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									                 Fare collection

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              central support system                                                                                                               page 1

             Completely equipped fare collection
             systems from Scheidt & Bachmann
             consist of many different field devices
             with various functionalities like:
             • Stationary ticket vending machines
             • On board ticket vending machines
             • Stationary validators
             • On board validators
             • Fare Gates (Slim Line Gates)
             • Point of sales equipment
             • Driver sales devices
             • Handhelds
             • Integrated Smart Card processing
             • Credit - and debit card handling

             Highly complex networks origin from
             all those devices in the environment of
             transportation companies. As a result                                                            maintaining functions:
             operation and administration of such         function overview                                   • General device management
             a network becomes an elaborated                                                                  • Change of tariff data
             task quickly. Therefore it is essential      The Central Support System is the                   • Software updates embedded in a
             to have a powerful backgroundsystem          controlling- and information centre of                version management
             for the effective operation of all field     a modern Scheidt & Bachmann fare                    statistical functions:
             devices. Having access to this system        collection system. It is effectively the            • Extensive sales data, with informa-
             will provide the operator the possibi-       universal remote control for all field                tion on sold tickets and collected
             lity to maintain, control and to super-      devices. Additionally the background-                 fares
             vise his field devices all by himself. The   system provides a large number of                   • Error statistics
             approved backgroundsystem from               maintaining-, statistical-, monitoring-,            monitoring functions:
             Scheidt & Bachmann is the Central            scheduling- and controlling functions.              • Monitoring of the filling levels of
             Support System (CSS). The consequent         To provide a straightforward overview                 ticket roles and coin magazines
             modular structure makes it feasible to       of the CSS, only the most important                 • Indication of the device status up to
             offer an individually customized CSS         features are presented at this point.                 an assembly level
             to each customer. An ongoing process         For further and more detailed infor-                 scheduling functions:
             of developing all software modules           mations do not hesitate to contact us.              • Scheduler to automate many pro-
             guarantees to serve the latest market        You can find the contact details at the               cesses
             demands. The easiness to implement           bottom of page 2 of this info sheet.                controlling functions:
             newly developed software modules is                                                              • Configuration of field devices
             another important criteria concerning                                                            • Access to many functions due to ser-
             the future reliability of the system.                                                              vice commands
             Customers get the latest versions
             through steady updates.

                 Archive server          D atabase          Application             Workplace                                       Scheidt & Bachmann
                                         server             server                  Workstation computer(s)                         Hotline service

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             Copyright 2010 · SCHEIDT & BACHMANN GmbH · Fare collection systems · Subject to change without notice · Central Support System
    Fare collection

 P r o D u C T i n f o
 central support system                                                                                               page 2
Structure (Hardware)

The Central Support System is built
up according to the client-server
principle. It is operated through work-
stations, which can be spread over
the buildings of the transportation
company. These workstations are con-
nected to high-performance servers -
the heart of the Scheidt & Bachmann
application server:
• Provides all services to the worksta-
• Has access to the database server
  and the archive server
• Is responsible for the communica-
  tion to all field devices
database server:
• Uses a professional database
  solution from Oracle                                                                 creation of user- and group accounts
• Stores all relevant data for opera-      Structure (SOftware)                        the access level for every single emplo-
  tion (user data, tariff data, sales                                                  yee can be individually configured.
  data, software versions, ...)            The graphical user interface of the work-
• Is the data source for capable Ad-       stations has been designed according        ServiceS
  Hoc reports                              to established Windows programs and
archive server (Optional):                 features with a simple user guidance.       A comprehensive service proposal
• Saves selected data of the database      The application server receives requests    around the scope of the CSS has been
  server                                   from workstations and provides services     created to support your employees in
• Guarantees long-term data availabi-      or executes commands in return. The         their daily work with the background-
  lity at enhanced data security           software is composed of autonomous          system. Please refer to the separated
• Reduces the data volume on the           modules which can be combined accor-        product info sheets for detailed infor-
  database server                          ding to the customers‘ demands.             mation about our services.
                                                                                       Help Desk:
Various types of network architecture      Safety                                      • Primary and constant contact point
can be applied for the communication                                                   • Flexible and fast communication
between application server and work-       A lot of sensible data arises in a fare     • High availability
stations / field devices like Ethernet,    collection system day by day. Of            • unique call ID for each question or
W-LAN or GPS. Field devices without        course this data has to be protected          fault notification
network access can fall back on an off-    from unauthorised access. Moreover          software maintenance:
line solution for the communication        the CSS provides many powerful func-        • Several software updates a year
with the CSS: USB-sticks or PCMCIA         tions, which should be only available       • Emergency patches as agreed
cards with stored operation data from      for a few selected employees. For this      • Verification and test of third-party
the application server. Field devices      reason the backgroundsystem has a             software
can store sales data on those data         free configurable assignment of per-        • Extension of existing software
carriers.                                  missions at command. Through the              modules optionally

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