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					                Franchise Pool International
                Initiative of the DFV Deutscher Franchise Verband
                (German Franchise Association)

Entering the
German Franchise Market
Before you start your business in a country like Germany you should consider
the differences in our market. Germany is not like USA, UK or Japan. It does not make a difference whether a new or
a proven system enters the market. You always have to make clear and objective statements about the quality of your system
and the practicability for the country. Especially franchise systems abroad should obey the rules and legislations of the German market.
We will assist you with that.

In any case it is very important to show the USP in your system and to find out where your competitive edge is for Germany.
Many systems are successful in other countries but failing in Germany. Why - because they are not prepared well and they avoid investing
into sophisticated market research first and comprehensive local support afterwards. Especially new or unknown systems should be able
to show the difference to current competitors, to local products or service so that a franchisee can see a solid offer.
Let’s explain some preparations which should be done before you start your business in Germany:

³ What should be available already?
    A sophisticated and successful business concept
    Full franchise documentation for international sales
    Realistic calculations for a franchise outlet and for the master
    Professional support and training offer for the master especially in his new task as national franchisor
    Professional and usable manuals
    Reasonable number of franchisees in the home country

· What has to be developed before starting with master recruitment?
     A clear and elaborated market analysis for Germany
     Marketing plan for master recruitment. How much could be invested?
     A well-balanced contract within the current legislation developed
     together with a German lawyer with international franchise experience

If you fulfil all these mentioned conditions and if the documentation is complete we are ready to start with master recruitment
in Germany and the neighbour countries. Our service is based on a success fee. Only the marketing cost has to be reimbursed s
eparately after it arises. In a separate document we described the details of our recruitment service.

In some cases international franchisers already made an effort to find a master in Germany and spent a lot of money to websites,
consultants or other sources but without the expected results. Maybe it is the system itself which is difficult to
understand or the investment into the new infrastructure seems to be too high?
Or was it only the wrong approach?

We will try to find the right solutions together with your international team.

Let’s start!
                 Franchise Pool International - Initiative of the DFV - managed by Rolf G. Kirst
                 D-83278 Traunstein (Germany) · Stadtplatz 38 · Phone +49(0)861-98976-0 · ·
                Franchise Pool International
                Initiative of the DFV Deutscher Franchise Verband
                (German Franchise Association)

Additional Services
Temporary outsourced head office in Germany
For some international systems it will be difficult to convince a prospect to invest a large amount
of money into a master licence and into infrastructure for building a master head office before
knowing the system could be successful in the country or not.

No matter whether you are prepared to start your franchise system abroad with a master, multi unit partner or with
direct franchise it is not always necessary to employ your own staff in the starting phase. Even investments in a secretary,
office rooms or technical equipment can be saved.

Up to a certain amount of franchisees it is not necessarily worthwhile to install an experienced and functional administration department.
We would be able to offer this outsourced service with an experienced team, payable and absolutely reliable which can offer a lot more:

    Resident address in Germany
    Full secretary service
    Franchise sales activities
    Individual treatment of phone calls and mails on your behalf
    Bookkeeping and accounting through our partner tax advisor
    Legal assistance through our associated lawyers

You can use the above professional infrastructure as long as you decide to build up your own administration
or when you find the right master partner in our country.
And even at this stage we will offer our follow-up coaching service:

Master Coaching
In the first 6-12 month of a life of a master partner he/she needs professional local support.
While you train him/her in your system the way it is successful in your country we help with our experience in franchise in Germany.
We offer the following:

    Establishing a franchise company in Germany
    Adapting and translating the manuals
    Establishing an administrative and accounting concept for the future group of franchisees as basis for reporting and benchmarking
    Translation and adaptation of the franchise agreement adjusted to local legislation
    Building up a marketing concept based on your international targets
    Building up a franchise sales department
    Contact with the applicable suppliers in franchise
    General transfer of local experience in master franchise

If you want to get more information about our service don’t hesitate to contact us and tell us your problem.

We will act as your Problem Solver!
                Franchise Pool International - Initiative of the DFV - managed by Rolf G. Kirst
                D-83278 Traunstein (Germany) · Stadtplatz 38 · Phone +49(0)861-98976-0 · ·

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