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					Maintaining Healthy University-Industry
       A Panel Discussion at the
 Ethical Considerations in Research
         Collaboration Meeting

         University of Washington
          September 22, 2011

                   Tom Parks
           Vice President for Research
                University of Utah

                                         Vice President for Research
                                           The University of Utah
  Industry Spends About Twice As Much as the Federal
          Government on Biomedical Research

                                         Vice President for Research
                                           The University of Utah
Dorsey et al., JAMA 303: 137-143, 2010
Industry Provides Less than 10% of University R&D
                Funding in the U.S.

                                    Vice President for Research
                                      The University of Utah
University Rationales for Research Relationships
                  With Industry
 •Responsibility to serve the public by supporting
 transformation of research results into innovative solutions
 for societal problems

 •Unique scientific, technical and/or financial resources of
 industry partners

 •Desire of faculty members to engage in commercialization
 of their inventions

 •Opportunity to help graduating students gain employment
 with research partner

 •Opportunity to contribute to local economic development
                                             Vice President for Research
                                               The University of Utah
    Ethical Challenge
    In research collaborations, how do universities serve the legitimate interests of their industry
       partners, their faculty, and the public while maintaining a reputation for objectivity and integrity?

    •Faculty conflicts of financial interest or time commitment
    External Pressure on Universities to Prevent Faculty Financial COI is Increasing
    •Highly-publicized financial COI (FCOI) by clinical investigators (e.g. ref. 1) have led to more
    stringent federal regulation
    •New federal rules aimed at “promoting objectivity in research” will expand the number of
    researchers required to disclose FCOI, lower the $ threshold, and require 1) timely public
    disclosure of detailed information, 2) more detailed management plans, and 3) mandatory training
    of investigators

    Current best practices for FCOI may not be as effective as generally believed1,2
    •Divestiture/recusal is too difficult to implement
    •Disclosure of a COI is ineffective in changing behavior
    •Management plans that are practical are too unsophisticated

  Thacker, P. (2011) How an ethically-challenged researcher found a home at the University of
                  Miami. Forbes, Sept. 13
  Elliott, K.C. (2008) Scientific judgment and the limits of COI policies. Accountability in    Vice President for Research
                  Research 15:1-29.
                                                                                                  The University of Utah

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