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									Segment Digital Continues To Grow With Guaranteed SEO Services

Brighton, UK, 3-JULY-2013 - Segment Digital, a results based SEO firm, and digital marketing
director, Steve Counsell, are pleased to announce that the Segment Digital team expanding influence is
marked by adding new members to the team. With the understanding that effective content creation
boosts SEO ranking, the firm has taken proactive measures to build a 1M turnover in 2014.

According to a company spokesperson, "We are building our team through our unique service offering
backed by a money back guarantee. Our money back guarantee means that our clients can be assured
that we're working hard to provide them with the SEO results they need. On July 8, Nigel will join the
team as sales manager. He brings with him a wealth of customer services and sales experience that will
help us to maintain the high standards of sales and service throughout our client base. Nigel is a highly
experienced business-to-business sales professional with the ability to identify and understand potential
client needs within our service offering."

He continues, "Our copy-writing service provides clear, crisp, results based SEO materials for your
web pages written with your potential clients in mind. These are powerful, persuasive words to capture
interest and to evoke a call to action. Our copywriter, Susan, has had a long and successful previous
career as a Sales Director within the marketing services sector. This means that she will understand and
support your company's objectives and strategy. She is an expert business writer and we think you will
like her, too."

Good quality website content creation is crucial to a great Google position. It presents the business as
professional and talks to the customers. It is now critical to search engine rankings. Stuffing the text
with keywords and hoping for the best is not the approach to take. Keyword stuffing can cause the
website to be ignored or treated as spam. Search engine crawlers want to see content that is original,
relevant, accurate, well written and regularly refreshed and updated.

Learn more about results based SEO methods and how Segment Digital Marketing is effective by
visiting the web pages here at and today.
Members of the press and others who have additional questions about the contents of this press release
are encouraged to contact Steve Counsell at the location presented below.

Contact Person Name: Steve Counsell, Digital Marketing Director
Company Name: Segment Digital Marketing
Address: Brighton, Sussex, UK
Contact Telephone Number: 01273 447777

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