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					             Browsing through Success
             A panorama of MES Applications with SIMATIC IT

             Edition 2011

SIMATIC IT Reference Book
Answers for industry.


    Dear Reader,

    In 2011 Siemens will release version 6.5 of its SIMATIC IT product. For almost fifteen years the
    Siemens MES system has been used in almost every industrial sector to achieve better quality
    and higher efficiency, to reduce costs and energy consumption, to optimize resources and
    delivery time and to facilitate new product introduction.

    In summary, our mission has been to help our customers to achieve the “Digital Plant”!

    Several hundred thousand users within thousands of industrial plants around the world can
    testify to the Siemens approach for an MES that is truly innovative and effective.

    The reason of this success can be found in three elements: Platform, Integration and

    SIMATIC IT is built around an advanced and stable product platform that follows the ISA-95 standard. This ensures that your
    investment is protected and has a limited and predictable TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

    In the same way that production is the core of any industrial business, the management of execution (MES) is at the junction of
    two key flows: Product Development and Execution Process.

    Product Development takes the idea of a new product towards the definition of its components and the process to build it.
    Execution combines this product information with business information (orders, delivery time, inventory) to create real goods
    using machines and automation.

    It is crucial to have a system that offers both the horizontal integration (product development to execution) and the vertical
    integration (business to automation). Siemens, a world leader in providing hardware and software to industrial companies, is
    the only organization that can offer such a combination of expertise.

    Each industry is different and within each vertical market there are industry-specific procedures and regulations. It is therefore
    necessary to be able to “verticalize” the product and build a system that is as ready to use as possible. Thanks to its “Library”
    concept SIMATIC IT can include industry and even company specific knowledge inside a standardized and repeatable structure.
    Manufacturing use cases can be collected and verified from the beginning of the project using the SIMATIC IT Value Framework
    graphical tool.
    This is a structure that only Siemens can offer with its SIMATIC IT MES system and its three industry packages: SIMATIC IT for
    Process Industries, SIMATIC IT for Discrete Manufacturing and SIMATIC IT for Life Sciences Industry.

    Rather than providing detailed technical explanations I want to have facts speaking for us and so in this book you will find a
    small selection of our most recent implementations.

    I want to take this opportunity to thank our customers and our partners who have cooperated to write these reports and, much
    more importantly, who have contributed to making SIMATIC IT one of the most successful software platforms in today’s MES

    “Truth is what stands the test of experience“ ( Albert Einstein)

                                                                                         Giacomo Torre
                                                                                         MES Global Alliances & Partnerships
                                                                                         Siemens I IA AS MES

Process Industry    Customer Case
                    AC Marca                             4

                    Ambar Feed - Mills                   7

                    BAT - British American Tobacco       10

                    Birra Peroni Spa                     13

                    Carlsberg                            16

                    MES out of the Box                   20

                    Henkel                               23

                    IOI Loders Croklaan                  26

                    JTI - Japan Tobacco International    29

                    Lactalis                             32

                    Latenstein                           34

                    Mahou San Miguel                     37

                    Monsanto                             40

                    Mengniu Dairy Group                  42

                    Palm Breweries                       45

                    Qingdao Tobacco Factory              48

                    RJ Reynolds                          51

                    Rosen Eiskrem                        53

Discrete Industry   Customer Case
                    Alenia Aermacchi                     56

                    Johnson Matthey                      59

                    Pininfarina                          61

                    Siemens Cornellá                     64

                    Whirlpool                            68

                    REC Group                            70

                    Volkswagen                           72

Life Sciences       Customer Case
                    SIMATIC IT for Life Sciences         76

                    Baxter                               78

                    Fresenius                            81

Power Generation    Customer Case
                    British Energy                       82

Metals              Customer Case
                    Société Le Nickel                    85

                    SIMATIC IT Value Added Services      87

                    A Selection of SIMATIC IT Partners   93

           Reliable Availability
           Grupo AC Marca: MES solution with SIMATIC IT

           AC Marca has achieved maximum flexi-             The business challenge
           bility and efficiency in the production
           processes at its new plant in Sant Llorenç       To AC Marca it is of greatest importance to
           d’Hortons. This was the result of imple-         have the flexibility and agility in place to
           menting SIMATIC IT MES (Manufacturing            meet its customers’ requirements.
           Execution Systems) to cover production
           management and establish real-time inte-         The construction of a new plant in Sant
           roperability with SAP. To ensure optimum         Llorenç d’Hortons was the ideal occasion
           availability of both the plant and the sy-       to make this flexibility an integral aspect of
           stems AC Marca opted for the                     production, and gain production efficiency
           Agent-based Diagnosis Services offered           and operational cost reductions at the same
           by Siemens, for predictive and preventive        time.
           maintenance.                                     The existing manual and paper-based pro-
                                                            cesses and information exchange could
           The customer                                     not cover this strategy, so it was decided to
                                                            bring in a MES to manage the production
           Grupo AC Marca is a Spanish manufacturer         and automate production orders, mate-
           of a wide range of products for home and         rial consumption, notifications, production
           personal care as well as DIY products. From      quantities, pallet labeling, etc.
           its headquarters in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat,
           near Barcelona, the company operates a           From a functional point of view this produc-
           total of five factories, two in Spain, one in    tion management system had to offer the
           France, one in Czech Republic and one in         possibility to integrate different production
           Mexico, and sales offices in 8 countries.        units in one single system. It had to provide
                                                            a standard interface with the SAP system to
           AC Marca’s extensive product portfolio in-       allow real-time mutual data exchange and
           cludes a large variety of detergents, floor      communication with the machines in pro-
           wax, dies, shoe polish, hair gel, shampoo,       duction, as well as personnel management
           glues, etc. Many of their brands such as         and automatic label management.
           PASO, YAK, BRIL are local market leaders.
           The location in Sant Llorenç d’Hortons cov-
           ers the production of household products
           such as Norit, Gior, Iberia, Yak, Sanytol, and
           personal care products including Giorgi,
           Lida, Hidrogenesse, Cabello Sano Ecran, etc.
           On top of the manufacturing activities the
           26.000 m2 premises also house the services
           and logistics and R&D departments. All of
           which is handled by a workforce of 150.



The solution                                ready to become operational, so was the         such as production output, order status,
                                            MES system.                                     line personnel status, quality control,
Several arguments justified the selection                                                   etc. SIMATIC IT visualizes which produc-
of Siemens’ MES SIMATIC IT.                 SIMATIC IT now covers functionality such        tion order is active on which production
Siemens was the only vendor offering        as process management, SAP integration,         line, and the output quantities.
hardware, software as well as services,     personnel management, production or-            When the pallet of final products leaves
and able to automate both the discrete      der management, material management,            the production line SAP is notified and
as well as the process manufacturing        downtime management, box and pallet             feeds back the product description for
areas, and cover the connection to SAP      labeling, traceability, CIP/PIG registering,    the labels to MES which functions as the
with an MES system.                         and basic data collection from process          interface to the label printer.
SIMATIC IT offers a single platform         and filling lines.                              All of this is done automatically, no per-
covering the complete MES layer and         Process management is handled through           sonnel traffic, no paper traffic required.
integrates seamlessly with other Sie-       the SIMATIC IT Production Modeler which         This increased efficiency, and resulting
mens systems such as the PCS7 process       allows to define a clear and integrated         cost savings and profit increases make it
control system. This was particularly       model of plant operations.                      more important than ever to guarantee
important to accomplish the predefined                                                      system availability and continuity.
integrated production management            The SIMATIC IT Production Modeler trig-         The people at AC MARCA were well awa-
model.                                      gers the different system components to         re of this.
                                            initiate certain operations. This also inclu-   In case of a system failure the entire
Siemens was also able to function as the    des the functionality offered by PCS7 and       production process may come to a halt.
system integrator for the MES system.       SIMATIC Batch, such as recipe definition        The time it takes to solve the problem is
This reduced the number of involved         and management, automatic or manual             money lost, so qualified people need to
parties, facilitated the communication      batch execution, process control points         be available to deliver immediate solu-
during the project and helped speed up      and process data acquisition.                   tions. As work shifts at the plant cover
the start of operations.                    For instance, equipment and pipe clea-          over 16 hours per day, and master data
When starting the production at the         ning (CIP/PIG) are scheduled and can be         synchronization takes place at night,
new plant in Sant Llorenç d’Hortons the     registered to avoid contamination in case       ensuring a 24/7 supervision was hardly
management wanted basic MES functio-        of product switchovers.                         an exaggerated measure.
nality covered from the start.              The interaction with SAP is bidirectional
The entire system was in fact native to     and consists in the downloading from            The SIMATIC IT Agent-based Diagnosis
the plant. Being fully embedded from        SAP to SIMATIC IT of production orders,         Service does just that. And more.
the design phase, when a new produc-        master data, and the uploading and no-          Not only does it ensure that the system
tion line in the Greenfield plant was       tification from MES to SAP of information       is constantly monitored. It also offers

                                                                                             At a glance
                                                                                             Grupo AC MARCA

                                                                                             Industry: CPG

                                                                                             Key Challenges:
                                                                                             • efficient, paperless data exchange
                                                                                             • plant and system availability
                                                                                             • integrated process and production

                                                                                             • SIMATIC IT Production Suite
                                                                                             • SIMATIC IT Agent-based Diagnosis

                                                                                             Key Benefits:
                                                                                             • reduced operational and adminis-
                                                                                               trative costs
                                                                                             • accurate real-time data for deci-
                                                                                               sion support
                                                                                             • improved responsiveness (plant,
                                                                                               customers and regulatory)

    assistance in the restart or shutdown of    The pay-off
    an application, ensuring that it is done
    properly and sparing the people at AC       SIMATIC IT has played an important role
    MARCA the trouble of studying the sy-       in the introduction of the integrated
    stem in detail.                             management model which in turn
                                                substantially contributed to the reduction
    The Agents are installed in the systems     of operational costs.
    at the customer site analyzing events       The scalable and modular approach of
    related to the hardware, software and       SIMATIC IT allows roll-out and scaling of
    applications.                               the solution towards other plants in the
    When a problem is detected at the cu-       AC MARCA Group.
    stomer site, the agents alert the
    SIMATIC IT Technical Support Service        The implementation of the integrated
    (TSS) people who take immediate ac-         production model has not only seriously
    tion.                                       reduced the amount of time and costs
                                                spent on administration and paperwork.
    Say for instance that a system error        It also helps avoid errors in the produc-
    prevents the loading of production or-      tion management thus improving the
    ders, blocking the entire system until a    quality of the information.
    system reboot is initiated. When Agents
    are in place the problem will be reported   The first phase in the project was the
    to the TSS as soon as it occurs or even     implementation of personnel manage-
    before it actually happens. Through a       ment and production order management,
    secure VPN connection the TSS team has      material management as well as the
    the necessary visibility on the system to   integration with PCS7 for quality control.
    verify the cause of the problem and, in     This is already in place in Sant Llorenç
    agreement with the customer, can do a       d’Hortons and paying off.
    remote reboot of the system within mi-      The second phase includes OEE/DTM,
    nutes. No data are lost. The downtime       traceability and production reporting in
    is nihil.                                   Sant Llorenç d’Hortons.
    Afterwards this case is analyzed and the    This is to be done simultaneously with
    necessary steps can be taken to prevent     the roll-out of the first phase to other
    the problem from occurring again.           plants in the AC MARCA Group.


       Qualitative and cost effective
       manufacturing of live stock
       nutritional products

       A large-scale deployment of SIMATIC IT enables the complete vertical and horizontal
       integration of all IT and control elements at Ambar Feed Mills.
       The system’s deployment, carried out by Ardan Control Tech in Israel, brings to life the
       complete integration of SIMATIC IT with other Siemens systems (PCS7, Simatic Batch,
       Route Control, Step 7) and 3rd Party systems including ERP, TMS & SCM.
       Installation of the system is carried out simultaneously in 3 of the company’s sites.

       The customer                                      Ambar produces animal-feed for several sec-
                                                         tors, including broilers, turkeys, breeders,
       Ambar Feed - Mills is one of the biggest          layers, dairy herds, calves, sheep and fish.
       feed-mills in the Middle East, and it is run in   Ambar’s mission is to serve all sectors of
       compliance with the world’s most advanced         the livestock economy by supplying the op-
       manufacturing methods and regulations.            timum kinds of feed in terms of economic
       Ambar produces and sells over 1.1 Million         feasibility and nutrition.
       tons of feed yearly.                              To provide response to each sector’s individ-
       Ambar which was founded in 1961 as a              ual requirements, Ambar launched a special
       regional facility is presently owned by the       feed mill for the breeder sector, operating
       Granot farms and by over 148 farming com-         according to strict bio-security regulations.
       munities.                                         Ambar facilities also include a state of the
       Ambar owns two major production sites,            art laboratory that works closely with the
       Ambar North - located in the Granot indus-        nutrition department. Its innovative pro-
       trial area, and Ambar South - in the north-       duction line makes it possible to provide
       eastern Negev.                                    solutions for the entire range of customer
       The company produces its own vitamins             needs, and is fully backed by a dedicated
       premix in its independent production plant,       technical office. Ambar’s shipping depart-
       from totally secure sources, thus ensuring        ment operates a large fleet of the latest,
       maximum quality and reliability.                  clean and sterilized trucks.


    The business challenge                       future development of the IT infrastruc-     patch, etc., created the need for a 3rd
                                                 ture and allow the required flexibility to   generation MES system.
    The growing demand for both large            expand. This to keep in step with the or-
    production quantities that would sat-        ganizational growth.                         A system that would be both horizon-
    isfy market needs on one hand, and                                                        tally and vertically integrated to make
    complying with specific demands from         Ambar’s requirements demanded full syn-      these data available in real time.
    individual customers on the other hand,      chronization of the business system level
    demanded a fully integrated industrial IT    (ERP) down to the control level.             Ardan Control Tech was asked to carry
    system that would ensure both reliable                                                    out not only the SIMATIC IT part of the
    and cost effective manufacturing.            The need to centrally manage all plant       project, but also all other Siemens IT
                                                 floor elements demanded the deploy-          products that are part of the TIA strat-
    In order to accomplish such a system         ment of a widely distributed control         egy: Simatic PCS7, Batch Engine and
    Ardan Control Tech applied the Siemens       system that would fully comply with          Route Control.
    TIA (Totally Integrated Automation) ar-      regulations and system standards ISA-88
    chitecture, enabling an overall integra-     & ISA-95, whilst enabling batch based        The mission was to carry out all project
    tion of floor shop systems with all IT and   manufacturing.                               phases while all Ambar plants were run-
    control elements.                                                                         ning with no obstruction or disturbance
                                                 The synchronization with all production      to the operations.
    Another requirement of Ambar was             related activities, such as quality assur-
    that the system installed would enable       ance, packaging, storage, loading & dis-


                                                                                         Ardan Control Tech

                                                                                         Ardan Control Tech is a leading provider
                                                                                         of Industrial IT and control solutions,
                                                                                         operating in versatile industrial
                                                                                         markets: Process, Discrete, Hybrid,
                                                                                         Energy management, Power plants and
                                                                                         Petrochemical facilities.
                                                                                         Ardan expertise in the field of industrial
                                                                                         IT encompasses the mastery of a variety
                                                                                         of disciplines required for floor shop
                                                                                         solutions: MES, DCS systems, control &
                                                                                         PLC solutions, Data acquisition, RFID,
                                                                                         HMI systems etc’.

                                                                                         As a long term partner of Siemens,
                                                                                         Ardan masters the execution of the
                                                                                         TIA strategy and is experienced in the
                                                                                         integration and deployment of the
                                                                                         following: SIMATIC IT MES system,
                                                                                         Simatic PCS7, Simatic Batch, WinCC,
                                                                                         Plant intelligence, Rout Control, Step7
                                                                                         PlC’s, RFID and others.

                                                                                         Ardan’s experience is based not only on
                                                                                         implementing SIMATIC IT but also on its
                                                                                         integration with third party systems in
                                                                                         multi-site, large installations.
                                                                                         The company’s ability to integrate
                                                                                         different technologies through
                                                                                         the project definition, planning,
                                                                                         engineering, supply of equipment,
                                                                                         installation and programming, enables
                                                                                         ACT to supply the customer with a
The solution                                The data exchanged with the ERP level        comprehensive, end-to-end Industrial IT
                                            include order data, master recipes, BOM,
For the realization of a multi integrated   material consumption, work order status,     Based in Tel Aviv - Israel, ACT performs
floor shop system the choice fell on the    lab sampling, freight data, loading data,    projects In Israel, Eastern Europe, Asia,
3rd generation MES, SIMATIC IT.             etc.. Bulk loading orders and trailer data   and Africa.
                                            are exchanged with the transportation        ACT was established in 1984 as a
                                                                                         member of the Nisko-Ardan group,
Covering all aspects of the production      management system.
                                                                                         whose annual turnover exceeds
process whilst supplying continuous and                                                  $ 340 M.
online feedback to the ERP system, was      Production data, batch data, execution
made possible through the deployment        reporting and alerts are exchanged with      The company employs over 130 skilled
of the comprehensive Production Suite.      Simatic Batch and Simatic PCS7, thus         engineers and technicians, a stuff
                                                                                         aimed at supplying the customer with
                                            enabling continuous monitoring of the        the best technical and cost effective
The Production Suite imports and ex-        production lines and data acquisition.       solutions, combined with a developed
ports data to and from the ERP, SCM and                                                  service orientation.
Transportation Management systems           Future installations will include the LIMS
through the data integration server.        SIMATIC IT Unilab and the Historian, thus
                                                                                         Ohad Schwartz
Communication and integration of the        broadening the horizontal deployment of      Business Development Manager
MES with Simatic Batch and PCS7, is         the comprehensive suite.                     Industrial Control Division
done via the Real Time Data Server.                                                      Mobile: +972 52 3228542
                                                                                         Tel: +972 3 6507035
                                                                                         Fax: +972 3 5581311
SIMATIC IT manages all data flows, both
horizontally and vertically and validates                                                Web:
all data before exchange with neigh-                                           
bouring systems.

            Realizing Vision and Value
            360° Operational Excellence and Quality

            British American Tobacco has successfully        The business challenge
            completed a pilot MES project at their
            Sacheon plant in Korea. The target was to        For a company with such rapidly increasing
            integrate the business system layer with         product portfolios (the Sacheon plant alone
            the control system layer and synchronize         produces 17 billion cigarettes per year on
            all of the production processes. The re-         11 production lines) to combine this growth
            sulting transparency of all plant activities     with productivity and responsibility, it is
            helps align them with supply chain strate-       essential to have a system in place that ef-
            gies and optimize the overall production         fectively manages the production processes
            process, through traceability, product           and handles the process and quality data.
            integrity and cost optimization.
            The experience from the pilot project in         Highly automated production processes can
            Korea clears the path for BAT to shape           help the business to improve production
            their MES landscape - from both a geogra-        efficiency and quality, ensure product and
            phical and a functional perspective - with       process integrity, and enable tracking and
            roll-outs and expanded functionality.            tracing along the supply chain.

            The customer                                     Over the past years, many factories in the
                                                             world invested in production line automa-
            British American Tobacco is the world’s most     tion, but somehow never tapped into the
            international tobacco group and the world’s      potential that lies in real-time production
            second largest quoted tobacco group by           data due to the gap between raw produc-
            global market share.                             tion data and managerial information.
            BAT has a product portfolio of more than         MES systems can fill this gap and help the
            250 brands - including top brands such as        business to accelerate the speed of business
            Dunhill, Kent, Lucky Strike, Pall Mall, Vogue    growth and competitiveness.
            and Viceroy.                                     A global MES pilot was a smart way to un-
                                                             derstand the opportunities and challenges
            In 2009 BAT produced some 724 billion            of an MES project - both from a business
            cigarettes in 50 cigarette factories in 41       and technical perspective - to evaluate the
            countries. Five of these, plus one separate,     impact on business and production opera-
            dedicated plant also make either cigarillos,     tions and to learn how MES could be stan-
            roll your own or pipe tobacco.                   dardized and re-used.
            BAT employs over 60,000 people globally. Its
            products are sold in more than 180 markets.      The South Korean plant was selected as the
                                                             pilot plant as it is a young, high performing
            The MES initiative fits snugly into BAT’s vi-    plant with standardized processes already in
            sion strategy, which is to lead the global to-   place. Automating these processes was ex-
            bacco industry through growth, productivity      pected to speed them up while reducing the
            and responsibility.                              error rate, and enhancing their reliability,
                                                             traceability and flexibility.



                                             As this pilot project is meant to serve     mens MES Delivery Services, Siemens
The solution                                 as a best practice example for the other    UK and Siemens in Korea. The mutual
                                             plants, the solution had to be based on     commitment and collaboration were
Once it was clear that MES was the way       standards and repeatable, yet fully con-    one of the success factors for the pro-
forward, a vendor was selected.              figurable, which would eventually influ-    ject and lay the foundation for future
                                             ence the global ROI considerably.           collaboration in the manufacturing IT
Siemens was chosen for its know-how in                                                   domain.
the field, its brand strength, its commit-   SIMATIC IT offers a business process mo-
ment, but not least due to the complete-     deler to define and visualize the plant     What was implemented was a fully inte-
ness of its MES portfolio SIMATIC IT and     model and create rules to trigger produc-   grated manufacturing solution based on
the good match with BAT’s requirements       tion operations. The MES functionality to   SIMATIC IT – from the primary process to
in terms of functionality and system         handle these operations is provided by      finished goods dispatch and integrating
properties.                                  software components according to the        the quality laboratory.
                                             ISA-95 international MES standard.
Of particular concern to BAT were the                                                    The integration between ERP and MES
system’s performance and maintainabili-      This modeling platform approach makes       ensures a fully automated exchange of
ty, interoperability with other plant and    it easy to adapt business processes to      product and production data with ERP
business systems, user acceptance, and       new requirements and also facilitates       (e.g. production orders/material data/
impact on production improvement.            roll-outs of the solution to other plants   Bill of Materials). Product and process
                                             within a company.                           data are collected and collated during all
From a functional point of view, the                                                     process steps to support full product tra-
new system was expected to handle pro-       The global presence and partner network     cking with forward and backward gene-
duct and process genealogy, OEE, SPC,        of Siemens were another compelling ar-      alogy. Real-time production KPI reports
production order management, product         gument in this respect. The pilot project   (e.g. OEE,) are available based on real-
definition management, WIP manage-           for instance involved teams from BAT        time and historical data. This helps iden-
ment, palletizing and labeling.              Korea and BAT Global HQ, as well as Sie-    tify opportunities for improvement and

     supports best practice benchmarking.          The pay-off                                    At a glance
     Advanced quality management features
     are also included such as material veri-      Together, BAT and Siemens took a unique        Company:
     fication, defect tracking, SPC (statistical   approach in order to design and imple-         British American Tobacco
     process control) charts.                      ment a value driven MES solution, map-
                                                   ping BAT’s operations strategy with MES
     A LIMS system was also included in the        requirements, and those with                   Industry: Tobacco
     solution. This automatically collects         SIMATIC IT functionalities. This approach
     results from quality control instrumen-       enables a clear value identification and       Key Challenges:
     tation such as scales, QTM and GC ma-         ROI calculation before and after the           • Integrate production with
     chines, and analytical smoke constituent      implementation.                                  business
     capture equipment specific to the tobac-                                                     • Full product genealogy
     co industry, and then places them in a        With this new solution, BAT Korea has          • Real-time production key perfor-
     central database.                             realized significant time-savings, reduced       mance indicators
                                                   manufacturing and material costs, and          • Advanced Quality Management
     The embedded reporting tool allows the        increased asset efficiency and availability.
     management and operators to benefit           Additionally, the system enables faster        Solution:
     from a suite of developed reports – as        and correct decisions based on real-time       • MES + LIMS
     well as the ability to ‘customize’ the re-    production information.
     port ‘view’ and content to suit their own                                                    Key Benefits:
     particular requirements.                      This makes it a strong enabler for best        • Supply chain agility and tracea-
                                                   practice and performance improvement.            bility
     The project involved teams from BAT           The system also allows BAT to quickly          • Improved production efficiency
     Korea and BAT Global Headquarters             address more complex and integrated            • Product and process integrity and
     (UK), as well as from Siemens MES Deli-       supply chain scenarios. Not only this, its       quality
     very Services in Genoa (Italy), Siemens       traceability capabilities strongly contrib-    • Reliable and flexible processes
     UK and Siemens MES team in Korea.             ute to BAT’s corporate responsibility im-
     The mutual commitment and collabora-          age and brand strength.
     tion were one of the success factors for
     the project and lay the foundation for        This new MES pilot can now serve as best
     future collaboration in the manufactu-        practice to other BAT factories who are
     ring IT domain.                               considering launching a similar project.


       Quenching your Thirst for Quality
       Birra Peroni SpA: Quality Management Solution with SIMATIC IT

       Birra Peroni SpA implemented Siemens’           The business challenge
       LIMS SIMATIC IT Unilab for a centralized
       approach to quality management across           Before the decision to implement a LIMS so-
       several plants and labs.                        lution, a software interface for quality data
                                                       input and output was in place, however this
       They have realized substantial improve-         was a customized solution and not central-
       ments in product quality and are now            ized.
       well equipped to address regulatory is-
       sues.                                           With the growth of the business it became
                                                       increasingly difficult to manage and collect
       The customer                                    the equally growing quantities of data. On
                                                       top of that came the necessity to respect the
       Birra Peroni SpA is a SABMiller subsidiary      HACCP principles and the desire to obtain
       consisting of 3 breweries. The headquarters     ISO certification for product quality.
       of Peroni as well as the largest brewery are
       located in Rome. The other two Peroni brew-     This joint trio of requirements highlighted
       eries are located in Bari and Padova.           the need to centralize product specifications
                                                       and quality data management and make it
       Birra Peroni is the second brewer in its home   easier to change parameters and specifica-
       market, whereas its mother company SAB-         tions, all located in a common server.
       Miller is the world’s second large brewer.
                                                       A system was needed that would offer easy
       Peroni stands for the style and the exclusive   data acquisition for product traceability
       taste of Italian beer. The Peroni breweries     along the process.
       produce two principal brands: Peroni and
       Nastro Azzurro.                                 This demands deep understanding of the
                                                       processes as well as a centralized system
       Where Peroni is the number one beer brand       that allows configuration and offers the
       in Italy, Nastro Azzurro has become an in-      right level of uniformity in recording and
       ternational brand and is the most exported      reporting on data.
       of Italian beers. Nastro Azzurro is also pro-
       duced under license in many countries.

       The total beer production of the Peroni
       breweries is about 6.300.000 hectoliters
       with a total of about 800 employees on a
       total of 9 production lines at its 3 sites.


     The solution                                 Another important aspect of the project
                                                  was the harmonization and automation
     The SIMATIC IT Unilab LIMS including         of reports, based on the Report Manager.
     the Report Manager was the most com-         After an initial learning and guidance
     plete solution and best suited for centra-   phase the Lab Manager was ready to run
     lized collection and management of la-       both SIMATIC IT Unilab and Report Mana-
     boratory data in a company with several      ger and manage reporting autonomously,
     labs and plants.                             creating and customizing detailed reports
                                                  according to the current needs.
     The system is configurable and custo-
     mizable according to the production          The system is able to collect large quan-
     needs. Realizing the best possible con-      tities of data that allow fast response to
     figuration required a deep knowledge         increasingly complex regulatory requests.
     of the production processes on the one
     hand and experience with the system on       But the prompt availability of this infor-
     the other hand.                              mation also allows a statistical approach
                                                  to quality, which helps support process
     This involved strong support from the        management and development.
     supplier in order to create a good and
     effective environment for the users, as
     well as involvement and training of lab
     managers and analysts, starting from
     day one.


                                                                                          At a glance

                                                                                          Birra Peroni SpA

                                                                                          Industry: Brewing

                                                                                          Key Challenges:
                                                                                          • large data quantity handling
                                                                                          • centralized quality management
                                                                                          • harmonized and automated

                                                                                          • SIMATIC IT Unilab

                                                                                          Key Benefits:
                                                                                          • product quality improvements
                                                                                          • ISO certification for product
                                                                                          • process management support
                                                                                          • product traceability
                                                                                          • regulatory compliance

The pay-off                                  The positive impact of the LIMS does
                                             not only translate in improved quality of
Birra Peroni now has centralized control     the product. It also allows for more cost-
on plant performances and product            efficient quality, quality standards being
quality of its different plants.             met, less non-conformity alerts and inci-
                                             dents occurring, as well as a considerable
This enables full product traceability       reduction of time spent on quality and
and benchmarking between plants and          process checks.
against historical data to realize contin-
uous improvements in product quality         Birra Peroni is constantly evaluating the
and processes.                               system. An upgrade to a new version was
                                             already carried out, and plans are in the
SIMATIC IT Unilab significantly contrib-     pipeline for improved integration with
utes to improved product quality and         SAP and other systems to further elimi-
thus played an important role in the         nate duplicated data input.
company’s achievement of ISO certifica-
tion for product quality.

            Probably the Best…
            Carlsberg - MES solution with SIMATIC IT

            Carlsberg implements a corporate MES            The business challenge
            standard in order to optimize the benefits
            from a Manufacturing Execution System           In the past Carlsberg’s investment approach
            in terms of efficiency, quality and trace-      was to implement locally selected solutions
            ability at the lowest possible IT cost of       that would then develop over the years with
            ownership.                                      add-on solutions as required.

            The choice fell on a solution based on SI-      Together with heritages from acquisitions
            MATIC IT. The solution was developed by         this led to a fragmented landscape of un-
            the solution partner ATS based on SIMA-         connected systems. And though these sy-
            TIC IT libraries.                               stems work they often require manual input
                                                            with the inherent risk for data integrity.
            The first part of this solution went live
            at the pilot plant in April 2009. A phased      Also, the fragmentation of the systems ma-
            implementation and roll-out to 15 plants        kes it very difficult to measure performance
            in 7 countries was planned over the next        and gain improvements due to a lack of
            4 years.                                        comparable KPIs for benchmarking between
            The customer
                                                            This made it clear at Carlsberg that a corpo-
            The Carlsberg Group is one of the largest       rate standardization of the MES layer was
            brewers in the world, employing over            needed to live up to the corporate excel-
            43,000 people and selling its products in       lence programs for efficiency and transpar-
            more than 150 markets.                          ency.

            In 2009 the Group produced and sold more        This consistent MES approach is also fully
            than 135 million hectolitres of beer, which     in line with the ongoing Business Standar-
            is about 112 million bottles of beer a day.     disation Program at the ERP level and is ex-
                                                            pected to optimize the benefits from a MES
            The Carlsberg Group’s broad portfolio of        at the lowest possible IT cost of ownership
            beer brands includes Carlsberg, known as        and help achieve the strategic goals of lowe-
            ‚Probably the best beer in the world‘, and      ring costs of production, improving quality
            strong regional brands such as Tuborg, Balti-   and responding rapidly to changing custo-
            ka and Kronenbourg 1664, as well as a wide      mer demand.
            range of leading brands in local markets.
                                                            The goal is to achieve a full integration of
            Carlsberg operates in over 50 countries,        systems and obtain standard automated
            and in markets where they don‘t have own        KPIs as well as reporting across multiple
            breweries, operations are handled by the        breweries. People at all levels in the orga-
            Export division.                                nisation needed access to this information



Screen 1: Web portal with CAB screen menu with   Screen 2: Order handling - overview of filling orders   Screen 3: Line efficiency
different functionality available                planned, in progress and completed

and these tools to detect areas of im-           KPI reporting for three areas:                          SCADA systems such as WinCC and iFix.
provement and to support best practice           • Filling and Packaging                                 This integration allows automatic data
sharing.                                         • Utilities                                             capturing of order, downtime and loss
                                                 • Brewing and Processing                                data when running orders on the pa-
Next to automatic generation of reports                                                                  ckaging lines.
and KPI data the MES is expected to ena-         In essence the new system was designed
ble tracking and tracing and real-time           to follow the production process. The in-               Downtimes and downtime reasons are
visibility throughout the brewery and so         tegration with warehousing systems and                  logged via integration with the SCADA
result in:                                       ERP lets the system manage orders recei-                system. Detailed standard downtime
                                                 ved from SAP that are based on customer                 and performance analysis reports are
• Reduced machine down time                      orders. This starts by handling orders                  available with multiple data-filtering
• Reduced energy costs                           received from customers.                                options.
• Reduced overtime and labour costs
• Reduced manual data collection and             For this purpose Master Data are inter-                 Standard KPI reports such as Utilization,
  report creation                                faced with SAP, orders are downloaded                   Line Efficiency and Scorecard, are also
• Reduced inventory                              from SAP to MES, and confirmations                      available for packaging lines. These
• Elimination of duplicate processes             uploaded. All the while the orders are                  reports are fully aligned with the Carls-
• Improved equipment utilization                 available for real-time scheduling and                  berg Group KPI manual and also include
• Improved data accuracy for decision            tracking of order progress.                             local KPI reporting for supporting lean
  making                                                                                                 initiatives.
• Dynamic response to production or              The operators have full visibility on these
  quality issues                                 orders and their progress.                              KPI reports such as water or energy con-
                                                 It is of course still possible to manually              sumption, waste water, CO2 consumpti-
The standardization and integration              select and modify orders or to create or-               on/recovery will be available for utilities.
aspects in the project are to help restrict      ders to run independently from SAP.
costs of IT software as well as hardware,                                                                Full traceability and genealogy helps to
facilitate the implementation of future          The full visibility of the production lines             understand at all times “when and how
changes and enhancements, and enable             offers the manufacturing intelligence                   the product was made and what of”.
a central support environment, reducing          required to continually improve processes
local support costs.                             and intervene in a timely fashion to avoid              Material movements can be traced back-
                                                 scrap.                                                  ward and forward and full genealogy
The solution                                                                                             reports are available in no time at all,
                                                 This is realized by integrating the MES                 without a scrap of paper in sight.
The choice fell on a solution based on           system with SAP for order handling, with
SIMATIC IT that includes functionality for       warehousing systems and at the process
Order Handling, Downtime and Utiliza-            layer with different control systems inclu-
tion Management, Tracking and Gene-              ding Siemens and Rockwell PLCs, process
alogy, At-line quality management and            control systems from various suppliers,

     The Project Team                              For this project ATS formed an interna-        across plants reduces the time, cost and
                                                   tional team to facilitate roll-out and proj-   risk of a project.
     The selection of a solution was not only      ect support. Furthermore ATS engineers
     influenced by the characteristics of the      are involved in the actual development of      SIMATIC IT has an open architecture al-
     actual product/solution, but also by the      the SIMATIC IT Brewing Industry Library        lowing 3rd party applications to be inte-
     suitability of the product vendor and the     and Filling & Packaging Library.               grated and synchronised with MES, and
     solution provider as project partners.                                                       offers strong connectivity to shop floor
                                                   From a product point of view the im-           and SAP.
     The main factors taken into account for       portance lay in product completeness,
     partner selection were reliability, also      product quality, deployment capabilities,      SIMATIC IT is fully based on the ISA-95
     towards the future, strategy and service      product vision and confidence in long          standard for MES and ATS also used
     concept, experience in MES as well as         term performance and support offered by        the ISA-95 MES model to translate the
     in the brewing industry and processes,        Siemens.                                       functional requirements from users at
     plus understanding of the Carlsberg                                                          Carlsberg HQ and subsidiaries.
     business goals and the capability to          SIMATIC IT is a modular system, which
     translate these into the technical imple-     means that only required modules need          From the very start of the project a proj-
     mentation.                                    to be deployed. It provides a set of com-      ect management structure was set up
                                                   ponents, each addressing a specific MES        including members of all involved par-
     Both Siemens and ATS lived up to these        function. These standard functions are         ties, Carlsberg, ATS, Siemens.
     criteria.                                     coordinated by a graphical workflow.

     ATS was selected by Carlsberg as the So-      Missing functions can be rapidly devel-
     lution Provider for this project. ATS is an   oped using the Client Application Builder.
     innovative, strategic knowledge partner       Components, models and rules are stored
     providing products and services for all       in a hierarchy of reusable libraries such as
     three levels of the automation pyramid;       the SIMATIC libraries used in this project.
     control, execution and information.           The capability to re-use these libraries


                                                                                        At a glance

                                                                                        Company: Carlsberg
                                                                                        Web address:

                                                                                        Industry: Brewing

                                                                                        Partner: ATS International
                                                                                        Web address:

                                                                                        Key Challenges:
                                                                                        • Complete system for consistent
                                                                                          MES approach
                                                                                        • Reduce production costs
                                                                                        • Improve quality
                                                                                        • Increase responsiveness

                                                                                        • SIMATIC IT Filling & Packaging
                                                                                        • SIMATIC IT Secondary Process

                                                                                        Key Benefits:
                                                                                        • Integrated systems
                                                                                        • Automatic data availability
The pay-off                                 tion costs, improving quality and ensur-    • Production visibility
                                            ing rapid response to demand changes.       • Continuous improvements in
The solution includes functionality for     Implementing a complete and standard-         quality and production
Order Handling, Downtime and Utiliza-       ized MES solution helps reduce automa-      • Reduced IT and automation costs
tion Management, Tracking and Geneal-       tion and IT costs, and integrate our sys-
ogy, At-line quality management and         tems to provide accurate planning and
KPI reporting for the Packaging areas,      production status information.
Utilities and Brewing & Processing.
                                            “Though we have not yet started to
A full roll out of the complete solution    measure the savings we get feedback
to at least 15 plants is planned within     from the plant about real savings in sys-
the next 4 years in a phased implemen-      tem and paperwork costs and consider-
tation approach.                            able enhancements in visibility of orders
                                            and actual production status.
This provides faster benefits and pro-
vides other breweries with an early op-     That, together with clear downtime re-
portunity to start gaining benefits and     porting, empowers our people to make
improvements whilst providing input to      better decisions, almost on an hourly
the design of the solution.                 basis, resulting in improvements on pro-
                                            duction and quality levels.”
The connectivity of the MES platform to
a wide variety of existing systems and
the re-usable character of the libraries
guarantee a long term solution.

In the end this project’s success is mea-
sured on its impact on lowering produc-

            MES out of the Box
            ATS - Siemens SIMATIC IT Library

            The Siemens library concept at a               generic for Brewing and Processing, Environ-
                                                           mental reporting and Filling and Packaging
            glance                                         lines.

            Traditionally MES solutions require sig-       The solution enables the ATS MES Excellence
            nificant integration effort. By developing a   teams to use these libraries as a standard
            solution based upon the Siemens SIMATIC        configuration and can be easily adapted to
            IT MES product ATS has taken advantage of      any Filling and Packaging configuration with
            the industry libraries available within the    minor configuration changes.
            product. Even with the standard software
            products on the market most MES imple-         Therefore the solution can really be consid-
            mentations require considerable configura-     ered out of the box and can be deployed not
            tion which increases the cost of the imple-    just in Food & Beverage, but in any filling
            mentation.                                     and packaging environment like for example
                                                           in a Pharmaceutical, Consumer Products op-
            The return on investment is adversely af-      erations etc.
            fected when costs increase. By creating a
            repeatable and supportable solution we can     Integrated Quality is the latest available
            ensure that 80% of the customers’ require-     functionality which comes with the ATS MES
            ments are met. In the majority of cases the    Out of the Box solution, and includes in-line
            out of the box approach works perfectly fol-   and at-line quality with integration to ERP
            lowing the classic 80/20 rule.                 QM:

            A real example of the strength of the ATS/     • Quality module gives full control and as-
            Siemens partnership is our collaborative ap-     surance on quality and manual inspection
            proach in library development of the ‘Out of     test interlinked with any process order
            the Box’ solution with the Siemens library     • The quality module has integration capa-
            teams in Genoa which has enabled rapid de-       bility with ERP QM:
            ployments & low cost of ownership.               • To receive Product specifications and
                                                               test plans
            The ATS MES out of the box solution is           • To send test results from MES to ERP QM
            based on the library developments in con-
            junction with the projects at Carlsberg to     • Workflow management in place to control
            create a common operations, plant, lines         and guide operators during the produc-
            and machine library configuration which is       tion on execution tests and inspections



• Exception management is integrated                     and availability of skilled resources        sion control and ATS provides 24/7
  within the workflow and is configu-                  • Rock solid; solution based upon prov-        support, proven support verifiable
  rable based on the business proce-                     en Siemens SIMATIC IT platform               through strong references
  dures                                                • Out of the box; solution preconfigured     • Extendable; ATS and Siemens have
• Raw material Quality information for                   using the SIMATIC IT libraries, leading      partnered globally to deliver a full
  each delivered batch can be compared                   to a significant reduction in deploy-        suite of MES functions to users, the
  with the raw material specifications                   ment time                                    solution can be extended to meet
                                                       • Proven; solution originally developed        many other potential customers &
The ATS MES out of the box solution                      for Carlsberg Breweries with full sup-       industry requirements. Examples
ensures compliance with the Siemens                      port of Siemens MES team, tried, test-       include research and development,
product roadmap and development                          ed and rolled out across multiple sites,     laboratory information system, main-
strategy allowing an easy upgrade to                     already adopted by other companies           tenance management, detailed sched-
newer versions. Currently the solution is              • Repeatable; the solution is repeatable       uling, weighing and dispensing and
available in version 6.4 and 6.5.                        due to use of architectural design and       other modules.
                                                         library configuration with extended
Key aspects that stand out:                              options including response to demand       The immediate benefits customers
                                                         changes, utility/environmental report-     experience:
• Industry standards; solution based                     ing and quality management integra-
  upon ISO 60224, ISA 95, OPC etc., re-                  tion                                       • One single, repeatable solution will
  ducing learning, implementation time                 • Supportable; Siemens manages ver-            reduce the total costs for MES/MIS
                                                                                                      compared to individual solutions per
                                                                                                      plant, care is taken to take account of
                                                                                                      differences in mechanical and control
                                                                                                      systems for solution networking and
                                                                                                    • Supporting Continuous Improvement
                                                                                                    • Product and material tracking and
                                                                                                    • Reduction in manual data collection
                                                                                                    • Reduction in manual data manipula-
                                                                                                      tion and report creation
                                                                                                    • Elimination of duplicate processes
                                                                                                    • Automatic generation of reports and
                                                                                                      KPI data
                                                                                                    • Real-time visibility of production facili-
                                                                                                    • Improved data accuracy and decision
The functionality currently covered in the ATS MES out of the Box solution                          • Dynamic response to production or
                                                                                                      quality issues
                                                                                                    • Future changes and enhancements
                                                                                                      can be easily implemented
                                                                                                    • Replacement of legacy home-grown,
                                                                                                      difficult to support systems

     World leading companies like
     Schweppes, Unilever, Coopers Breweries
     and others, have recognised the bene-
     fits and are taking a strong business ap-
     proach to gain rapid business improve-
     ments from the ATS MES out of the box
     filling and packaging solution.

     SIMATIC IT Libraries used:
     CIL-E2S (when communicating with an
     SAP system without SAP PI)

     Environmental Reporting: the core
     products PPA and report manager

     Brewing and processing:
     ILH-POH                                     Filling and Packaging:
     ILH-PRO                                     secondary library collections.


       Operational Excellence
       MES Solution with SIMATIC IT at Henkel Sealant Hannover

       Why Siemens?                                      The business challenge
       „Siemens is a worldwide vendor of a stan-
       dard-based product and their modular              The Henkel plant in Hannover is one of the
       and scalable functionality offers a future-       native locations of Henkel and has produced
       proof and secure investment. In order to          sealants and adhesives since the 50ies.
       achieve our business goals we must red-           Nowadays the plant produces joint sealing,
       uce operational costs. This is where MES          assembly glue and PU construction foam for
       helps out.                                        DIY and industry applications.

       We are really pleased with the SIMATIC IT         Both the bulk production as well as the
       solution and the Siemens project team. In         complex custom cartridge filling underwent
       the near future we will be expanding the          an optimization of the production manage-
       system and integrating it with existing           ment. This was achieved with a MES solu-
       automation solutions and recipe manage-           tion from Siemens.
       ment system.“
                                                         Henkel Hannover produces 30 million car-
       Dr. Breithor – Production Manager in Han-         tridges per year and is renowned for its high
       nover                                             variety of customized products.
                                                         The main goal of the project was to increase
       The customer                                      production efficiency, improve order man-
                                                         agement and reduce the amounts of paper
       With a worldwide workforce of over 50.000         required for production orders.
       Henkel is one of the Fortune-500-Compa-
       nies. Its 3 business areas: Laundry & Home        In the past the 250 to 350 weekly orders
       Care, Cosmetics/Toiletries and Adhesive           were scheduled in a SAP Add-on and trans-
       Technologies operate in 125 countries.            ferred to Excel. The production paper was is-
                                                         sued and printed by SAP for each production
       Henkel is a world market leader in adhe-          and filling line. Data acquisition was a time
       sives, sealants and surface treatments. Its       consuming matter, as all data capturing was
       Adhesive Technologies division was good           handled manually on a printed production
       for a 6,22 billion € revenue in 2009. Brands      protocol and a printed OEE capture sheet
       such as Loctite, Pattex, Ceresit, Pritt, Ponal,   (OEE: Overall Equipment Effectiveness).
       Metylan, Sista are widely used by consum-
       ers, craftsmen and industrial businesses.         Considering there are six bulk production
                                                         lines and nine filling lines, times 2 to 15
       Woodworking or wallpapering, production           papers per production order, this amounted
       of cars, books, aircrafts, etc. those are but a   to the print, distribution and processing of
       few of the applications of Henkel products.       1500 to 2000 production papers per week.


     On top of efficient traceability in pro-     ate a solution based on SIMATIC IT that        solution in SIMATIC IT records these
     duction and increased online visibility,     would synchronize order and material           disruptions. The paper OEE record sheet
     the integrated data flows in the MES         data with SAP and help optimize produc-        is now a thing of the past, which saves
     were expected to enable real-time feed-      tion management.                               the line operators all the valuable time
     back on produced quantities, actual                                                         they used to spend documenting the
     consumption and equipment status.            Also included in this project was the in-      line status. The next step is equipment
     Based on these data the goal was to re-      stallation of Siemens Touch Panels on the      connection, which will allow automatic
     alize sustainable process improvements       mixers in the bulk production area and         capturing of error causes.
     based on error detection and root cause      on the filling lines. The other production
     analysis in order to avoid waste and cus-    areas as well as the offices were plugged      The production manager can carry out
     tomer rejects.                               into the MES solution through standard         extensive OEE analyses to support speci-
                                                  PCs. This gives production managers an         fic improvement processes. The analysis
     The reliable calculation of KPIs and OEE     immediate view of the current status of        tools in SIMATIC IT OEE are clearly a part
     monitoring combined with the integrat-       all plant assets through the SIMATIC IT        of the overall MES concept. They enable
     ed data on production and consumption        Web Client and the possibility to run real-    large-scale analyses on materials and
     quantities would offer a solid base for      time analyses of production results.           orders.
     better target versus actual cost analysis.                                                  The Henkel standard for OEE reports
     It was vital that this approach find         Production management                          was adopted, and what used to require
     strong acceptance with the production        SIMATIC IT takes over the orders that are      time consuming manual data compila-
     staff and that they understood the im-       planned in the Henkel SAP-Add-on and           tions now takes but a mouse click, with
     portance of their role in this process.      shows them directly on the displays at         considerably improved data quality and
     An intuitive and user friendly operator      the mixing and filling lines.                  accuracy. On top of the Henkel OEE
     interface was required to guide them         In the past the operators had to manually      report the module offers standard ana-
     through the production process.              modify the InLine inkjet printer set up        lyses such as availability, Performance
                                                  according to the order specific print data     Rate, MTBA, MTTR, MTBF.
     The solution                                 for the cartridges.
                                                  Now, SIMATIC IT automatically provides         The users were convinced by the MES
     The sealant operations in Hannover can       the customer specific data to the InLine       solution from day one and management
     be divided into primary production and       printer. Even the most diverse customer        as well as staff in production value the
     filling. Primary production mainly con-      requirements in terms of data formats          benefits from using SIMATIC IT.
     cerns the production of bulk material in     for cartridge IDs and expiry dates can be      The know-how of the staff was also
     large containers, most of which is then      applied to the cartridges without a single     captured in the system which can now
     transferred to the filling lines to be pa-   intervention by the line manager.              ensure high quality and a low error rate
     cked into cartridges.                                                                       in production.
                                                  OEE feedback
     Some 700 products are produced based         The line operators fill in their order feed-   When an operator encounters an error
     on over 120 different recipes. These pro-    back directly on the Touch Panel where         in the master data it needs to be cor-
     duction specifications are managed in        they can also report shift changeovers or      rected only in one instance and then
     SAP R/3 according to Henkel standards        breakdowns.                                    applied in the next production run. This
     and requirements. Each of the 5000 ma-       Easy acquisition and aggregation of OEE        upgrades the value of the employee’s
     terials (raw materials, packaging, finis-    data was a major requirement. In case of       time and work and stresses his impor-
     hed goods) has its unique ID in SAP.         a disruption the operator can now choose       tance in the realization of optimization
     An order was issued to Siemens to cre-       from a dropdown list of causes. The OEE        programs.


                                                                                            At a glance
                                                                                            Customer: Henkel Sealant Hannover

                                                                                            Industry: Chemicals - Adhesives

                                                                                            System Integrator: Siemens
                                                                                            Delivery Services Process Karlsruhe
                                                                                            & Siemens I&S Köln

                                                                                            Main requirements:
                                                                                            • Optimizing production
                                                                                            • Overall integration of ERP, MES
                                                                                              and Production
                                                                                            • Reduce paperwork and manual
                                                                                            • Transparency and traceability of
                                                                                            • Reduce waste and rejects
                                                                                            • Increase efficiency based on
                                                                                              integrated data for OEE and root
                                                                                              cause analysis

                                                                                            • MES
                                                                                            • OEE

                                                                                            Main benefits:
The pay-off                                  The entire production operations now           • Real-time interoperability
                                             run smoothly and more securely.                  between ERP and MES
The SIMATIC IT MES solution at Henkel        Management, supervisors and operators          • Reduced paperwork for
                                                                                              production execution
Sealant Hannover considerably simpli-        are satisfied and would not go without
                                                                                            • Avoid errors through system
fies production management.                  the system again, even though it’s only          guidance of the workers during
                                             been in use for a few months.                    the production process
Not only did the system rid the plant of                                                    • Integration of captured data for
the mountains of paperwork related to        Production management now has the vis-           OEE
                                                                                            • Flexibility to handle complex
production orders, the production staff      ibility it takes to realize sustainable pro-     operations
is now securely directed through the         cess improvements and to optimize the
production process and errors can thus       efficiency of the production staff.
be avoided.
                                             MES scores for Henkel:
No time is lost on administrative tasks      Service and Quality
such as printing, distribution, collection   Meet customer demands by timely delive-
and management of production orders.         ring high quality at a low error rate
It is dedicated instead to production
optimization measures. The expected in-      Lean
crease in efficiency resulting from using    Relocating the office into the production
MES exceeds 5 %.                             hall so to speak, increases the efficiency
                                             of the personnel in production. Admi-
Employees from different divisions were      nistrative work without added value is
involved at an early stage, starting with    practically eliminated and from a logistic
a process workshop organized by Sie-         point of view inventory costs can be re-
mens.                                        duced.

This approach has also proved success-       Operational Excellence
ful in other projects. The users are far     The MES solution is a tool for the staff to
more likely to adopt and appreciate a so-    improve their excellence. They can incre-
lution that takes their requirements and     ase their visibility, deliver better quality
suggestions into account.                    and reduce the number of errors.

            A Well-oiled Machine
            IOI Loders Croklaan: MES solution with SIMATIC IT

            Loders Croklaan is dedicated to providing       ably the largest - integrated palm oil supply
            its customers an extensive range of palm-       chains in the world, from the palm trees on
            based products, comprehensive supply-           more than 150,000 hectares of plantations
            chain management, and unprecedented             to customer delivery of refined oil.
            assurance of product safety, quality and
            value. The new plant in the Port of Rotter-     This vertically integrated business together
            dam alone processes 2,500 tons of palm          with the experience and scale, gives cus-
            oil daily.                                      tomers a competitive advantage, so they
                                                            can profit from optimum quality and reliabil-
            Its huge capacity and central location          ity, as well as increased transparency, sus-
            help serve customers at maximum speed,          tainability and cost savings. These are major
            reliability and cost-effectiveness. To re-      assets for a company seeking to be a partner
            alize the required level of efficiency and      for its customers as Loders Croklaan does.
            flexibility full vertical and horizontal in-
            tegration and automation of processes in        Loders’ primary manufacturing facilities
            and beyond the plant were a priority right      are located in the Netherlands, the United
            from the greenfield stage.                      States and Malaysia. Its state-of-the-art facil-
                                                            ity in the Port of Rotterdam, the Netherlands
            Right up Siemens’ alley. The Siemens To-        is Europe’s largest palm oil refinery and frac-
            tally Integrated Automation (TIA) concept       tionation plant.
            is now the backbone of the entire supply
            chain. The combination of SIMATIC IT Ma-        The business challenge
            nufacturing Execution System, PCS7 for
            Process Control and SIMATIC Batch covers        Efficiency was and is the key word at the
            processes from raw material intake over         Rotterdam palm plant. The idea was to mini-
            production to goods shipping, and inte-         mize the number of human interventions on
            gration from the plant floor right up to        the plant floor. This could only be achieved
            the ERP system.                                 through advanced process automation
                                                            where operator intervention is an exception
            The customer                                    rather than a rule.

            Loders Croklaan is a subsidiary of IOI Corpo-   In view of compliance with regulations such
            ration in Berhad, Malaysia and has its head-    as the US Bioterrorism Act, traceability was
            quarters in Wormerveer, the Netherlands.        another major requirement, not only of
            It is a key global producer of oils, fats and   changes in the processes, but also backward
            nutritional ingredients with a strong focus     and forward genealogy of the materials and
            on palm oil.                                    products.

            Since its acquisition by IOI in 2002, Loders    Knowing which raw materials are used in
            Croklaan has been able to provide custom-       a product, and which customers a certain
            ers with one of the few complete - and argu-    raw material is destined to. In a plant this



size this requires the ability to handle     if necessary, of a combination of info       Batch to create a lot and carry out the
enormous data volumes and reporting          from all systems according to situational    actual execution of the order based on
capabilities, which in turn requires com-    or functional information requirements.      downloaded recipes.
munication between systems in order to       The Greenfield situation had allowed
avoid data entry duplication while sav-      the engineers to determine beforehand        All the while SIMATIC IT Material Mana-
ing time and eliminating errors.             which systems and setups would support       ger will keep track of all material move-
                                             optimum efficiency in every step of the      ments and status changes, resulting in
A clear visibility on plant floor activity   process.                                     a full product genealogy. In SIMATIC IT
and material status was essential to                                                      Production Modeler, the calculation of
allow analysis and improvement of pro-       From the arrival of raw materials right      production relevant KPIs is defined at
cesses, and support advanced planning.       up to the shipment of finished products      particular points in the process.
                                             all process steps are covered. All events,
The solution                                 production operations, equipment, and        The KPIs are based on real-time process
                                             tanks are defined in the SIMATIC IT Pro-     information collected from the control
The TIA solution was implemented in          duction Modeler. From here the neces-        layer, captured, validated, and aggrega-
a joint effort with Siemens and Loders       sary actions are triggered. For instance     ted in SIMATIC IT Historian and appropri-
Croklaan. It consisted of SIMATIC IT MES,    thanks to the integration of the LIMS        ately associated with quality parameters
including SIMATIC IT Unilab LIMS and         SIMATIC IT Unilab sample creation and        and process specifications.
SIMATIC IT Historian, in connection with     analysis can be scheduled to check the
SIMATIC PCS7 for process control and         product quality and release a shipment.      SIMATIC IT Report Manager provides an
SIMATIC Batch.                                                                            advanced functionality to create auto-
                                             This information is fed back to the ERP      matic time- or event- based reports, as
SIMATIC IT forms the link between the        system which gives the impulse to create     well as ad-hoc reports, based on infor-
existing central ERP system (SAP) and        a production order through SIMATIC IT        mation retrieved from the control layer
the process control system (PCS7).           Production Order Manager, and with each      through Historian, from Material Mana-
This guarantees the availability, remote     process step SIMATIC IT triggers SIMATIC     ger, LIMS as well as ERP.

                                                                                              At a glance

                                                                                              Loders Croklaan:

                                                                                              Industry: Edible Oils

                                                                                              Key Challenges:
                                                                                              • efficiency through maximum
                                                                                              • advanced tracking & tracing
                                                                                              • standard, modular & future proof

                                                                                              • SIMATIC IT Production Suite
                                                                                              • SIMATIC IT Unilab
                                                                                              • TIA: SIMATIC PCS7 &
                                                                                                SIMATIC Batch

                                                                                              Key Benefits:
                                                                                              • cost efficiency through limited
                                                                                                personnel requirements
                                                                                              • customer satisfaction through
     The pay-off                                 Additionally all captured information is       flexibility
                                                available to continuously improve pro-        • regulatory compliance and pro-
     At the Loders plant in Rotterdam 2,500     duction efficiency and speedily and accu-       cess optimization through data
     tons of palm oil are produced daily by     rately reply to information requests from       integration
     no more than 50 people. Large time-sav-    customers or regulatory bodies.
     ings are the result of single data entry
     and easy and central data accessibility.   This greatly improves customer services
                                                as well as regulatory compliance.
     The throughput time from raw material
     to pure palm oil ranges from 3 hours to    The flexible and open character of the so-
     just over half a day.                      lution allows Loders Croklaan to look into
                                                possibilities of further system integration
     Such a level of efficiency can only be     and process optimization for this plant
     obtained because the processes are well    that can serve as a blueprint for other
     defined and supported by seamlessly        and future plants.
     integrated systems at all times and all
     people involved have easy access to
     clear work instructions.


       Real-time Plant Scheduling
       How a fully automated production order optimization in combi-
       nation with decoupled production machines can increase effici-
       ency and production accuracy.

       „Solving the real-time scheduling problem was one of the big challenges of the entire
       project. The highly innovative solution developed in cooperation with Xavo and iFactory
       has succeeded in its practical application, because the solution does not require heuristic
       input or permanent maintenance of the scheduling algorithm despite frequent changes
       to machine configurations.“
       Elmar Schlöder, Global Engineering, Japan Tobacco International

       Towards the end of the year 2007, Japan To-
       bacco International (JTI) developed the idea
       of replacing the current concept of a strict
       coupling of filter makers to cigarette mak-
       ers with a more flexible design. This design
       - termed Filter Distribution Center (FDC) by
       JTI - decoupled filter and cigarette produc-
       tion with the introduction of an intermedi-
       ate storage facility.                             The FDC MES covers a wide range of tasks from master data
                                                         management, order management to SAP and WMS integration.

       Cutting edge high-speed filter makers,
       whose high capacities would be fully lever-       These were tasks that could not be managed
       aged in the decoupled design, should be           manually any longer, at least not with satis-
       deployed on the filter production side.           factory - or even optimal - results.
       Thus, the same throughput was to be               Working with our colleagues from iFactory,
       achieved with significantly fewer machines.       the project team from Xavo developed a
       On the make/pack side planning flexibility        pilot solution for the automatic optimization
       should be increased.                              of the filter production. This solution called
                                                         for a close interaction between iFactory’s
       The Development of the Solution                   iFRP® scheduler and a highly integrated
                                                         Manufacturing Execution System.
       It quickly became clear that solid IT support
       was vital in this design. The goal was to         While the MES has to calculate the neces-
       produce the same high number of different         sary filter batches based on current de-
       filter types with fewer filter machines.          mand, the scheduler takes care about the
       The optimal allocation of production orders       optimal distribution of the orders in time
       for the filter maker and simultaneous real-       and space. In other words, the scheduler
       time monitoring of the interim storage facil-     calculates when and on which machine a fil-
       ity was essential for this solution.              ter production order has to be produced.


     The simplified architecture of the IT solution                           SIMATIC IT Predictive Scheduler Interactive (PDS-i)

     A symbiotic unit:                                Visibility and interaction                                Integration between business and
                                                                                                                shop-floor Real-time scheduling (fully
     MES with iFRP scheduler                          An intelligent scheduling algorithm and                   automated optimization, manual inter-
                                                      the integration of all relevant parameters,               vention possibilities with real-time re-
     The MES takes into account shift cal-            however, were not yet sufficient.                         calculation of constraints, and real-time
     endars and maintenance timetables,                                                                         monitoring of plan fulfillment) is an es-
     calculates set-up times, and ensures             The human production staff needed to                      sential part of this solution.
     that the allocated machines meet the             be able to see and assess the optimized
     production requirements. The scheduler           planning results. In addition, manual in-                 For operational use, a number of typical
     then performs an optimizing process on           tervention had to be possible in as well.                 MES applications (such as data mainte-
     the production plans according to differ-                                                                  nance, order management, and auto-
     ent criteria.                                    The SIMATIC IT Production Suite had been                  mated SAP and WMS connections) were
                                                      in use at JTI as MES platform for a num-                  integrated into the solution as well.
     Depending on the requirements of the             ber of years.
     planner, the scheduler can be config-            It therefore made sense to integrate                      The users were thus freed from the tire-
     ured to avoid set-ups, save shifts or            the brand-new planning tool from this                     some task of manually allocating each
     achieve throughput targets. In this way,         Siemens suite, the Predictive Detailed                    order; and the shop floor and the busi-
     Xavo’s MES and the iFRP scheduler are            Scheduler (PDS-i) into this solution. PDS-i               ness world were connected almost syn-
     building a symbiotic unit that meets the         enables the visualization of production                   chronously which avoids mistakes and
     customers requirements perfectly.                plans and allows users to make manual                     saves time.
     In addition to the optimal supply of the                                                                   MES provides users an overview about
     cigarette makers with filters, the system        Any change to a plan would be reviewed                    production orders progress. It also con-
     also ensures the proper production of            in real time in order to alert users to                   tinuously calculates stock forecasts for
     filters for resale. Planners could chose         potential future problems such as safety-                 the filter warehouse.
     priorities in this area as well.                 stock violations.


                                                                                             Project Facts

                                                                                             Project leader: Andre Goller (Xavo)
                                                                                             Time frame: End of 2007 (Idea) to May
                                                                                             2009 (first go live in Trier)
                                                                                             Productive locations: Trier, St.
                                                                                             iFactory iFRP® for Tobacco
                                                                                             Simatic IT Production Suite v6.3

                                                                                             How to get…
                                                                                             Here are your resources if you are
                                                                                             interested in more information about
                                                                                             Real-time Scheduling, Xavo‘s products
                                                                                             & solutions and people supporting you
                                                                                             with your questions.

                                                                                             ...latest product information
                                                                                             You‘ll find the latest information about
                                                                                             product updates and new features on
                                                                                             our website. Just point your browser
                                                                                             to to
                                                                                             reach the starting point for information
                                                                                             about Xavo Plant Scheduling.

                                                                                             ...a contact to discuss solutions,
                                                                                             quotes and everything else about
                                                                                             Xavo Plant Scheduling
                                                                                             Your primary contact regarding Xavo
                                                                                             Plant Scheduling is Detlef Riedel,
The Implementation                             For the most part, the scheduler needs        Xavo AG, Bayreuth.
                                               less than 90 seconds to calculate a com-
The entire software package was de-            plete production plan. This also enables      Xavo
veloped and tested between mid 2008            the solution to react with optimal results
                                                                                             Xavo was the first SIMATIC IT Partner
and the beginning of 2009. It went live        and in real time to all unexpected events.    in Germany. Since 2003 the company
for the first time at JTI’s Trier factory in                                                 is creating successful solutions based
May of 2009. The team did a great job          In this solution the MES ensures auto-        on SIMATIC IT for customers from all
on simulations and field tests which has       mated and error-free communication            over europe. Xavo is located in Bayreuth
                                                                                             (Headquarters), Nuremberg and Reinach
been confirmed by the productive run-          between the SAP system and the ware-          (Switzerland). About 35 higly skilled
ning solution.                                 house-management system, thus con-            and motivated employees working
                                               necting the shop floor with the business      at Xavo. The industry sectors Xavo is
The whole project was a great success.         world.                                        focussed on are: Food & Beverages,
Therefore the solution was also rolled                                                       Tobacco, Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals
                                                                                             and Green Technologies. Xavo has many
out in the St. Petersburg factory in Octo-     Furthermore, factory staff is informed        years of experience in both Production
ber of 2009.                                   immediately if plan deviations occur and      Suite and R&D Suite.
                                               is provided with a forecast of the filter
A New Dimension of the                         inventory for the next hours/days at any      Contact:
                                                                                             Xavo AG
                                               given time.
                                                                                             Detlef Riedel
Order Planning                                                                               Meistersingerstrasse 2
                                               The combination of the scheduling algo-       95444 Bayreuth, Germany
The development of the complete solu-          rithm with a highly integrated MES has
tion for the filter distribution center was    proven so successful in practice that, as a   Tel: +49 (921) 78 77 79 0
                                                                                             Fax: +49 (921) 78 77 79 29
a complex task. Over a dozen colleagues        result, Xavo has begun to develop a stan-
from JTI, Xavo, and iFactory were in-          dardized product which integrates the         Web:
volved in this project.                        iFRP algorithm into a MES solution:
                                               Xavo Plant Scheduling.
But the advantages gained are well
worth the effort. The number of re-            This product provides a model which
quired filter makers has been almost           enables entire factories to leverage real-
halved while planning flexibility and ac-      time plant scheduling.
curacy increased significantly.

            Increased Production Performance
            @ Société Beurrière d’Isigny (Lactalis)

            The customer                                    The business challenge

            The Lactalis group is one of the biggest        The main challenges from a business point
            family enterprises in France. It regroups       of view in this packaging department were
            more than 38.000 employees in 120 pro-          to increase visibility in order to improve
            duction sites worldwide. It was one of the      quality and asset efficiency of the plant.
            first dairy production enterprises in Europe
            and remains one of the world leaders in this    From a technical point of view this required
            domain.                                         ERP to plant floor connectivity and an easy
                                                            to use HMI for operators.
            At Isigny which is located in La Manche in
            Basse-Normandie, the Société Beurièrre          The resulting transparent data synchroniza-
            d’Isigny which belongs to the Lactalis group,   tion and performance monitoring (KPI &
            produces butter of the brand Président.         OEE) was expected to enable error avoid-
            There are 4 production lines to produce dif-    ance and quality labeling.
            ferent package sizes.




                                                                                      TECHNORD is a family group of 300 persons
                                                                                      specialized in Electrical Engineering: we are
                                                                                      industrial integrator of services.

                                                                                      Our different business areas are Industrial
                                                                                      Electricity Low and Medium Voltage,
                                                                                      Electrical Cabinets, M.E.S. (Manufacturing
                                                                                      Execution System), Industrial Data
                                                                                      processing, programming of PLC and
                                                                                      supervision system and industrial and office
                                                                                      automation networks.

                                                                                      TECHNORD is certified to the very highest
                                                                                      level by the leading manufacturers on the
                                                                                      worldwide market.

                                                                                      Industry PHARMACEUTICAL

                                                                                      Process Control System SIMATIC PCS 7
                                                                                      Human Machine Interface SIMATIC HMI
                                                                                      Manufacturing Exec. System SIMATIC IT

                                                                                      Solution Partner
                                                                                      Automation System SIMATIC
                                                                                      Process Control System SIMATIC PCS 7
                                                                                      Human Machine Interface SIMATIC HMI
                                                                                      Industrial Communication SIMATIC NET
                                                                                      Manufacturing Execution System SIMATIC IT
The solution                              The Results
                                                                                      TECHNORD s.a.
A combination of PCS7 and SIMATIC IT      • Integrated system, less errors (+- 10%)   Rue de la Lys 21
was implemented to on the one hand        • Higher efficiency > less weekend work     BE-7500 Tournai
automate the level 2 functionalities.     • Increased quality & traceability of
                                                                                      Phone: +32 (0) 69/25 73 60
The IO-signals are connected through        production lots                           Fax: +32 (0) 69/25 73 53
PROFIBUS DP and other third party                                           
equipment using Modbus or serial inter-

On the MES level, SIMATIC IT was used
to integrate the ERP with the process
control for efficient production execu-
tion and traceability, which results in
paperless execution.

ERP downloads production orders which
are recalculated into production orders
based on quality/day.

The production lines are also monitored
by the OEE/DTM module of SIMATIC IT
Historian, to monitor and improve the
utilization of the used equipment.

            Mixing and Packaging with
            SIMATIC IT and PCS7
            A brown field full of flour

            Imtech developed a shared vision with Latenstein, a manufacturer of wheat starch and
            wheat-protein, for the automation of their Mixing and Packaging lines. The process control
            as well as the production management (MES) layer are based on Siemens SIMATIC IT and
            the PCS7 platform.

            The customer                                    They take special care for the quality of their
                                                            service, their manufacturing processes and
            Latenstein products are applied for             their deliverables.
            structural improvement of food or as a
            binder or filler in food products. They are     Certification such as HACCP, Kosher & Pare-
            also used in pet-food.                          vee and Halal guarantee Latenstein’s inter-
                                                            national reputation as a reliable supplier.
            Starch is not only applied in the manufactur-   For products for pet food Latenstein is
            ing of cakes, bread, soups, sauces, snacks,     certificated according to GMP+.
            beef and pork products,but also in the man-
            ufacturing of cardboard, glue and fish feed.    Latenstein’s Mixing and Packaging lines
                                                            receive raw materials, which are mixed in
            Due to their organization, Latenstein can       order to create the required product
            provide the market with tailor made             qualities, buffered. Finally products are
            products. They are able to respond swiftly to   homogenized and packed.
            market demands such as new product
            specifications, product quality requirements    Latenstein supplies in 25 kilo sacks, big-bags
            and product packaging.                          or in trucks. They have two sack fillers, two
                                                            big bag fillers, two palletizers and three
            The automation system contributes to excel-     docking stations for trucks.
            lent control of the basic production process-
            es and to a rapid information exchange.
            For Latenstein, quality of their products
            and processes is of the utmost importance.



The business challenge                   The new control system does not have          The solution
                                         pre-programmed routes.
Latenstein’s primary driver for                                                        Order intake, the production planning,
introducing a new automation system      Instead, it determines the optimal routing    quality control including approval by
for the Mixing and Packaging lines was   based on availability and contamination       quality assurance and release of freight-
the age of their previous system.        rules. In any case, the control system        documents: all is taken care of by the
Both knowledge and spare parts were      provides the possibility to apply any given   Latenstein’s control and information
becoming sparse, creating a situation    route.                                        system.
where small problems could cause                                                       Basic functions of the system include:
unacceptable amounts of downtime.        Besides this, new legislation according       • Execution of transport orders and
                                         to General Food Law required the                adjacent route selection;
The market Latenstein operates in        implementation of tracking and tracing.       • Mixing orders into big bags;
demands a high level of flexibility.                                                   • Handling of retour product flow;
The automation system should never       All over the manufacturing process,           • Handling, weighing, creating freight
limit the physical capabilities of the   tracking of raw materials takes place,          documents;
production. Therefore, the opportunity   and all material flow properties are being    • Quality Control and Quality Assurance
to create a much more flexible system    recorded, including the intake and output       and approval for product release from
was seized.                              of raw materials and final products.            the lab.

                                                                                               Imtech Industrial Services

                                                                                               With 25,000 employees and 21,000
                                                                                               clients, Imtech realises annual revenues
                                                                                               of over 4.5 billion euro. Imtech offers
                                                                                               added value in the form of integrated
                                                                                               multidisciplinary total solutions that lead
                                                                                               to better business processes and higher
                                                                                               revenue for our own clients and for the
                                                                                               clients that they, in turn, serve.
                                                                                               Imtech also offers solutions that
                                                                                               contri-bute towards a sustainable
                                                                                               society, such as ‘green’ technology
                                                                                               andtechnological solutions in the fields of
                                                                                               energy, environ-ment, water and mobility.

                                                                                               Imtech Industrial Services provides
                                                                                               ap-propriate technical solutions for the
                                                                                               industrial market. Imtech is familiar with
                                                                                               the production, legislation and regulations
                                                                                               in many markets,including chemicals, oil
                                                                                               & gas, food & feed, logistics and energy&
                                                                                               environment and providing services
                                                                                               as engineering, projectmanagement,
                                                                                               installation of automation projects and
                                                                                               industrial management & maintenance to
                                                                                               our customers. Our key word sare safety,
                                                                                               availability, quality and reliability, and
                                                                                               requirements, as our clients are leading.

                                                                                               The business unit Automation Solutions
                                                                                               is the Centre of Expertise for the develop-
                                                                                               ment and implementation of innovative
                                                                                               en reliable automation concepts, which
                                                                                               are a solid base for manufacturing
     Imtech took care of the entire design,       The pay-off                                  execution systems and process control
     build and implementation of the                                                           applications. It combines know-how of
     complete process control and                 The benefits of the new system in terms      manufacturing processes, information
     information solution for Latenstein’s        of flexibility and user-friendliness were    technology and software packages and
                                                                                               tools to agile solutions for effective
     Mixing and Packaging lines.                  recognized by both Latenstein’s              production management and Operational
                                                  production planners and operators.           Excellence.
     The system is based on SIMATIC IT and                                                     Automation Solutions provides integrated
     PCS7. The system design was written          The new automation system enabled            ICT services focused on consultancy/
     according to the ISA-88 and ISA-95           Latenstein to increase its customer confi-   project management, system design,
                                                                                               software implementation services and
     guidelines. Orders originating from a        dence by enabling quick recipe changes       maintenance in the area of industrial
     SAP system are processed by the process      and batch sizing. It also created a basis    automation, manufacturing execution and
     control system. The scope of the system      for further efficiency optimization by       information management.
     includes the PLC control system and          automating workflow, early warning of        Imtech is a certified SIMATIC IT partner
                                                                                               and has strong partnerships with IBM and
     field interfaces.                            deficiencies and data collection for
                                                                                               Microsoft for their business solutions.
                                                  further analysis.
     The user interfaces are adapted to the                                                    Success starts with a good conversation
     needs of individual users. Utilizing the     Agility and Lean are the key pay-offs from   Do you want to know what Imtech can
     SIMATIC IT CAB client guarantees a           implementing SIMATIC IT and PCS7.            provide for your organization?
     similar look & feel for all users. Users
                                                                                               Please contact your Imtech account
     can both check and activate orders.                                                       manager.
     The system provides overviews of the                                                      T: +31 (0)33 – 453 92 00
     currently running orders.                                                                 E:
     The production-operator or planner is                                                     W:
     able to create orders himself or accept
     orders coming from the ERP system. In
     the exceptional cases in which automa-
     tic process control is not possible, the
     system provides PCS7 process
     visualization for the operator in order to
     support manual operation.


       No Small Beer
       Grupo Mahou-San Miguel - Integrated Quality and Traceability
       with SIMATIC IT

       To strengthen its reputation as a top qua-       Laboratory Information
       lity brewer, Grupo Mahou-San Miguel has
       implemented an integrated quality ma-            Management System (LIMS)
       nagement and traceability system based
       on components from the Siemens MES               To enforce this dedication to quality a
       portfolio SIMATIC IT. The solution inclu-        powerful tool was needed for continuous
       des a LIMS (laboratory information ma-           improvement of processes and products,
       nagement system), a material manage-             and one that would support an integrated
       ment module, and a product specification         quality management approach across all
       management system.                               plants with a structured way of handling
                                                        product and process data.
       The customer
                                                        Mahou-San Miguel decided to implement
       Grupo Mahou-San Miguel has a history of          a LIMS (laboratory information management
       more than 100 years. It is the number one        system) that would integrate the manage-
       Spanish-owned beer group and one of the          ment of the existing laboratories in each
       major brewers in the world.                      of the company’s production units, and
                                                        could replace the different small home-
       The company employs 2100 people at its           grown systems for lab management.
       headquarters in Madrid and its 7 breweries
       in Spain (Guadalajara, Lérida, Burgos, Mál-      A thorough screening of the LIMS market
       aga, Tenerife, Córdoba and Granada) where        turned out SIMATIC IT Unilab, which is
       over 11.6 million hectoliters (hl) of beer are   Siemens’ LIMS, and forms part of the Sie-
       brewed yearly.                                   mens MES portfolio. Decisive factors in the
                                                        selection were flexibility, capabilities and
       A large part of the produce is destined for      performance.
       the local market but a fair share also finds
       its way to several markets in Europe,            SIMATIC IT Unilab was designed to fill the
       Africa and America.                              gap between lab and production environ-
                                                        ments. It manages lab workflows and opti-
       Product quality and service are top priority     mizes collection, analysis and reporting of
       at Mahou-San Miguel. The company makes           quality data from lab instruments as well as
       continuous investments in tools and meth-        process data captured from the production
       ods to keep quality, security and efficiency     lines.
       at its plants at world class level.

       Mahou-San Miguel is ISO 9001:2000 certi-
       fied for its quality management system in
       product development and production and
       strongly committed to product quality.


     The main LIMS functionality in use at        In their requirement specification Ma-        They also wanted the system to register
     Mahou-San Miguel is:                         hou-San Miguel defined an information         the activities of any analyst at any given
     • Management of all quality data (raw        management system to efficiently ma-          time, which is going a step beyond the
       material, finished products, environ-      nage all quality data and activities in the   rules set by the ISO 9001:2000 stan-
       mental samples, etc.)                      labs. The tool had to support compli-         dard.
                                                  ance with the EU food traceability law
     • Full and flexible support for definition   that applies since January 2005.              And ultimately we needed the ability
       and execution of complex test plans                                                      to monitor the equipment used for the
                                                  This law stipulates that a company must       analyses, including interventions and
     • Direct connections to lab instruments      be able to trace back any substance invol-    planned maintenance.”
       and equipment                              ved in the production or distribution pro-
                                                  cess of food or feed products.                José María Villero Salas, Lab Manager
     • Immediate feedback on quality excep-                                                     at the Málaga brewery
       tions                                      “Above all we were looking for a system
                                                  that would enforce quality parameters         The first 3 requirements were covered
     • Support of quality standards such as       and environmental checks in each step         by the standard SIMATIC IT Unilab func-
       GLP, GAMP, ISO, FDA, HACCP                 of the production process.                    tionality. Since Unilab is used to check
                                                                                                the quality during each process step it
     • Compliance support to 21 CFR Part 11       Moreover it had to include a flexible re-     is also possible to extend the use of its
                                                  porting module to let us create different     functionality to actually manage tracea-
     The labs at Mahou-San Miguel basically       reports to evaluate the performance of        bility during each production step, from
     carry out chemical and physicochemical       the plants and the labs.                      raw material intake to finished and pa-
     analyses. Next to the daily environmen-                                                    ckaged goods dispatch.
     tal analyses the labs take samples at        The Quality Management wanted to be
     various stages of the production pro-        able to consult the quality parameters of
     cess.                                        all breweries in real time.


                                                                                      At a glance

                                                                                      Grupo Mahou-San Miguel

                                                                                      Industry: Brewing

                                                                                      Key Challenges:
                                                                                      • enforce quality procedures
                                                                                      • integrate quality in production
                                                                                      • regulatory compliance

SIMATIC IT Unilab manages sample ta-        These information cards render the LIMS   • SIMATIC IT Unilab
king for each phase in the brewing pro-     very configurable and offer a simple      • SIMATIC IT Material Manager
cess. Each sample gets an information       and user-friendly interface to the end-   • SIMATIC IT Interspec
card specifying which steps it has under-   users.”
gone, and storing all the related trace-                                              Key Benefits:
ability information.                        José María Villero Salas, Lab Manager     • cost-efficient quality operations
                                            at the Málaga brewery                     • enterprise-wide Quality Management
“In case of raw materials for instance,                                               • brand value
the information card describes the sam-
ple information, such as the date of re-
ceipt, the supplier, the material type,
the lot number, the supplied quantity,
the allocated tank, etc.

For an intermediate product the user
has to specify what raw materials were
used to make it and in which quantities.
During each step in the process the user
has to fill out the information card spe-
cifying what was used.

            Production Efficiency
            Monsanto, Belgium

            After the implementation of a manufactu-       Integration capabilities and
            ring execution system based on
            SIMATIC IT, the Monsanto site in Antwerp       flexibility
            benefits from Totally Integrated Automa-
            tion (TIA) through seamless vertical inte-     The Monsanto project team with Christophe
            gration and greatly improved traceability.     Laureys (production systems engineer),
                                                           Alois Kimpe (master operations scheduler),
            The customer                                   and Danny Van Looveren (project leader)
                                                           performed a thorough screening of different
            Monsanto is a leading global provider of ag-   suppliers in the MES and warehouse man-
            ricultural products and integrated solutions   agement systems (WMS) market and de-
            that bring together chemicals, seeds, and      cided that the SIMATIC IT MES environment,
            biotechnology traits to improve farm pro-      a solution utilizing the benefits of Totally
            ductivity and food quality. In terms of crop   Integrated Automation, was best suited to
            protection, the company is best known for      meet the company’s current and future
            its Roundup, the world’s topselling herbi-     needs, as Van Looveren states: “The MES is
            cide. The Antwerp production site consists     the key element to guarantee the integra-
            of a formulation units and several herbicide   tion of all our components, ensuring opti-
            canning- and bagging lines.                    mal production efficiency.
            In 1995, Monsanto implemented a com-
            bined manufacturing execution and ware-        SIMATIC IT will help us by doing exactly
            house management system at the Antwerp         that. It consists of a collection of highly in-
            production facility. This system, developed    tegrated components, designed to integrate
            specifically for Monsanto Antwerp, was         with our third-party systems, standardize
            modified and extended several times over       our production, and keep our manufactur-
            the years and has suffered from a lack of      ing processes aligned with our supply chain
            flexibility, as Danny Van Looveren, process    activities. The product provides a high-level
            control systems team lead at Monsanto,         framework concept that enables the descrip-
            confirms.                                      tion of our manufacturing processes and
                                                           operation procedures.”
             “We were faced with a system that was not
            performing well compared to the ‘best of       Another point in favor of SIMATIC IT was
            breed’ systems available and that needed       the fact that the system can be easily inte-
            extensive and expensive maintenance,” he       grated with the other TIA components such
            says. Consequently, in late 2007, Monsanto     as Simatic WinCC, which is used as a stan-
            Antwerp decided to install a new manufac-      dard on the Antwerp site, as well as with the
            turing execution system (MES) to control       Simatic PCS 7 process control system and
            and optimize the production. Van Looveren      the Simatic Batch batch control.
            explains: “We wanted a solution that was       With SIMATIC IT, Monsanto was also able to
            compliant with the ISA S95 standard, and       implement the project in phases, reducing
            we wanted a system that was configurable,      the impact on production and enabling a
            not a customized solution.”                    smooth transition to the new system.



Staged implementation                         The project was developed on a virtual       All settings are established through the
                                              server infrastructure and was then trans-    MES, eliminating manual processes –
In January 2008, Siemens received the         ferred to the physical system.               and that means we make fewer mistakes
order for the installation of the new                                                      than before. Another important aspect
solution. Siemens delivered a compre-         “The project followed the Siemens project    is traceability – that is greatly improved
hensive MES solution covering func-           approach, and it went well”, says Van        compared to what we had before.”
tional areas such as production order         Looveren. “We enjoyed excellent colla-
management as well as goods tracking          boration between the Siemens team and        The replacement of the MES legacy sy-
and tracing.                                  the Monsanto team and greatly benefited      stem with SIMATIC IT enabled Monsanto
                                              from having different people with diffe-     to lower its total cost of ownership.
The SIMATIC IT solution consists of the       rent competencies on the teams.”
standard-components Production                                                             SIMATIC IT also enables vertical inte-
Modeler, the Order Manager, and Pro-          Christian Derck, projectleader of the Sie-   gration between the process control
duct Manager. The MES is used as the          mens team, experienced the same and          and SCADA systems and the enterprise
standard integration platform for the         replied “Through the high involvement of     resource planning level, thus reducing
production machines and the various           both Monsanto and Siemens team, duri-        manual operations and manipulations.
business systems.                             ng all the phazes of the project, a smooth
                                              and succesfull start up was realised.”       Accurate tracking and tracing functiona-
Siemens was also responsible for the                                                       lity increases production visibility, resul-
requirements analysis, design and             Higher operational efficiency                ting in faster production cycles, avoiding
construction, and site acceptance tests.                                                   possible handling errors on production
And because the installed solution is         Van Looveren is quite satisfied with the     runs, and leading to fewer production
considered a mission-critical produc-         results of the implementation:               losses. After the successful implementa-
tion system, Siemens guarantees the           “The thorough testing ensured that we        tion of the first MES project, Monsanto
solution’s operation by means of a 24/7       had the system up and running with little    intends to roll out the SIMATIC IT soluti-
support contract.                             effort and in a short time. From start-up,   on on other lines as well.
                                              we have had a system that runs smooth-
In the first stage of the implementation,     ly, and it was very stable after only some   Planned future steps also include expan-
starting in May 2008, SIMATIC IT was in-      minor interventions.”                        ding MES functionality by implementing
stalled on the filling lines. In the second                                                the OEE module for monitoring overall
phase, which was completed in Decem-          The impact on production has also been       equipment efficiency, and linking the
ber 2008, SIMATIC IT was linked up with       positive: “The new system improves our       MES with the WMS.
Simatic PCS 7 in the formulation unit.        degree of automation in operation.

            Growth Vitamins for Chinese Dairy
            Mengniu Dairy Group - Quality Management solution with
            SIMATIC IT Unilab LIMS

            To be able to reconcile the exceptional          Mengniu is known as ‘the dairy manufac-
            growth of Mengniu Dairy Group with               turer devoted to human health’. Several of
            their strict quality policies and aim for        its innovative products have received quality
            continuous production efficiency impro-          excellence awards.
            vement, it was decided to replace the
            existing traditional information systems         The business challenge
            with a single enterprise-wide quality in-
            formation platform based on SIMATIC IT           “A cow runs as fast as a rocket” is a pun that
            Unilab.                                          expresses very well the exceptional speed
            Now the people at the Mengniu Helingeer          of growth and innovation at Mengniu Dairy
            site, including 5 production plants, 4 QC        Group if you know that Meng means Inner
            departments, and an R&D Analysis Cen-            Mongolian, Niu is Chinese for cow.
            ter, a total of 13 labs, carry out their daily   The resulting production capacity increase
            work on the SIMATIC IT Unilab platform.          and the strict quality control put a heavy
            Features such as direct instrument con-          burden on the lab personnel.
            nection, advanced reporting and easy and         The traditional paper and spreadsheet based
            secure data access are already contribu-         information systems could not meet the in-
            ting to lab efficiency, data accuracy and        creasing management information require-
            continuous quality improvement.                  ments.

            The customer                                     Mengniu needed a quality information man-
                                                             agement platform to replace the time-con-
            Mengniu Dairy was established in 1999            suming and error prone manual download
            with headquarters in Helingeer County, In-       and data entry of instrument test results
            ner Mongolia, the Chinese Dairy Capital.         and manual collection and merge of dis-
            The Mengniu Dairy Group employs 30,000           tributed quality data from different quality
            people and booked a revenue of 16.25 bil-        control departments for reporting purposes.
            lion yuan in 2006.                               The system had to be compatible with the
            Their production capacity is 5 million tons      current Mengniu Group quality manage-
            per year. This makes Mengniu the world’s         ment system and offer full LIMS functional-
            largest producer of UHT milk and China’s No      ity, including sample management, equip-
            1 for liquid milk, ice cream and yoghurt.        ment calibration, personnel management,
            More than 200 different products and             material management and related cost
            product variations including liquid milk,        calculation and management.
            ice cream, milk powder, and milk tablets
            are produced at the production plants in         It was expected to meet the requirements
            Helingeer as well as at more than 20 other       of different types of labs and support corpo-
            Mengniu production sites in over 15 Chinese      rate quality control through flexible report-
            provinces. The market for these products         ing and tools to improve work efficiency,
            includes China, USA, Canada, Mongolia, and       standardize lab workflows, and optimize
            Southeast Asia.                                  data analysis.



The solution                                 strong IT skills but can be done by the lab   bility are guaranteed by the Electronic
                                             personnel themselves.                         Signature and Audit Trail rules defined
The pilot project was started at the He-                                                   within SIMATIC IT Unilab.
lingeer site in March 2007. The system       This drastically reduced the programming
went live in the first QC Department         and customization efforts and allowed         Unlike other LIMS systems SIMATIC IT
in July 2007, and was fully operational      the lab users to be involved from the         Unilab is not just a stand-alone LIMS
to replace the old system after another      early design phase and ensure maximum         but also a component of SIMATIC IT,
month.                                       coverage of their requirements.               the fully integrated MES solution that
                                             One important function was the direct         is currently already active at one of the
Now, SIMATIC IT Unilab manages the           instrument connection to SIMATIC IT           Helingeer plants, ensuring an efficient
quality workflow and resources in diffe-     Unilab. Take for example, the FT120 ana-      exchange of plant quality data between
rent Helingeer labs, including produc-       lyzer located in one of the production        LIMS and MES.
tion labs, quality labs, and R&D labs, for   labs. This instrument alone generates
raw material, semi-finished product, fi-     about 400 samples a day.                      Through its open concept, SIMATIC IT
nished product, packaging material, and                                                    Unilab can also interface with 3rd party
environmental tests.                         Now all the test results from all instru-     software such as the current Raw Milk
                                             ments in different locations are auto-        Management system that provides raw
This amounts to over 1,500,000               matically sent to SIMATIC IT Unilab and       milk sample information.
samples per year.                            stored there. This automatic data transfer
                                             resulted in more accurate and real-time       Finally, the flexible and convenient
The system offers a user friendly inter-     quality data. And without the need for        reporting tools ensure real-time avai-
face and flexible configuration tools.       manual interruption, the analyst wor-         lability of quality data throughout the
The configuration of main objects, such      kload was greatly reduced.                    company and display these data in a
as sample types, info cards, parameters,                                                   structured way for management infor-
methods, specifications, test frequen-       At the same time, for regulatory compli-      mation purposes.
cies, sample lifecycles does not require     ance purposes data integrity and relia-

                                                   At a glance
                                                   Mengniu Dairy Group:

                                                   Industry: Dairy

                                                   Siemens Industrial Automation Ltd.,

                                                   Key Challenges:
                                                   • increase work efficiency
                                                   • standardize workflows
     The pay off                                   • enhance quality control
                                                   • improve data analysis and reporting
     The result is an advanced LIMS solution
     that saves time and reduces errors. Also      Solution:
                                                   • SIMATIC IT Unilab
     thanks to the system’s open and flexible      • SIMATIC IT Report Manager
     architecture, the solution could be rolled
     out quickly to other sites after the pilot.   Key Benefits:
                                                   • corporate shared quality
                                                     management platform
     Now, a centralized system serves all of
                                                   • guaranteed data accuracy and safety
     the sites in China, which does not only       • reduction of paper based activities
     limit system maintenance efforts but          • reduction of operational cost
     also makes it possible to share quality       • integration of data and information
     data in real time throughout the compa-       • improved quality and productivity
     ny across plants.

     This provides Mengniu Dairy with the
     right tools for continuous quality and
     productivity improvements.


       How many Bottles of Beer on the
       MES solution at Palm Breweries

       In 2008 Palm Breweries equipped its sites      The business challenge
       in Steenhuffel and Roeselare (Belgium)
       with an MES system based on SIMATIC IT         Palm Breweries is a growth-oriented
       by Siemens and implemented by Actemi-          company and doubles its volume every 10
       um.                                            years. Realizing this ambition and combin-
                                                      ing it with their high standards in terms of
       An evaluation of the system shows that         quality motivated Palm Breweries to want
       the strategic project targets, traceability,   to become an example of wall-to-wall trace-
       integrated quality and process improve-        ability.
       ments, have been reached or even excee-
       ded.                                           Before, a custom made production informa-
                                                      tion system had been in place and served
       The customer                                   its purpose quite well for over ten years.
                                                      But come 2006 it was getting obsolete, no
       Palm Breweries is a brewer of genuine Bel-     longer suitable to cover evolving business
       gian Beers and the only brewer in the world    needs such as increasingly strict tracking en
       to brew using all 4 fermentation methods       tracing requirements. It also lacked the ca-
       (top, bottom, spontaneous, mixed). Palm        pabilities to supply reliable information that
       Breweries is an independent family-run         was needed for continuous improvement
       brewing group headquartered in Steenhuffel     and cost savings, such as raw and auxiliary
       (Belgium) with breweries in Steenhuffel and    material consumption and quality costs.
       Roeselare (Belgium). Palm also operates        Making that kind of information available in
       a joint venture with brewer Frank Boon in      the old system took up to three days, which
       Lembeek (Belgium).                             was discouraging, and often resulted in lost
       The brewery group has made relentless ef-
       forts over the years to maintain the unique    It was clear: the time had come for a new,
       and regional styles in their original form.    standard solution. A reliable system that
       Their beers, such as Rodenbach, Palm,          would facilitate regulatory compliance, help
       Brugge Tripel and the Geuze Beers by Boon,     reduce and rationalize consumption of raw
       contribute to the beer culture that makes      material and additives, as well as energy,
       Belgium so unique.                             and avoid costs of non-quality.


     Screen 1: Planning Brew Orders                                     Screen 2: Stock Overview

     The project                                 The solution                                      At the end of the bottling line finished
                                                                                                   products are palletized and labeled with
     At Palm Breweries a dedicated MES           The functional focus of the implementa-           a pallet label generated by SIMATIC IT.
     project team was put together consi-        tion lay in production and quality.               Related information is captured and fed
     sting of production management, logi-       The implemented solution is based on              back to the logistic system to ensure
     stics management, lab management,           SIMATIC IT Production Suite and SIMATIC           traceability towards the customers.
     and a number of IT people.                  IT Unilab (LIMS).
                                                                                                   Reporting during each production step
     They made up a business case by ca-         SIMATIC IT Production Suite receives pro-         is covered by SIMATIC IT Report Manag-
     refully mapping and calculating the         duction orders from the production plan-          er. A number of the reports used at Palm
     expected costs and advantages of such       ning application based on sales forecasts.        Breweries were made by Actemium.
     a new system so as to justify the invest-   These production orders are visualized            But the tool is an intuitive one and al-
     ments with the board of directors.          in a graphical way to facilitate detailed         lows for authorized users at Palm to cre-
     This business case was the basis for de-    production planning and issue orders (to          ate their own reports.
     tailed user requirement specifications.     the brew hall, fermentor, bottlling line,
     Palm Breweries chose to work with a         etc.). Operators receive their orders on-         The reporting on KPIs is now fully au-
     business consultant (S&V) in this phase     screen at the production line, together           tomated and it is possible to further
     to help them select a system that fitted    with all relevant details, such as which          analyse and drill the data from different
     their overall IT strategy. In retrospect,   quality checks to perform, and the Bill of        angles. This enables benchmarking and
     this is considered a strong success fac-    Materials. Data for tracking and tracing          root cause identification, f.i. by compar-
     tor.                                        purposes are registered per lot.                  ing the same process step in different
                                                                                                   lots during a certain period. The system
     The user requirements were drawn up         Upon production order creation                    is also set up to make hourly compari-
     according to the ISA-95 standard.           SIMATIC IT Unilab determines for each             sons and send email notification alerts
     This proved very useful during the ex-      production step, including end products,          in case of deviations.
     ploration of the MES market, ISA-95         which samples need to be taken, and
     being the common “language” of MES          which tests to be carried out by whom             The historian functionality of the system
     vendors and system integrators.             (e.g. by the operator, or by a qualified lab      will allow Palm Breweries to realize pro-
     Eventually the choice fell on a combina-    analyst). Lab analysts as well as operators       cess and quality improvements by inter-
     tion of Actemium as system integrator       now get clear work lists from the system          preting, correlating, contextualizing and
     with a solution based on Siemens soft-      and know which samples to take and                trending historical data.
     ware. The chemistry with Actemium           which analyses to perform.
     worked very well for Palm Breweries and                                                       This has already been put to good use in
     the standard-based SIMATIC IT software      Thanks to the connection of the lab in-           the case of two beer types when it was
     was a good match for the user requi-        struments to the system the capturing of          possible to indicate that a modification
     rements. The future proof automation        test results is automated. This saves a lot       in the recipe would result in more con-
     concept also anticipated the growing        of time, and helps improve data quality           stant quality.
     complexity within the company.              by avoiding errors through manual data
                                                 entry.                                            The end user is unencumbered by the
     Throughout the project the steering                                                           underlying systems and modules. Each
     group kept a close eye on project timing    All analysis results are checked against          user has an integrated screen that dis-
     and budget, making sure both were           parameters and stored in SIMATIC IT Uni-          plays all required information according
     realistic from the start, and that they     lab. The release or hold of raw materials         to his specific user profile, combining
     were stuck to until the end.                or products is based on these test results.       data from different systems.


Success factors                               2.5% cost reduction packaging
A key success factor in this whole story      Interfacing the planning module in the       At a glance
was the composition and continuity of         MES system with the purchasing module
the project team and the consistency in       in the ERP system facilitated planning and   Company:
their requirements. The people who de-        reduced the need for rush orders.            Palm Breweries (Belgium)
fined their requirements to the system        That put the brewer in a better position
remained available throughout the proj-       for sourcing packaging material.
ect to see to it that they were met. This                                                  Industry: Brewing
strongly benefited mutual understand-         25% reduction in cost of non-quality
ing between Palm Breweries and their          Quality tolerates no compromises at Palm     System Integrator: Actemium
system integrator and made the project        Breweries. That was the main motivation
actual fun.                                   in the implementation of the LIMS (labo-
                                              ratory information management system)        Key Challenges:
Furthermore 3 employees of Palm               SIMATIC IT Unilab. Together with produc-     • Traceability
Breweries spent a week at the SIMATIC         tion monitoring, this led to improved        • Process improvements
IT training centre in Genoa to enable         quality consistency and an increase of the   • Consistent high Quality
them to understand the standard sys-          in-house quality index at Palm.
tem and actively contribute in the solu-                                                   Solution:
tion design phase.                            Improved Service level in B2B                • SIMATIC IT Production Suite
                                              In case of contracting for other breweries   • SIMATIC IT Unilab
The Results                                   the MES contributes to B2B customer
                                              satisfaction thanks to the ability to        Key Benefits:
1% reduction in raw material, 2% in           provide quick and accurate reports about     • Cost savings (material usage,
auxiliary material consumption                the production of their goods.                 work force efficiency)
In the past one had to use Excel to                                                        • Improved quality at lower cost
compare purchased quantities of mate-         Having the same level of insight in          • Corporate image and brand
rial with sold end products and deduce        production at your contractor’s as in your     enforcement
loss quantities from that. But finding        own production inspires confidence.            • Customer satisfaction
out exactly when and where the losses                                                        • Regulatory compliance
occurred was complicated if not impos-        Job satisfaction                               • Reduced energy consumption
sible. This was solved through storage        Having a reliable system in place con-         • Happy workforce
of historical data in a historian. The re-    tributes to a professional environment
sulting link between process and quality      that empowers the workforce to be more
data makes it possible to relate losses to    efficient and inspires self-confidence.
a specific lot, process step, or period and   Working with such a system enables
make comparisons in order to reveal po-       people to help reveal new potential for
tential for material and energy savings.      improvement.

            Continuous quality and innovation
            Qingdao Tobacco Factory: MES solution with SIMATIC IT

            After an in-depth analysis of MES vendors   The customer
            Qingdao T.F. chose Siemens, based on its
            domain knowledge and global experience      Qingdao Tobacco Factory is the largest to-
            in the tobacco industry and its specific    bacco company in North China, with 1,600
            expertise with tobacco industry work pro-   employees.
            cesses and production practices.
                                                        The factory has an annual production ca-
            SIEMENS automation products are imple-      pacity of more than 1.2 million boxes ciga-
            mented throughout the plant, which faci-    rettes. Fiscal year 2006 generated 5.42 bil-
            litated system integration, reducing the    lion RMB (0.7 billion USD) in sales, with 570
            cost, time and risk of the project.         million RMB (74 million USD) margin.

            SIMATIC IT delivers all of the functions    Qingdao T. F. has in-depth knowledge of the
            defined by ISA-95 and leverages the         Chinese Tobacco market and leverages that
            work-flow management concept                knowledge together with its industry-lead-
            (Production Modeler), and fully supports    ing manufacturing capabilities to rapidly
            a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).      respond to trends and opportunities.

            This unique combination of capabilities,    This success is supported by their ongoing
            architecture and tobacco-specific know-     quality management efforts as well as their
            ledge fulfilled the requirements defined    research and development innovations.
            by Qingdao T.F.



The business challenge                       all the other applications, creating a        tor every key performance indicator.
                                             seamless IT “fabric” where each applica-      Through the tight integration between
Strong market competition led Qingdao        tion is equally accessible.                   ERP and MES, the generation of the pro-
T. F. to the realization that they needed                                                  duction plan was reduced from 4 hours
to reduce manufacturing costs and stan-      Qingdao T. F.’s challenge was to over-        to 10 minutes.
dardize manufacturing operations.            come a disparate IT architecture and
                                             replace it with a collaborative architec-     Through the implementation of a
MES became the logical solution for          ture that could accommodate the work          centralized product specification system
controlling costs and streamlining op-       processes unique to the tobacco industry,     (SIMATIC IT Interspec) natively integra-
erations.                                    while embracing international standards.      ted with SIMATIC IT Production Suite
                                                                                           (that handles production execution), the
MES solutions enable decision making         Their solution needed to completely           release of the production process speci-
across multiple levels of the organiza-      cover the functions addressed by the ISA-     fication dropped from 4 hours to 1 min-
tion. Qingdao T. F.’s goal is to produce a   95 specification. This level of complexity    ute.
digital plant supported by what they call    is a significant challenge for vendors and
a CIMS System.                               customers alike.                              By streamlining the production process-
                                                                                           es as defined in SIMATIC IT workflows,
CIMS supports the concept of Collabora-      The solution                                  the production department realized an
tive Manufacturing, where individual                                                       average of 1 hour drop in the cycle time
plant applications interoperate in real      Qingdao T. F. entrusted Siemens with the      for each complete production cycle.
time, orchestrated by workflows.             challenge of improving their manufactur-
                                             ing information systems by implementing       Siemens has provided Qingdao T. F. with
Collaborative Manufacturing increases        SIMATIC IT modules.                           a SIMATIC IT library which delivers stan-
overall production profitability, by im-                                                   dardized information through reports
proving an individual plants’ efficiency     SIMATIC IT provided the framework that        and browser screens. These reports
while improving decision support at the      spanned the gap between the ERP, and          provide real-time information such as
headquarters with real-time, focused         the controls layer. SIMATIC IT linked         efficiency data.
key performance indicators (KPI). Within     together all other applications and
this CIMS system there are 11 subsys-        delivered almost all of the functionalities   The production departments use this
tems. In such a complicated IT environ-      mentioned in ISA-95.                          information to optimize the process and
ment, chaos could easily occur.                                                            to guide continuous production efforts.
                                             Thanks to SIMATIC IT, the factory manag-
MES, serving as an interoperability and      ers can now easily get the information
coordination layer, communicates with        from each production step and can moni-

                                                                                            At a glance
                                                                                            Qingdao Tobacco Factory:

                                                                                            Industry: Tobacco

                                                                                            Siemens Factory Automation
                                                                                            Engineering Ltd., Beijing:

                                                                                            Key Challenges:
                                                                                            • reduction of operating costs
                                                                                            • improvement of production
                                                                                            • enhancement of product features
                                                                                              and quality
                                                                                            • accelerated new product
                                                                                            • improvement of enterprise
     The pay-off                                 The time saved during operations and the
                                                 dramatic reduction of errors during data   Solution:
                                                                                            • SIMATIC IT Production Suite
     Improving production management,            input (now handled automatically) made     • SIMATIC IT Historian
     increasing product quality and introduc-    the SIMATIC IT solution pay back very      • SIMATIC IT Report Manager
     ing new products to market faster were      shortly. In the end Qingdao T. F. found    • SIMATIC IT Interspec
                                                                                            • SIMATIC IT Unilab
     the main objectives set forth by Qingdao    that SIMATIC IT came out as the perfect
     T. F.. They knew that a lot of the data     solution.                                  Key Benefits:
     they needed existed but was not readily                                                • strengthening of the competitive
     accessible.                                                                            • enhance product features and
     And, a lot of information was the result                                               • rapid Return on Investments
                                                                                            • total Cost of Ownership reduction
     of the correlation of data from disparate                                              • integration of data and information
     applications. Siemens, with SIMATIC                                                    • optimization of Production Pro-
     IT, gave them the tools they needed to                                                   cesses
     most effectively manage their produc-                                                  • improvement of Asset utilization
                                                                                            • reduction of paper based activities
     tion data and processes, streamline their                                              • quality and Productivity Improve-
     work processes and deliver decision sup-                                                 ment
     port information to their workers.


       Blending SAP with detailed
       Product Specifications
       R.J. Reynolds: Specification Management Solution
       with SIMATIC IT

       R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company deploys           The business challenge
       SIMATIC IT Interspec as their Product
       Specification Management Solution in            Following its 2004 merger with Brown &
       parallel with SAP deployment. SIMATIC IT        Williamson Tobacco Corporation, the “new”
       Interspec is managing all Product Speci-        R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company was faced
       fications, is fully integrated with SAP and     with managing the complex specifications
       supplying tremendous results                    in support of a diverse product portfolio.

       The customer                                    Product specifications had previously been
                                                       managed in legacy (internally developed
       R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, an indirect      and supported) applications.
       subsidiary of Reynolds American Inc. (NYSE:
       RAI), is the second largest tobacco company     The legacy applications had expansion limi-
       in the United States, manufacturing about       tations and obsolescence issues and needed
       one of every three cigarettes sold in the       to be replaced.
                                                       Additionally, a new Product Specification
       R.J. Reynolds is based in Winston-Salem,        Management solution was required that
       N.C., and has about 5,800 employees.            could interface to both their new ERP imple-
       It has approximately 30 percent of U.S. ciga-   mentation as well as other legacy systems.
       rette sales. The company’s brands include
       five of the 10 best-selling U.S. cigarette      A more contemporary specifications man-
       brands: Camel, Kool, Winston, Salem, and        agement solution was required, that could
       Doral.                                          provide more versatility and reduce the
                                                       complexity of the processes required to
                                                       manage and maintain product specifications
                                                       from conception to finished product.

                                                       R.J. Reynolds made the decision to imple-
                                                       ment SAP as their new ERP system and
                                                       made the selection of Siemens SIMATIC IT
                                                       Interspec to manage specifications for all of
                                                       their products.


     The solution                                 SIMATIC IT Interspec also helps speed
                                                  new products to market by streamlining      At a glance
     An aggressive schedule of implementing       review processes and eliminating manual
     SAP with SIMATIC IT Interspec and            data entry into multiple disparate sys-     Company:
                                                                                              R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company:
     SIMATIC IT Data Integration Services         tems.                             
     (DIS) was undertaken. SIMATIC IT Inter-
     spec was deployed as an enterprise solu-     SIMATIC IT Interspec fully supports key     Industry: Tobacco - Cigarettes
     tion and the sole source for all product     functional elements such as planned         Key Challenges:
     specifications.                              packaging rotations, global updates,        • replacement of Legacy Solutions for
                                                  change versioning, and multiple bills of      Product Specification Management
     Tight integration with SAP was vital to      material versions.                          • enterprise moving to SAP - new so-
                                                                                                lution must integrate well with SAP
     the success of this project and R.J. Reyn-                                               • SAP being deployed in parallel with
     olds utilized the SIMATIC IT Framework,      The pay-off                                   tight timeline
     with Data Integration Service (DIS) and                                                  • Integration of brands from
                                                                                                R.J.Reynolds and Brown &
     Production Modeler (PM), to manage           R.J. Reynolds now has SAP and SIMATIC IT      Williamson
     this interaction with SAP.                   Interspec up and running and producing
                                                  excellent results.                          Solution:
                                                                                              • SIMATIC IT Interspec
     The tight integration allows for the                                                     • SIMATIC IT MIS Bundle:
     detailed material and production bill        Detailed Product Specifications are now       • SIMATIC IT Data Integration
     data to move in near real time seam-         managed for all products. Specification         Services
     lessly between SAP and Interspec.            changes are being implemented in record       • SIMATIC IT Production Modeler
                                                                                                • SIMATIC IT Historian
     SIMATIC IT Interspec as a Product Speci-     time and time to market for new products    • SIMATIC IT Report Manager
     fication Management solution supports        is being impacted in a very positive way.   • SIMATIC IT Client Application Builder
     the creation and maintenance of the
                                                                                              Key Benefits:
     definition of all specifications used in                                                 • speed time to market for new prod-
     the manufacturing process.                                                                 ucts and product changes
                                                                                              • tight Integration with SAP
                                                                                              • flexible Specification Approval Pro-
     SIMATIC IT Interspec provides a very                                                       cess
     flexible approval process, in which all                                                  • quick collaboration between all De-
     relevant parties can quickly collaborate                                                   partments
     on any required changes to existing                                                      • Interspec as a sole source for all
                                                                                                product specifications
     products.                                                                                • streamlining of specification review
     Product changes can be communicated
     and approved quickly, as it is easy to
     determine who still needs to take action
     for final specification approval.


       Cream of the Crop
       Rosen Eiskrem, Germany

       Rosen Eiskrem, Europe’s largest private ice cream producer, has thoroughly modernized its
       process control and connected it with goods management in the ERP system.

       The customer                                    and beverage industry. Rosen Eiskrem can
                                                       handle complete orders in the new MES.
       Rosen Eiskrem GmbH has been developing
       and producing ice cream for the European        Customer orders are created in the enter-
       consumer food market for more than 40           prise resource planning (ERP) system and
       years.                                          transferred to the MES, which generates
                                                       the appropriate batches. The batches are
       With four factories in Germany and an an-       created fully automatically in Simatic Batch.
       nual capacity of 230 million liters, the tra-   The operating personnel merely start the or-
       ditional company is Europe’s largest private    ders in the MES and monitor the execution.
       ice cream producer and can make any prod-
       uct the market wants within a short time on     The Simatic PCS 7 process control system
       31 production lines.                            controls and visualizes the entire weighing
                                                       and mixing process.
       The existing process control and control
       system of the ice cream mixing plant at the     The status of the batches and information
       company’s Nuremberg site were to be re-         about consumed material and finished
       placed after 15 years in operation.             products are archived in the MES during run-
                                                       time and can be traced continuously.
       There were other goals connected with this
       upgrade: quality improvement, a reduction       A considerable improvement in quality was
       in manual work, an increase in flexibility      achieved by the introduction of a radio
       and process efficiency, absolute production     scanner solution that makes sure that addi-
       transparency, batch processing on several       tives can be added manually only at specific
       levels, and long-term archiving. In addition,   recipe times and checks the manual inter-
       the new solution was to be commissioned         ventions for plausibility.
                                                       This largely rules out the faulty feeding of
       Modernization with Siemens                      additives. The MES reports all order and
                                                       consumption information to the ERP system
       After an extensive comparison of available      automatically.
       solutions, Rosen Eiskrem chose a combina-
       tion of standard products from Siemens:         This communication prevents double entries
       SIMATIC IT Production Suite, Simatic PCS 7,     and input errors and allows the automatic
       Simatic Batch, and a special manufacturing      creation of reports and evaluations of pro-
       execution system (MES) library for the food     duction and quality.


     Proven benefits                              Redundant server systems make the solu-
                                                  tion highly available. The system can also   Project facts
     The system was successfully commis-          be extended easily without impairing ex-
     sioned in January 2009, and Rosen            isting configurations.                       Challenge:
                                                                                               To replace the old process control and
     Eiskrem now produces up to 450 tons of                                                    control system and integrate the new
     ice cream mix based on approximately         This secures the investment for the fu-      solution at the ERP level
     400 recipes every day.                       ture. Georg Hassil, CEO of the Central
                                                  Supplies Department at Rosen Eiskrem,        Solution:
                                                                                               • Simatic IT Production Suite
     All the production and material data are     sums up: “We are very pleased with the
                                                                                               • Simatic PCS 7
     archived and are available clearly and       entire Siemens system and the company’s      • Simatic Batch
     consistently at the push of a button.        service throughout the project. Our main     • MES food and beverage library
                                                  goals were all achieved, and we would
     The new system reduces manual work,          not hesitate to give this contract to Sie-   Results:
                                                                                               • Improved quality and process control
     improves the quality and effectiveness       mens again.”
                                                                                               • Improved data quality and data
     of production, and is also an important                                                     transparency
     step in the direction of a paperless envi-                                                • Production know-how available in
     ronment.                                                                                    the MES at any time
                                                                                               • Less manual work
                                                                                                 (paperless production)
     Flexible and user-friendly Web interfaces                                                 • Lower production costs
     allow company-wide MES access via the

The SIMATIC IT portfolio holds all the cards to enable responsiveness and openness, and
link the manufacturing environment into the supply chain.
SIMATIC IT Production Suite is a plant           tion at every level in the organization with   and including post-installation technical
centric yet fully scalable collection of MES     advanced role-based visualization based        support. The cooperation with certified
functionality designed according to the          on the latest Microsoft technologies.          partners ensures a worldwide service and
ISA-95 standard. The scalability applies to                                                     maintenance network with an outstanding
the scope of functionality as well as the        SIMATIC IT also includes specific packages      skill level and expert know-how. This entire
number of plants within an organization.         that cover the requirements of the process,    portfolio fits within the Siemens concept
SIMATIC IT R&D Suite, an offering dedi-          the discrete or the life science industries.   of Totally Integrated Automation’ – linking
cated to process industries, is a software       These are best practice solutions bun-         shop floor to top floor, as well as offering
platform managing all work and dataflows          dling dedicated functions and operational      the possibility for a ‘one stop shop’ from
related to R&D in an integrated way. It links    expertise for these specific industries. The    control and automation, to MES, ERP and
the R&D environment with the production          SIMATIC IT offering comes completed with       even PLM activities from order creation to
floor and speeds up time-to-production            an innovative offering of Value Added          finished goods. Seamlessly integrated with
and time-to-market.                              Services. These cover the entire product       automation and business systems, MES
SIMATIC IT Intelligence Suite translates crit-   and project lifecycle, from the consultative   helps you manage your entire plant opera-
ical, real-time manufacturing information        analysis of the investment requirements        tions on a global scale.
into business-level performance indicators,      with the value framework tool, over the
managing and distributing the informa-           project implementation, product training

            Swift Take-off, Smooth Landing
            Alenia Aermacchi: MES solution with SIMATIC IT

            Alenia Aermacchi implemented SIMATIC               to the customers. In this considerably com-
            IT as their MES solution, and integrated it        plex organization it is especially hard to of-
            with the existing IT infrastructure.               fer their customers the complete traceability
            The modular approach of SIMATIC IT has             they require.
            allowed Aermacchi to adequately cover              The previous production information system
            their extremely complex production envi-           consisted of a solution developed in-house
            ronment and address the resulting requi-           and offered very precise rules and functions
            rements.                                           that allowed to manage the complex pro-
                                                               duction in a dynamic and at the same time
            The customer                                       accurate manner.
                                                               However, being an own creation, the system
            Alenia Aermacchi is a world leader in the          posed some major limitations in terms of
            design, production and support of military         technological obsolescence and was heav-
            training and civil aircrafts. The company has      ily encumbered by the alphanumeric user
            built over 7,000 aircrafts including about         interfaces.
            2,000 trainers, distributed to more than 40        A specific requirement of Aermacchi to the
            countries. They also collaborate with major        system was that, unlike its predecessor,
            international military programs. Aermacchi         it should operate in a Windows environ-
            was acquired by Finmeccanica in 2003. The          ment because this allows information flows
            company is based at Venegono Superiore             throughout the company. The system also
            (Varese province), with facilities of about        had to be able to accommodate new tech-
            274,000 m² including airfield, extensive           nologies, such as RFID.
            structural laboratories and workshops, wind        With the previous system it was possible,
            and water tunnels. Aermacchi has always            based on the ‚part number‘ to trace all re-
            deployed highly qualified personnel and            lated information but it was not possible to
            leading edge technology.                           take into account new requirements arisen
            Their workforce totals 1,880 people.               in the meantime. Besides, the system was
                                                               unable to manage personnel in relation to
            The business challenge                             the production operations and could not
                                                               handle the numerically controlled machines
            Aermacchi produces training aircrafts and          the company had recently introduced.
            nacelles, or aircraft engine housing.              Basically, the old solution used to be a good
            Though for aerospace standards the com-            one but proved absolutely unfit for the new
            pany is a small to medium-sized one, they          millennium. A system was needed that
            produce several thousands of units to cover        would stand the test of time. And that is
            the orders of a couple of dozen of large           precisely why the choice fell on SIMATIC IT.
            customers. Their activities range from the
            production of individual parts up to the as-       Being part of the Finmeccanica Group, the
            sembly of complex machines, galvanic coat-         choice was also driven by the need to meet
            ing and structural assembly of the aircraft,       the group’s demand for standards both on a
            as well as the delivery of the aircraft or parts   national and an international scale.


The solution                                „A constant communication between             this results in a monthly delta of only
                                            SAP and MES is essential. It is not easy to   18 hours between worked hours and
The set up was thus that the production     find a system that speaks with SAP at the     production hours, over a total of 650
cycles are managed by SAP, and though,      same speed and with the same readiness        workers, and this discrepancy is mainly
under aviation law, they must still be      as SIMATIC IT“, reaffirms Tomassini. “The     due to the fact that the system rounds
produced in hard copy the system was        alignment of the two systems also allows      them off.“
designed to support electronic signature    for accurate evaluation of workloads,
already to facilitate the eventual switch   which is one of the toughest ones to          The pay-off
to the so-called ‚paperless factory‘.       manage.”
                                                                                          The project was carried out by Elsag, so-
What is rather unusual at Aermacchi is      An important matter at Aermacchi has          lution provider within the Finmeccanica
the fact that SAP manages the produc-       always been the evaluation of product         group together with TXT e-solutions and
tion times, which are not set values but    cost. The relation between job tickets and    supported by Siemens for consulting
are calculated based on actual work         registered operators is closely monitored.    in terms of development and technical
cycles. This allows for a real assessment   All people in the factory must be opera-      support.
of the lead time for a part.                tional and working on a job-ticket.
Though generating cycle times in SAP        This helps the production management          SIMATIC IT was optimized to enable
is not obvious, it does have great ad-      at the end of each month to demonstrate       intelligent handling of the huge data
vantages when it comes to MRP and           that the number of worked hours coin-         quantities and the relations between
inventory because with this approach        cides with the production hours. This is a    them. In terms of production volumes
the MRP is based on actual lead times,      major information requirement from the        Aermacchi completes about one aircraft
which eliminates the risk of over-sched-    management.                                   per month in comparison to two na-
uling and procuring too much material.                                                    celles per day.
                                            This may seem simple but one should
“Aermacchi gains a strong competitive       not forget that Aermacchi manages an          When looking at the speed of produc-
edge from integration of all information    enormous number of parts, (e.g. a plane       tion the difference is significant, the as-
systems: SAP for the administrative and     is made up of about 40,000 part num-          sembly cycle of an aircraft taking up to
financial aspect, Catia, the system for     bers). Each part number has its own work      a year, versus that of a nacelle taking a
virtual factory, and Siemens SIMATIC IT,    cycle which can in turn consist of 10 to      couple of days.
for the MES level”, confirms Tomassini      15 steps.
(former Head of Engineering, Final As-                                                    Managing these different types of pro-
sembly).                                    This means the system had to enable op-       duction within the same factory creates
With regard to quality issues, rework       erators to switch between job-tickets in a    considerable complexity because the
operations are managed by SIMATIC IT.       linear fashion and prevent discrepancies      throughput time and the duration of the
All the hours spent on damage recovery      between worked hours and production           production steps are so different.
or other problems are detected by           hours. „We have maximized the poten-          An individual worker must be able to
SIMATIC IT and fed to SAP.                  tial of SIMATIC IT“ says Tomassini. „and      work on several steps, but it must also

                                                                                                 At a Glance
     be possible for a team to work together        The various phases of the process can
     on a single production step, such as as-       then trigger the SIMATIC IT components       Company:
     sembly. Therefore the system must be           to perform the basic functionality.          Alenia Aermacchi:
     able to manage both teams and indi-                                               
     viduals.                                       This way it is possible to change the
                                                    logical rules of the factory simply by       Industry: Aereospace
     On top of this complexity comes the            changing the connections between the
     difference in handling between military        different functions or components with-      System Integrator:
     and civil orders.                              out having to intervene in the actual        TXT e-solutions:
     “It is not easy to reconcile all this in one   software.                          
     system”, confirms Tomassini, “What has
     convinced us for SIMATIC IT is that it         An important feature of SIMATIC IT is the    Elsag Finmeccanica
     consists of various modules which can          fast access to technical data in formats
     be built together, and in case of changes      such as PDF or Word, and to the design
     in plant layout and thus in information        system.                                      Key Challenges:
     flows, it only takes some changes to one                                                    • Manage large data volumes
     module to change the downstream in-             This way people do not have to search       • Manage different production
     formation flow.”                               and collate different types of information     types and speeds
                                                    when they need it, because it is always      • Real-time traceability
     The complexity of the project at Aer-          up to date and available with a simple
     macchi required nearly all the                 double click: another step towards the       Solution:
     SIMATIC IT components to cover order           paperless factory.                           • SIMATIC IT Production Suite
     management, material management,
     personnel management, cost manage-             A further future development is the sup-     Key Benefits:
     ment, SAP interoperability, performance        ply chain management. SIMATIC IT will        • Flexible manufacturing processes
     analysis, reporting. Each module corre-        allow suppliers to access the system at      • “Paperless factory” enabled
     sponds with certain operations.                certain stages and Aermacchi to check        • Real-time production cost evaluation
                                                    the progress of the work.
     Now, the logical and functional aspects
     of the factory and production process          Having suppliers around the world this
     are defined in the SIMATIC IT Modeler.         will surely be a strategic tool.


       Certified Transparency
       Johnson Matthey, Germany

       Johnson Matthey gives its performance a double boost: with the SIMATIC IT
       manufacturing execution system (MES), the company improves process safety
       as well as productivity and makes employees’ jobs easier.

       The customer                                       availability. The order was won by the Bay-
                                                          reuth software company Xavo AG, which is a
       Johnson Matthey is a global leader in manu-        longtime certified Siemens Solution Partner
       facturing selective catalytic reduction (SCR)      with many years’ experience with the SI-
       converters for heavy goods vehicles. The           MATIC IT MES.
       company operates an ultramodern manu-              “We opted for SIMATIC IT because we are
       facturing plant for catalytic disk and hon-        certain of its technical suitability. It is an
       eycomb converters in the German town of            excellent platform that can be readily
       Redwitz. Production must comply with strict        configured to meet almost any customer
       guidelines from both offi cial regulatory          requirement. A further important consider-
       authorities and customers, such as the ISO         ation was that Siemens, the global leader
       TS 16949 for automotive suppliers, and             in automation technology, provides backup
       must be completely documented and trace-           service covering system maintenance and
       able, as this is a prerequisite for ISO certifi-   development,” explained Hans-Jürgen Pos-
       cation.                                            tler, project manager at Xavo.
                                                          The size and complexity of the module pro-
       Standard system instead of                         duction was a particular challenge. Several
                                                          different processes run simultaneously
       individual solutions                               around the clock, and up to 40 users have
                                                          parallel access to the system. User guidance
       To optimize production, Johnson Matthey            must support widely different tasks.
       already had an MES in place, but in October        The transparency of the processes must
       2007 the company decided to replace it             always be guaranteed, even when users
       with a new, platform based system.                 are on the move with PDAs in the plant.
       The company required an MES platform that          Additionally, an enormous volume of data
       would be highly configurable, increase             – generated by the complete traceability
       operational safety and productivity, and           of all components – needs to be managed.
       guarantee absolute traceability.                   Moreover, devices and systems with differ-
       Johnson Matthey’s chief concern was high           ent file formats must be integrated for the
       stability during use, together with high           individual processing steps.


     Integrated and open for                   process. This includes management of           Positive results
                                               pallets and frames as well as complete,
     extensions                                seamless tracing. The modules are identi-      The new MES has significantly increased
                                               fied by means of a data matrix code that       transparency in production and has also
     Conversion to the new MES was per-        is applied during extrusion.                   been well received by employees.
     formed in stages, with the implementa-
     tion phases oriented to the material      Data handling is extremely simple: once        The decisive factor is the improved clar-
     flow through production. In the first     the pallets are driven into the furnace, a     ity that has been achieved without cum-
     phase (weighing, mixing, and knead-       laser captures the label and the assign-       bersome logging activities.
     ing), the technology engineers needed     ment is coded.
     to optimize the composition of the                                                       As a result, the established team of
     materials in such a manner that the re-   Should the module code become unread-          Johnson Matthey and Xavo is already
     quired specifications were achieved.      able for any reason, the system reliably       planning the implementation of SIMATIC
                                               prevents the assignment of a replace-          IT in production planning as well.
     The process for this was modeled using    ment code, and the component must be
     the SIMATIC IT Production Suite.          rejected. This is a significant contribution
     The Product Definition Manager took on    to improved operational safety.
     the task of recipe management with its
     complex calculations of recipe param-     The interface to the robots has also
     eters. The conversion was automatically   already been implemented for the con-
     documented, without the requirement       clusion of production phases in sawing,
     for manual logging of offset versions.    measuring, sorting, and packaging.
     The second and third phases included
     straining, extruding, and calcination.    In the final control stage, the system is
                                               also impressive in its display of the re-
     The SIMATIC IT Material Manager main-     markable data volumes it can process: 25
     tains the product characteristics and     measurement values relevant to quality
     administers the batches and individual    are captured and processed within one
     components throughout the entire          second, on a per module basis.


       Innovation on the automotive
       Pininfarina: MES solution with SIMATIC IT

       As a global leader in automotive techno-      Volvo C70, Alfa Romeo Brera and Spider,
       logies, Pininfarina is always looking for     Ford Focus Coupé-Cabriolet and Mitsubishi
       ways of improving their production capa-      Colt CZC. Among its resume of custom-
       bilities. Leveraging their manufacturing      ers are: Ferrari, Maserati, Peugeot-Citroën,
       expertise to improve their processes,         Renault, Jaguar, Honda, Daewoo, Hyundai,
       Pininfarina looked to Siemens for an in-      AviChina, Brilliance, Chery and JAC.
       formation system to support their process     The company has some 3.600 employees
       improvements with increased operator          and operates in Italy, France, Germany,
       productivity. The solution had to deliver     Sweden, Morocco and China.
       to operators timely, accurate information     Pininfarina Extra, the company’s design
       about the production process allowing         group, has been going for 20 years with
       them to respond quickly to production         customers including: Gancia, Jacuzzi,
       events. The scope of this project included    Lavazza, Motorola, Snaidero and 3M.
       enhancements to the control systems
       that were then integrated into the MES        The business challenge
       resulting in more complete information
       for the operators, more robust and ac-        Pininfarina needed an information system
       curate production data and more rapid         that would allow them to comply with car
       response to process upsets and problems.      builders requirements while minimizing
       The SIMATIC IT-based solution is a user-      the impact on operators, allowing them
       friendly environment that supports the        to focus on building products.
       operators daily work processes through        The solution needed to deliver the right
       all phases of production from body-in-        information at the right time without the
       white and paint through final trim and        distraction of other information.
       inspection.                                   And where possible the solution should
                                                     offload repetitive tasks such as data
       The customer                                  collection by capturing it directly from
                                                     the process through the automation
       With a rich heritage of innovation and        layer.
       design dating back to 1930, Pininfarina is    They also recognized the value of newer
       a leading automotive services company.        technologies such as radio frequency
       Pininfarina has deep domain expertise in      identification (RFID) to improve the
       concept and design, product and process       accuracy of information and reduce the
       engineering, and niche vehicle manufactur-    effort associated with data collection and
       ing and leverages this knowledge to provide   wanted the option of integrating these
       creative solutions for OEMs.                  technologies into the solution.
       Its recent project portfolio includes the


     The solution                                 •Automation interfaces control system         product behavior to prevent critical sce-
                                                   integration to collect parameters from       narios from arising. When installed on
     The solution, designated CAP system           production equipment, and to control         SIMATIC IT Servers, software agents will
     (Controllo Avanzamento Produzione             individual production steps.                 analyze hardware related events, the
     that can be translated into Manufactu-                                                     operating system and applications.
     ring Work-In-Process Management) and         The CAP system leverages automated            Should predefined thresholds be excee-
     implemented by Atos Origin Italia, is        data collection to provide order compli-      ded or potential problems detected, the-
     based on SIMATIC IT, and has been desi-      ance and genealogy records for each ve-       se agents will send appropriate alarms
     gned to provide Manufacturing Executi-       hicle and part produced. ISO regulations      to Siemens MES headquarters.
     on System (MES) functionality, such as:      require these types of documents, which       As soon as they are received the alarms
                                                  are created manually and must be              will be displayed automatically and can
     •Production Order Management which           maintained for a minimum of 10 years.         then be acted upon. Siemens technical
      includes creation and dispatching of        As part of this solution, the control sy-     personnel are able to prevent, detect
      production orders based on demand           stems were significantly upgraded to le-      and solve most SIMATIC IT environment
      from the ERP system and tracking the        verage barcode readers and RFID devices       issues based on incoming messages and
      information and order attributes de-        to increase the speed and accuracy of         alarms.
      fined from the ERP system.                  data capture. The infrastructure upgrade
                                                  also included new, web-based, graphical       These are just a few of the many bene-
     •Work-in-process tracking covering the       user interfaces providing users with a        fits provided by system monitoring with
      tracking of production orders and           comfortable, user-friendly work environ-      SIMATIC IT Intelligent Agents:
      production inventory by recording the       ment for capturing user input.                • Prolonged plant usage
      events, movement and progress of            The open architecture of the solution al-     • Optimal application of available
      production orders through the process.      lows the system to be managed and con-          resources
      This includes providing visibility of the   trolled centrally at their headquarters lo-   • Reduced scrap
      location and real-time status of all pro-   cation while supporting operators across      • Maximized output of better quality
      duction orders.                             all three production facilities. This makes   • Streamlined preventive maintenance
                                                  system management more cost effective           measures
     •Quality and conformance data collec-        and responsive.                               • Improved productivity and profitability
      tion where all relevant inspection and
      dispositioning information are cap-         Intelligent Agents from SIMATIC IT
      tured and associated with the specific      Rapid response for best results
      production orders and serial numbers        Thanks to the Agent Based Diagnosis
      being produced.                             Service, part of the Siemens Maintenance
      The system captures any errors or           comprehensive program, the
      non-conformance issues to insure that       SIMATIC IT Technical support team is
      any necessary rework has been prefor-       capable of continuously monitoring
      med and all issues have been resolved.      Pininfarina’s production system and


                                                                                       At a glance
                                                                                       Pininfarina S.p.a.:

                                                                                       Industry: Automotive

                                                                                       Atos Origin:

                                                                                       Key Challenges:
                                                                                       • streamlining and error-proofing
                                                                                         production operations
                                                                                       • intuitive operator environment for
                                                                                         capturing MES data
                                                                                       • fully-integrating machine control
                                                                                         with production order management

                                                                                       • SIMATIC IT Production Suite
                                                                                       • SIMATIC IT Historian
                                                                                       • SIMATIC IT Report Manager
                                                                                       • SIMATIC IT Client Application Builder

The pay-off                               Operators have embraced the user-friend-     Key Benefits:
                                          ly application which has streamlined pro-    • automated order management and
The main goals of the project were        duction while significantly reducing erro-     production control
to improve the overall production         neous data and production downtime.          • real time WIP tracking and quality
throughput by increasing the speed and                                                   data monitoring
accuracy of data captured during the      Siemens and Atos-Origin were selected        • automatic anticipation of rework
manufacturing process and synchroniz-     based on their capabilities and reputation   • automatic collection of production
ing production activities with business   of delivering on expectations.
                                                                                       • automated traceability for car body
priorities from the ERP system.
                                          Pininfarina feels they chose wisely as the
The system was commissioned in            system continues to deliver on those ex-
September of 2005 and has not only        pectations each day.
fulfilled the requirements defined by
the business but has helped operators
focus on building quality products and
improving the manufacturing process
instead of manually documenting the
production process.

When operators are faced with deci-
sions, the system provides real-time
information, delivered in the proper
context and presented at the appropri-
ate level of detail.

            Standing out through Traceability
            Siemens Cornellá: MES solution with SIMATIC IT

            In an effort to optimize both plant control      The business challenge
            systems and business processes, Siemens
            Cornellá decided to fill the gap between         The management at the Cornellá plant
            the shop floor and the ERP system with           saw room for improvement in the manu-
            SIMATIC IT MES.                                  facturing area, both with regard to quality
            This communication platform optimizes            and efficiency of plant control and business
            the efficiency and quality of production         processes as well as capabilities in terms of
            data acquisition, which not only contri-         traceability.
            butes to the plant’s efficiency, but also
            makes Siemens Cornellá the only vendor           Additionally they wanted to introduce a
            of traction motors for railway systems to        higher level of information technology to
            offer this level of traceability to its custo-   the plant floor.
                                                             The implementation of systems to fulfill
            The customer                                     such requirements fitted with the strategy
                                                             to strengthen the competitive position
            The Siemens factory in Cornellá belongs          of Siemens Cornellá as well as that of its
            to the Siemens Industry Sector and is            customers.
            active in the division DRIVES Technology,
            more particularly in the business unit           It was important to automate data flows
            LARGE DRIVES.                                    in order to be able to have quick and reliable
            This business unit counts about 20 factories     access to the large quantities of information
            worldwide, employs 9000 people and               that are needed for business.
            generates a yearly revenue approximating
            5 billion euros.                                 A system was needed for automated acquisi-
            Siemens is the worldwide market leader           tion and aggregation of data from produc-
            in the industrial drives segment and the         tion control systems for statistical analysis
            European number two manufacturer of              and trending in order to increase plant avail-
            drives for railway tractions.                    ability and support quality assurance.
            The factory in Cornellá de Llobregat (near       The system had to offer easy integration
            Barcelona) accounts for a yearly sales           with the ERP system (SAP R/3), and allow
            volume of approximately 60 million euro.         for acquisition and archiving of large vol-
            For the next fiscal year the expected            umes of machine data for statistical purpos-
            growth is in the range of 40%.                   es, offering similar access to information
            The Cornellá plant covers 30.000 m2.             to people on the plant floor as to white col-
            Here, 320 people are responsible for the         lar employees.
            yearly manufacture of nearly 1,700 traction
            motors and converters for railway                Furthermore it was of major importance
            systems. From metal sheet cutting, over          that the system be easy to use for less IT
            production of coils, parts machining, up         literate people, such as operators on the
            to the assembly and final tests.                 plant floor.



The solution                                 The SIMATIC IT solution was offered by        butes to efficiency and traceability.
                                             the Spanish SIMATIC IT Solution Partner       Data on materials as well as updated
Several factors pointed to SIMATIC IT du-    Specialist MESURE who could offer a           material master data are transferred
ring the selection of a MES system.          broad expertise in the MES area.              from SAP to SIMATIC IT at regular inter-
Siemens is the market leader in the field                                                  vals.
of industrial automation and the solu-       The project was implemented in a stepby-
tion offered covered all of the require-     step approach. Eventually each of 5           All material movements during pro-
ments and specifications.                    areas related to the different manufactu-     duction are registered by SIMATIC IT
                                             ring methods (production of rotors, of        Material Manager. When using a critical
All physical components in the wireless      coils, of stators/armatures, assembly and     material the system allows its in-line
network covering the plant were Sie-         final testing, and parts machining) are       registration.
mens too, as well as the controllers of      to be covered by functionality for plant
the machine tools.                           management, quality assurance, material       Operators receive production orders
                                             traceability, and maintenance.                from the system which gives them a re-
This only facilitated the integration with                                                 al-time view on pending jobs. They can
the SIMATIC IT MES (Manufacturing            This way one area can serve as a pilot        also register their activities as they are
Execution System).                           and the experience thus gathered can be       carried out at their work station and up-
                                             applied during the functionality “roll-out”   date the order status using ‘Panel PC’s’.
Siemens is the only automation vendor        to other areas.
to cover such a broad area with its offer.                                                 The system also makes manufacturing
Having one single vendor for all systems     SIMATIC IT provides a standard platform       instructions, construction plans, regu-
improves communication and respon-           for integration between the control layer     lations and guidelines available at the
siveness in case of incidents or system      and the ERP level. This capacity of mutual    working stations in their most recent
extensions or roll-outs.                     information exchange strongly contri-         status.

     The MES system enforces the execution       This allows immediate feedback to SAP        To secure maximum system and plant
     of standard quality procedures by ma-       for the creation of a maintenance order      availability Siemens Cornellá opted for
     king available a quality protocol for       and the notification of the maintenance      the Intelligent Agent principle in terms
     each part to the operators. The quality     department in case of machine or system      of maintenance. The Intelligent Agents
     measures are scheduled in the produc-       failures.                                    enable predictive maintenance.
     tion model and through Autocontrol the
     operator knows which quality assurance      This can be done in real time from the       They allow the SIMATIC IT support de-
     parameters to check.                        working station rather than from a termi-    partment to monitor the plant applica-
                                                 nal located in the offices.                  tion and alert Siemens Cornellá in case
     This can be registered in the system at                                                  of imminent system failure and thus
     the working station ensuring not only       Any initial reluctance of people in the      prevent downtime of systems and pro-
     that the necessary checks are done but      plant to adopt the novelty of working        duction lines.
     also speeding up decision making by the     with IT systems was surmounted by the
     operator.                                   methodical project approach, the fact
                                                 that end users of all affected depart-
     Data on the quality measures, times and     ments were involved from the start, parti-
     the operator who carried them out are       cularly the people on the plant floor.
     stored in the system for both internal
     and external quality control.               The user friendly web-based interface
                                                 offered by SIMATIC IT, supporting the
     SIMATIC IT serves as a central informati-   use of barcodes and touch panels, also
     on exchange platform and also enables       contributed to a smooth adoption of the
     realtime communication on events.           system by the users.


The pay-off                                  What’s next?                                   At a glance

All the manual processes, including          The first of 5 project phases, being the       Company:
quality processes are now automated.         production of rotors has been up and           Siemens Cornellá:
The communications platform between          running since April 2007.            
SAP and production covers order man-
agement, material management and             Additionally Quality assurance and mate-       Industry: Discrete manufacturing
guarantees availability of up to date        rial traceability have been activated in the
master data.                                 manufacturing of casings and coils.
                                                                                            Mesure Systems:
                                             Right now the system is activated in the
Generally improvements can be seen           last two sections, assembly and final
in compliance with delivery dates, the       probes and parts machining.
                                                                                            Key Challenges:
through put times, and final product                                                        • introduce IT to the shop floor
quality. The increased efficiency in data    This project will be presented as a best       • large volume production data
capturing has resulted in serious im-        practice to the 20 other plants worldwide        acquisition
provements in the availability and reli-     in the SIEMENS Drive Technologies -            • interoperability
ability of production and quality data.      Large Drives division to highlight the         • traceability
The system enforces sequential handling      potential.
of working steps and identification of                                                      Solution:
used materials. This has helped increase                                                    • SIMATIC IT Production Suite
plant efficiency and traceability.                                                          • SIMATIC IT Report Manager

When the project is finalized Siemens                                                       Key Benefits:
Cornellá will be the only vendor of trac-                                                   • fully automated production and
tion motors for railways to offer its cus-                                                    quality processes
tomers full and automated traceability                                                      • improved quality and throughput
of critical components.                                                                     • reliable data for tracking and
The implementation of SIMATIC IT MES
has also positively influenced the per-
ception of the Siemens Cornellá plant by
the Siemens headquarters.

            Just like a part of the family
            Whirlpool: MES solution with SIMATIC IT

            As a global player in the market for home      The business challenge
            appliances, it is essential to Whirlpool to
            optimize the efficiency of their plants and    Step 1
            to be able to promptly react to changes in     Whirlpool wanted to integrate the business
            the manufacturing cycle.                       level with plant operations, in particular
                                                           concerning orders, material master data in-
            As a solution, they decided for SIMATIC IT.    cluding BoM (Bill of Materials), and produc-
            The result was increased software stan-        tion performances feedback.
            dardization throughout the plants.
                                                           The existing MRP is exporting to and im-
            The customer                                   porting from MES these messages using
                                                           the Business to Manufacturing Markup Lan-
            Whirlpool Corporation is the world‘s leading   guage format.
            manufacturer and marketer of major home
            appliances, with 2006 annual sales of ap-      During production execution, the require-
            proximately $18 billion, more than 73,000      ment is to monitor the WIP (Work In Prog-
            employees, and more than 70 manufactur-        ress) of materials and orders. Additionally,
            ing and technology research centers around     Whirlpool wanted to apply the “Lean Manu-
            the world.                                     facturing” concept to its manufacturing
            The company markets Whirlpool, Maytag,
            KitchenAid, Jenn-Air, Amana, Brastemp,         For this reason, they wanted to implement
            Bauknecht, and other major brand names         an order dispatching strategy in order to
            to consumers in nearly every country           properly handle the different.
            around the world.
                                                           Step 2 (future implementation)
                                                           Quality management is a strong initiative
                                                           for the project. In order to monitor produc-
                                                           tion defects in an efficient way, every indi-
                                                           vidual item is monitored along the produc-
                                                           tion cycle by acquiring measures from field
                                                           devices (such as testing stations) to certify
                                                           the production.

                                                           In particular, quality assembly measures
                                                           (such as torques, stress, and others) are ac-
                                                           quired in order to calculate drifting curves
                                                           to prevent quality drops.



The solution                                 The pay-off
                                                                                           At a glance
Up to now Whirlpool rolled out the solu-     Leveraging the SIMATIC IT production
tion with SIMATIC IT in five plants across   modeling capability, from the IT point        Company:
Europe: Trento (Italy), Siena (Italy),       of view the result was increasing the         Whirlpool Corporation
Wroclaw (Poland), Poprad (Slovakia),         software standardization throughout the
and Napoli (Italy). Whirlpool is using       plants by using a common library.
COPICS as European MRP (Material Re-         The SIMATIC IT Cross-Industry Libraries       Industry: Home appliances
quirements Planning) system but the          contain basic functions for a range of
                                                                                           Key challenges:
migration to SAP/R3 is already planned.      functionalities needed to develop an MES
                                                                                           • integration of the business level
                                                                                             with plant operations
The existing MRP exports its orders and
                                                                                           • monitoring of materials and
material information in B2MML format         The possibility of building a manufactu-        orders for efficient quality
(XML files) that SIMATIC IT automatically    ring system that uses this wide range of        management
receives and dispatches it to the rele-      technological bricks is one of the reasons    • applying “Lean Manufacturing”
vant SIMATIC IT components for the use       that allowed Whirlpool to implement the         concepts to the manufacturing
in production execution. Production per-     system in a very short time.                    lifecycle
formances are fed back in XML files at a                                                   • detailed production scheduling
very high rate from SIMATIC IT to MRP.       Thanks to this infrastructure, also the
Particular care is placed in dispatching     migration to SAP R/3 will be “bumpless”.      Solution:
the right materials to the various equip-    Due to the B2MML interface and to the         • SIMATIC IT Production Suite
ments (workstations) where they have         interoperability capability, MES and MRP      • SIMATIC IT Report Manager
to be worked. This is aligned with a glo-    are coupled and the migration on the ERP
bal strategy of Whirlpool to implement       level will fully rely on this integration.    Key benefits:
Lean Manufacturing concepts. Around          This is also very supportive of the rollout   • increased software
                                                                                             standardization throughout the
this concept, the strategy of handling       of the application that is guaranteed by
the “pace maker” is defined.                 the SIMATIC IT approach.
                                                                                           • feeding back performances at a
                                                                                             high rate to the ERP
This strategy requires to find out the       In fact, Whirlpool is not only planning
pace maker that is the production area       additional rollouts but also additional im-
with the longer lead time and the right      plementations in the existing installation.
product complexity, and to relate to this    Whirlpool welcomed the performance
point the execution production plan and      guaranteed by SIMATIC IT, as the require-
the material flow.                           ment for feeding back performances at a
Reporting and GUI (Graphical User Inter-     high rate to the MRP was a crucial point.
faces) are native features of the entire     And SIMATIC IT effectively addressed this
implementation.                              point.

            MES system makes solar cell
            production more efficient

            When the REC Group in Norway decided to expand and develop one of their factories for
            the production of solar cell components, ÅF was contracted to implement the manufactu-
            ring execution system (MES). This was done for the entire production scheme, from order
            to delivery. By introducing the best available technique, ÅF could help its client to reach a
            higher quality of product, a greater degree of capacity utilization and production as well as
            improved energy efficiency.

            Solar energy                                      ÅF integrates the new system

            The sun has always been an important              REC produces wafers, a type of thin silicon
            source of energy for humankind.                   plate used for solar cells. As this is a grow-
                                                              ing market, REC decided to expand one of
            Solar energy has heated houses and dried          their factories with a new production line,
            food for preservation. In the future solar        as well as upgrading their original produc-
            energy is likely to play an important role in     tion system. Production had so far mainly
            meeting increasing energy demands.                been manual, and the machines were old
                                                              and in need of an upgrade.
            The development of solar power has been           A Manufacturing Execution System (MES)
            tremendous over the last few years, and the       platform was needed, and for this REC chose
            world market for solar cells has grown with       The Siemens SIMATIC IT. ÅF was chosen to
            about 40 percent each year.                       be responsible for integrating the system.



                                                                                           ÅF - leading the way in technical

                                                                                           The ÅF Group is a leader in technical
                                                                                           consulting, with experience founded
                                                                                           on more than a century of experience.
                                                                                           We offer highly qualified services
                                                                                           and solution for energy and the
                                                                                           environment, industrial processes,
                                                                                           infrastructure projects, development of
                                                                                           products and IT systems.

                                                                                           ÅF Group currently employs around
                                                                                           4700 people. Our base is in Europe, but
                                                                                           our business and clients extend right
                                                                                           across the globe. What make us unique
                                                                                           are our co-workers and the technical
                                                                                           consulting industry’s greatest bank of
                                                                                           It’s all summed up in our corporate
                                                                                           motto: “ÅF - innovation by experience.”

                                                                                           For further information please see
Monitoring wafer quality                     The solution

The production of wafers is performed        The solution is based on the SIMATIC          ÅF is also the Green Advisor to four
                                                                                           National Olympic Committees
in several different stages, and there are   IT Production Suite. It handles product
quality control tests throughout this pro-   genealogy, tracking and tracing as well
cess in order to maintain a high quality     as orders. A major part of the plant
of product.                                  equipment has been integrated with
                                             the SIMATIC IT system using different
The production process can briefly be        techniques. Lab equipment and about 70
described as follows: silicon is heated in   crystal growing furnaces are integrated
an oven and grown into a long silicon        with an XML interface. Two large shaping
ingot.                                       lines are integrated with a database inter-
                                             face. Finally lots of other equipment and
This is sliced up into wafers using a high   lines are integrated using OPC.
precision wire saw. Each wafer is tested
and given a quality certificate. With the    Apart from web forms in the SIMATIC IT
monitoring system installed by ÅF, the       web portal, rich Windows clients that
history of each wafer can be traced, and     directly interact with SIMATIC IT have
any divergence from the expected qual-       been developed. These clients handle
ity can be tracked down and analyzed.        more complex user operations.

            Increasing performance through
            visibility on the shop floor
            The customer                                     There are so many factors that contribute
                                                             to manufacturing operations, therefore it
            Volkswagen, as leaders in the automotive         is a difficult task finding the bottlenecks,
            industry, need no introduction.                  small inefficiencies and identifying minor
            Volkswagen of South Africa, established in       maintenance trends. The only way these
            1946, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Volk-      inefficiencies can be ironed out completely
            swagen AG in Germany.                            is by monitoring and recording each compo-
            Volkswagen of South Africa is located in         nent of the operation automatically, in order
            Uitenhage, an industrial town some 35 km         to analyze production trends and identify
            from Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape.         areas of inefficiency. This increased visibility
            For generations, Volkswagen of South Africa      of shop floor operations allows these opera-
            has led the pack in the key areas of transfor-   tions to be tweaked to produce the best pos-
            mation. Setting key targets and measuring        sible performance.
            their success, that is how they achieved
            such a proud record as a responsible corpo-      However in a manufacturing environment
            rate citizen.                                    and especially within a production line,
                                                             where there are hundreds of machines,
            The business challenge                           workstations and operators, not knowing
                                                             why the plant performance isn’t living up to
            Due to inherent intricacies of a logistically    design is not an uncommon scenario.
            intensive production line, Volkswagen re-
            quired visibility of plant floor operations in   Increased visibility was expected to shed
            order to analyse trends in the production        light on key pain points such as operator tar-
            process and identify areas of inefficiency.      diness, constant minor stoppages, unneces-
            Such visibility enables improvements to-         sarily lengthy cycle and equipment switcho-
            wards the best possible performance, and         ver times and less than optimal intermediate
            keep it sustainable.                             product buffering.



The solution                                a standard, configured solution which is      recorded data to be contextualized and
                                            open and expandable, yet customizable         presented on the office level by means
To address this Volkswagen of South         to meet specific user requirements.           of pre-defined and ad-hoc reporting.
Africa turned to Business Connexion         Real time information such as current         These reports provide multiple aspects
Industrial Solutions, a provider of high    throughput performance, running status        of the operation. Downtime reports
availability industrial IT systems for      and problem stations are identified and       identify problem areas by showing
manufacturing environments. The assi-       visualized in real time to operators, team    equipments with the most downtimes,
gnment was to provide a Manufacturing       leaders and maintenance staff through         and which types of downtimes occur
Information System to increase visibility   46” LCD Andon displays. Andon pull            more frequently, therefore enabling op-
of their production operations on the       cords are available to allow operators to     timization of maintenance.
new 2010 Polo body shop floor.              quickly alert team leaders of quality or
                                            operational problems, aiding in quick         Equipment downtimes are logged au-
To integrate control and HMI devices        resolution on the fly, therefore increasing   tomatically with an automatic machine
across different areas of the shop floor    the direct run rate.                          state and reason, and where the down-
enables centralized data collection to                                                    time reason cannot be automatically
provide real time production informa-       All control and HMI devices are con-          determined from the equipment, the
tion across the shop floor, and aggre-      nected centrally via a fibre ring, allowing   operators are notified of downtime in-
gated, contextualized reporting to the      view of all shop floor areas via SCADA        stances on the SCADA terminals, which
office management level. This was           terminals in each area.                       they can then declare by means of a fin-
achieved using Siemens SIMATIC IT, Si-                                                    ger touch screen interface, eliminating
matic WinCC and Simatic S7, resulting in    Centralized data acquisition enables all      unknown downtime causes.

     Cycle time reports show which areas        reworked units can be verified against
     are not performing as quickly as they      the recorded amounts.
     should, possibly starving following are-
     as. Buffer reports show if buffer areas    Gantt views of historical equipment sta-
     are always able to supply parts when       tuses can be used to view multiple equip-
     they are required.                         ments in parallel to identify and improve
                                                operational dependencies.
     Key performance indicators can be eva-
     luated throughout the shift, or the day,   Such operational dependencies also
     in order to identify performance dips in   include operators, and therefore ope-
     certain shifts.                            rator bad habits can be identified and
                                                corrected to be more efficient. An ad-hoc
     Availability of equipment can be deter-    reporting option allows more custom re-
     mined and compared, to identify bot-       port queries and data contextualizations.
     tlenecks. The amount of inspected and


The pay-off                                 At a glance                               Solution:
                                                                                      • SIMATIC IT Historian & OEE on top of
This increased information and visibility   Company:                                    Simatic WinCC and Simatic S7
has given VWSA increased insight and        Volkswagen of South Africa
understanding of operational intricacies                                              Key Benefits:
which can be used to optimize processes     Industry: Automotive Manufacturing        • Increased optimization agility
to be more fluid and increase through-                                                • Increased operations visibility
put.                                        Partner: Business Connexion Industrial    • Identification of recurring
                                            Solutions                                   problems
Similarly, the general performance indi-                                              • Real-time identification of
                                            Requirements:                               production problems
cators available are an easy way to see
                                            • Cross-area availability of shop floor   • Key Performance Indicators for
if these optimization efforts increase
                                              data                                      general performance assessment
performance, and if the improved per-       • Standard, configured solution, yet
formance is sustained.                        open and customizable
                                            • Data available to management
                                              level via deployable web interfac

            SIMATIC IT for Life Sciences:
            Operational Excellence at and across plant level

            Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) are becoming ever more critical in manufacturing oper-
            ations. The life science industries are currently facing many challenges, ranging from increased
            competition, cost pressures and regulatory compliance to patient safety and reducing time-to-
            market. Today, being able to produce better and faster is critical and achieving operational ex-
            cellence is the required strategy for modern life science manufacturers.

            Efficient manufacturing is about consolidating and optimizing available manufacturing re-
            sources, including equipment, people, processes and products at and across plant level. Manu-
            facturing Execution System (MES) with embedded Manufacturing Intelligence, addresses these
            requirements. MES encompasses real-time production execution and data availability, delivering
            production and quality information that supports optimization of production activities from
            order creation to finished goods. Seamlessly integrated with automation and business systems,
            MES helps you manage your entire plant operations on a global scale.


                                                                                          Life Sciences

SIMATIC IT for Life Sciences
                                             Out-of-the-box and pre-validated,
Siemens has been active in the pharma-       SIMATIC IT for Life Sciences offers a wide
ceutical industry for many years. The        range of MES functionality together with
mission of the Siemens MES Centre of         a sound validation package, enabling
Excellence for Life Sciences is to provide   advanced interoperability and reduced
pharmaceutical and life science com-         complexity.
panies with the right MES software and
services to help them achieve opera-         SIMATIC IT for Life Sciences guarantees
tional excellence.                           full compliance with GxP and FDA proce-
                                             dures and ensures fast deployment, low
SIMATIC IT for Life Sciences is a modular,   TCO and high ROI.
flexible and scalable MES platform that
meets the ISA-95 standard.                   SIMATIC IT for Life Sciences optimizes
                                             manufacturing processes, enforces
SIMATIC IT for Life Sciences bridges the     quality and regulatory compliance and
gap between R&D and manufacturing,           shortens time-to-production and time-to-
and integrates and optimizes develop-        market.
ment, quality and manufacturing pro-
cesses to ensure optimal manufacturing       With SIMATIC IT, improve factory produc-
and market responsiveness.                   tivity and quality at a lower cost.

            Going Paperless
            Baxter - Full electronic Batch Record & Release with XFP

            Baxter implemented an MES system to              tion of manual errors in production, speci-
            be sure to manufacture products right            fically in mixing, printing and packing. The
            the first time. Baxter Healthcare relied on      Irish plant of Castlebar operates with over
            XFP-MES for Medication delivery and Re-          1,000 employees. As the manufacturing
            nal divisions. The solution deployed inclu-      process is primarily manual, the process is
            des Weighing & Dispensing, Material Ma-          always prone to human error.
            nagement, electronic Work Instructions
            and Electronic Batch Record & Release.           Enhanced flexibility
                                                             All European Baxter MD & Renal plants
            The customer                                     plan for increased growth in products with
                                                             numerous different product codes in each
            With approximately 46,500 employees              product type. This can involve complex pro-
            worldwide, Baxter applies its expertise in       duction processes. One of the key objectives
            medical devices, pharmaceuticals and bio-        was to deploy a flexible system that could
            technology to make a meaningful difference       enable rapid change of the production sche-
            in patients‘ lives. Baxter International Inc.    dule. In addition, Baxter needed the flexibi-
            operates in three main businesses: BioSci-       lity to change its batch record workflow as
            ence, Medication Delivery (MD) and Renal.        the manufacturing process changed.

            This case study focuses solely on the MD         Full quality compliance
            and Renal divisions. Baxter MD is a leading      The electronic batch system must gua-
            manufacturer of intravenous (IV) solutions       rantee full compliance with internal stan-
            and administration sets, premixed drugs          dards, industry standards and customer
            and drug reconstitution systems, pre-filled      requirements. As an example of an internal
            vials and syringes for injectable drugs, elec-   standard, the system should highlight any
            tronic infusion pumps in addition to other       specific product code requirements such as
            products used to deliver fluids and drugs to     unique sampling and inform the operators
            patients.                                        to take the right amounts of samples at the
                                                             right time.
            The business challenge
                                                             Accelerated batch release
            Back in 2003, Baxter Medication Delivery         Previously, three days lead time was needed
            and Renal Divisions in Europe were eager to      to pre-print the blank paper-based batch
            implement an electronic batch system with        documentation. The large amount of paper-
            the principal objectives of cost reduction,      work completed by manufacturing for each
            increased quality compliance, enhanced fle-      batch led to a significant time in secondary
            xibility and acceleration of batch release.      batch review and also in returning paper-
                                                             work for correction.
            Error prevention and cost reduction
            The main goal was to avoid solution and          This added additional unproductive time to
            product discard, via the automatic preven-       the release cycle of the batch.


                                                                                          Life Sciences

The solution                                 accurate in all systems. Material con-
                                             sumption and reconciliation, dispense,
The European divisions of Baxter MD &        inventory adjustment, flow management
Renal selected the XFP-MES solution to       and batch information are pieces of in-
manage all production operations.            formation that are constantly updated in
                                             XFP, the ERP and LIMS systems.
The implementation of XFP includes ma-
terial flow and inventory management,        At the time of writing, the XFP-MES
weighing, counting and dispensing, di-       Solution is deployed at the following
rected manufacturing, daily equipment        Baxter manufacturing facilities: Ireland,
checks, mixing, printing, filling, steri-    Belgium and Italy.
lizing, electronic batch records (eBR),
batch testing and reviews, packaging         The next sites to be deployed are in Spain
and labelling operations and finally data    and Canada. Ireland served as a pilot site
warehousing.                                 and Belgium has become the MES excel-
                                             lence center.
All data is stored in a central repository
available for use and review, enabling
Baxter to perform trend analysis such
as laboratory trends, scrap analysis and
measure manufacturing output and

At Baxter MD & Renal Europe, XFP inte-
grates with the ERP and LIMS systems
making sure that information is always

                                                                                              At a glance


                                                                                              Industry: Healthcare

                                                                                              Key Challenges:
                                                                                              • Require a multi-language MES
                                                                                                system for pan-European deploy-
                                                                                              • Convert paper-based system into
                                                                                                electronic batch files
                                                                                              • Enhance quality and regulatory

                                                                                              • XFP

                                                                                              Key Benefits:
                                                                                              • A Right First Time (RFT) ratio higher
                                                                                                than 99%
                                                                                              • Reduced Production Schedule to
                                                                                                30mins prior to target time
                                                                                              • Reduced Batch Release Cycle Time
                                                                                                from days to hours
                                                                                              • Reduced headcount by $110k per
                                                                                              • Saved $250K for reduced discards
     The pay-off                                 duction in headcount has been achieved       • Improved compliance to Manufactu-
                                                 due to the continuous checking and             ring Procedures
     The implementation of a full electronic     interrogation of data. All samples are       • Cut investigations to hours instead
     batch record solution has shown good        tracked on the system preventing               of days
     returns. The e-batch system guides          samples from being mislaid.
     operators through the complete pro-
     cess, acting as an electronic router with   Thanks to the traceability, electronic
     controlled task execution and automatic     signature and security features, the
     calculations while recording all actions.   system helps ensure total quality com-
     Human error risks have been significant-    pliance with any industry regulations, in-
     ly minimized, quality has increased.        cluding FDA. Finally, the new system has
                                                 led to the reduction of batch release time
     Examples of added control in the fol-       and of course cost.
     lowing areas had led to increased error
     reduction:                                  All data is gathered in one batch report,
     • All samples are tracked on the system     which is accessible at any time. Reviews
       preventing samples from being             are only done on exceptions, which
       mislaid.                                  translate into significant time and cost
     • Scanning of WIP into line cleared         savings. Over 6,500 batches and 9,500
       manufacturing areas/departments.          mixes have been released electronically
     • Automated checks of Batch Number &        in the Castlebar site.
       Expiry for product labelling.
     • Batch review by exception/deviation       The Right The First Time ratio is above
       only.                                     99%. Cost savings account for more than
                                                 $250K per annum. Efficient paperless
     It is now possible to manage more volu-     manufacturing has become the new mot-
     me with less resource and better quality.   to of Baxter MD and Renal sites across
     Less storage space is required and a re-    Europe.

                                                                            Life Sciences

       Production plant at Fresenius
       Medical Care modernised with IT
       and automation solutions

       Bad Homburg Ober-Erlenbach/Germany.             As well as supplying the software products
       The Siemens Industry Automation divi-           and associated hardware, including the rel-
       sion is modernising the business IT and         evant field devices, Siemens also provided
       process control technology of the pro-          planning, engineering and installation
       duction plant for dialysis concentrates         services.
       at Fresenius Medical Care GmbH in Bad
       Homburg Ober-Erlenbach.                         The online connection to the ERP system
                                                       and automation level enables fast and se-
       SIMATIC IT, the Manufacturing Execution         cure data exchange. Thanks to the resulting
       Systems (MES) software, acts as a link          flexibility, it is possible for production to
       between SAP and the PCS7 process con-           adapt and react easily in the area of order
       trol system, optimising plant capacity uti-     management.
       lisation and increasing flexibility.
                                                       Plant-specific, configurable order scheduling
       SIMATIC IT supports integrated data flow        and activation makes it possible to achieve a
       for all necessary information into and out of   high level of capacity utilisation of physical
       production. System support is provided at       resources and to minimise idle time.
       every stage of the production process and
       creates a tight integration of the different    It can also help make considerable savings
       system levels.                                  by moving some automated subsidiary plant
                                                       maintenance processes to idle periods.
       This considerably reduces the amount of ef-
       fort and the error rate associated with the     The operator user interface is tailored to the
       previous, paper-based production process.       plant, and offers secure, near real-time data
       Electronic data capture makes the manufac-      capture. Sophisticated input checks prevent
       turing path traceable and transparent.          input errors and inform the user directly.

       Detailed planning and automatic activation      Comprehensive standard analytical func-
       of orders and batches are standard, along       tions provide options for detailed data
       with total product genealogy and produc-        analysis and analysis of the finished pro-
       tion analysis.                                  ducts for further process optimisation.



            Client: British Energy
            Industry: Nuclear Power Generation
            Location: UK
            Brief: Monitor the inventory of controlled nuclear materials and generate reports for the
            EU regulatory authority
            Application Area: Track and Trace
            Architecture: Siemens SIMATIC IT
            Statistics: Rolled out to all UK nuclear power stations

            “DAI have successfully delivered a well executed project which has deployed a high quality
            system across our plants. We are delighted with the effectiveness of the implementation
            and are already seeing its benefits.”
            British Energy Project Manager

            The customer                                     The business challenge

            British Energy - part of EDF Energy, operates    The existing system used for tracking nucle-
            8 UK nuclear power stations. All these pow-      ar material, FORCE, had been in place since
            er stations have been operational for many       1992. As such it was based on technology
            years and some of the systems within them        that could not easily be adapted to meet the
            have been in place for a long time.              new requirements. However the old system
                                                             was very well suited to the user’s existing
            Within the nuclear industry, compliance          needs and had proven to be accurate and
            with regulatory requirements is essential.       reliable over many years.

            As such, when the international legislation      The challenge was to provide a new system,
            that provides the regulatory framework           based on current, well supported technol-
            was revised, requiring electronic reports        ogy that would continue to meet ongoing
            that track the movement of nuclear materi-       operational needs while also addressing the
            als throughout the business, British Energy      new requirements and providing the flex-
            needed to develop an accurate, reliable and      ibility to adapt to changing future regulatory
            efficient way to comply with the modified        demands.
            regulatory requirements.
                                                             All this to be done while maintaining high
                                                             levels of safety, reliability and integrity.


                                                                                                 Power Generation

The solution                               tion), Status (Good to Go, Cooling etc),        The system was procured from DAI, a sy-
                                           Dismantling and Disposal.                       stem solutions provider with long term
British Energy decided to commission                                                       experience in both the energy sector
the design and implementation of a         Where necessary is has automated links          and Track and Trace systems.
new state of the art nuclear materials     to other existing IT systems allowing
accountancy system to replace the exi-     direct import of specific tracked parame-       NuMAS was based around the Siemens
sting one.                                 ters and thus reducing duplicated entry         SIMATIC IT system framework providing
                                           and potential data inconsistency across         a system that is entirely configurable
The new system, NuMAS (Nuclear Ma-         systems.                                        and is suitable for Track & Trace and
terials Accountancy System), is a con-                                                     reporting throughout the Energy Sec-
figurable Track and Trace application      NuMAS is an auditable system that tracks        tor, both for operational and regulatory
which allows British Energy to monitor     movements of nuclear material at each           compliance requirements.
its inventory of controlled materials,     station via a centrally based enterprise ar-
and meet its regulatory commitments        chitecture. It has the flexibility to be used   NuMAS was delivered by DAI in a se-
to report on the balance, movement         in an individual station or fleet context,      ries of releases that led from prototype
and transformation of these materials to   and has the capacity to generate the prin-      through pilot to final build. The initial
the appropriate European Commission        cipal regulatory reports embedded direct-       phase defined and developed a generic
authority.                                 ly into the main user interface.                prototype containing the full range of
                                                                                           functionality that would be required
At its core NuMAS tracks and reports on    In addition this thin client graphical “drag    across all stations in the fleet.
both nuclear fuel and other controlled     and drop” user interface, and additional
components throughout their full life-     custom report writing tool provide a mar-       This phase involved input from a cu-
cycle, including Receipt, Movement,        ked improvement in flexibility and ope-         stomer stakeholder group consisting of
Assembly, Nuclear Composition, Para-       rator experience when compared to the           users, engineering, IT security and ma-
meters (Decay Heat, Isotopic Composi-      previous system.                                nagement. Throughout development,

     DAI provided regular demonstrations of      systems operating in parallel for a period,
     prototype progress, and sought feed-        to allow full comparative evaluation of       DAI
     back to ensure that the final prototype     NuMAS in operational mode, prior to
     met the expectations of the full stake-     completing the switchover and decom-          DAI is a systems company with a proven
     holder group.                               missioning the previous system.               track record for delivering reliable
                                                                                               solutions for major projects. We focus
                                                                                               on operational-level applications,
     After rigorous testing the prototype sy-    The project ran on-schedule and on-bud-       integrating with ERP and existing
     stem was then configured into specific      get, and was proposed for nomination to       commercial systems. Our creative use of
     station solutions and rolled out station    the BCS IT Project of the Year awards by      commercially available technologies has
     by station over a number of months,         British Energy.                               led to our reputation for providing cost
                                                                                               effective, adaptable solutions that meet
     with each station solution consisting
                                                                                               the end customer’s business needs.
     of the same base product and look and
     feel, but with station specific characte-                                                 For four decades we have quietly,
     ristics and requirements captured and       The benefits                                  consistently and effectively worked
     delivered in full.                                                                        behind the scenes to help implement
                                                                                               major projects that improve the
                                                 NuMAS has provided British Energy with        operational efficiency of global
     This provided individual stations with      a new logistics solution that has a more      companies across both the manufacturing
     the system they wanted, but gave the        sophisticated tracking process and grea-      and supply chain parts of their businesses,
     fleet a system commonality that would       ter levels of IT support than its predeces-   Formal Quality Assurance processes have
                                                                                               been systematically applied across DAI’s
     deliver simplified maintenance and ma-      sor. At the same time it has maintained
                                                                                               business for over 25 years, up to the
     nagement. Full legacy data migration        the high levels of integrity and accuracy     levels need to satisfy both the Nuclear and
     from the predecessor FORCE systems on       needed to ensure continued regulatory         Pharmaceutical industries.
     each station was a constituent part of      compliance and has replaced a system
     each station’s rollout.                     that was closely tailored to the business     DAI’s application support service provides
                                                                                               guaranteed ongoing responsibility and
                                                 in a way that rapidly allowed the new
                                                                                               response throughout the operational
     This was followed by a phased changeo-      system to gain a high degree of user ac-      lifespan of a system. Following training
     ver from FORCE to NuMAS, with the two       ceptance.                                     and commissioning, we provide ‘early life’
                                                                                               assistance on customer sites. Ongoing
                                                                                               stewardship of systems is provided
                                                                                               through Service Level Agreements
                                                                                               providing levels of cover up to 24x7x365.

                                                                                               Industrial plant equipment typically lives
                                                                                               longer than the IT systems that manage it.
                                                                                               This leads to a requirement to refurbish
                                                                                               or replace the IT systems, in order to
                                                                                               extend the overall operating lifespan.
                                                                                               DAI has developed specialist skills in
                                                                                               retrofitting systems into live operational
                                                                                               environments, while maximizing system
                                                                                               availability, across a range of industries.

                                                                                               York House, 4 Wolsey Business Park,
                                                                                               Tolpits Lane, Watford,
                                                                                               WD18 9BL, United Kingdom

                                                                                               For further information:


       Rationalizing Laboratory
       SIMATIC IT UNILAB helps SLN (Société Le Nickel) in New
       Caledonia refocus on Core Activities

       Modern, productive laboratories are sub-        areas: the sampling workshop, the Fluo-
       ject to considerable demands.                   rescence-X laboratory and the Wet Process
       To offer optimum service to internal and        laboratory. The laboratory carries out all
       external customers, they need to distin-        analyses, from geology to finished products
       guish themselves in terms of traceability,      (ferronickel and matte) via ongoing control
       quality assurance and connectivity.             of the manufacturing process, not forgetting
                                                       the environment.
       With the implementation of its LIMS, SI-
       MATIC IT Unilab, Siemens Industrial IT has      Around 300 analyses per day are carried
       fully computerized the operations of the        out, amounting to some 10,000 samples a
       Doniambo laboratory at Société Le Nickel        month. Most of these analyses are carried
       (SLN).                                          out in the Fluorescence-X laboratory.

       The Business                                    The need for modernization

       Société Le Nickel is a subsidiary of the        In the early 1980s, the Fluorescence-X labo-
       French group Eramet, founded in 1880.           ratory was fitted with an IT system: the cen-
       With over 120 years of history in New Cale-     tralizer. This in-house Cobol-based software
       donia, Société Le Nickel has a wealth of        made it possible to manage all the analyses
       experience in the field of mining exploration   carried out in this laboratory automatically,
       and metallurgy.                                 from scheduling certain samples to sending
                                                       the results to various customers.
       The company has five mining centers and
       a number of subcontracted sites. The ore is     However, this system quickly showed its
       extracted there and then shipped by ore car-    limits: restricted coding and hardware which
       riers to the factory in Doniambo where fer-     had become obsolete, making maintenance
       ronickel is produced (which is used to make     increasingly complex.
       stainless steel). This structure currently
       allows the company to aim at long-term pro-     The laboratory’s managers therefore wanted
       duction of 72,000 tonnes of nickel per year.    to introduce a more comprehensive sys-
       With approximately 2400 employees SLN is        tem which would also integrate all of the
       regarded as the leading private employer in     analyses carried out in the various areas and
       New Caledonia.                                  make use of the most up-to-date methods.

       To process the ongoing flow of samples for      The demand stems from the need to meet
       analysis, SLN uses 30 employees in three        the specific requirements of a modern,


                                                                                               Greater customer
                                                                                               Implementation in the Wet Process lab is
                                                                                               already a success, users are discovering
                                                                                               the benefits of the new system in full. In
                                                                                               the next stage, the SLN project team in-
                                                                                               tends to extend the LIMS to more of the
                                                                                               laboratory’s customers (the factory and
                                                                                               mining centers) so that they can fully
                                                                                               manage their samples.

                                                                                               Higher involvement of the customers
                                                                                               will help the laboratory return to its real
                                                                                               role: providing analyses.

     productive laboratory: requirements in       Implementation
     terms of traceability, quality assurance
     and connectivity (simplifying how re-        To optimize the implementation itself,       At a glance
     sults are sent to the relevant customers/    Siemens and SLN firstly carried out a pre-
     departments).                                liminary analysis. This procedure lasted     Company:
                                                  several months, to allow the SLN project     SLN (Société Le Nickel) in New
     “We want to simplify operations relating     team to get to know the work of the          Caledonia
     to the processing of samples, thus im-       laboratory and to provide them with the
     proving productivity and optimizing the      opportunity to consider all requirements     System Integrator:
     way our teams work.                          and interpret them correctly.                Siemens Industrial IT
     This will improve the service we offer to    The information obtained was used to         IS2I
     our customers.” says Jean-Lucien Poli-       prepare a detailed specifications docu-
     cisto, Head of the Laboratory Analysis       ment. The SLN project team started by        Requirements:
     section                                      setting up the LIMS in the Wet Process       • integration of all analyses in different
                                                  laboratory. This installation was accom-       areas
                                                  panied by regular visits from Siemens and    • up-to-date methods
     A solid partner which consid-
                                                  regular remote monitoring. After 6 to 7      • connectivity
     ers specific requirements                     months, the software was entirely set up     • traceability
                                                  and integrated in this part of the labora-   • quality assurance
     SLN needed a solid partner which could       tory. The SLN project team is currently
     offer a lasting solution. “Siemens provid-   completing the rollout of the LIMS in the    Solution: SIMATIC IT Unilab LIMS
     ed a favorable response to our request       Fluorescence-X laboratory.
     while also continuing to listen to our                                                    Benefits:
     requirements.                                The considerable motivation of the proj-     • Simplified operations for processing
                                                  ect team, close involvement of all parties     samples
     The presentation on SIMATIC IT Unilab –      (laboratory and Industrial IT staff) and     • Reduction in manual inputs
     which is the Siemens LIMS – caught our       the way the group works together were          (bar codes, bar code readers)
     interest and then won us over.               key factors in the progress and success of   • Reduces risk of errors
                                                  this project.                                • Increased productivity
     This solution allowed us to integrate                                                     • Increased involvement of customers in
     specific requirements relating to our        Due to geographical constraints a three-       the analysis process
     company: in terms of interfaces with         way partnership was set up between           • More time for core activity:
     other IT systems, connections to mea-        Siemens Industrial IT in Belgium, SLN          the analyses
     suring instruments, and specifications       and IS2I – a local Siemens partner – so
     which are particular to the laboratory       that the solution could be deployed with
     (managing certain analyses, internal         greater flexibility. “This helped us to
     coding of samples, and so on).”              make quick progress, with complete con-
     Claude Bon, Head of the Industrial IT        fidence, toward finishing the deployment
     section.                                     of the LIMS”, said Claude Bon.

                                                               Value Added Services

       SIMATIC IT Value Added Services
       A broad concept of Customer Care

       The importance of Support and Services for optimized plant

       Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) are becoming ever more critical in manufacturing oper-
       ations, not least because they enable the implementation of corporate strategies based on qual-
       ity, efficiency, cost containment … Which is why manufacturers typically require these systems
       to be maximally available and up to date.

       In order to meet the global market requirements with more demanding production and business
       goals, manufacturers are stepping up investments in plant IT infrastructures.
       As such, also MES installations and hence their maintenance are becoming more and more mis-
       sion critical.
       This has generated, as a side effect, an increasing importance of plant IT solutions such as MES,
       but also and more particularly of their availability and reliability.

       SIMATIC IT, the Siemens MES solution, provides the right answer to today’s industry challenges,
       and enables a higher level of market and manufacturing responsiveness through increased
       production performance, real-time cross plant and plant centric visibility and controlled brand

       By completing this wide range of functionality with a renewed and extended set of services and
       support, Siemens is strongly committed to customer care, for the whole product and project
       life cycle, from the analysis of the economical investment to the implementation phase and the
       post installation assistance.

       SIMATIC IT Value Added Services (VAS) offers significant and measurable benefits to customers
       through an innovative Maintenance concept, a new Partner Program and Technical Training.


     A comprehensive                             sures often face an increase of operation-   rameters could be the first step towards
     Maintenance Program for                     al expenses: unplanned downtimes tend        those economic and quality benefits.
                                                 to be more frequent and longer, require      Supported by SIMATIC IT, manufacturers
     your MES Installation                       more time for an in-depth crisis analysis,   increase cost-effectiveness by planned
                                                 and ultimately they are more costly.         plant monitoring at given points in time
     Manufacturers often underestimate the                                                    (preventive) or continuously (predic-
     importance of updating software ver-        In most manufacturing operations, how-       tive).
     sions, taking into consideration main-      ever, a blend of predictive, preventive
     tenance of applications, or preventive      and reactive activities would be appropri-   This is accomplished through the use
     actions to avoid compromising the plant     ate, productive and cost efficient.          of Agent Technology, which anticipates
     availability.                                                                            and provides warnings of performance
                                                 The renewed and extended SIMATIC IT          threats and helps prevent production
     The SIMATIC IT Maintenance Program          Maintenance Program also includes the        slow-downs or complete breakdowns.
     helps customers prevent unforeseen          possibility to take predictive measures,     In order to maximize the benefits of
     or unplanned costs for system inter-        enabling double cost reductions by elimi-    these value added SIMATIC IT services,
     ventions, composing a maintenance           nating unnecessary services and their        manufacturers have at their disposal the
     program based on both standard and          costs, and by reducing downtime related      Technical Support Service (TSS), a team
     optional services, with the right balance   profit loss. Identifying industry specific   of highly skilled experts engineers on
     between predictive, preventive and re-      Key Performance Indicators and risk pa-      SIMATIC IT products as well as on MES,
     active measures, and based on the new-
     est technologies.

     Effectively deployed, this approach
     becomes essential for the customers
     when facing problem analysis and solv-
     ing (RAM unavailable, memory loss,
     broken networks, unreachable PCs, CPU
     overloaded, memory leaks, unreadable
     B2MML, old hardware, etc.).
     Though reactive maintenance is ap-
     propriate and effective for systems that
     handle non-critical stages of manufac-
     turing and in relatively straightforward
     production processes, manufacturers
     who rely exclusively on reactive mea-

                                                                                                                                                  Value Added Services
                                       SIMATIC IT Maintenance Services

                Professional Services                                                                                Excellence Options

                                                               Agent-based Diagnosis Service

                                                                                                                                                                                                           Central Dispatch Center Service
                                                                                                                      Update Management Service
        Technical Support Services

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Programmed Maintenance
                                                                                                                                                                              Corrective on-site Service
                                                                                                                                                     Mature Product Support
           • Hotline 24/7

                                                                                               Application Support
           • Technical Web Support
           • Remote Support

        Software Update Service

        Test and Development Licenses

interaction with 3rd Parties, Base Tech-     • Technical Web Support:                                                                              structure, a complete diagnosis and
nology, SQL, Networks, Web, ERP.               The user has access, through the Inter-                                                             troubleshooting service can be pro-
Jointly with selected partners, Siemens        net, to a set of continuously updated                                                               vided by the TSS team, supported also
offers a global service and maintenance        technical documentation about                                                                       by means of secure remote access.
network with a unique level of skills,         SIMATIC IT software.
expertise and know-how: spot-on for            This includes general information, a
multi-site manufacturers, who need             support database and tips, such as Hot                                                             Software Update Service (SUS):
centralized yet global support services        Fixes and Release Notes, Product Docu-                                                             This service provides the new versions
providing round-the-clock monitoring,          mentation and Frequently Asked Ques-                                                               of SIMATIC IT software including new
analysis and real-time solutions.              tions.                                                                                             functions and Service Packs when re-
Siemens believes that its maintenance        • Remote Support:
offering contributes significantly to the      Upon specific request of the customer                                                              The updates are automatically delivered
top line performance and the bottom            and after verification of the IT infra-                                                            to the customer.
line productivity of the plant.

SIMATIC IT Maintenance
The SIMATIC IT Maintenance Program
adds strategic value to its cross-industry
software products and industry specific
solutions with a high value mix of stan-
dard (Professional Services) and optional
services (Excellence Options).

Professional Services

Technical Support Service:
• Hotline 24/7:
  Exhaustive hotline technical assis-
  tance is offered for SIMATIC IT prod-
  ucts as well as for interaction with 3rd
  party products or applications, and IT

     Excellence Options                            ments after a monitoring activity of the     of an engineering team with project
                                                   customer’s software configuration, and       specific knowledge.
     Agent-based Diagnosis Service:                the level of update of Product, Libraries
     This service can predict potentially criti-   and their applications.                      Central Dispatch Center Service:
     cal conditions in the system (e.g. lack of                                                 A support provided for other Siemens
     memory with as a result data loss) and        This tool is extremely meaningful to         Products (e.g: SIMATIC BATCH, SIMATIC
     initiate measures in order to prevent         achieve a standard alignment of the same     PCS7) and for application software
     them from happening, thus securing            version of Product and Libraries in all      implemented on top of SIMATIC IT by 3rd
     the continuity of the operations or the       plants involved in the project.              parties.
     well functioning of
     the system. Agents                                                                                          Programmed Mainte-
     are based on a non-                                                                                         nance:
     invasive innovative                                                                                         With this service, the
     technology.                                                                                                 customer can plan a
                                                                                                                 certain number of days
     Application Sup-                                                                                            of intervention for
     port:                                                                                                       system maintenance,
     A complete assis-                                                                                           with periodic checks
     tance to customer                                                                                           of the application soft-
     specific applications,                                                                                      ware and related IT
     built on top of the                                                                                         infrastructure. This will
     SIMATIC IT standard products, focused         Mature Product Support:                      avoid potential issues from occurring in
     to minimize risks and maximize the per-       A customer can choose for support and        the future, due to e.g. consumption of
     formance of the SIMATIC IT solution.          maintenance on phased-out product ver-       system resources.
     Update Management Service:                                                                 Test and Development Licenses:
     This service offers the possibility to dis-   Corrective on-site Service:                  Additional licenses with a validity of one
     tribute and install updates and enhance-      This service offers the on-site assistance   year, to be used only for test or develop-
                                                                                                ment purposes and for products already
                                                                                                installed at the customers site.
                                                                                                This service can only be purchased if the
                                                                                                customer has a SIMATIC IT Maintenance

                                                                                                SIMATIC IT Partnership:
                                                                                                Our successful approach to
                                                                                                the MES market
                                                                                                Much of our customers’ satisfaction
                                                                                                is due to the exceptional professional
                                                                                                skills, industry experience and commit-
                                                                                                ment of our Partners, who use
                                                                                                SIMATIC IT to develop, implement and
                                                                                                maintain leading MES solutions.

                                                                                                SIMATIC IT Partners are high-level con-
                                                                                                sultants dedicated to helping their cus-
                                                                                                tomers in achieving their business goals.
                                                                                                Siemens is fully committed to join com-
                                                                                                petences with strong and experienced
                                                                                                partners to deliver solutions based on
                                                                                                SIMATIC IT that help customers to im-
                                                                                                prove their overall performances.
                                                                                                Together, the SIMATIC IT Team and the
                                                                                                SIMATIC IT Partner Community can grant
                                                                                                the key factors for a successful MES
                                                                                                implementation in order to respond to
                                                                                                any customer requirements.

                                                                                         Value Added Services

The SIMATIC IT Partner Program is ad-
dressed to all companies interested in
committing to achieve MES excellence

It’s a flexible proposal that can meet
the needs of partners with specific or
broad industry experience with local
or global presence, with a complex or
simple organization, with or without
MES experience. Partners are supported
by Siemens to strengthen their technical
know-how and MES positioning and to         SIMATIC IT Solution Partner Specialists      key factors. In order to meet customers’
enhance their future potential.             are MES experts in selected industries       expectation of highly qualified MES sys-
                                            and have a dedicated team in place.          tem integrators, Siemens MES improved
On the basis of the Siemens Solution                                                     the SIMATIC IT educational services offer
Partner Program structure, Siemens MES      They have a specific know-how, account       with a comprehensive learning program
offers two levels of SIMATIC IT partner-    management skills and they want to           dedicated to partners: the SIMATIC IT e-
ship according to the different strategic   transform their broad MES expertise into     learning courses.
requirements and objectives:                MES leadership based on SIMATIC IT.
                                            Our partner program is designed to           SIMATIC IT Technical Partner
• SIMATIC IT Solution Partner               protect investments and increase the         Development
• SIMATIC IT Solution Partner Specialist    competitive advantage of Solution Part-
                                            ners Specialist, to help Solution Partners   Being part of the SIMATIC IT partner
SIMATIC IT Solution Partners are com-       wanting to grow in the MES market and        program, the Technical Partner Develop-
panies with basic MES skills wanting to     become Specialists.                          ment (TPD) offers a wide range of tech-
start with SIMATIC IT and committing        The quality of our Partners is pre-eminent   nical services from presales to product
to achieve an expert level of SIMATIC IT    for the success of the SIMATIC IT story,     consulting to support of Partner projects
technical know-how.                         a profound education being one of the        in the best possible manner.

     These services are provided by a team       • Definition of a business plan with         through in AS MES Training facilities in
     fully dedicated to the growth of the          agreed targets in collaboration with       Europe (Genoa-I, Frankfurt-D) and US
     MES Partners Community, able to grant         Siemens Sales and the partner              (Addison-IL).
     to Siemens Partners presales consulting,    • Monitoring of the mandatory partner
     dedicated bidding assessment and tech-        certification                              On demand, sessions can be held out of
     nical tutoring.                             • Execution of the mandatory technical       the standard calendar and at other loca-
     The team consists of high skilled consul-     feasibility study to minimize project      tions according to trainers’ availability
     tants that provide consulting services at     risks                                      and logistic constraints.
     expert level:
     • Solution Architect can support dur-       SIMATIC IT Technical Training                SIMATIC IT training can also be attended
       ing the definition of the Functional                                                   on the MES E-Learning platform, a Web-
       Design Specification and of the Soft-                                                  based distance learning infrastructure to
       ware Design Specification.                Siemens organizes a complete Training        learn at your own pace, through remote
     • Senior Consultant can support at          Courses Portfolio, to build a consistent     lessons.
       Technical Project Management level to     learning path for our customers: from
       tackle problems before they escalate,     product feature descriptions to a hands-     Empowering your MES staff with
       mentoring critical service requests       on learning experience. The SIMATIC IT       SIMATIC IT Technical Training can be a
       and monitoring milestone achieve-         training program consists of a range of      critical success factor for your manufac-
       ment.                                     training courses providing deep knowl-       turing enterprise as it ensures:
     • Product Consultant can support the        edge of SIMATIC IT Products. To success-
       project development and address spe-      fully achieve this goal, the training con-   • Continuous on-site presence of
       cific issues in the engineering phase.    sists of around 20 courses in both theory       competent staff
                                                 and practice.                                • Efficient MES installation
     Only SIMATIC IT Partners can order                                                          management
     these consulting packages which remain      Training classes are given by engineers,      • Advanced capability to recognize of
     flexible along the project development      fully coordinated and linked with other         potential issues
     allowing refocus when and where it is       teams such as Research and Develop-          • Prompt problem resolution coordina-
     needed.                                     ment, System Tests, Product Consulting          tion with TSS
                                                 and Industry Managers, in order to be
     Additionally, the TPD is supporting the     fully aligned on developments and inno-
     partner program with following tasks:       vations of SIMATIC IT.                       For more information about the
     • Screening of potential partners and                                                    please visit:
       evaluation of MES capabilities            Training Courses are held the whole year

                                                         A Selection of SIMATIC IT Partners
+ AC&A
AC&A is a company that belongs to Grupo Isastur and its activity is focused in Industry Automation, implementing projects in several
industrial sectors, such as environmental, energy, F&B, paper,…AC&A has experience in the full range of Simatic products and has
been one of the first companies in Spain to be certified as Siemens Solution Partner.
As SIMATIC IT partner, AC&A develops MES solutions, offering the whole cycle of a SIMATIC IT project to their customers.
Moreover, the company has a deep knowledge in different Automation Systems, which allows to integrate SIMATIC IT according to
customer’s needs.

For further information:

+ Actemium
By means of a well thought-out optimization of your industrial projects, Actemium increases the overall performances of your
production lines or machines – and thus your return. The focus is not on the network or software, but on offering you the best
solutions to optimize your production techniques, increase your efficiency and reach an optimal customer satisfaction. Actemium
distinguishes oneself by offering neutral consultancy and advice on the best solution. We guide you in selecting the best product
to fit your needs. Do you wish us to implement our solution as well? Actemium works with sector- and solution-specific ‘dedicated
teams’ of specialists. Moreover, our service team assures a flexible and reliable support.
For further information: - Contact: - Willem Van Overmeiren, Business Unit Manager,
T: +32 9 325 75 50
For further information: - Contact: / For further information: -
Contact: / For further information: - Contact:

+ advenco Consulting GmbH
advenco Consulting GmbH located in Giessen, Germany, is an IT company in the range of production management and optimization,
offering consulting, software and services on Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) and
Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI / BI) systems.
advenco provides all services to successfully implement IT projects in the manufacturing environment. The “advenco Consulting
method” is a methodology that allows comprehensive project engineering during the complete project lifecycle. Following these
methods, projects will become more predictable and the risks (missing fundamentals, wrong economic valuations, imprecise target
definitions etc.) will decrease at the same time. The overall project success will be positively influenced.
advenco has relevant references throughout Europe, mainly in the food and beverages, chemicals and environmental industries.
For further information: - Contact:

+ ÅF Group
The ÅF Group is a leader in technical consulting, with experience founded on more than a century of experience.
We offer highly qualified services and solution for energy and the environment, industrial processes, infrastructure projects,
development of products and IT systems.
ÅF Group currently employs around 4700 people. Our base is in Europe, but our business and clients extend right across the globe.
What make us unique are our co-workers and the technical consulting industry’s greatest bank of experience.
It’s all summed up in our corporate motto: “ÅF - innovation by experience.”

For further information:

+ Atos Origin
Atos Origin is a leading international Information Technology (IT) services company, providing Hi-Tech Transactional Services,
Consulting, Systems Integration and Managed Services to deliver business outcomes globally. The company’s annual revenues are
EUR5.1 billion and it employs 49,000 people.
Atos Origin is the Worldwide Information Technology Partner for the Olympic Games and has a client base of international companies
across all sectors. With over 20 years of MES experience, 400+ MES solutions implemented worldwide and its proprietary method for
delivering business value, M4MES, Atos Origin is a trusted and recognized MES Partner.

For further information: - Contact:

     + ASKOM
     ASKOM, engineering company founded in 1993, is based in Gliwice, Poland. Askom is an integrator of Automation Systems and MES
     systems as well as SCADA software producer. We offer consultancy services, design and “turn-key” delivery of control, monitoring
     and management systems . With over 70 engineers team we have resources for development and commissioning of large projects.
     References of several years of activities brought our know-how both in discrete and continuous processing, in diverse branches of
     industry, including food & beverage, power plants, cokeries, paper and chemical industry. ASKOM is ISO 9001 certified and has
     Siemens authorization as Solution Specialist in PCS7 and SIMATIC IT as well as Solution Partner in Automation – SIMATIC and WinCC.
     Our MES activities include projects covering batch management, tracking & tracing, order management related to production
     scheduling, quality management, OEE, and integration to ERP.

     For further information: - Contact:

     + ATS
     ATS is a Global Independent Solution Provider, with over 25 years experience in the manufacturing systems arena and a wealth of
     experience undertaking Continuous Improvement initiatives and Manufacturing IT solution design, deployments and 24/7 support
     assignments. Many world-class multinational manufacturing companies engage ATS in their improvement initiatives, Manufacturing
     IT deployments and the 24/7 availability of their manufacturing operations. ATS is the world leading Manufacturing Execution
     Systems specialist with global delivery capabilities.
     ATS is a registered SIMATIC IT Partner Specialist in Australia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, UK and
     ATS International B.V.
     For further information:
     Contact: Mike James, Group Managing Director ; email:

     + Ardan Control Tech
     Ardan Control Tech is a leading provider of Industrial IT,and control solutions, operating in versatile industrial markets: Process,
     Discrete, Hybrid, Energy management, Power plants and Petrochemical facilities. Ardan expertise in the field of industrial IT
     encompasses the mastery of a variety of disciplines required for floor shop solutions: MES, DCS systems, control & PLC solutions, Data
     acquisition, RFID, HMI systems etc’.
     As a long term partner of Siemens, Ardan masters the execution of the TIA strategy and is experienced in the integration and
     deployment of the following: SIMATIC IT MES, Simatic PCS7, Simatic Batch, WinCC, Plant intelligence, Rout Control, Step7 PlC’s
     and others. The company’s experience is based not only on implementing Simatic IT but also on the integration of SIT with third
     party systems in multi-site, large installations and through all project stages: definition, planning, engineering, supply of hradware,
     installation and programming. Thus enabling ACT to supply the customer with a comprehensive, end-to-end Industrial IT solution.
     For further information: - Contact:

     + Brock Solutions Inc.
     Brock Solutions Inc. is an Engineering Solutions and Professional Services company specializing in global projects requiring MES
     (Manufacturing Execution System) Solutions and Automation Engineering. Brock has extensive experience in various industry sectors
     including: Automotive, Aerospace & Defense, Food & Beverage, Tobacco, Pharmaceutical, Printing, Transportation & Logistics, Metals
     and Consumer Products.

     Our expertise includes the definition, design, development, and deployment of MES solutions that interact with ERP systems and
     plant floor control systems in real-time. Brock contributes to the manufacturing community by involvement in MESA (Manufacturing
     Enterprise Solutions Association) International with several employees active in committees as well as Co-CEO John Southcott serving
     as Chair of MESA’s International Board. Brock Solutions is an active SIMATIC IT Partner.

                                                        A Selection of SIMATIC IT Partners
+ BST Buck Systemtechnik GmbH
BST Buck Systemtechnik GmbH was founded in 1989 in Brunsbuettel near Hamburg, and very close to the big chemical industrial
areas. There BST become one of the leaders in realizing TELEPERM M, SIMATIC PCS 7 and SIMATIC Batch projects. Especially the
migration of older process control systems to SIMATIC PCS 7 contributes to the company’s growth.
Since 2003 BST became a SIMATIC IT partner. Together with our customers we created successful projects with the DIS and SAP
connector as well with the production suite, historian and UNILAB.
More than 20 specialized engineers implement the complex projects for chemical, power plants and food industries.
BST is a registered SIMATIC IT partner in Germany.

For further information: - Contact:

Bayer Technology Services has been providing MES solutions for more than 20 years combining factory knowledge and implementation
know-how. Early on, the Bayer experts established MES standards, thus allowing customers to get reliable solutions for reasonable
expense. The service which the 50 experts in the field of MES offer comprises consulting as well as project execution and customer
BTS develops and delivers solutions that fit the specific needs of the process industry and the individual production site.
This combination of standard software and customer specific applications creates an MES solution of great functional value at
reasonable expense.

For further information:

+ Business Connexion (Pty) Ltd
Business Connexion (Pty) Ltd is a leading integrator of innovative business solutions based on information and communications
technology (ICT). With over 4500 employees and a track record spanning 32 years, Business Connexion runs mission-critical ICT
systems and manages products, services and solutions for JSE listed and key public sector organisations, parastatals and medium-
sized companies. Business Connexion provides manufacturing enterprise solutions and ICT technologies that range from business
consulting, project management, ERP systems, custom application development, cloud computing and data centres. Business
Connexion, augmented by the strength of its strategic alliances with world leading ICT suppliers, provides large scale turnkey
manufacturing solutions. In addition, its world-class CRM support through its Service Management Centre reaffirms the groups’ key
focus area of providing excellent client support with the ultimate objective of growing long-term business relationships.
For further information:
Contact: (Frans van Eeden)

+ CIT Systems
CTI Systems is one of the leading manufacturers of customized, computer controlled equipment for automated material handling, heavy-
duty storage and surface treatment systems as well as production, painting and assembly equipment.

For more than 45 years, CTI Systems has experience with fully automated systems and more than 1000 installations worldwide.
The goal of CTI is to provide the customer with a complete, tailor-made system, engineered and manufactured with the latest technology,
installed on a turnkey basis to provide optimum economic effects. CTI Systems is an active SIMATIC IT partner in Luxemburg.

For further information:

     + Cube
     Cube Technologies is an international industrial solution provider to clients from all manufacturing sectors. With offices in South
     Africa, Australia and Saudi Arabia, we provide technology-based solutions to clients who deal with a team of handpicked experts.
     Our solutions offer full turnkey capability for process control systems (DCS or SCADA) and MES/MIS systems with complete redundancy
     for small, medium and large applications. Projects have been successfully completed in the Automotive, Pharmaceuticals, Metals,
     Food & Beverage, Chemicals and Petro-Chemicals Industries. Siemens software products used in these solutions included Simatic
     IT OEE/DTM, Simatic PCS 7, Simatic Batch, WinCC and the Simatic IT Production Suite components. These project have increased
     production, improved plant visibility to management, provided ERP interfaces for financial systems and enabled customers to
     maximize their overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Cube Technologies is your partner in totally integrated automation.
     For further information:

     + DAI
     DAI is a systems company with a proven track record for delivering reliable solutions for major projects.
     We focus on operational-level applications, integrating with ERP and existing commercial systems. Our creative use of commercially
     available technologies has led to our reputation for providing cost effective, adaptable solutions that meet the end customer’s
     business needs.
     For four decades we have quietly, consistently and effectively worked behind the scenes to help implement major projects that
     improve the operational efficiency of global companies across both the manufacturing and supply chain parts of their businesses,
     Formal Quality Assurance processes have been systematically applied across DAI’s business for over 25 years, up to the levels need to
     satisfy both the Nuclear and Pharmaceutical industries.

     For further information: - Contact:

     Being Siemens Solution Partner for Process Control Systems since 2000, we supply Simatic IT Historian Solutions especially in Cement
     Industry, integrated with Simatic PCS7. We supply turnkey electricity and automation to our clients.

     The goal of Dal Elektrik Otomasyon is achieving perfect quality, occupational health and safety, respecting the enviroment.

     + Egemin Automation
     Over 60 years of passion for automated industrial processes is what Egemin Automation is offering you. Core activities of this international
     operating partner are consultancy, engineering, process control security and realization of solutions for process and automation
     as well as a wide range of life cycle services.

     Egemin Automation’s experiences are in intralogistics, food, (petro-)chemicals, tank terminals, life sciences and infrastructural objects.
     Please challenge us to discuss with you how our know-how and experience can support you in the realization of your objectives.

     Egemin Automation, Baarbeek 1, B-2070 Zwijndrecht
     For further information:

     Emte Sistemas specializes in the development of control systems for industry and large infrastructures. During the past 12 years
     we have undergone sustained growth, in particular in the Infrastructure and Industry Division where we have reached more than
     40 M € annual turnover with 350 employees. Of these, over 120 are control software technical staff, and the rest are specialists in
     complementary technologies (Instrumentation, Electrical, Facilities, etc.) which means that we can execute turnkey projects with total
     guarantee. In the Industrial Sector, Emte Sistemas primarily serves the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and automotive industries,
     through Process Control and Production Management automation projects, known as MES (Manufacturing Execution System).
     The most common applications of a MES are: Calculation of KPIs such as OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), management of
     Plant Manufacturing Orders with automatic supply of consolidated data to ERP, or management of Genealogy and Traceability of
     manufactured products.
     For further information: - Contact:

                                                         A Selection of SIMATIC IT Partners
+ Engineering
Engineering is a global player and Italy’s largest systems integration group and a leader in the provision of complete integrated services
throughout the software value chain: design, development, outsourcing services, products and proprietary vertical solutions, IT and
strategy consultancy, tailored to the business models of our clients in all markets. With 6,300 employees and 36 branch offices,

Engineering is present throughout Italy, has a direct commercial presence in the EU, in Ireland and Belgium, and outside the EU in Brazil
and Latin America. Thanks to the purchasing plan and the ability to open new markets, the Group has a global production capacity in over
50 countries, managing IT initiatives linked to the development of projects in the industrial and telecommunications sectors.

+ Expirivia Spa
Exprivia Spa, a company listed at the MTA, the Star segment of Borsa Italiana (XPR), is a System Integrator that approaches the different
markets with innovative solutions.
InFaber srl is Exprivia’s centre of excellence in IT Manufacturing, and supplies services and solutions for MES (Manufacturing Execution
Systems), covering the entire value chain from knowledge of the processes to the implementation and management of application
Infaber is Siemens Spa Industrial Automation Solution Partner, collaborating for several years in national and international projects for
major industries in Food, Automotive, Aerospace and Tobacco.

For further information:

Global Automation Partners (GAP), a is an engineering and consulting firm for Automation and Manufacturing IT (MIT) projects.
GAP Manufacturing IT (MIT) practice is a methodology driven IT consultancy with engineering discipline, delivering the potential of
technology via rigorous application of standard templates, modules, and solutions. Using proven, methodical, practical, scalable and
effective work practices GAP MIT delivers high value with predictable results. GAP MIT value-driven methodology incorporates the three
first principles of solution delivery; people, process, and technology. Each phase is designed to consider or manage organizational
impact (i.e. people), optimize processes according to best-practices, and apply the appropriate level of technology. Solutions support
business initiatives that range from large scale enterprise re-engineering efforts, incremental kaizen driven improvements, broad
scope business improvement initiatives such as six sigma or customer and supplier driven supply chain optimization. The process
begins with stated business objectives and ends with beneficial solutions installed and performing in the customers’ business.

+ Gijima
Gijima has a proven track record spanning over 10 years for providing Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) solutions that are
based on the successful combination of technological and business innovation at every stage of the value chain. This ensures
sustainable success through the standardisation of enterprise-wide production processes. It improves executive decision making and
provides our clients with improved efficiencies and up-time, increased productivity, reduced production costs, increased capacities
and on-time delivery, quality and regulatory compliance, fast, secure and flexible engineering and improved process control.
Seen in the context of our manufacturing process knowledge, extensive ICT services and strong client base, we offer our
manufacturing clients the potential to become an enterprise that is dynamically optimised to the rapidly changing manufacturing
environment. Gijima provides Consulting, Implementation, Support and Project Management services.
For further information:

     + HSH
     As a complete provider of automation solutions in the production field, we have been shaping the future of automatic production
     processes in cooperation with our customers for over 30 years. This enables us to offer solutions along the entire supply chain, from the
     sensor level via the level of control systems and down to the MES level for the connection to ERP systems.
     In the MES area we focus on the sectors Process Industry, Food, Beverages & Pharmaceutical as well as Chemical & Plastics Industry.
     The MES start of our customers arises often through Historian- and OEE-/MIS-solutions. hsh is a competent partner as well for production
     scheduling, tracking & tracing (Genealogy) and workflow control.
     hsh-systeme für prozess-IT gmbh, heiner-fleischmann-str. 7, d-74172 neckarsulm
     For further information:

     + HVL B.V.
     HVL is a system integrator, headquartered in Eindhoven, NL. HVL has a market focus on food & beverage, (waste)water, chemical and
     automotive markets. HVL is one of the main solution providers for both MES and industrial automation in the Netherlands.

     HVL’s technical keynotes are its status as certified SIMATIC IT Specialist, certified PCS7 Specialist, its adoption of International
     standards (e.g. ISA-88 for Batch and ISA-95 for MES). With 750 employees, HVL aims to provide added value for her customers by
     providing solutions that help them to produce in a flexible, effective and efficient way.

     For further information:

     + Hyla Soft
     Hyla Soft is an international company with headquarters in Genoa (Italy), and branches in Turin (Italy), Naples (Italy), Chicago (U.S.A.),
     Portsmouth (U.S.A.), Sao Paolo (Brazil), Madrid (Spain) Cleveland (Australia) and Winston (South Africa).
     Hyla Soft specializes in IT solutions in the field of industrial manufacturing, through MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) and related
     Hyla Soft has been Siemens SIMATIC IT partner specialist since 2003: we cooperate with Siemens with SIMATIC IT product development,
     project delivery, and support. Our experience in the manufacturing area includes production control and execution, plant intelligence,
     warehouse management, RFID implementation, and Geographic Information Systems.

     For further information:

     + IASTECH
     IASTECH is a Control Systems Integrator in Brazil, providing industrial automation solutions since 1990.
     IASTECH develops and supplies complete solutions with Control, Supervision and Plant Management Systems.
     The company marketing focus is: Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics; Chemical and Biotechnology; Food and Beverage; Water and Wastewater.
     We have expertise in Batch Systems (ISA-88); GAMP methodology for Computerized System Validation; and Manufacturing Execution
     Systems (ISA-95).
     The company has 49 employees, including Automation and IT professionals to develop projects with control and information systems.

     For further information:

                                                           A Selection of SIMATIC IT Partners

+ Imtech
Imtech is an european technical services provider, with more than 25,000 employees active in the fields of information &
communication technology and electrical & mechanical engineering. A total solution provider throughout the full breadth and depth
of the technology spectrum. The business unit Automation Solutions combines know-how of manufacturing processes, information
technology and software packages and tools to agile solutions enabling effective production management and Operational
Imtech is a certified SIMATIC IT partner and have strong partnerships with IBM and Microsoft for their business solutions.

For further information:

+ Infinity Technology Solutions
Infinity Technology Solutions SpA (ITS) employs committed engineers with expertise within Project Management, Process Modeling
and Design, Business and Manufacturing IT Systems, and Automation. We deliver solutions and consultant services within the Energy,
Construction, Process and Discrete Manufacturing, and Transportation industries.
The company was founded in 2008 and has had constant growth since. Today, ITS has offices in Genoa and Milan. Customers of ITS can
be found globally; Italy, Europe, America and Asia. Our vision is to be a trusted partner for functional, flexible and innovative business and
production systems - from idea to successful business processes of a company.
Through our breadth and quality of services, we are your total solution partner.

For further information: - Contact:;

+ Logica
Based on 30 years of experience in the manufacturing and Supply Chain domain, Logica developed a set of services named
“Manufacturing Atlas”. Manufacturing Atlas improves your Key information of the production and supply chain in manufacturing
companies and provides a full overview of the entire production chain. It starts with the development of a view providing the right
information, in the right place and at the right time. That means an industrial company can respond rapidly and promptly to changes
and thereby produce more efficiently and effectively. As part of the Manufacturing Atlas, the portal immediately translates real-time
data into operational information and practical improvements for both the shop floor and the management.
This information can be used to take immediate action, whereas the weekly summaries widely used up until now have provided only
retrospective information.

MAVAL is one of the main System Integrators from the group of SIMATIC PCS7, SIMATIC NET and SIMATIC IT partners.
MAVAL has got expertise in Continuous Process Control and Automation, becoming specialists in the Food & Beverage Industry.
Our wide experience combining SIMATIC PCS7, SIMATIC NET and SIMATIC IT MES solutions on their entirety (from the early analysis
phase to engineering and their final commissioning) gives us the ability to play the perfect role as integrators, demonstrating unique
and global skills on every project we undertake, coordinating every resource involved, and offering a full coverage of the customers’
needs, thanks to our huge know-how and flexibility.

For further information: - Contact:

      + Mesure Systems
      Mesure Systems is dedicated to the activities of consulting, analysis, management and delivery of MES projects.

      We are specialists in the implementation of Production Management and Control Systems, either in discrete manufacturing, batch
      industries or primary (process) + secondary (filling & packaging) sectors. From a start-up system of KPI management to the most
      complex multiplant system, fully integrated with the ERP and automation, including material management, track & trace, genealogy,
      order management, quality management, maintenance, etc.
      We are ready to be part of your team in continuous improvement process, focusing in increasing reliability, efficiency and profit.

      For further information: - Contact:

      + M+W Process Automation
      M+W Process Automation is one of the leading independent providers of complete automation solutions and offers consulting and
      implementation services for all levels of business and production processes. Our main focus lies in the planning and engineering of
      PLC and DCS systems and their vertical integration into higher-level PIMS and MES solutions. We provide daily, and throughout the
      entire life cycle, customer support of their production facilities.
      With our subsidiary teufel software (SAP Gold Partner) we can also deliver the complete range of services for the integration of
      business processes.

      For further information:

      + Penta-Electric
      Hardware and software engineering, installation, commissioning, calibration and qualification of electrical, instrumentation and
      automation systems including SCADA, DCS and MES-System for all process industries, specially for chemical, pharmaceutical,
      biotechnology and paper industries.
      • MES systems for pharmaceutical and biotechnology production units
      • FDA/GMP valuable process control systems for pharmaceutical and biotechnology production units.
      • Modernization, migration with a minimum of shut down time as an all over solution including collection of information about the
        existing processes, analysis, recording, recabling, testing and qualification.

      For further information: - Contact:

      + PRC Engineering
      PRC Engineering is on of Sweden’s leading suppliers within plant engineering, process automation and Industrial IT/MES for the
      pharmaceutical, food and beverage, biotech and chemical industries. Our scope covers a plants total lifecycle from conceptual design
      to commissioning and qualification. Our customers are mostly based in northern Europe but our field of operation is global and
      includes consultancy services and turn-key deliveries.

      PRC Engineering is a solution provider to Siemens within Process Automation, SIMATIC IT and is as the only company in northern
      Europe appointed solution provider Pharma.

      For further information: - Contact:

                                                          A Selection of SIMATIC IT Partners
PROCISA was founded in 1981, as an organization of engineering services, automation and IT solutions, in production and related
areas. PROCISA is specialized in providing high-value technical and technological solutions to the industrial market. Since its
beginnings in the sugar industry in 1981 PROCISA turned into a leading company in the food industry. In 1993, PROCISA looked for
expansion into the American market.

Nowadays, PROCISA is able to manage process control and Information Technology solutions for MES, based on SIMATIC IT products,
in several industries covering energy generation and management, iron and steel industry, mineral and sewage treatment, remote
control, material logistics, system information, production tracking, automation systems integration and integral administration of
plant processes including ERP integration.

+ Proxima
Proxima develops solutions for the management of agro-industrial processes for 21 years. We serve about 200 customers, all of the
agribusiness sector, and have extensive experience incomplex projects, among them the management of various business units.

More than 2.2 million hectares of agricultural productive area and 60% of brazilian bioethanol and sugar production are managed by
our softwares. MESAgro - the first MES solution in the world for agribusiness, totally based in the SIMATIC IT Platform - is supporting
our customers to be more efficient and competitive in this renewable and sustainable business.

For further information:

+ Russula
Russula is an engineering company with 23 years of extensive experience in the steel industry. The company has executed over 600
automation projects for melt shops, reheating furnaces, profile, section, bar, wire and rod mills and processing and finishing lines.

Russula has its own assembly installation with the technical capacity to design and fully assemble control panels, PLC´s, Multidrive´s
and electrical cabinets.

Russula is an independent engineering company with major offices in Spain, United States, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, India and

SIDAT Ltd. was established in 1990 in Prague and its core business is the supply of automation systems, Manufacturing Execution Systems
(MES) and technologies. SIDAT´s specialists are ready to provide support in the field of system integration, production management and
manufacturing process automation, such as HMI/SCADA and MES.

SIDAT has gradually developed the profile of a specialized company focusing on F&B, the Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Oil&Gas Industry,
Production of Building Materials, Water Treatment Plants and the Automotive Industry.

SIDAT is a Siemens certified Solution Partner and a SIMATIC IT Solution Partner Specialist.

      + Siemens Industrial IT
      Siemens Industrial IT is a specialized team highly experienced in the implementation of industrial IT projects in production and
      quality. We have successfully completed over 150 implementations of SIMATIC IT solutions for Laboratory Information Management
      (LIMS), product specification management and MES in the process industry, particularly in metals, paper, pharma, chemicals and
      food & beverage, and often on a corporate level.
      Key aspects of our activities include concept development, consulting, implementation services and long-term technical support
      of the solutions. In close collaboration with the local Siemens organization, Siemens Industrial IT supports from Belgium both local
      customers in different European countries as well as global roll-out projects.
      For further information: - Contact:

      + SIS
      Siemens IT Solutions and Services is a European based premium player providing state-of-the-art IT solutions and delivering outsourcing
      services with global reach. Through profound industry know-how and beneficial innovations, Siemens IT Solutions and Services enables
      customers to transform their business processes on an ongoing basis. In December 2010, Siemens and Atos Origin announced their
      intention to form a global strategic partnership. Siemens will contribute its Siemens IT Solutions and Services to Atos Origin in order
      to create a European IT Champion with global reach. Siemens IT Solutions and Services employed more than 32,000 people in over 40
      countries and posted annual sales of around EUR 4.2 billion in fiscal year 2010, of which more than 75 percent is generated outside of
      the Siemens group. For MES business Siemens IT Solutions and Services offers a complete range of services based on SIMATIC IT - from
      Consolidation & Harmonization of MES and Implementation to Application Management.

      For further information:

      + Siemens I IS
      Siemens Industrial Technologies offers innovative and industry-specific IT products, solutions and services.

      These include IT and MES solutions tailored for individual industries and for universal application (cross-industry).
      From automation to the ERP level, we offer expert support worldwide, based on our extensive IT knowledge, our industry expertise and
      our global presence based on SIMATIC IT.


      + SP Software & Automation Pty Ltd
      Our company was founded in 2004 with a vision to provide the best available and robust Industrial Automation and IT solutions for
      the manufacturing, utilities and process plants. Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia our areas of expertise are in: Manufacturing
      Execution Systems (MES) & OEE measurements, Energy and Carbon Emission Management systems, SCADA and DCS engineering,
      Control systems (PLC / DCS) programming, Computing languages and Database programming, Lean Manufacturing and Six sigma.

      Coupled to our expertise in the above technology areas, we have deep industry specific knowledge in: Steel & Metallurgical plants,
      Cable industry, Pharmaceuticals, Paper, Winery. We support our customers with Engineering Services that include: Preparation of
      Function Description, Control system selection, Software Development and Coding, Commissioning, Training, Computer Systems
      Validation. Throughout the engineering lifecycle and software development phase, we follow the V-model to validate the software
      developed by us.

                                                          A Selection of SIMATIC IT Partners
TECHNORD is a family group of 300 persons specialized in Electrical Engineering: we are industrial integrator of services.
Our different business areas are Industrial Electricity Low and Medium Voltage, Electrical Cabinets, M.E.S. (Manufacturing Execution
System), Industrial Data processing, programming of PLC and supervision system and industrial and office automation networks.

TECHNORD is certified to the very highest level by the leading manufacturers on the worldwide market.

For further information:

Employees: 47, Company founded: 1968
The company Tophinke Automation & Gebäudetechnik AG is in the following ar-eas active: MES, Industrial Automation, Electrical
Installation, Manufacturing of Electrical Cabinets, Certification and Control of Electrical Installations
Process Know-how: Food and beverage are sensible products. They require a high standard during the pro-duction and packaging.
The company Tophinke have an extensive know-how in this area to achieve the required control and quality-management.
Aseptic competence, Tools and und methods for validation, Minimizing the needed resources for achieving quality-management
Company Tophinke has an extensive competence in the following areas: Pasteurizers- and degasingsystems, Steriletanks, Blend- and
mixingplants, Productionlines of Milk, from deloading to final product, Spray drying, Fluidised bed processes, Evaporation systems,
Centrifuges, CIP Systems, Breweries, Brickmanufacturingsystems, Thermoforming, Metallprofile Manufacturing, High rack storage
areas, Woodstacking Systems.
For further information: - Contact:

+ Xavo
Xavo was the first SIMATIC IT Partner in Germany. Since 2003 the company is creating successful solutions based on SIMATIC IT for
customers from all over europe. Xavo is located in Bayreuth (Headquarters), Nuremberg and Reinach (Switzerland).
About 35 higly skilled and motivated employees working at Xavo. The industry sectors Xavo is focussed on are: Food & Beverages,
Tobacco, Life Sciences, Pharamceuticals and Green Technologies. Xavo has many years of experience in both Production Suite and
R&D Suite.

For further information:

Everything from one source! For ZIEMANN this is not just a slogan. ZIEMANN is committed to providing complete turn-key breweries
of the highest quality using state-of-the-art technology and offering reliability without compromise. And ZIEMANN doesn’t stop in the
production area either. The full integration of complete tailor made bottling and packaging plants are familiar tasks for ZIEMANN.
From pilot plants to mega-plants: Quality and success based on more then 159 years of tradition has made ZIEMANN an innovative
global market leader and pioneer in turn-key projects for new breweries as well as for brewery expansions.
As a global teamplayer ZIEMANN works hand-in-hand with its customers and takes their visions seriously. This stands for extensive
competence, smooth interfaces, fast communication and flexible decisions. From consulting and planning up to the implementation
of the project – our highly experienced specialists will provide you with first-class service.

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