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     Youth Ministry
     Object Lesson:
      Does God have a
    personal and specific
    will for each person's

       Obtain various tools and
       accessories associated with
       different occupations.

    Some possibilities include:
    fireman’s hat-fireman, police
    badge-policeman, sheriff badge-
    sheriff, cook’s beater-cook,
    baker’s hat-baker, basketball or
    sport’s equipment-athlete, axe-
    woodsman, paintbrush-artist,
    stethoscope-doctor, briefcase-
    businessman, driver’s license-
    driver or taxi driver, trowel-
    bricklayer, shovel-gardner, Bible-
    pastor, hammer-carpenter,
    Microphone- singer or speaker,
    telephone-secretary, bow tie-
    waiter, knife-butcher, ETC.

      Have participants match the
      items with the occupation.

      1. What do you / did you want
      to be when you grow/ grew
      2. Does God have a personal
      and specific will for each
      person’s life?
      3. Does he have a detailed
      blueprint for our life?

    4. How much leeway do we
    have in submitting our
    personal choices?
    5. Is everything predestined?
    6. Does it include every detail
    relating to my life? If so, how
    do we discover it?

    Psalm 139:15. Before you were
    even a baby, God knew you and
    what you would become. God
    intimately knows us. He knows
    our thoughts, words, and deeds
    (v7-12). Verse 16 says God
    planned all your days, all your
    life, before you were ever even
    born. He had a plan for you
    before you even existed.

   End by discussing various things
   that Christians can do. Discuss the
   person each of us can become.
   Talk about the different roles in
   the church and how God might
   use some of them to accomplish
   these roles.

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