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Who Hacked UR Wireless today_ - Secure IT_


									Wireless at home & the U

Who Hacked UR Wireless
This is funny…
Wireless Timeline -

   Thomas Edison and other early inventors
    theorized on radio frequency transmissions and
    their capabilities.
 1942 - Composer/pianist George Antheil and
  actress Hedy Lamarr patent a frequency-
  hopping radio encryption technique (later
  called spread-spectrum technology) and
  donate it to the U.S. Navy, which classifies it
  but finds it too unreliable for use in WWII.
Timeline continued…

 1958 - The U.S. Navy develops the first
  computer chip for radio communications
  based on the still-classified spread-spectrum
 1985 – Navy declassifies the spread spectrum
More timeline…

 1989 – The FTC gets involved…
 1990 – IEEE starts working on standards
 1997 – 802.11 is ratified as a client and
  workstation technology
 1999 – 802.11a and 802.11b are ratified.
  Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance
  (WECA) is formed (standards based group).
Timeline continued…

 Are you tired of the timelines yet?
 2000 – Carlson hotels puts in wifi service
  (Regent, Country Inn and Suites, Radisson)
 Wired Equivelant Privacy (WEP) introduced
  and hacked one year later…
 2002 – AT&T shows you can get a seamless
  handoff between wireless and 3G!!!
 Wifi Protected Access (WPA)
Almost done -

 2003 – WPA is standard to be Wifi Certified
 Bunch of other stuff happens
  here…compromise WEP networks in less
  than 5 minutes….hope you’re not still using
  WEP….WPA2 is developed (GOOD)
 2008 – In Nov. a researcher discovers a way
  to retrieve small chunks of data from WPA
  encrypted networks.
Really – I promise…

 2009 – Two researchers in Japan find a way to
  hack WPA in less than 60 seconds.
Where have we gone…

 Recent article on WEP – hacked in 2001.
 Hotspots – Starbucks started putting these in
  back in 2001 – now they are everywhere…
 Free public wifi Windows SSID that is
  broadcast from one workstation to another…
   Google search – Hacking wireless –
       You’ll find lots of tools:
   Asleap - Cisco LEAP Attack
    Bluecrypt - Implementation of the Bluetooth Ciphers
    Cowpatty - Attacking WPA/WPA2-PSK Exchanges
    eapmd5pass - Attacking EAP-MD5 networks
    file2air - 802.11 packet injection utility
    FreeRADIUS-WPE - Attacking PEAP and other 802.1X EAP types
    wlan2eth - Converting wireless packet captures to Ethernet format
    Aircrack-ng – key cracking program
    John-the-ripper – password ripper
    Kismet – See local SSID
    Wireshark – network traffic sniffer
    Airpwn – I own your network adapter
    Ettercap – sniffer/interceptor/logger
    Cain and Abel – password cracking/recovery
    TCPDump – packet interceptor
    Dsniff – displays pictures being transmitted over unencrypted wireless
    Netstumbler – wireless network detection
    Ntop – network utilization tool
    NGREP – network packet analyzer (Network Grep)
    Etherape – graphical network monitor
    Kismac – kismet for a mac
    Metasploit – point and click network exploit tool
    FakeAP – generate a lot of fake SSID’s.
All in one -

 Backtrack – BT4 is coming out soon. Pre-
  release is ready now.
Offensive Security

 Includes tutorials on how to use backtrack4
   “I have never been so addicted to compromising a
    server, and learning how to do it”
Copyright infringement – P2P
You got HACKED!!!
What can a hacker find…
Another Funny
More information
New Wireless Standards

 802.11n
  Requires the use of WPA2 with AES encryption
  Provides Theoretical speeds up the 600 Mbits
  Actual speeds have been achieved on our system
   at 125 Mbits.
Hotspot networks

 Dsniff
 VPN – no one can see my stuff – Split
  tunneling. HTTPS:\\ websites ( Just because I
  can doesn’t mean I should)
Protect Yourself -

 Set home SSID to use WPA2/AES
 Use long Pre-Shared Keys (15 characters or
 Patch often (check for new firmware on your
  wireless router too!)
 Turn off SSID broadcasting
 Turn on MAC address filtering (stops the
  common thief)
ALL Wireless is BAD!!!!

 Sometimes it’s just funny –

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