Parish Pump for Julyu 2013 by davoakey


Parish Pump for Julyu 2013

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The Parish Pump team work very hard each month putting together our village news and
appreciate contributions from all. We cannot however be held responsible for inaccuracies,
mistakes or views expressed.

I think this month is probably a bit of a theme of how not to do things. How not
to take your son to such a fantastic production at the theatre that he gets so
completely engrossed and whallops the baddie. How not to take your (other) son
to see a goldfish pond and then have a totally surreal argument about how the
orange things in the goldfish pond are not in fact carrots as you only get carrots
in carrot ponds. Obviously! And finally how not to almost miss your flight to
your first proper holiday in years, collect a blister so large and hideous it looks
like there is some kind of Minoan slug mating ritual going on upon the sole of
your foot. Which lasts a whole. Darn. Month.
My friend Hannah was coming over and we thought we’d have a wee nap before
going to meet the rest of the crew in Coleshill. Packing had got as far as throwing
a load of frocks onto the sofa to try on and asses for Morocability.
2.30am. Fast asleep when phone goes. We have missed our lift. ‘Eek!’ and’ Oh
deary dear me’* say my friend and I to one another. We’ll have to drive up
ourselves and meet them there. However, I have not yet packed, I have little to
no fuel in my car and I have run out of coffee. Disaster.
Luckily, got there on time and had a wonderful weekend (contingency plan was
that if we missed the plane, we’d hole up in Gatwick for three days, buy some
fake tan and tell everyone what a fabulous trip we’d had). When we got there it
was grey and drizzling you could hear the passengers collectively heaving an
enormous sigh as they thought ‘oh great, from drizzle, to drizzle. That’s soooo
not why we came to Africa’)(instead of ‘I’m never flying on a cheap airline ever
again’, which is the norm. Lucky escape there Easypeasyhiddencostairlines), Tbh
my eyes were propped up with matchsticks so I wasn’t feeling totally jiggy and
actually thought we’d flown in a circle and had gone back home).
So, in brief, do not grab first pair of shoes you see at half two in the morning, or
you may well find yourself in unsuitable footwear dodging scooters, donkeys and
(bizarrely) a man spitting his false teeth into your path (think this more
portentous than black cat crossing in front of you, but have yet to work out what
it may have meant)( well, apart from ‘silly western lady trekking halfway across
Marrakech in unsuitable footwear, she will have regrets about this. Shoot! where
have my teeth gone?). Find out if the person in the room next to you shouts in
her sleep, then you won’t be grasping for nearest weapon in the middle of the
night (bag of almonds) when you hear blood curdling cries for help. (actually felt
a bit peckish so that was handy)(please note, if you are ever in a room near me
being attacked by bandits, I will be of no help whatsoever, I will assume that you
talk in your sleep and start a hunt for midnight snacks). Enjoy your trip!
* not our actual words

Dear friends
One description of a baby that I heard the other day is that ‘it is a creature with a
loud noise at one end, and no sense of responsibility at the other.’ I think quite a
number of parents would find this a fairly accurate way of expressing their
experience. But I have to say that most of the children who have been Christened
in our villages have been remarkably well behaved. This summer I have had the
huge privilege of becoming the God father to Patrick and Louise Wheaton’s little
girl Violet. For me personally, for them to ask me to move beyond a purely
professional relationship and to continue to take part in their family life, both
now and into the future is so wonderful. As they prepare to move on this month
and as we express our thanks, and say our goodbyes and farewells, I feel
honoured to continue to remain a part of the Wheaton family in this very special
way and in particular with Violet.
A question I often do get asked is ‘what is the point of baptism?’ and it is a
question that deserves an answer. It is so basic to Christianity because it is
essentially a dramatic and outward sign of what it means to be a Christian, and
symbolises a whole range of different things that God does.
For example, it is a sign of ownership, as if God were saying ‘you belonged to
someone else before, but now you belong to me.’ You are now ‘under new
management’. Previously, you regarded your life as your own, but now things are
going to be different. You have recognised that Jesus is Lord, the one who alone
has the wisdom to lead you through life. It is like passing from darkness to light,
because he throws such light on what life is all about, and how it can be lived.
As well as ownership, it speaks of clothing. The New Testament describes
baptism as ‘putting on Christ’. Instead of being all dressed up in pride or self-
righteousness or just trying-to-live-a-good-life, I get some clean clothes that I
could not buy, make or earn through my own efforts. I find garments called love,
joy, peace, forgiveness, goodness, patience kindness and generosity, which I can
put on by trusting Christ, and not by my own inadequate striving. In the early
church, people would be given a white robe to symbolise this and people still do
this today.
 Then, most obviously, it is a picture of being washed. Nothing is better than
knowing that all the mess and failures of life, of un-forgiveness, and of the many
disappointments in life’s journey, can be cleansed and washed away, leaving us
unstained and whiter than white.
Of course a child doesn’t understand all this, but when parents bring their
children for baptism, they are expressing a desire to give them this as an
inheritance. One day they will be able to claim it for themselves.
Harry Macinnes

7th July Seventh Sunday after Pentecost
10.30am     Kencot         Benefice Communion Service   Rev MacInnes/Rev
4.00pm    Bradwell Vill   Church@4                      Rev Wheaton/Rev Spence
6.00pm    Alvescot        Benefice Evensong             Rev Spence/Rev MacInnes
14th July Eighth Sunday after Pentecost
9.00am      Broadwell      Holy Communion               Rev MacInnes/Rev Spence
9.00am      Westwell       Holy Communion               Rev McGrath
10.30am     Filkins        Parish Communion             Rev McGrath
10.30am     Shilton        PCommunion/Children’s        Rev MacInnes/Rev Spence
11.00am     Lt Faringdon   Matins                       Rev Johnson
6.00pm      BBourton       Evensong                     Rev MacInnes
6.00pm      Kencot         Evensong                     Rev Spence
21st July Ninth Sunday after Pentecost
9.00am      BBourton        Holy Communion              Rev McGrath
10.30am     Holwell         Parish Communion            Rev Johnson
10.30am     Kelmscott       Family Communion            Rev MacInnes/Rev Spence
10.30am     Langford        Parish Communion            Rev MacGrath
6.00pm      BPoggs          Evensong                    Rev Spence
6.00pm      Westwell        Evensong                    Rev Johnson
28th July Tenth Sunday after Pentecost
9.00am      Kencot         Holy Communion               Canon Ron Lloyd
9.00am      Shilton        Holy Communion               Rev Kettle
10.30am     Alvescot       Parish Communion             Rev Kettle
10.30am      Broadwell     Matins                       Mr Jeremy Lane
10.30am     Filkins        Family Service               Rev Spence
11am        Lt Faringdon   Parish Communion             Canon Ron Lloyd
6.00pm      Holwell        Evensong                     Canon Ron Lloyd
6.00pm      Langford       Evensong                     Rev Spence
4th August Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost
10.30am    Langford       Benefice Communion            Rev Kettle
4.00pm     Bradwell Vill  Church@4                      Rev Ross
Wed 10th July 10.00am Black Bourton/Holy Communion Rev Johnson
Wed 24th July 10.00am Black Bourton/Holy Communion Rev MacInnes/Rev Spence

Wed 10th July 11.30am CommunionRev MacInnes/Rev Spence
Wed 24th July 11.30am CommunionRev MacInnes/Rev Spence

July 7th (Green) Seventh Sunday after Pentecost
2 Kings 5:1-14    Psalm 30               Galatians 6:1-6 (7-    Luke 10:1-11,16-20
July 14th (Green) Eighth Sunday after Pentecost
Amos 7:7-17       Psalm 82               Colossians 1 : 15-28   Luke 10:25-37
July 21st (Green) Ninth Sunday after Pentecost
Amos 8:1-12       Psalm 52 or Psalm 82   Colossians 1:15-28     Luke 10:38-42
July 28th (Green) Tenth Sunday after Pentecost
Hosea 1:2-10      Psalm 85              Colossians 2:6-15       Luke 11:1-13
August 4th (Green) Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost
Hosea 11:1-11     Psalm 107: 1-9, 43


W          estwell Church was fuller than usual on the occasion of Patrick’s last
           service here on 9th June, we were able to thank him for the humour,
           joy and inspiration he has left behind for us to enjoy. One of which
was Jonah and the whale in full action. There was just enough time too for a chat
with him over tea and coffee, before he had to move on to Filkins. Thank you
Patrick, and very best wishes for your ministry in Cheltenham.
Westwell PCC

W          e are following on from our Lent Course with a series of Bible studies
           on different aspects of the character of God. Our focus will be on
           learning more about God and at the same time seeking to deepen our
relationship with him:
July 2nd     ‘God is love’ (1 John 4-5)
July 16 th   ‘The Spirit of God lives in you’ (Romans 8)
Our meetings are on Tuesday afternoons, from 2.00pm to 3.30pm,at 11 Oakey
Close, Alvescot. You are welcome to any or all of them: I look forward to seeing
you! For more details, contact me on 01993 846169
Liz Johnson

T     he Benefice website contains the most up to date information on services,
      contact details and news and events across our ‘12 Churches’. It also has
      forms for baptisms and weddings, and information on memorials in our
church yards as well as links to other useful sites.


I     am writing this article just before Open
     Gardens Sunday in Shilton. It is a
     beautiful day and I am just praying that
Sunday will be the same. It will be so
disappointing if the sun does not shine.
People will have worked so hard to get their
gardens ready.
If I can pick out a few verses from
Ecclesiastes chapter 11 which may be
appropriate to gardeners:
v.3 When the clouds are heavy the rain comes down.
v. 4 If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get any done.
v.6 Be sure to stay busy and plant a variety of crops, for you never know which
      will grow, perhaps they all will.
v.7 Light is sweet, it is wonderful to see the sun.
I have chosen these verses as perhaps appropriate to gardeners but they also
apply to our spiritual lives.
In my Bible study notes, waiting for perfect conditions will mean inactivity but
just because life is uncertain does not mean we should do nothing. We need a
spirit of adventure facing life’s risks and opportunities with God-directed
enthusiasm and faith. Something indeed to think about.
Janet Whitfield
Preachers for July
July 7th     Informal
July 14th Bernhard
July 21st Bob Hazell
July 28th Vili Tava
Our services are at 6.00pm and visitors are always very welcome.
Elizabeth Harfield

O        ur next meeting will be on Wednesday 3rd July at 3.00pm. We will be
         meeting at the home of Mrs Sheila Moona, 60 Kingsmead, Lechlade. All
         are welcome, tea will be provided.

T     here will a service at 3.00pm every Sunday in the Methodist Church.
      Barbara Edwards

Many thanks to everyone who wrote, attended the funeral service at Burford
Church and/or the Memorial Service at St Botolphs, Bishopsgate in London. (I
am still replying to the many letters and to the generous donations received. I do
apologise for the slow rate!)
The consistent theme of all the wonderful messages we received was that Debs
inspired people through her sense of fun, charisma, effectiveness and
determination to make a difference to others. The Debs Price Foundation has
been set up in Debs memory to make a difference to those who need help.
The primary objective of the Foundation is to promote smart giving to those on
the margins in our communities: not just those who are homeless or out of work,
but those who are working all hours and still struggling to make ends meet.
The Foundation provides SourceCards, an innovative new plastic payment card,
which has individual purses for food, energy, essential goods, travel and
accommodation. The cards can be given to the needy and then topped by
communities such as Churches, Clubs, Rotarians etc. Using the cards gives
Donors confidence that their donation is being used effectively for the intended
purpose and will, hopefully, encourage people to give regularly.
Before she became ill, Debs worked as a volunteer in St Christopher’s School,
teaching children to learn to read and inspiring them to enjoy it, thus sowing the
seeds for future success in their studies and in life. We asked the new
headteacher, what would make a real difference to the school. He has asked for a
new room which can be used exclusively for pastoral care and special needs. The
cost of this is just under £10,000 and the trustees of the Foundation will shortly
be handing over a cheque for £5,000 to start the project, (£2,800 of which came
from the collection at Debs Funeral in Burford Church.) We would really like to
raise the balance of the £10,000 from the community here in West Oxfordshire.
As you may know Donald Chamberlain has organised another concert in Shilton
church on 6th July, featuring acclaimed organist David Bednall and a young
soprano. Anyone who attended last year’s Shilton concert will remember David’s
wonderful, uplifting performance. The Trustees of DPF are most grateful to
Donald and his team for earmarking the proceeds of the evening to the
Foundation, all of which will go towards the Langford School project.
The Foundation is run by Merchant Taylors Charity Management in London and
all the establishment and administrative costs have been covered. So every penny
you give will make a real difference, either to pupils at St Christophers School or,
through SourceCards, to those on the margins of our society.
To discover more and to donate, go to Please indicate
whether you wish to donate to Langford School or SourceCards.
John Price

The 15 villages that make up the 11 parishes in the Shill &
Broadshire Benefice are lively places. Every month there are
dozens of events organized by the many local organizations that
flourish here.
We are pleased to report on every event that has happened, and
to publicise all those that are to come.
We try to incorporate all the many contributions we receive, but
please accept that we can not always advertise your particular
event in the way you would like.
But please do keep sending us all your Village News.

                 St Peter’s

Despite the weather playing tricks, the crowds turned out to enjoy our annual
Fete. Having been kept guessing for days, when 2 o’clock came around the skies
opened and unleashed a torrent of rain.
That didn't stop the fun though, and within an hour the clouds cleared and
everyone was enjoying the sunshine. And what a lot there was to enjoy.
Following the official opening by local celebrity Jacob Agg from St Peter's, the
school children roused everybody's spirits with their singing. Alvescot Has
Talent, this year’s theme, was proved correct as we were treated to a number of
outstanding performances in the course of the afternoon. Besides traditional
attractions, the Silent Auction also proved popular.
After events on the field many people went on to watch the ‘Celebrity’ Jump Off,
which was won by a slim margin by Julie Andrews.
This is being written in the day after, so it’s too soon to record the financial
success: watch out for the report in August. Meanwhile a huge thank-you to all
who gave their time and energies in planning and preparation and on the day, and
for all the generous donations of bric-a-brac, bottles etc for the stalls.
Richard Munro
This is on Saturday 7th September, for more details ring Wendy on 01993 841459

The ‘Celebration of the Countryside Service’ held in May
was a wonderful occasion with children from St Peter’s
coming together with those from St George’s Church in Southall. The service,
led by Rev’d Harry MacInnes explored the ‘Fruits of the Spirit’ and the children
from St Peter’s read their own poems and prayers. Following the service, our
children took great delight in showing their visitors around our school and were
interested to hear about the differences between our school and theirs. Many
thanks to all those who provided the wonderful lunch which was thoroughly
enjoyed by all.
This month Rev’d Johnson met with the Year 2 class to talk to them about St
Peter’s Church’s development project. Rev’d Johnson told the children the
Parable of the Ten Gold Coins and gave them the challenge of using ten £1 coins
to raise money for the Church. They were very keen to take up the challenge and
had lots of good ideas. They have decided to organise a sponsored run, with the
£10.00 be used for prizes or treats for those who complete the run. They are
busy making sponsor forms and writing letters and will, very soon, be asking for
sponsors. The run is due to take place at the end of June and the children hope
to raise at least £100.00 for the Church!
The children in Classes 1 and 2 were lucky enough to attend the Oxford
Bookfeast at the Oxford Museum of Natural History and the Pitt Rivers
Museum. The children attended a workshop with the author, Tracey Corderoy,
which focussed on the book, The Big Bike Race, and with the help of giant hand
puppets of the main characters, and some volunteers from the audience, Tracey
brought to life scenes from the book. Following this, they took part in the Story
Trail, in which, with the support of Museum staff, they explored the Museum
and created individual stories inspired by the objects they had seen.
This year the children will be singing songs from the musical ‘H2O’ at the
Burford Partnership Music Festival at Bampton Primary School. This is a great
opportunity for our children to meet children from other schools in the Burford
Partnership and to develop a sense of what it is to belong to a larger school, in
preparation for when they move on from St Peter’s at the end of Year 2.
This term we are delighted to welcome back to St Peter’s, ex-pupils of the school,
Lauren Maxey and Olivia Cross from Hatherop Castle School and Abigail Bilton
and Mia West from Burford School, on work experience.
Our annual family barbecue will be held on Friday 19 th July. If you would like
tickets then please contact Mrs Waters in the school office.
Our Leaver’s Service will be held on Monday 22nd July at St Peter’s Church at 11
o’clock. If you would like to join us in bidding farewell to our Year 2 children,
please do come along to the service.
Sam King

A Car Boot Sale will be held in Gassons Field, Alvescot on Saturday 21st
September 10.00am - 3.00pm by kind permission of Mr and Mrs Johnson. If you
book a pitch and pay in advance it will be £10.00, otherwise if you come on the
day it will be £15.00, proceeds to Cancer Research. Refreshments will be
available. If you are interested please contact Terry Morris on 01993 842135 or
me on 01993 844124
Doreen Hart

               BLACK BOURTON
               St Mary’s

Our Village Association has been very active in recent months. In April there was
a Wine Tasting evening in St Mary’s Church, Alec Jones gave an interesting and
jolly chat about the wines and where they came from complete with maps and
details of his trips to go and visit the area. We sampled seven wines in total with a
few nibbles. A great village get together. This was followed by a Coffee Morning
also in the Church, which was well attended with plenty of cakes and lots of chat.
In May on a beautiful Sunday there was Village Drinks on the playing field,
people brought plates of different foods and we all enjoyed the weather and
chatting to people we had not seen for ages or not even met! A very relaxing and
happy few hours. Thank you BBVA, we look forward to more events.
Doreen Hart
The second instalment and much anticipated South African wine tasting event is
ready to be enjoyed. Below is a delectable spread of wines for those of us already
salivating in anticipation over this. The event will take place in St Mary’s on the
5th July at 7.30pm. We will put on a small spread to accompany these wines.
Tickets will be £10.00 per person and bookable by posting a cheque with name
and address to 1 Red Brick Cottage, Burford Road. Please let us know by
emailing if you can't get a cheque to us straight away. We
would require payment by the 1st July. Look forward to seeing you there
Mullineux Kloof St Chenin Blanc 2011 Mullineux Kloof St Rouge 2011
Uva Mira Sauvignon Blanc 2012                 Seven Springs Pinot Noir 2011
Newton Johnson Felicité Rosé 2012             Beaumont Pinotage 2010
Mullineux White Blend 2011                    Amares Syrah 2007

Calling all cyclists, walkers and horse riders. Saturday 14 th September is the day
you could raise money for our lovely St Mary’s Church and the Oxfordhsire
Historic Churches Trust by visiting Churches in this area. If you are interested
please contact me for a sponsor form or if you would like to sit at the Church for
a while and welcome the visitors it would be greatly appreciated. Call me on
01993 844124 for more details.
Gassons Field, Alvescot on Saturday 21st September 10.00am - 3.00pm by kind
permission of Mr and Mrs Johnson. If you book a pitch and pay in advance it
will be £10.00, otherwise if you come on the day it will be £15.00, proceeds to
Cancer Research. Refreshments will be available. If you are interested please
contact Terry Morris on 01993 842135 or me on 01993 844124
Doreen Hart

                   St Peter & St Paul’s
July 7th                  Cat Berrell
July 14th, 21th, 28th     Susan Crawford
From being regretfully ‘Off’, the village Harvest Lunch is now happily ‘ON’, The
new date is Sunday October 6th, so please re-instate this in your diaries. We are
seeking to change the date of the Harvest Church Festival to that Sunday, but
have not yet had this confirmed.
Am I alone in thinking that rather than decorative berries and other usual harvest
Festival church decorations, what we should really be putting on the altar is a
heap of TINNED food. This can go to the local food bank, rather than onto the
rubbish heap....? (Not to say that there shouldn’t be nice flowers also.) Only a
June Goodenough
The Porter Bowls Club are looking for new members. We are holding an open
afternoon on Saturday July 13th between 2.00pm. and 5.00pm.
All are welcome, please come and have a go. No experience necessary. Bowls will
be available for use. Please bring / wear flat soled shoes (trainers are fine) Call
Jack or Andrew on 01993 837973 for any further info.
Andrew Auger on behalf of Porter Bowls Club committee

The 20th birthday celebration fete took place on a bright
Sunday morning and it was just fantastic to see so many
familiar faces, from today and years gone by, joining in the
fun and games. Many a chuckle was had looking at all the
group photos displayed on the wall, and visitors were
provided with a slice of birthday cake or a bun that sported
our ‘red man’ logo. Of course, other cakes were bought by
the plate load and the smell of the bacon butties made many
a tummy rumble, resulting in necessary purchasing, despite some people already
having had a full breakfast! Thank you to all who manned a stall, helped set
up/tidy up, provided items for the tombola/raffle/cake stall and anyone who
turned up to spend their hard earned pennies. We raised a brilliant £1000 which
will be put to excellent use buying new equipment and resources.
We have another very busy term ahead of us. The morning children are getting
excited about their ‘big move’ to ‘big school’. Their teachers for next year will be
coming to visit them at preschool and the children will be attending various
activities and induction sessions at St Christopher's to help the transition go
Once again Sports Day this year is on the big field at St Christopher’s. This is
always fantastic fun for everyone. My personal highlight is watching the parents
take part in various events. There is no time for embarrassment though when
there are potatoes to balance and tunnels to crawl through.
On Thursday July 11th preschool will be holding a play session for any children
who will be joining us in the next academic year. If you think you might be
interested in your child having a place then do please come along and join us.
 We are lucky to be having another visit from Sue from the Nasio Trust. She is
going to work with the children, explaining the importance of water and
highlighting to them just how precious it is at St Irene’s Preschool in Kenya.
They simply don't have the luxury that the children here enjoy with the outside
tap. There’s no sloppy sand mixing for them, or washing of toy cars or bikes. We
are going to raise money to help buy pipes and taps for the new community
medical centre which the Nasio Trust are building. Hopefully just a small
difference will help to make the lives of people in Kenya a little easier.
This month we are also welcoming two work experience students from Burford
School and Farmors. We hope they enjoy their week with us. I'm sure the
children will make them feel completely at home, right from the word go!
As always is you would like more information or are interested in a place for your
child, please contact Jackie Overton on 01367 860729 or email
Rowan Harris

             St Peter’s

I have been truly overwhelmed by all of the wonderful cards, messages and
flowers that I have received since becoming ill. Thank you all for your support
and kindness.
Mary Cover
The Five Alls will be hosting a village BBQ on Sunday 21st July from midday. As
well as a sizzling bbq in our garden, we will have a bouncy castle for the kids,
music and sightings of military aircraft flyovers from the Air Tattoo all for £10.00
per head. To register your interest please email us on
Sebastian Snow
As the end of the summer term approaches, we will
be saying a very sad farewell to our pre-school
children. We plan to hold Sports Day this year on the
morning of Friday 12th July. Our traditional family
picnic following completion of the races will bring a party atmosphere to the
occasion and it will be lovely to have all parents and children together as we wish
our pre-schoolers good luck as they move on to school. The children have been
busy practising our Sports Day opening ceremony songs- let’s hope the weather
is kind to us!
Children spent a morning in June with Lucy Ashcroft from Farm to Fork. They
talked about the role farmers play in looking after the countryside, looked at a
range of crops, their different stages of growth and the planting and harvesting
cycles, and finished an enjoyable interactive morning by making bread.
This year we are taking our pre-school children to enjoy a Forest School outdoor
experience on the Ernest Cook Estate near Fairford as their leaver’s outing. They
will be experiencing den-building, climbing trees and camp-fire cooking- its all
very exciting!
Summer Holiday Club will run every weekday, commencing 22nd July, throughout
the summer, except for Bank Holiday Monday 27th August. Do book in early as
places are very limited.
Louise Jenkins

Covering the villages of Filkins, Broughton Poggs, Langford, Little Faringdon,
Kencot and Broadwell (All telephone codes 01367)
Tuesdays                                        Thursdays
2nd July   Mr C Morley              860777      4th July    Mr A Woodford   860319 *
9th July   Mr A Woodford            860319*     11th July   Mr A Woodford   860319
16th July  Mrs J Geake              860534      18th July   Mrs H Ward      860430
23rd July  Mrs A Dossett-Davies     860357      25th July   Mrs K Morley    860777
30th July  Mr B Swales              860394      1st Aug     Lady Allison    860787
6th Aug    Mrs G Cox                860250      8th Aug     Mr W Cox        860250
13th Aug Mr J Langer                860700      15th Aug    Mrs H Ward      860430
20th Aug Mrs A Dossett-Davies       860357      22nd Aug    Mr A Woodford   860319
27th Aug Mr A Woodford              860319 *    29th Aug    Mrs J Higham    860197
* Denotes change
Charges: Surgery Runs: Carterton, Lechlade and Burford - £2.50, Fairford and
Witney - £5.50 Hospital Runs: Cirencester and Swindon - £9.00, Cheltenham and
Oxford - £11.00 (plus parking charge if paid)
Patients should notify the nominated driver at least 24 hours in advance of their
appointment. The Surgery Service only covers appointments up to 4pm on
Tuesdays and Thursdays. All users of the service must be able to make their way
to and from the car unaided. For hospital runs contact me on 01367860319.
Tony Woodford
Telephone: 01367 860620 Opening hours
Day           Morning                 Afternoon
Monday       9.00am to 12.30pm        1.00pm to 5.00pm
Tuesday      8.30am to 12.30pm        Closed
Wednesday Closed                      Closed
Thursday     9.00am to 12.30pm        Closed
Friday       Closed                   1.30pm to 4.30pm

Monday                            3.00-6.00pm
Tuesday                           3.00-6.00pm
Wednesday                         3.00-6.00pm
Thursday                          3.00-6.00pm
Friday                            3.00-6.00pm
Saturday                          3.00-6.00pm
Sunday                            3.00-5.00pm

                   St Mary’s

Holwell’s new view graces the cover, and here is the ‘Before and After’. The Old
School House started life as a stone cottage in a stone village around 1790. Circa
1850 the then Squire added on a schoolroom and Mary Hopes, who lived in the
house with her husband, became the first schoolmistress; around 1870 it was
bought by the Church Commissioners and extended in rendered brick as a
Church School and teacher’s dwelling before the final school opposite was built.
The Barders found the house some four years ago. They loved the village and the
area and the house ticked lots of boxes. Before
they moved in Michael Sayers, their predecessor,
suggested they should come to the Village
Meeting to meet the their new neighbours.
 ‘Nice house, pity it’s painted white’ said John
Heyworth, typically and unerringly citing the one
box they hadn’t ticked.The Barders painted the
house grey. Two years later he came to the house
again. ‘Pity it’s rendered’, said John. Of course he
was right! It stood out from its surroundings, so
the Barders bit the bullet. In place of a trickle of interest from a building society,
they can now enjoy their delightful house, sympathetically refaced with natural
stone by the Shilton firm Reynolds and Hirons, settling back into the landscape
of the village.
The AGM of the PCC was held. It had been a good year and there are now two
additions to the Electoral Roll. We shall miss Donald Chamberlain, our regular
organist, recently retired with the Victoria County History of Oxfordshire to
read, and also Patrick Wheaton, who has been an inspiring curate and moves on
with all our thanks and good wishes. We are fortunate to be waiting to welcome
the arrival of our new curate David Spence and his family. Jane Brylewski kindly
hosted the meeting as well as being Secretary. To keep the churchyard looking its
best, there is now a notice in the church porch reminding people about the
regulations for withered or artificial flowers
Corinna Rock
‘I know there’s a right way and a wrong way to fly our flag. Does anyone, here,
know what the right way is, please?’ This was the question posed by the late
Mr John Heyworth when, as head of arrangements for the combined celebrations
by the residents of Holwell and Bradwell Grove to mark the Coronation of
Queen Elizabeth ll, he was leading a working party that was in the process of

erecting a large white pole to which the Union Flag was to be attached
in the centre of the village green at Holwell.
I was reminded of this course of events when I recently re-visited the village, (my
place of birth in 1942), almost 60 years to the day after our present Queen’s
most memorable Coronation. Like everywhere else over the length and breadth
of the country, Holwell and Bradwell Grove were steely intent on celebrating
this joyful event with the level of gusto that it deserved. After all, it presented
probably the first real opportunity for most people to let their hair down
following the end of the Second World War and the extended period of austerity
that came in the late ‘40s and early ‘50s. Since I was only 11 years of age
in 1953, I had absolutely no idea of the costs involved in arranging the village’s
celebrations, nor did I care! Although I suspect the Parish Council was the main
funding source, with each household making some level of voluntary
contribution in good faith. This they didwillingly, with much enjoyment and with
an obvious great sense of national pride.
The Union Flag (the right way up, of course!) flew proudly on the tall white pole
in the centre of the village green whilst all the decorated cottages and farm
buildings presented a most inspiring spectacle with the honey-coloured Cotswold
stone providing a most fitting backdrop.
Quite clearly, Holwell and Bradwell Grove played their parts in the Coronation’s
celebrations, with all residents, young and old, joining in on this once- in- a-
lifetime occasion. Indeed, everyone wore their ‘Sunday best’, enjoyed themselves
thoroughly but still managed to remain on their best behaviour.
In 1953, my parents, Norman and Doris, who lived at Pear Tree Cottage(here
I was born), were the only residents in Holwell who owned a television. As
a consequence, my father arranged for the set to be installed in the adjacent
canteen of the Old School House so the whole of the village could watch
the Coronation Ceremony, which they did, with everyone crowding around our
15 inches’ wide black and white Murphy set!
Despite the less than favourable weather on the day of the Coronation,
sporting events were arranged (mainly for the children) in the field behind
the houses and after darkness fell a huge bonfire was lit on the apex of the green
opposite The School (now Fox House). In this respect, I recall that the
Parish Council minutes by Mrs Elizabeth Gick (wife of the Vicar at that time)
fittingly described that the village’s celebrations had created a most successful
and joyful occasion which had been rounded off “in a blaze of glory”.
The celebrations were simple, enjoyable and memorable. In recalling these
events, I am truly sorry that I have no photographs to back up my attempts to
describe what went on. But in those days, cameras were few and far between and
so, to the best of my knowledge, everything took place without being recorded
for posterity. In the absence of photographs however, I trust that what I have
written may give you a small taste of what took place in Holwell 60 years ago.
Geoff James (resident of Holwell from 1942 until 1961)

                     St George’s

Church Brass and Flowers Celia James
                              Don’t forget to call into the Morris Memorial
                              Hall on Wednesday afternoons if you’ve not yet
                              been to our craft fair and exhibition. We open
                              our doors at 12 noon and close at 5.00pm and
                              parking and entry is free. Our exhibition
                              illustrates the history of the hall, revealing the
                              fascinating history of this beautiful Grade II
                              listed Arts & Crafts building. The craft fair
                              provides an opportunity to purchase beautiful
                              handmade items by local crafters (all purchases
                              cash or cheque only please). Both events
                              support the hall, a registered charity and if you
                              need any further information, please visit our
                              village website, or
telephone me on 01367 253103.
Laura Roberts

                     St George’s

6th & 13th July   Louise Eustace       20th & 27th     Helen Squire
3rd & 10th August Stella Chapman
The annual churchyard tidy will take place on Tuesday 6th August 2013 6pm.
Thank you to our regular mowers. We hope others will join us for an hour or so
for an annual clear up. Please bring shears, secateurs, loppers etc.
Gill Cox

              St Matthew’s
The third week in May saw the majority of the school’s children
carrying out a variety of assessment activities; for year 6 it meant
sitting the national statutory tests. There is always a lot of
discussion about the wisdom and value of the national testing
regime for children at primary school age and this year was no
different. Although I might have reservations of how the results
are used to ‘rank’ schools, given the right caring and nurturing environment, they
can be used positively allowing children to celebrate what they have learnt during
their time in primary school. We were very impressed and proud of the children’s
positive outlook and approach to the week.
The children are now busy preparing for the partnership music festivals which
occur at the end of June and start of July. We are extremely fortunate to have the
talented Mrs Henderson helping to prepare them. It is such a delight to hear the
children singing beautifully and so confidently.
Our assemblies this term are focusing on how we deal with change which seems
very apt given the plethora of transition activities planned for the next 7 weeks.
The year 6 children are starting to look forward and prepare for their moves to
secondary school in September. We have had a number of visits from the various
schools to which our children are transferring. We are excitedly preparing for
September’s new class of reception children; a teddy bears’ picnic and drop in
sessions are amongst the planned activities. We are also extremely pleased to be
receiving a large number of children from St Peter’s in September and both
schools have been organising activities to help achieve a smooth transition.
St Christopher’s is always extremely grateful for the support it receives from
individuals and the local community. As you will be aware from the March Parish
Pump, Mr Price kindly donated the money received from Debs Price’s funeral to
the school. Through discussion with Mr Price we identified an appropriate
project to utilise the donation. As a school we have for some time been
struggling with space in which to support some of our children who have specific
learning, social or emotional needs. Given that Debs had a passion for
supporting these types of children, we felt it appropriate to look to construct a
small wooden building to be used to support individuals and small groups. We
have discussed how we might fundraise the balance of the project, and will
hopefully start the construction process very soon!
 Shaw Goodwin

                LITTLE FARINGDON
               St Margaret’s

July           Christine Fenton
August         Heather John
A taste of summer in
early June was well
timed to coincide
with the summer
theme of this year’s
‘Songs of Praise’
service on Sunday 9th
June. Many thanks
go out to all the
readers who
reminded us of the
chatter and sparkle
of the river,
wobbling ducks and
diving swallows, the
glory of our English
gardens, this time of
singing and summer romance. We’re also grateful to Jeremy Taylor for organising
this lovely service, which marked the end of curate Patrick Wheaton’s time with
us before he heads to his new post in Cheltenham. To express our gratitude,
Jeremy presented Patrick with a framed watercolour painting of St Margaret’s
Church by artist Sir John Stibbon.
Barbara Browne
The annual Ride and Stride around the churches in the area will take place on
Saturday 14th September. You may cycle or walk, choose your own route, and
start and finish at times of your choosing. Participants of any age are welcome! St
Margaret's Church benefits by receiving half the sponsorship money raised. The
other half goes to the Oxfordshire Historic Churches Trust, from which we have
received grants. Please let me know if you would like the sponsorship forms, list
of churches or other information.
Jeremy Taylor

            Holy Rood

Well having a year off from Open Gardens
certainly seems to have had some sort of
rejuvenating effect on us because this year’s
Shilton Open Gardens on Sunday 9th June
was hugely well attended, resulting in our
second-best ever year as far as receipts are
concerned. It was such an enjoyable day, and
even the sun shone upon us. Thirteen
gardens were open to the public to raise
funds for the flood defence fund, and this year, departing slightly from tradition
in order to appeal to as many people as possible, in addition to teas in the Old
School, floral displays and music in the church and chapel and several plant sales
areas, we also had other attractions on offer in the form of a bottle stall and
sellers of bric a brac and confectionery, and a wonderful treasure hunt for the
children. On top of all that, we had some very enterprising youngsters (thank you
Sophie and Jessica), selling books for breast cancer research, and (thank you
Benedict, Jasper & Louis) selling home-made cakes for the flood defence fund.
The people who came to our open gardens day were all extremely pleasant and
very appreciative, as always … and my goodness they ate a lot of cake. There was
hardly a crumb left by the end of the afternoon so my sincere apologies to the
latecomers to the Old School who didn’t get to savour the full array that was on
offer at the beginning of the afternoon. In my defence, I’m usually a garden
opener, not in charge of teas, but this year, as I’m mid-revamping my garden, I
thought I’d make myself useful elsewhere and give the usual tea organiser a
break. At the beginning of the afternoon I was surrounded by a veritable
mountain of cakes (thank you all those fab bakers!) and thought I’d never see the
back of them. How wrong I was. By the end of the afternoon my kitchen helper
chums and I were frantically searching for anything we could feed the ravening
hordes. It was all such fun. And what is so rewarding is that we made c.£2,830
(still to be double-checked etc.) for village funds. I can’t wait for next year (when
I shall be safely back in my garden and leaving teas to someone else …)
Next on the agenda is our concert in the church on 6th July (see below). Bookings
are coming in thick and fast so if you haven’t got your tickets yet do please book
while there are still some left.
Shirley Cuthbertson

There will be a concert in Shilton church on Saturday 6th July at 7.00pm. David
Bednall, the brilliant young organist who played for us last year, will be playing
the Allen organ again and this time he will be bringing a young soprano, Naomi
Macleod-Jones, who has a busy concert schedule. My granddaughter, Charlotte
Strivens, will be playing the violin and clarinet. Charlotte is 15 and a junior
exhibitioner at the Royal Academy of Music.
Concert-only tickets will cost £15.00 Tickets for the concert plus supper £20. 00
Applications for tickets should be made to Shirley Cuthbertson (01993 842404),
Marilyn Cox (01993 842470) or Jean Roberts (01993 841194).
The concert is in aid of The Debs Price Foundation and will be supporting St.
Christopher’s School. Phone me on 01993 843014 for further details.
Donald Chamberlain
It was just so utterly amazing that once again the sun shone down on us all for
our Open Gardens Day yesterday, 9th June. The skies were dark and grey in the
morning but by early afternoon the clouds started to disappear and we were set
for one of our busiest ‘Open Days’.
I would like to pass my thanks to everyone who helped decorate our beautiful
church with such delightful flower arrangements. We received many kind
comments as to how pretty they all looked. Thanks also to the church sitters for
the afternoon, they do a splendid job in greeting and chatting to the visitors. We
notched up 218 visitors to the church this year and everyone was very generous
as we collected £74.57 for our Flower Fund. Donald Chamberlain and John
Hampton once again entertained visitors by playing various pieces of music on
the organ, very many thanks to you both.
The Oxfordshire Historic Churches Trust Ride and Stride is on Saturday 14 th
September. Please do put this date in your diary and also spruce up your bikes in
readiness! If you are not able to Ride or Stride you can help by sitting at the
church for a time to welcome cyclists and walkers. I haven’t received the
sponsorship forms yet but I’m sure they will be available within a few weeks.
Jean Roberts
Wednesday 10th July         Bradwell Village
Wednesday 25th Sept         Shilton
Wednesday 4th Dec           Shilton
All meetings start at 7.30pm unless otherwise stated. Meetings at Bradwell Village
take place in the Dining Room. More details on 01993 840825
Katherine Robertson

The Residents Association (BVRA) AGM 7.00pm in the Village Hall on
Thursday 11th July please make every effort to attend.
Tony Cripps

                    St Mary’s

                  There was a solid turnout for the village tidy up on the May
Bank holiday with the pond and the church grounds receiving special attention.
All signage was also cleaned, litter picked and unruly edges strimmed.
Action to treat the invasive weeds in the pond is going ahead as agreed at the
village meeting, a pond consultant having confirmed the plan devised and given
useful advice for ongoing maintenance. Thanks to Lynne, David and Thomas for
research on this and to Nigel and Paul for their role in actioning it.
While in no imminent danger of turning into a second Manila (the most densely
populated metropolis in the world for all you quizzers), Westwell’s ranks have
swelled considerably this month! A warm welcome to the Erica and Peter Austin,
and their sons Gus and Jack who are in the process of moving into Barnstorm
and last but not least to Luke Archdale Phoenix Gibson, born 16th May.
Miles Gibson
A look at events and news from a little further afield.
                       27 boarders and staff decided to give
                       up their Sunday morning lie-in and
                       get up early to make the trip to
                       Twickenham for a day of rugby. We
                       set off at 8.30am in two minibuses of
                       contrasting character – The Y 8 to 10 singing their way
                       there, while the Y11, 12 and 13s snoring it.
On arrival at the North Car Park we handed out the tickets and made our way to
our seats. Block L22 in the East Stand showed some promise of sun for later in
the day. With a base established Mrs Williams broke out the face paints to let the

boarders display their loyalties for the day. The cosmopolitan nature of the
boarders was shown with England, Spain, Kenya, New Zealand and South Africa
all represented. The first game we saw was New Zealand destroying Argentina
52-7 in the quarter-finals, a pattern that was to be repeated throughout the day.
As the rain came in and the tournament came to its conclusion England’s women
won their final with Australia ending the weekend as champions. Sadly the men
could not repeat the feat and England were knocked out of the semi-finals by
Australia. They eventually claimed a very respectable 3rd place after a playoff win
against Kenya. New Zealand continued their unstoppable march and beat the
Aussies 47-12 in the final, much to the delight of the crowd.
After a very long day we headed back to Burford colder, wetter and much more
tired than when we had left but an excellent day was had by all.
Mr D Pullin
Teams of aspiring cooks descended on the school’s catering room, their bags
packed with exciting ingredients such as bunches of coriander, fresh sole, lemon
grass and chocolate. Their brief was to cook and present two appetising meals,
one of which had to be suitable for vegetarians. For an hour and fifteen minutes
the teams worked tirelessly to produce superb meals, which included:
• Stuffed sole and crushed potatoes with a tarragon sauce and a beautifully
executed chocolate fondant
• Thai green curry [they made their own sauce]and rice and a cherry frangipane
• Stuffed cheesy chicken wrapped in Parma ham with an array of roasted
vegetables and a raspberry cheesecake.
 The lucky judges included Mrs Rose, Mrs Lenton, Mrs Rushton and me. For me,
it was a sheer delight, not only to watch their excellent culinary skills but to have
the opportunity to taste such a fine array of food; I was so impressed.
 The winners were Georgia Wardlaw and Talitha Johnson followed by Charlie
Curtis and Tom Cross and Lydia Miles and Lucy Henshaw
Mrs M Steward
Dates for Your Diary. We do hope you will join us for the following events:
Saturday 6th July Music Festival, Warwick Hall,12.00pm to 8.00pm.
Thursday 11th July Design & Technology We hope to be joined by Jonathan
                     Eddolls, an ex-pupil, now working as Race Engineer for
                     Williams Formula 1 Team.
Friday 19 th July    Summer Prom – 6.00pm for 7.00pm start.
Mary Alcock

Yesterday, we learned that OCC are considering no longer paying for transport
to Burford School for new (those currently in Year 5) students living in the
Burford School catchment area. OCC propose to pay the transport for students
to the school nearest their home. This will have a huge impact on Burford
School, as all the primary schools in the south & east of the catchment area will
have travel costs paid to attend the secondary school in Carterton, and primary
schools north of Burford will go to Chipping Norton.
Numbers attending Burford will fall leading to its possible closure! We hope with
your support that this does not happen. There is more information on our
We do hope you will be able to inform people in your area, and support the
school by writing with your concerns to the County Council. The end of the
consultation period is 3rd July.
Mary Alcock
We had a Celebration Day recently for their Music topic which definitely started
off with a ‘Bang’! The children have been studying a music topic and as a
celebration of their work, enjoyed a range of activitieson Thursday, 23rd May.
Masai Cultural Arts, an African Arts Company came to the school and taught the
children African The children also created some amazing homework, which was
displayed in the hall so that parents had an opportunity to see the results.
The second ladies pamper night, organised by FOBPS (the PTA), will be on
Friday 12th July. It will be held at school between 7.30pm and 9.30pm.
There will be a lovely mix of retail stands selling a variety of items including
jewellery, scarves, handbags, Nirvana Spa products, Mary Kay cosmetics, Neal’s
Yard products and Party Lite candles. Tickets are £2.50 which includes a
complimentary drink. The tickets can be bought on the night, but if you buy in
advance then you can book appointments in advance too! Please contact Mrs
Lizanne Harris at: or text her on 07983 485211.
Alternatively, please contact the school directly on 01993 822159.
Delightfully scroobious, or uffishly vorpal? ‘Nonsense’ is the theme for this year’s
Alice’s Day on Saturday 6th July Join Alice, the Mad Hatter and friends for a
whirlwind of nonsensical free events in more than 20 of Oxford’s historic
locations and world-class venues. Exhibitions, tea parties, street performances,
talks, activities and a topsy-turvy trail will take you to some of Oxford’s most
beautiful landmarks. Bring a picnic!

Colour & Form 6th – 28th July
Featuring abstract paintings by Karen Clarke and figurative
sculptures by Anna Lever, this exhibition is a celebration
of colour, form, movement and space.
Growing up in St. Ives, Cornwall has had a profound
effect on Karen Clarke and her work, which has been
strongly influenced by the landscape and sea there. Karen
strives to convey a sense of the landscape in her work,
letting the viewer experience the whole by articulating her
use of space in the elements she portrays.
NOTICE is hereby given that,
(1) Miles Gibson
(2) Applied to West Oxfordshire District Council on 17th June
To use premises at
(3) The Winery, Westwell Manor Farm Yard, OX18 4JT
To sell liqueurs online and occasionally, on farm open days at the weekend or on
public holidays, direct to the public.
Any person wishing to object to this application must give notice in writing
stating the nature of objection by 15th July 2013 Any representations made must
relate to one of the 4 Licensing Objectives, prevention of crime and disorder,
public safety, prevention of public nuisance and protection of children from
harm. All representations are made public. Please write to the address below;
Head of Community Services, West Oxfordshire District Council, Elmfield ,
Witney, Oxfordshire,OX28 1PB. Full details of the application may be inspected
by appointment at the address above. Please phone (01993) 861636 if you wish
to view the complete application. It is an offence, liable on summary conviction
to a fine up to £5,000, under Section 158 of the Licensing Act 2003 knowingly or
recklessly to make a false statement in or in connection with this application.
Carol has now gone off to France and just to make sure she well and truly misses
us we filled her last day with treats and fun.
Bacon butties at break time. Prayers and her choice of hymns during the morning
service, I never knew she could sing and with such gusto too! Many thanks to
Elizabeth, Chris and Mike for their time, it is always a pleasure to have you visit
us each month and your sincerity is infectious.
Carol’s hectic and at times sad day was ended with a traditional tea party. We
were joined by so many friends and families who all enjoyed the sumptuous
sandwiches, yummy cakes and scones topped high with cream and ruby red jam.

This month we say goodbye to Patrick. This young curate has acquired
confidence, his own style and displays the art of speaking comfortably in the
company of old, young and in-between. Here he is like everyone’s grandson.
I recall it was not long after he was ordained and I asked him to give a blessing to
a very frail man who was near the end of his time here. When I told his family
that their Dad was not able to take communion but a blessing, they asked the
Vicar’s name. I explained it was his curate and that I felt he was fully qualified
but maybe not yet so very experienced. They smiled. Their father had been
churchwarden for forty years and always made a point of looking after the
curates who came and went during this time. Gently guiding them towards their
next journey and encouraging them and sometimes reminding them of the
‘service’ they would one day provide alone. Had he been awake during the time
of Patrick’s visit it would have amused him that here was one such curate,
helping him towards his next journey. If I never told you before Patrick, the
family were so grateful and much comforted. Our best wishes to you and your
family, you will be missed.
Once again I think it is right to say that we are so lucky to have a weekly church
service and are very grateful to Harry and his clergy team, thank you.
 The art exhibition was a huge success with a well attended preview. The parties
continued during May when we celebrated two 100th birthdays. Both ladies
displaying such stamina and cheerily continued to party for the next three days!
We now boast three 100 year olds, one 103 and 90% in their 90s, what a privilege
it is to know and engage with such interesting people, their discipline and
fortitude, a lesson to us all.
 Annette Baldwin
Acting Community Thingumybogs are this year performing Calendar Girls, based
on the Miramax motion picture by Juliette Towhidi and Tim Firth. Performances
are on Thursday 25th, Friday 26th and Saturday 27th July. Performances start at
7.30pm at Carterton Community College. Tickets are available now from Giles
Toy Shop, in Carterton Town Centre, priced at £7.50.
A group of ordinary women do something extraordinary and spark a global
phenomenon when they pose for a charity calendar with a difference! Based on
an inspiring true story, Calendar Girls is quirky, poignant and hilarious. It is
guaranteed to make you laugh, shed a tear and leave you wanting more! There
will also be a licensed bar available. More info can be found on our website: All profits from the
performances shall go to Save the Children Fund and all profits from the raffle
shall go to a local cancer charity.
Kaleig James

Mary Colson Snr.
When I interviewed Mary’s son John for this magazine, he told me of his
mother’s readiness to get tough if he or his brother Peter had been naughty. And
indeed Mary explained cheerily to me how fast she could run when giving chase
and how deftly she flicked John’s legs with her horsewhip. And this despite
having had her index finger cut off in a mangle pulper aged three.
Born Mary Holloway in Leafield, 1928, the family soon moved to take the
tenancy on a farm in Shorthampton. She recalls how for some time her father
worked the land with horses because they had no tractor. The children would
help on the farm and take the milk churns to the end of the lane using their pony
and trap. Mary describes her father Earnest as a warm, sociable man and her
mother, Nancy (who had been a schoolteacher) as ‘wonderful’. Aged eight, Mary
was sent to weekly board at Rothesay school, taking the Charlbury train to and
fro. She recalls being greeted on the platform once a month by Winston
Churchill, who stayed at Ditchley Park every full moon because of the heightened
risk of a bombing at Chequers or Chartwell.
In 1940 there was an outbreak of Meningitis in Oxford and Mary became one of
its victims, spending sixteen weeks in an isolation unit at the Slade hospital. She
recalls seeing many children and adults die and having to weather that alone; her
parents were not allowed beyond the ward door.
Eventually Mary was sent home whereupon she promptly contracted scarlet fever
but remarkably, even with a weakened immune system, survived that too. All in
all she had a year off school.
In 1947, aged nineteen, Mary married Harling Richardson, a farmer’s son from
Chadlington. But tragically, just one year into their marriage he died of cancer –
his young bride nursing him at home.
Four years later she married one of her brother’s friends, Reg Colson who was
farming at Alvescot Downs. They moved to Shilton and built their home, Manor
Fields where they brought up their boys. The Colsons had a happy life. Mary
loves the village, and still attends church and local events. She recalls a wonderful
community, with eccentrics such as Mrs O’Brien from Shilton House (who once
complained to a WI meeting that they all looked constipated) counted amongst
her many friends and acquaintances.
She and Reg traveled too, taking trips to Scotland, France, Germany, Holland…
and to Cornwall with their Shilton friends Sheila and Bill Walton (who was a vet
from Bude). Mary still loves Cornwall and goes there often.
But unbelievably, tragedy struck once more as Reg fell off a ladder and suffered
brain damage. He spent several months in hospital, unable to speak properly or
to recognize Mary. But little by little and against the odds, he made a recovery

and was eventually pretty much back to normal. Reg died nine years ago aged 82.
Mary is full of stories and has a ready laugh. There are photos of her family (she
has four granddaughters) and her dogs and cat on her mantelpiece. She now lives
in Carterton but buzzes around in her car, staying in touch with the village and
very much still a part of our community. In talking to Mary, one gets the sense of
a life well lived and that the difficult times have been taken in her stride -
embraced as just part of the journey.
Julie-anne Edwards
It was transfer day today and we moved from the warm, dry area of the higher
Caribbean slopes where the temperature was around 20c to the Caribbean
lowlands where it was much warmer and a lot more humid.
We met at 6 am for a short walk around the gardens. The feeders were not as
busy as the previous day and the only new species we saw was a Variable
Seedeater, a small black finch-type bird. Breakfast at 7.00 am consisted of
wonderful fresh pineapple and mango slices, so much sweeter and juicier than
what we can buy at home; and rice, small black beans and omelette, washed
down with local coffee, delicious!
Before we boarded the bus at 8.00am a sharp eyed spotter had picked up a
roosting Common Potoo in a tree a few hundred yards away. A nocturnal bird
that resembles the nightjar with the one notable difference that in their habit of
perching upright both while roosting and hunting it looks just like the extension
of a branch. Perhaps the only giveaway is when it opens an eye to reveal a bright
orange-yellow large eye. When feeding, the mouth opens wide to catch insects. It
is an extremely well camouflaged cryptically plumaged bird. We headed off in the
bus down a long steep drive to the valley bottom where the River Tuis is found.
Along the way we stopped to look at more Variable Seedeaters and our first
Long-Tailed Tyrant, a lovely male; black with a white supercilliam, continuing
down the centre of its back and two elongated central tail feathers extending four
inches beyond the rest of the tail.
Many other stunning jewel like birds, too numerous to mention, particularly in
the varieties of Tanagers. A fabulous Laughing Falcon was another highlight with
white underside and face, a broad black mask and striped tail. I spotted a
Jaguarundi which came out of the forest onto a boulder to drink from the fast
flowing clear water before disappearing from whence it had come, a small 26
inch long brownish jaguar like animal. The butterflies along this stretch of the
river were out of this world, all shapes and sizes and all colours, some of them
were simply stunning.
Lunch was taken back at the Rancho before setting off for the lowlands. It was

rather touching as we drove off when all the staff came out to wave us off.
We ended the day at the riverside watching egrets, herons and kingfishers which
wrapped up another excellent day in this superb birding country.
Back home in my favourite time of year, everything is now rushing into leaf and
flower and the birds are singing and busy bringing up families. A lot of catching
up to do after being about one month late.
A very productive few days in Northumberland centred on a wonderful visit to
the Farne Islands, just off the coast of Seahouses. Thousands of sea birds,
Puffins, Guillemots, Razorbills, Arctic and Common Terns, Eider Ducks, Shags,
Gannets and hundreds of Grey Seals, all in close proximity. It has to be one of
the major wildlife sites in this country and a place I always find magical.
To end the busy month of May we had another week in the Cartmel Fell area of
the Lake District and saw the best bluebell woods I have ever seen, all in full
bloom and perfume and the new leaf growth of the beech trees, in stark contrast
to the bare trees we had seen three weeks before was a sight to behold.
I also had a close encounter with a cuckoo which is becoming increasingly rarer
in this country and a fitting end to the month of May.
David Roberts
Easy suppers in 30 minutes
Nigel Slater is a wonderful food writer. Years before
Jamie Oliver took over the culinary world he published
Real Fast Food (1992) and The 30-Minute Cook (1994).
The beauty of his recipes in these wonderful books is
that, apart from working, not always the case, and using
easy-to-find ingredients, they really can be made in 30 minutes. Not necessarily
true of all of Jamie’s 30-minute recipes, unless you have a team of sous chefs
chopping away in the background. These recipes, and all the variations he
suggests in the book, come into their own in the daily grind of preparing supper
after a long day when the last thing you want to do is fiddle in the kitchen. It can
be quite enjoyable to cook for a special occasion when you can set aside time to
be creative in the kitchen and produce something really rather special. Producing
supper day after day without resorting to the same old thing, pasta! can be rather
a chore.
I have chosen two chicken dishes from The 30-Minute Cook chiefly because they
use ingredients you probably have to hand and both use fresh mint to finish. At
this time of year mint grows like a weed in my garden so I thought I may as well
use some of it. Both are inexpensive and require very little effort on your part
but, best of all, taste quite the opposite.

Flash-fried Moroccan Chicken
350g/12oz chicken fillets or boned pieces
1 fresh red chilli pepper, seeded and finely chopped
1 teaspoon crushed dried chilli pepper
2 cloves of garlic, finely chopped
Juice of half a lemon
2 tbsp olive oil
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
2 tbsp sultanas or raisins
2 tbsp pine nuts
1 tbsp chopped mint
Place the chicken pieces in a shallow dish. Mix
together the fresh and dried chillies, garlic, lemon
juice, half the olive oil, cinnamon, sultanas or
raisins and pine nuts then pour over the chicken. Leave for 20 minutes or so. An
hour would be better if you have it.
Heat the remaining oil in a shallow pan; when it sizzles add the chicken pieces.
Cook over a high heat till golden brown and then turn them over and cook the
other side. Pour in the marinade ingredients and bring to the boil. Season with
salt and pepper. Serve with its juices with fresh mint scattered over the top.
Serves 2
Chicken with Orange and Mint
Juice of 2 oranges and half a lemon
12 chicken wings
Two knobs of butter
2 tbsp chopped fresh mint
Olive oil
Mix the orange and lemon juice in a bowl. Rub the chicken wings with salt and
pepper and brush with olive oil. Fry in a little butter till golden, turning once.
When cooked through, pour in the orange and lemon juice – it will sizzle – then
boil hard for 2 minutes. Stir in a good knob of butter into the juices, scraping up
any tasty bits that may be stuck to the pan. Sprinkle with fresh mint and a
grinding of black pepper and serve.
Serves 2
Angela Galione

                   CALENDAR OF EVENTS FOR THE
                   FORTHCOMING MONTH
                    Send your event details to Gill Cox (contact details inside front cover) by 10th of
                           each month for events taking place during the following month
6th       Concert in Shilton Church 7pm tickets 01993 842404 or 842470.
6th       Phoenix Recorder Orchestra Concert with AlisonWray St Lawrence
          Church Lechlade
27/28th   Riverfolk Festival at the Trout Inn, Lechlade.
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                         (Subject to space availability)
     Send to Gill Cox (details inside front cover) before 10 th of each month
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