; Yahweh our righteousness december 16_ 2012 - New Birth Christian
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Yahweh our righteousness december 16_ 2012 - New Birth Christian


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                                    DECEMBER 16, 2012
                                       Background Passages
                                          Jeremiah 23:5-6
                                       Romans 3:1-26; 10:1-13

LifeWords Bible Studies for Life: KJV Winter 2012-2013
What This Lesson Is About:
Everything the sovereign and powerful
God does is right. Righteousness
defines God. He is righteousness, and
He is the source of righteousness.

         Why This Lesson Is Important:                 Our human tendency is
         to set our own standards for what is right. Our standards usually
         allow us to justify the way we are already living. However, there is
         only one objective standard, and our own measure of righteousness
         is far from it. This lesson is important because it helps adults
         discover God’s standard of righteousness, a standard seen only in
         Jesus Christ.

                              How This Lesson Can Impact
                              Your Life: This lesson can help you
                              understand that who you are in Christ
                              is based on who Christ is.
God Promises Righteousness……………….…..Jeremiah 23:5-6
Jesus Reveals Righteousness……………...……Romans 3:21-26
We Receive Righteousness
      from Christ Alone……………………Romans 10:1-4; 9-10

We cannot do enough, give enough, sacrifice enough, or serve enough to
earn God’s favor. Thankfully, God has provided a way for us to approach
Him. Because God is holy, only righteous people can enjoy a right
relationship with Him. On the basis of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, we can
be forgiven of our sins, receive God’s forgiveness, and receive God’s
righteousness in Christ. We must repent of our sins and trust Christ. When
we do, God forgives our sin and imparts to us Christ and His righteousness
- all without cost to us. At the same time, having Christ in our lives
demands everything of us. How can salvation be free, yet costly at the
same time? As we understand the value of the gift God gives us, we are
compelled to live lives that showcase our gratitude to Him.

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