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              Strategy Analytics: Handset Data Traffic to grow over 300% by 2017 to 21

           BOSTON, July 3, 2013 /PRNewswire/

           -- The Strategy Analytics forecast, "Handset Data Traffic (2001-2017)," predicts strong growth in data traffic to mobile
           phones for the coming 5 years. This presents network challenges for carriers to ensure end user satisfaction with data-
           hungry smartphones.


           David MacQueen, Executive Director, Apps and Media at Strategy Analytics, noted, "Data traffic has been almost
           doubling annually as smartphone penetration has increased and attractive, compelling media services have launched.
           As developed markets mature we expect a slowdown in traffic growth to a 32% compound annual growth rate from
           2012 onward, but this nonetheless sees carriers forced to find novel ways to handle huge volumes of traffic which will
           rise from 5 exabytes of data per year to over 21 exabytes per annum by 2017."
           Susan Welsh de Grimaldo, Director of the Wireless Networks and Platforms service at Strategy Analytics, says, "More
           and more mobile carriers are concerned about cost effective delivery of a good mobile video experience on
           smartphones over 3G, 4G and WiFi. More critically, carriers are asking how to monetize this growth in video traffic to
           profit from major investments made in LTE and other network upgrades."

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