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World Culture - BBS Humanities by hcj



The phrase Big “C” culture represents specific
achievements of a certain people. Which of the
following is not an example of Big “C” culture?

¡   A) The Eiffel Tower

¡   B) fasting

¡   C) The Pyramids

¡   D) The Statue of Liberty
The phrase Little “c” culture represents the common,
everyday practices of a culture. Which of the
following is an example of Little “c” culture?

¡   A) The Empire State Building

¡   B) Damascus Citadel

¡   C) The Panama Canal

¡   D) praying
Give three examples of Big “C”

¡   1) Suez Canal

¡   2) Kuwaiti Towers

¡   3) Taj Mahal
Give 3 examples of Little “c”

¡   1) praying

¡   2) fasting

¡   3) shaking hands
Which of the following is not a good
reason to learn culture?

A) Just to earn a good grade

B) To make connections with others who
  seem different

C) To realize that everyone on earth is a
  member of the same group…humanity.

D) Learning about another person’s culture
  makes it harder to abuse them.
List the 4 cultural knowings.
¡   1) Knowing about another person’s
    cultural practices

¡   2) Knowing how a person practices their
    own culture

¡   3) Knowing why a person practices their
    culture in a specific way

¡   4) Knowing about yourself and why you
    practice your culture in specific ways
List the 5 elements of culture.
¡   1) Products

¡   2) Practices

¡   3) Perspectives (opinions, ideas)

¡   4) Communities (groups)

¡   5) Specific Individuals (Barak Obama)
Which is an example of a cultural

¡   A) a piano

¡   B) playing the guitar

¡   C) eating fried chicken

¡   D) talking on the phone
Which is not an example of a cultural

¡   A) pasta

¡   B) limes

¡   C) reading a book

¡   D) horses
List three cultural practices related to

¡   1) eating food

¡   2) cooking food

¡   3) serving food
Which is not an example of a cultural

¡   A) sleep

¡   B) riding a horse

¡   C) dancing

¡   D) singing
Which is an example of a cultural

¡   A) War is destructive.

¡   B) Money is evil.

¡   C) Fast food is bad for you.

¡   D) All of the above
List 3 cultural perspectives related to

¡   1) education is necessary to get a
    good job

¡   2) education is expensive

¡   3) education is important in
    becoming a good citizen
List three communities (groups) you
are a member of.

¡   1) Kuwaiti

¡   2) Arabs

¡   3) high school students
Which of the following groups are you
not a member of?

¡   A) talented young students

¡   B) students who make A’s

¡   C) the leaders of the future

¡   D) students who fail quizzes
Which individual is a member of the
musicians’ community?

¡   A) Justin Beiber

¡   B) Barak Obama

¡   C) Mr. Dennis

¡   D) None of the above

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