GobizKOREA.com’s Visitor Assistance Program (VAP) Makes Business Meetings in Korea Easier by PR.com


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									GobizKOREA.com’s Visitor Assistance Program (VAP) Makes Business
Meetings in Korea Easier

Yeouido, South Korea, July 04, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Attending a business meeting in a foreign country can
be filled with difficulties. Setting up the meeting in itself is hard enough, but one must also worry about
the language barrier, transportation, differences in culture and more. However, attending a business
meeting in Korea has now been simplified with GobizKOREA.com's Visitor Assistance Program (VAP).

VAP is an assistance program run by GobizKOREA.com for foreign buyers visiting Korea. Buyers that
apply for the VAP service will have their business meetings arranged with the suppliers, receive
translation service during the meeting and receive useful business information, such as transportation,
accommodation, Korean companies' directory and more. To participate in the VAP service, the foreign
buyer needs to submit their request through the online application. Once the application has been
submitted, it will be screened by GobizKOREA.com and useful information and resources will be
provided and sent to the buyer. The business meeting will then be arranged with the Korean suppliers.
During the business meeting in Korea, a translator will be provided so that the meeting will go smoothly.
GobizKOREA.com will also provide any follow-up services that are necessary after the business meeting.

The VAP service is run and funded by the Small and Medium Business Corporation (SBC) and is
completely free of charge. Once the application is submitted, the foreign buyers will receive a response
within 24 working hours. In the year 2012, the total trade amount accumulated through the VAP service
was more than $7 million USD and 122 buyers utilized the VAP service.

Buyers that are searching for Korean manufacturers and suppliers can utilize GobizKOREA.com's
Business Matching Service, another free business service run and funded by the SBC.

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