How to make felt balls to play

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					                       How to make felt balls to play
     You may have balls in your home, for example football, basketball, baseball etc. And you have
     already played these balls. Did you play felt balls before? How does this kind of this ball feel like? I
     am glad to teach you how to make felt balls, which provide you a chance to play felt balls.

Balls can be made of different materials to shape its function. Naturally felt is the main component
part for the felt balls. Now let’s get down to our business on how to make felt balls.

What the necessities for felt balls?
   Felt
   Sewing threads
   Needle
   Scissors
   Pins
   Quilting
   Jingle bells
   Iron machine
   Paper
   Color pen

How to make felt balls?
    Step 1: cut the felt                                  Step 2: sew the felt
    Draw a shape on the paper as the first                As the first picture shows, make lines of two
    picture shows; cut off the shape. Cut off six         pieces of felt with different colors along the
    pieces of felt of two colors. Draw six flowers        edges. Sew sections together along stitching
    on the felt of two colors and cut out the             lines. Note that do not sew beyond the
    pieces. Sew a different colored flower on             marking lines or you will not have three pairs
    the felt, and a circular felt on the flower of        of sections. Continue sewing these pairs
    different color.                                      together always sewing a color to the other
   Step 3: stuff the ball                              Step 4: the ending work
   When you come to the last seam, leave an            Use six strands of variegated threads;
   opening for turning about 2cm wide. Turn over       add a decorative fern stitch over each
   the ball and stuff the quilting inside. You can     seam. You can alternate the direction of
   add jungle bells while you are stuffing the ball.   the arrows on the seams. For the end
   Note the ball     should be stuffed without         flowers, sew the flower center to the
   stressing the seam. Use two strands of threads      flower. Then center the flower on either
   and small stiches; blind stitch to the hole         end of the ball and blanket stitch in place.
   closed. To fix the ends, use matching thread
   and make little stitches to pull it all together.

It looks the felt balls are extremely comfortable. Trust me that it is absolutely comfortable to play.
In my eyes, it is suitable for kids playing which is safe to them. If you consider it nice, you can
follow how to make felt balls.

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