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									                         The Prospect Of The Motoecycle’s Market

In 2011, A price hike on petroleum products would have an adverse effect on China Auto Sales.
This was the second time to change oil price , for example, the 93# oil price is up to 0.4 RMB per
liter. Everyone was surprised to hear that news.the price has changed two times in half a year.on
one hand, the man who have a car to do business fell so annoying about add more prime cost in to
it, on another hand, more people would rather to work by bus than by many people on the
bus ,you can imange how is that.the look on everyone’s face must be serious.

 As we all know, the prospect of the motorcycle’s market is not optimistic, the price of the raw
material like iron and steel become higher and higher, some cities published the ruls that limited
motor in cities, the lost of front-line workers especially the oil price’s adjustment again and
again.this factors lead to the prospect more gloomy.

Someone said, the price is higher ,so the man who wanna buy a car can’t afford it .he must buy the
motor, the sales will be better, but the truth is really? The answer is no, the truth is that the rich
more richer. And the poor more poorer. The rich don’t eorry they can’t afford the oil price, it
doesn’t make any effort on their life, however,the poor can’t buy a car, a house,take a bus to work
everyday, no matter the price change or not, they don’t care that,they use foot or bus instead of car,
we should know the real circumstances, the oil price has changed , the appendant of it such as
articles of everyday usewill change too,at last , the total life level will be higher.

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