                     Lot: 292
                                                                       Gents, 1903 full Sovereign ring

Lot: 279
German salt glaze stoneware two handled bottle vase with               Lot: 300
raised figure of justice decorated sides 40 cms high                   Gents Giant mountain bike and three others

Lot: 280                                                               Lot: 301
Watercolour drawing entitled "La Cour De Rouen, Paris, dated           Four assorted mountain bikes
1913, 28 x 20 cms framed and glazed

                                                                       Lot: 302
Lot: 281                                                               Four assorted mountain bikes
Set of three Beswick style china flying duck wall ornaments in
sizes and another set of plaster ditto (examine)
                                                                       Lot: 303
                                                                       Gents, Team Saracen "Ruff Trax" mountain bike

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            Davey & Davey (Antiques and Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 304
Gents, Specialized "Hard Rock" M.B.

Lot: 305
Gents, Carrera bike and a Saracen ditto

Lot: 306
Gents, Raleigh FS, MB

Lot: 307
Gents, Specialized "Rock Hopper" MB

Lot: 308
Gents, Scott MB

Lot: 309
Three children's cycles

Lot: 310
Claude Butler MB and a Shockwave ditto

Lot: 311
Team Saracen MB and two others (3 in all)

Lot: 312
Saracen F.S., MB and two others (3 in all)

Lot: 313
Four assorted MB's

Lot: 314
Four assorted MB's

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