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					 On the Move
              Jacques                         Mike
              Benkoski,                       Michaels,
              U.S. Venture                    Cresa
              Partners                         The San Jose
               The                             corporate
               Menlo Park                      real estate
               early-stage                     advisory
venture capital firm ap-        firm named Mike Michaels
pointed Jacques Benkoski        managing principal. He
as a partner. Currently,        is a member and former
he is chairman of the           director of the association
Silicon Valley Chapter of       of Silicon Valley Brokers.
the American Technion
Society.                                      Brian
              Phil                            Walmart
              Carmack,                        Global
              Aptina                          eCommerce
              The San Jose                   The San
              provider of                    Bruno arm
              image sen-        of Walmart that oversees
              sor products      and operates e-commerce
for consumer electronics        sites worldwide named
named Phil Carmack chief        Brian Monahan vice
executive officer and a         president of marketing of
member of the board of Recently, he
directors. Previously, he       was a managing partner at
held executive positions at     Magna Global.
              Bill Bratton,                   Torres,
              SST                             Child
               The Newark                     Advocates
               technology                     of Silicon
               company                        Valley
               that provides                   The non-
               law enforce-     profit organization serving
ment tools to curb gun          foster children in Santa
violence named Bill Brat-       Clara County appointed
ton to its board of direc-      Lorena Torres to its board
tors. He is chief executive     of directors. She is a risk
officer of The Bratton          consultant at Hewlett-
Group.                          Packard.
              John                            Alberto
              Canfield,                       Valdez,
              WePay                           Child
               The Palo Alto                  Advocates
               business                       of Silicon
               that provides                  Valley
               a convenient                    The non-
way for small businesses        profit organization serving
to accept credit cards          foster children in Santa
named John Canfield vice        Clara County appointed
president of risk manage-       Alberto Valdez to its board
ment. He is former senior       of directors. He is a plan-
director of global fraud        ning and portfolio man-
and risk management at          ager at Cisco Systems.
                                              Jose Vargas,
              Oscar                           Child
              Harrison,                       Advocates
              Fremont                         of Silicon
              Bank                            Valley
              The Fremont                      The non-
              financial                        profit
              institution       organization serving
appointed Oscar Harrison        foster children in Santa
vice president of wealth        Clara County appointed
management services.            Jose Vargas to its board
Previously, he held posi-       of directors. He is a senior
tions at Merrill Lynch,         software development
Morgan Stanley and Banc         manager at IBM.
of America Investment.
              David Liu,
              tics                            The Red-
                                              wood City
              The Menlo                       provider
              Park bio-                       of email
              technology        marketing and cross-
company named David             channel marketing tools
Liu chief scientific officer.   appointed Katrina Conn
He is a former executive at     vice president of market-
FibroGen.                       ing services. Recently, she
                                served as a senior strate-
                                gist at Responsys.

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