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									Chicago IL, Champion Roofing Inc, Offers Emergency Roof Repair Solutions

Bensenville IL, 29-JUN-2013 - Champion Roofing Inc, Chicago roofing contractor is pleased to
announce that emergency roof repair solutions are always available to residential and commercial
customers in the area. When storms hit the area, there can be major or minor damage to roofs of all
types. The professionals at the firm can quickly arrive to do assessment and emergency repairs so that
additional damage is prevented.

A spokesman for the Chicago roofing contractor company explains, "Wind can lift portions of the
roofing. Heavy precipitation can cause moisture to work its way under the roofing and even further into
the structure of the building. A combination of wind and rain may quickly cause damage to the interior.
Other damage that requires prompt action includes falling trees, fires and similar events."

He continues, "Prompt action is crucial. When there is a major weather event, getting a quick
assessment and temporary repairs may be the best course of action. Our professionals can get to your
structure quickly and let you know the best solution to avoid further damage to the roof or the structure,
as well as its contents."

The firm offers 24-hour emergency leak repairs service. Clients should never be up on a roof in a storm
looking for a leak. That task can be easily performed by licensed and insured contractors. Response by
the emergency team is rapid and effective with the best possible immediate and long term solution.
Champion Roofing has the expertise and products to deal with a damp ceiling or with major flooding
from a large hole in the roof. The quote is free and there is no obligation.

Learn more about emergency roof repairs by visiting the web pages at today. Members of the press and individuals who have questions
about the contents in this press notice are encouraged to contact the firm at the location described

Company Name: Champion Roofing Inc.
Address: 219 William, Bensenville IL 60106
Contact Telephone Number: (847) 673-ROOF (7663) or (630) 766-7663
Contact Fax Number: (847) 673-7611

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