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					      Word Masters 2012-2013
• Number each notecard.
• Put your initials on each card.
• On one side of your notecard print the
  vocabulary word.
• On the other side write the part of speech,
  definitions, and examples.
                 1. reservoir
• Noun
• 1. place for collecting water
• 2. something that holds a liquid or fluid The
  ink reservoir in the pen was empty.
• 3. a place where anything is collected or
  accumulated in great amount
               2. desecrate
• Verb
• To violate or dishonor a sacred or hallowed
  place Did the archaeologists desecrate the
  Indian burial mound when they were
  searching for artifacts?
              3. meticulous
• Adjective
• Precise, thorough, extreme care about minute
  details He was meticulous about his
  appearance: his hair precisely parted with
  every strand in place, his shirt and pants
  wrinkle-free and sharply creased, his shoes
  spotless and polished.
                     4. hue
• Noun
• 1. color As the boat was tossed on the waves,
  he felt the contents of his stomach rise into his
  throat, and his face became a greenish hue.
• 2. outcry or clamor When her purse was
  snatched, the woman let out a loud hue and
  began chasing the thief.
                   5. assail
• Verb
• 1. assault or attack violently
• 2. attack with arguments, criticism, or ridicule
• 3. undertake to master He assailed his studies
  with new determination.
• 4. beset or disturb His mind was assailed with
                    6. lax
• Adjective
• 1. careless, negligent He had a lax attitude
  when it came to completing his homework.
• 2. loose His lax handshake communicated a
  weak character.
              7. stronghold
• Noun
• 1. home, refuge Tern Island in the Pacific
  Ocean is the stronghold for the black-footed
• 2. fortress The army attacked the enemy
  stronghold and slaughtered those who didn’t
                8. berate
• Verb
• Scold, rebuke He was embarrassed when his
  mother berated him in public.
                9. negligent
• Adjective
• 1. lazily careless As she walked through the
  kitchen, she gave a negligent wave to her
  mom who was fixing supper.
• 2. characterized by neglect The authorities
  arrested the negligent parents who had
  abandoned their children.
                10. canopy
• Noun
• An overhead covering The forest canopy
  became a solid green fan of pine needles.
                    11. rivet
•   Noun
•   A metal pin that hold two pieces together
•   Verb
•   To hold (the eye, attention, etc.) firmly His
    eyes were so riveted to the screen during the
    fight scenes that he didn’t notice the other
    people in the theater.
               12. germane
• Adjective
• Relevant, related, applicable Please keep your
  comments germane during the discussion.
                13. archives
• Noun
• 1. any extensive record or collection of data
• 2. a place where public records and historical
  documents are stored He went to the NC
  Department of Archives and History to do
  research on his Civil War project.
                  14. strew
• Verb
• Scatter or spread widely Trying to ruin Polly’s
  reputation, Belinda strew nasty rumors on
  Facebook. The floor was strewn with crumbs.
            15. incongruous
• Adjective
• 1. out of place, inconsistent The delicate
  butterfly perched on the snout of the
  dangerous caiman was incongruous.
• 2. inappropriate At cotillion, incongruous
  behavior from young men or young ladies will
  not be tolerated.
                16. timbre
• Noun
• Tone or the characteristic sound produced by
  an instrument The timbre of his voice
  changed as he got angry.
        17. envelop (in-vel-op)
• Verb
• Surround
• To wrap up in or as in a covering Harry was
  enveloped in his invisibility cloak.
                18. durable
• Adjective
• Lasting, enduring, able to resist wear & decay
  Uggs may be cute “boots” but they are not
  durable or suitable for hiking the Appalachian
                   19. girth
• Noun
• 1. the measure around anything The man had
  such a large girth that he couldn’t see his feet.
• 2. a band that passes underneath a horse to
  hold a saddle in place
• Verb
• Encircle, to fasten with a girth
                 20. entreat
• Verb
• Ask earnestly, implore, beg He entreated his
  teacher not to call his parents about his failing
             21. contingent
• Adjective
• 1. dependent on Our plans are contingent on
  the weather.
• 2. uncertain They had to plan for contingent
• 3. happening by chance, accidental
  Contingent occurrences can’t be foreseen.
           22. anachronism
• Noun
• Something or someone that belongs or seems
  to belong to another time The sword is an
  anachronism in modern warfare.
                 23. demur
• Verb
• To object They tried to nominate Billy to be
  the one to go into the cave and fight the
  monster, but he demurred.
• Antonym - agree
              24. ephemeral
• Adjective
• Lasting a very short time, brief The joy he got
  the time he bungee jumped from the bridge
  was ephemeral.
• Noun
• Short-lived organism like a mayfly
• Antonym - permanent
                  25. array
• Verb
• 1. to place in proper or desired order
  Napoleon arrayed his troops for battle.
• 2. to dress up She arrayed herself in furs and
• Noun
• A large number We were all agog when we
  say the imposing array of books in Jacob’s

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