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Off Shoring


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									   Off Shoring
A real life experience
      Presented by
   Steve MacPherson

n   Hiring, Working, and Travel in India
n   Providing Effective Training
n   Integrating Teams
n   Cultural Differences
n   Selling Off Shore at Home
n   How Off Shoring Can Fail
My Background
n   Ten years leading teams in QA
n   Symantec:
    – North American Technical Team Lead (Norton Utilities)
    – Internationalization Software Quality Engineer (German,
      Chinese, Korean, Japanese suit of products)
n   Numetrix / J.D. Edwards / People Soft / Oracle:
    –   Senior QA Team Lead - Supply Chain Management
    –   Strategic Network Optimization
    –   Production, Distribution & Planning
    –   Supply Chain Business Modeler
n   RBC Dexia:
    – Senior QA Team Lead – Enterprise wide web applications
The Start of the Process

n   Corporate Merger mandated that 30%
    head count needed to be off shore
n   6 month window to complete goal
n   Management and Staff Resistance
n   Already established and effective
    software development methodology
Hiring, Working, and
   Travel in India
n   Hiring process started in Toronto
n   Screening
    – Not many candidates with QA
    – No candidates with Business knowledge
n   Interviews needed to be done over the
Interview Process

n   Three part process
    – First interview for QA process knowledge
    – Second interview for technical skills
    – Third interview with panel of coworkers
      from Toronto team
Selection Criteria
n   QA knowledge
    – No formal QA training, lots of programming training
    – QA knowledge about 10 years behind (but catching up)

n   Communication Skills
    - Key consideration

n   Technical Skills
    – Abundance of skilled people
Getting There

n   Need Working Visa
n   Vaccines, optional Malaria meds
n   Initial cultural shock
n   On call driver provided

n   Third most populated city in India
n   Silicon Valley of India
n   Electric City
n   Air Conditioned City
n   Retirement City
n   Boom City not planned for
The office

n   Still under construction
    – most construction done by hand
n   Many unique Job Positions
    – Sweepers
    – Photo copier operator
n   Safety
    – No windows, One exit
Crunch Time

n   Needed to fill all positions immediately
    – Needed to get bodies into seats.
    – Main selection criteria became
      communication skills
n   Some staff already on site and waiting
    for instruction
n   No training plan
Providing Effective
Training Plan

n   Six key areas of training
    – Tools: QA and Development tools
    – Processes: Our Software development
    – Product: Our specific applications
    – Business Concepts: Supply Chain concepts
    – Corporate Culture
    – North American Culture
Training Boot Camp

n   Actively encourage and ask questions
n   Break down formalities
n   Note taking
n   Group work to build team
Self Documented Training

n   Have class break into groups
n   Assign each group area of training
n   Each group documents training
n   Each group presents created training
    materials back to class following day
Integrating Teams

n   Email
n   Phone
n   Video Conferencing
n   Stand up meetings
n   Twiki
n   Introduction Video
n   Paired testing Buddy
n   Travel

n   Email least effective
n   Phone effective depending on accents
n   Video Conferencing
    – Most effective
    – People can pick up on non verbal
      communication cues as well
n   Stand up meetings
    – Ensured everyone was included
n   Twiki
    – Ensured shared sense of responsibility
n   Paired Testing
    – Backed up training
    – Allowed for less formality
n   Video
    – Put a face to the whole process
Cultural Differences
Work Place Differences

n   Salaries comparisons
    – Was 1/7th to 1/8th now closer to ¼
    – Wage gap rapidly closing due to competition
n   Employee Market
    – Booming with high tech companies setting up
n   Bread winners
    – Often supporting extended family
n   Not easy to change jobs
    – 2 month notice required
    – Difficult to get hired if not already
n   Very hierarchically structured
n   Traditional management styles
n   Very little outside the box thinking
Social Differences

n   Very family and marriage oriented
n   Very polite
n   Mostly vegetation
n   Mostly Hindu
n   Very business oriented
Selling Off Shore at
How can you Benefit

n   Savings in costs
n   Pool of resources to do mundane or
    repetitive tasks
n   Group that can take over maintenance
    testing to free up QA to work on new
    and interesting functionality
n   Opportunities for Travel
n   Must be backed up with actions
How Off Shoring Can
Potential Pitfalls
n   Selection of wrong candidates
    – Poor communication skills
n   Poor or inadequate training
    – Does not cover 6 key areas (Tools, QA, SDM,
      Product, Corporate and Social cultures)
    – They will only be as effective as you train them
      to be
n   Not enough involvement from home team
    – During interview process
    – During training
n   Lack of integration between teams
    – Out of sight out of mind
    – Working in different directions
n   Assigning the wrong type of work
    – Work should be explicit and detailed
    – Avoid out of the box thinking
n   Lack of cultural understanding
    – Superior attitudes
    – Built in biases
n   Infrastructure Limitations
    – Access to hardware
    – Network limitations, bandwidth etc
n   Security & Privacy Limitations
    – Privacy laws
    – Internal security restrictions

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