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Reducing time, effort and cost of evidence distribution and long
term archiving of video surveillance data
During the last few weeks, Rimage together with partners like SeeTec, Artec and Milestone
introduced to first prospective customers a new fully automated publishing and archiving
solution for video surveillance workflows.

Rimage is the the industry-leading provider of on-demand CD/DVD/Blu-ray Disc ™ publishing
systems. Rimage is leveraging this extensive know-how by partnering with prominent European video
surveillance management suppliers like SeeTec, Artec and Milestone for a cost-effective and
scaleable archiving solution.
Federal authorities in the USA already complement their customary multi-terabyte-storage solutions
with the Rimage Surveillance Publisher and Archiver solutions to delay or to eliminate the need to add
more storage capacity to their surveillance workflows.

„ We are addressing challenges commonly seen in video surveillance workflows: how to archive
critical video for the long term, and how to distribute evidence while preserving its authenticity.
Rimage's scalable and efficient surveillance solutions solve these challenges and thus lower the Total
Cost of Ownership of video storage. “, explains Jürgen Sattelmayer, Rimage's vertical business
manager for EMEA.

For archiving, users can manually choose which video content on Blu-ray Disc or automatically offload
filtered selections of data from the respective surveillance solution. The archiving process is fully
automated, delivering uniquely labeled DVD or Blu-ray Discs printed with selectable metadata like
date and time, place and camera number, etc. Users can identify the content of the disc any time by a
single glance without having to put it into a drive and play it. The disc content is readable on any
systems, since a viewer is included on every disc.
For evidence distribution, particular incidents and video snippets can be selected from within the video
surveillance management software and exported to disc, published in the quantity needed and
uniquely labeled. Appropriately recorded and labeled DVDs and Blu-ray Discs are easy to transport
and store, and can be used as evidence in many court systems.

More info and whitepapers regarding fully automated publishing and archiving solutions can be found
at and

About Rimage

Rimage Corporation ( is the world’s leading provider of workflow-integrated digital
publishing solutions that produce CD/DVD/Blu-ray Discs with customized content and durable color or
monochrome disc labeling. Key vertical markets and applications for our systems include video
workflows, retail, medical imaging and law enforcement. In addition, we have launched a multi-year
process aimed at transforming Rimage into a higher-performing business.

Our comprehensive strategy involves strengthening Rimage’s core disc publishing business;
generating new revenue streams by leveraging our core capabilities and transitioning from a hardware
supplier into a provider of total solutions; and identifying and investing in future opportunities in
adjacent markets with strong growth potential. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Rimage is a
global business with operations in North America, Europe and Asia.


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